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Making Changes

First, I want to thank you all for being part of this community. It’s been such a wonderfully nourishing experience for me have this website and be able to share recipes and tips for good living with all of you.

However, there is another side to running a website. Like everyone in this age of information overload, I’m looking at working better and smarter. Doing more with less. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting quite as often. I’ve also gone on a social media diet, checking into Twitter and Facebook a couple of times a week instead of several times a day.

Further, after much consideration, I’ve decided to close down the Forums. Although the forums have served a good purpose, all in all, I’ve found that they are one more place for me to monitor in terms of the work I put into this website. I believe that the community can continue to connect in the comments section of each post and that it will still be productive for you to leave your remarks there.

So yes, change is in the air.

And I’m interested in you. I want you to tell me what type of information you find useful on this site. What are you doing with your life right now and what in particular are you looking for here?

So please, leave a comment and share your thoughts. I’m very interested, even though I do not often respond to comments, I do personally read each and every comment that you leave on every post.

Thanks for 6 great years and looking forward to many more!


  1. Jill K says

    Hello. I’m new to your site and love what you share with everybody. Just ordered Paleo Cooking. At Fresh Market this week I discovered a product called Organic Coconut Jam, by It’s awesome – a cross between agave and molasses. Now I’ll BOLO for recipes where I can sub with it. Hope you try it and share some recipes with us!

  2. kerry says

    What is happening in my life, and how I found you:
    I have an 11 year old son with autism. His ‘issues’ have been handled by meds for years – attention, aggression, control issues. A few years the company my husband worked for shut down, and after 25 years there, he found himself jobless with an at-home mom and a disabled and handicapped child. Jump forward 2 years and he’s with a new company and new health insurance – but they they are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to autism. No speech, no social skills, no OT, no anger management therapy. They offered ‘standard autism meds’ that didn’t suit our needs. Son became verbally and physically agressive over a period of a few months. Insurance said it was puberty, nothing they could do. School said he was disruptive and parked him in the library for the rest of the year. I was at my wits end. Searching searching searching for answers, I read about the opiate effect some kids have with gluten and cassein. Hmm, my kid was putting away 3-4 gallons fo milk a week, ate alot of bread, and little else really (issues with texture,flavor etc). I pulled him off dairy and within a few days the ‘fog’ lifted. Next came gluten. But how the heck to I cook without these 2? I friend recommended your site to me (after a few epic failures that left dinner in the trash can and us at Carl’s jr eating french fries for dinner.) Once we got the gluten and dairy out of his diet, he brightened, the agression went away, we’ve lowered the drigs, and he became a happy kid. He is also eating now. eating veg, meat, the breads I make, we are a happier family now. I used Bob’s red mill almond flour until I got the stuff you recommended (came in mail last week) and your cook book came on Monday. My daughter, who is 13 and has a cookcake blog and is beside herself wondering how she will function on this diet (we all made the change) is looking forward to receiving your cupcake cookbook, happy that part of her life isn’t over. WE made your orange chipotle chicken (you said the kids liked it, so we tried it!) It was the first time I ever bought a whole chicken, i didn’t know how to wash it and didn’t like the stuff I found inside it..another story. I fopund it a little hot, but that’s just me. We love your bisquits (they are drop bisquits w bob’s red mill, they are formable with the correct flour, i learned yesterday), i’ll be making your kale and cranberry salad today (in hopes of taking son off calcium supplements and getting the vits from food….). I love the agave syrup. It’s the first time i’ve purchased it, a slight pine-ness to it, yummy. ANyway, we are going htrough big change here, and you are right in the kmiddle of it, thank you. Kerry

  3. MAIRBUNNY says


  4. MAIRBUNNY says


  5. suzanne Marlow says

    I have only recently discovered Elana’s Pantry and her great recipes.
    Does anyone have an update on using Golden Flax meal in baking.
    I am really enjoying it in my grain free bread but have been informed by my health shop not to expose it to heat.

    Thanks for any replies.
    Melbourne, Australia.

  6. Greenacres says

    Elana, do what you have to do. If you’re too overwhelmed to keep up with the forums (completely understandable after reading the MS post), it’s okay to let that go. Your health comes first.

    I was wondering if you knew about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It’s gluten and grain free and does help people with MS and many other health issues.

    God bless.

  7. Taneesha says

    I just wanted to let you know, that while I do not have any medical reasons (ie: celiacs, allergies) for eating without certain ingredients, I have found that I feel so much better on a low/no carb grain free diet. I was not raised thinking this way about nutrition and I was clueless how to make meals that were healthy for my family and tasted good at the same time. I happened upon your blog and was so excited. We have enjoyed so many of your recipes. So, please keep posting your delicious, easy to replicate healthy meals!

  8. Mitzi Hood says

    Thanks Elena for the great recipes. I can imagine just like anything in life it can pull you away from the things that need you the most; like family!! I really only look for recipes to keep a delicious menu plan.. So thanks for the yummy recipes!!:) Hope your changes are for the better and work out well!

  9. Sarah says

    I am currently searching for a dairy free nut yogurt made with beef gelatin… Crazy, I know but my Doc recommended it and said to use cashews as well. Also, I haven’t been able to find any real pros or cons for Agave. I heard it was processed the same as corn syrup. I am just sharing what’s on my mind! :)

    • Lacey says


      I have been making coconut milk yogurt. It is a bit runnier than homemade yogurt from cow’s milk, but I find it delicious. Also, if you add pectin, gelatin, or agar agar after sterilizing (see link below for when to add it), it does thicken up nicely. You can use a non-dairy pro-biotic blend, small container of commercial coconut yogurt, or the contents of a pro-biotic blend capsule. I make my own coconut milk because it’s cheaper and I know exactly what’s in it, but you can also purchase the milk for convenience. To feed the pro-biotics, I use local honey (which supposedly helps with regional allergies) – the link below claims that most of the sugars are consumed by the pro-biotics during fermentation, especially if you ferment over 8 hours. Without a natural form of sugar, coconut milk (really, the “good” bacteria) will not culture.

      I found this tutorial helpful:

      I’m not sure this is what you’re looking for, since you mentioned a nut yogurt. I suppose you could make it with almond or cashew milk, as well, since they are made using the same process as coconut milk (blending the coconut, almond, or cashew in water, then straining).


  10. sylvia says

    My 25 year old daughter has a constant cough. One doctor said asthma and another says allergies and to take Allegra forever. After using it she broke out in a rash. As a baby she was unable to drink formula and had to drink the soy kind. She does eat alot of cheeses, pasta, im thinking maybe about her going gluten/dairy free for a few weeks until she sees an allergist…any advice would be appreciated

  11. Jan Jones says

    I’m new to your site & wondering where you’ve been for the last 2+ years of struggling w/ gf diet. I’ve not mastered it & have been borderline sick constantly. Dr says to talk w/ nutritionist at hosp where I work. She’s gf also, but uses me as a consult instead. Now wondering re nightshades and othe items that could be hampering the process. This site is going to be my #1 resource for the next 6 months or so & I’m hoping to see a real difference. It’s been so frustrating!

  12. Odessa says

    1. I love your website
    2. I really enjoy the recipes. The variety is incredible, and your willingness to experiment with new ingredients has helped me modify some of my own standbys.

    Thanks so much.
    – o

  13. Holly says

    I just want to thank you for your cookbook and your website… I just turned 58 have lost over 40 pounds and feel better than I have since I turned 50, I really thought my enjoyment of life was ending because my body just wasnt happy. Well thanks to you I am doing very well and am looking forward to years to come. Well thanks to you and my homeopathic doc who showed me the way!!!!My two lady mentors thanks!!!!!

  14. Elizabeth says

    Hello Elana,

    I would love to continue to see more recipes for candida sufferers and GAPS. Sometimes I find in my search for dietary recipes, I enter into sites that look more like lists with boring text and no pictures…the dullness primes my mind to expect lackluster fare. When I first discovered your book, I actually cried for joy. You have a way of making restrictive fare beautiful and I will always be grateful to you for that. I’d like to see more breakfast and main dishes. Thank You again.

  15. says

    Training for marathons in Boulder, CO, I was diagnosed with MS, however, it turned out that I have late stage Environmental Illness. Not for long I say. I am on a Paleo Macro Diet with 5 to 9 dishes per meal, similar to tapas style. My body is bored. I miss my home in Boulder. My body and life could use a Tapas Section from Elana’s brilliant girl brain. Lots of love, Tekaye

  16. says


    I have enjoyed reading peoples comments, but understand your change of mind. My comments must include a main quest of always searching for great tasting, but healthy gluten free recipes that can be prepared in the shortest amount of time. I consider dehydrating not a problem because the time spent waiting is minimal compared to the health addition it brings to the dish.

    I have found I tolerate stevia with a small amount of agave combination for sweetening food. Honey, molasses and any of the sugars cause me bloating and weight gain. Then, I am quickly fighting addictions to them once I have allowed myself to eat them.

    So…my desire is for good nutrition. I included coconut in recipes as it does not seem to cause negative reactions and I am able to keep my weight down. However, there are multiple limitations in recipes. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE RECIPES INCLUDING COCONUT IF POSSIBLE. I am not an ALL coconut cook because I believe in moderation and have found sometimes there is too much of a good thing. I ENJOY your site so much. Thanks Elana.


  17. Kimberly says

    Elana: I just found your blog a few months ago and A D O R E your recipes! I’m beyond happy to create healthy treats for my 12 year old son and for my partner. Thank you, thank you! Much continued success to you and blessings on you and your family.

  18. Kathy says

    We love all of your recipes, simple, wholesome, and good. I also enjoy hearing about your family and how they are helping you learn what they like and need. You have helped me so much to begin to think outside of our routine diet, and to think of food and nutrition as part of the healing components needed for healthy living. My husband, who is gluten sensitve and also diabetic as well as post stroke has been working hard toward healthy living as a necessity for survival. I think we all are learning that we are at various stages of the same commitment. Your recipes always inspire me to experiment, try new ideas, and even incorporate ideas that you present into new recipes. I love having your inspiration. Keep it coming!

  19. Danah R says

    I love your website and enjoy your grain-free recipes! Thank you for all the work you do put into this website and giving me great ideas for healthy, great-tasting food!

  20. says

    Well, change can be good. And it’s always crucial to our growth. Personally, I come here for your recipes. So many have become favorites for my family. We aren’t even gluten-free though we do try to limit our intake. Though many will, I won’t miss the forums as all as I’ve only visited a handful of times.

    Ultimately, you need to do what is best for you and your family. So, good for your for making changes. :)

  21. Meg says

    Please consider archiving the Forum and making that information available to users. There’s a lot of valuable information stored there that you would not want to lose.

    • Sarah says

      Dear Elana,
      First of all–thanks so much for your recipes! You have made my grain-free transition SO much happier, and my friends who don’t follow my diet have been pretty happy too getting to eat all of my experiments with almond flour :)

      I never participated in the forums, but I did find it incredibly helpful to search the discussions to see if someone else had already tried, say, using coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil. I totally understand not having time to moderate the forums, but is there any way you could make the archives available? I think it would be so helpful for people who are just starting out, and those of us who need community advice for substitutions!

      Thanks so much for all you do,

  22. says

    Hello! Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your site! I help people eat healthy, lose weight and eliminate foods (if needed).
    I use your website for inspiration, direction and ideas. I teach cooking classes once a month in Madison, WI. and work with clients one on one. I direct people here to get EXCITED about food again! The photos are so beautiful and really help people stay positive while they learn how to elimiate foods. I don’t usually respond or use the forums but I really enjoy the food, pix and inspiration. Thanks for all that you have shared! Best of luck!

  23. Esther says

    Ever since one of my children was diagnosed with IBS, I’ve come to rely on your website for appropriate recipes. Please continue with this valuable service since there are very few to none websites which offer people with severe food sensitivities a place to find good recipes.

  24. Sara says

    A heartfelt thank you from me for maintaining your amazing site. As a very broke quasi-paleo/primal person, your website has made a great impact on my life. I also admire your ability to adapt to your changing circumstances, be they personal or professional – what a refreshing approach as compared to a business-as-usual attitude. Thank you for all you do!

  25. Laurel says

    Why would we ever want to see less of something? Especially a site we regularly visit? If we didn’t like it, I’m sure people wouldn’t return. I understand that family is important (I agree). Maybe it’s time to hire a part timer to help out with mundane tasks of blog upkeep.

  26. Dylan Jones says

    No problem Elana has a mom of three kids who attend a Waldorf School I understand. But, Please Please keep posting more recipes. I need them!

  27. amy says

    Good for you! Life is too short to spend it on the computer/internet. It’s a good reminder to choose wisely.Hope you find the changes bring more peace and fulfillment to your life. Thanks for all the great recipes. Your site is one of the few I frequent because it is so reliable. Blessings!

  28. kate says

    Dear Elana, I wanted to thank you for your website and let you know how/why I landed here. Two years ago, due to illness, I was forced to overhaul my diet, eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, corn and soy and was clueless as to how I was going to feed myself. After realizing that my vast collection of cookbooks and family recipes may never be utilized again, and feeling completely lost, I turned to the internet. Your website and recipes not only helped keep me eating well, but also got me excited about cooking and baking again. For a long time, I thought that I would never enjoy creating in my kitchen. The food was so delicious that my husband voluntarily joined my new diet and he has never felt better in his life. Thank you for helping me feel empowered! **loving your cookbooks as well!

  29. Brenda says

    Hi Elana,
    I appreciate the recipes in particular. Any low-carb, sugar-free recipes that are “tried & true” i save to try for my dad who’s diabetic. Thanks for all the work you put into this site!

  30. Frieda says

    Elana, I discovered your site in 2008 and have been visiting regularly ever since. I use many of your recipes and have learned so much from you. Thank you for taking the time to share all that you do. I hope you’ll continue.

  31. says

    Hi Elana, I just love your recipes. Always inspirational, and having some friends and family who are gluten free I always check it out when I want to make something special for them. I’m a nutritionist also, and I find it inspiring to check out your website.

    I think it’s a great idea to check into facebook and twitter less. It can become so over consuming, especially twitter I find. Good on you for doing what feels right for you.

  32. Kathy King says

    I look at this site everyday. It is my main source for gluten free recipes. I don’t use the forums but I do read some of the comments, etc. Also, I haven’t tried one recipe that turned out badly. I know this is the result of much hard work on your part and lots of time. I have both of your cookbooks and love them! Thank you!
    Kathy King

  33. Janny says

    Dear Elana,

    I stumbled upon your website last month and decided to try your pumpkin loaf recipe. I was attracted to this site because my sister-in-law has celiac disease (and a severe case of it, too) as does my husband. Although my husband fairs better with celiac disease I wanted to change our diet a little and stay away from wheat, and sugar. We have a toddler and I am not fond of overly processed and sugared food for him. As a novice baker, I tried the pumpkin loaf recipe and loved it! My son loves it, too. Recently I tried the banana bread recipe and it was delicious. There was no difference between a conventional banana bread and your recipe. Thank you so much for creating this site. You have changed so many lives for the better.

  34. says

    I’m very thankful for all your hard work. Without your recipes and what they have taught me, I may not be eating anything at all. I was lost when I found out everything I was allergic too, then I found your website. I can live without the forums but I can’t live without your blueberry muffins.

    Thank you.

    Raspberry Ruth

  35. Jessica says

    I’ve just discovered this blog recently, and I’m enjoying the recipes, so I’d certainly love for you to focus on providing recipes.


  36. says

    Good for you Elana. I think that is wonderful. Although I do come to your website about once a week or so to see if there is anything new. I think it is a great idea to pull back and do more with less. I love it. I think it is something we could all do well with implementing in our lives in this time of such social media and busyness. I think it is great. We appreciate all you do!!! But balance is very important especially with a family. God Bless!!!

  37. Eleanor Rodgers says

    Appreciate all the help you have been to me!! I have both your cookbooks and enjoy the recipes.But your Paleo bread recipe is the best!! I never have a failure with it, sometimes I toss in a little garlic powder, and it’s great!
    Many thanks for all your efforts!!!

  38. Natasha says

    I recently discovered this blog and love looking through and trying out the recipes. It has opened up a whole lot of food that I can eat once again. I am grateful for such delicious, nutritious, and straightforward recipes. Thanks, Natasha (Vancouver, BC)

  39. Marsha says

    I LOVE your website. You have inspired me on my Paleo journey. I have always been a baker, cakes, cupcakes, all sweet treats for my family at the holidays etc. I went Paleo last April with a few Paleo cookbooks. I became much more inspired by your website. I bought your cookbooks thereafter, and have sent them to my son in Seattle who originally sent me on this journey. I have tweeked a few recipes. You have allowed me to be able to stay Paleo/Gluten Free and not feel deprived. I have shared your website and recommended your cookbooks at work. I have lost almost 60lbs by only changing what I eat. When I look for something I generally hit your website first and move on from there. I really have not explored your forums. I do read and make notes from the comments on the recipes. Thank-you for ALL that you have done and are doing. You are truly appreciated. By the way, I look and feel ALOT better!

  40. Shari in NC says


    What I really appreciate about your website:

    1. how enthusiastic you are about your creations
    2. how aware you are of the nutritious value in your creations
    3. how absolutely yummy the dishes taste
    4. the patience you have explaining how to prepare basic ingredients (kale for kale chips, roasted pumpkin for pumpkin custard, etc.)
    5. how easy you make it for us to share your recipes and information with family and friends, so those of us avoiding gluten & dairy can find nourishing ways to connect with those who eat gluten and dairy (both for them to cook for us and for us to bring dishes they also enjoy).

    Thanks for all that you do encouraging us novice cooks to experiment with ways to nourish our bodies, hearts, and souls.

    With much gratitude,
    Shari in NC

  41. says

    I’m a new reader, so I’m not familiar with what you have posted on in the past. However, I would love to posts on day-to-day gluten/grain free living. I recently found out that I am gluten intolerant and I’m working to find a new, balanced way of eating. I’m using this allergy as a way to shift my vegetarian diet to a high protein veg diet and your almond flour recipes have been a huge help. I would love posts on how you eat day to day, how you deal with eating out, social events that involve food, etc…and any other healthy tips.
    Thanks for the great blog. Its a wonderful resource.

  42. Amy says

    Dear Elana,
    I began using your site 2 1/2 years ago when we discovered my son who has Asperger’s responds very well to a SCD-like diet. I was lost as to how to prepare all our food from scratch, using no flour at all. Your website and 2 books have been my greatest resources in changing the way my entire family eats. Your recipes have brought our gluten free lifestyle into acceptance among skeptical friends and family members. Who could say there was anything wrong with us bring a delicious addition to a family gathering? I pass out your website or a recipe at least a few times every month! My son’s improvements are huge! And a great deal of this I contribute to our diet changes.

    Furthermore, you have helped me develop a more well-rounded, greener lifestyle for my family with 3 young children. So many summer days, we head out to our garden to harvest something for one of your savory recipes. And how could any of us start the day without your green lemonade?!

    I have worded in my mind a thank you message to you during countless hours of baking:) and with this post, it seems time to type it all out as our cinnamon muffins cool:). Just as you have helped us embrace change, I fully support your ideas here which undoubtly are done in the best interest of you and your family. I look forward to seeing your recipes and posts in the future, and wish you all the best!

    Beyond words, thank you!

  43. bewildered says

    Why would you close the forum completely, instead of simply setting it to not allow any more new posts?

    It’s quite simple to do. There would never be any need for moderating it.

    That way, people searching for answers to questions already solved in the forums can still read it and be helped that way.

    What a selfish and foolish thing for you to do! Am I the only one that is awake here? I followed a link to read answers in a substitution topic and found nothing instead!

  44. Roy Johnson says

    A big round of applause. Glad you are getting a little less connected.
    I really do appreciate the insights and ideas from your blog. It has helped in crafting a diet that my wife can have. And I have had to take my pants in 5 inches as a side benefit.
    It is wonderful that you are reclaiming your life and making more time for your family. A project like your site can become all consuming.
    Happiness and health to you and yours. And thank you again

  45. says

    I have been ascribing to a more-healthy lifestyle for the past year and a half, and have really appreciated your recipes and tips. I completely understand needing to provide space for yourself offline and would be, well, encouraged to see you cut back as you see fit. I mean, a healthy lifestyle *includes* taking the time we need for what is important to us, whether that is family, friends, or something else. I applaud your wanting to set those boundaries and am thankful for the recipes and pointers you’ve been providing! Thanks, Elana!

  46. Amy says


    What I most appreciate about your website is that you don’t try to force gluten free ingredients to be something they’re not. Instead, you take high quality gluten free ingredients and turn them into simple recipes that taste good.

    You seem to bring out the best in almond flour, and another point of appreciation: not having to measure 3-5 types of flour + temperamental Xanthan gum, etc., to force them into creating some sort of strange baked good that none of the ingredients really wanted to be.

  47. Sandra Elkins says

    What a blessing you have been to me and my family. None of us have celiac disease, but we do have other issues. My nutritionist suggested that I remove rice, oat, white and wheat flour from my diet. Most “gluten free” products are made with rice and oat flour. Almond flour is WONDERFUL! and delicious. Just recently, my 7-year-old grandson was having trouble in school. They took him off flour. He (and his family) began eating the goodies I was making with almond flour and he has had a noticeable turn around for the better. Thank you is not enough, but with all my heart, thank you for your dedicated hard work. It is not in vain. gratefully, Sandra

  48. Eileen says

    Elana I can only imagine how time consuming this blog must be for you. I have not personally used the forums much, but what I do love is your recipes. I have to avoid dairy, sugar and wheat so your simple, tasty recipes are something I look to for inspiration. I like the fact that you are gluten-free, but don’t use a bunch of expensive flours/ingredients. Basically I know if I have almond flour, coconut flour, eggs, stevia and coconut sugar I can make great recipes, affordably.

    I’m also a Nutritional Consultant and many of my clients have food intolerances. Your site (and recipes, esp. the Paleo Bread) are always recommended to get them started with implementing their nutritional programs.

    I so appreciate the fact that you strive to make each recipe as nutritious (and low glycemic) as possible without sacrificing taste.

    Please don’t stop with the recipes, even if they are fewer in frequency, you are truly helping more people than you realize.

  49. Nancy Schnepp says

    Elana – As an owner of a B&B, we are getting an increasing number of guests who request gluten-free choices. You have made it simple for me to offer them an alternative to our usual…everything from our breakfasts to our nightly fresh-baked cookies!

    And…everyone who has crossed our paths that is gluten intolerant…i’ve told them about your website! So PLEASE don’t discontinue that! i’m sure you’re a lifesaver to many many!

  50. Lauren says

    I am a busy at-home mom of 3 little kids and I love the recipes on your site. I am particularly looking for gluten free baking recipes when I visit your site. I own and love one of your cookbooks. I hope you keep up the recipes. They are really amazing in taste and quality. I always know when I make your recipes they are going to turn out to be delicious and nutritious. Thank you!

  51. says

    I subscribe to many vegan, gluten-free, or just all around natural living food blogs via blogreader. I have always loved reading your recipes and trying them out. I do not grab many recipes from facebook or forums, so if I could say anything, it would be that I would love more posts and would never miss the other places being absent.
    Thank you for all you do, and your DELICIOUS recipes.

  52. George Mounce says


    I love your website and recipes. I also agree your forums probably aren’t needed; as a forum administrator for a gaming community, running a forum takes a lot of time and effort on top of everything else I do in life (full time job, family). In this case, I think you are making the best choice to focus on what really makes this site go – the recipes.

    I love them all and can’t wait for more!

  53. says

    I love your recipes! I recommend your website all of the time to gluten free friends and acquaintances. I’m always looking for new recipes and appreciate how you diligently test everything. You are amazing. Thank you!

  54. says

    Hi Elana – I believe I had left you one or two comments over the 2-3 years I have been receiving your ideas and research information. I love your site, but truly believe in the simplicity you are going to make in your life/business (if I understand your message correctly). I enjoy receiving your recipes and I hope you will continue to share this way. I own your cookbooks, so at the very least, should all else change, I can refer to a book! Imagine that – the written word on a piece of paper – I wish you peace….

  55. says

    It can certainly be overwhelming with so many social media sites out there.

    I think if people are looking for a way to connect, it would make the most sense to utilize the other sites and options. Getting conversation happening on your Facebook page or using a specific twitter hashtag to interact with people and of course comment on specific post. Obviously it’s not as user friendly in some ways as being able to search a forum, but it still gets the additional information out there and allow everyone to build community.

  56. Kathy L says

    I just really love your new recipies! Thank you for sharing them-they have been so helpful and it is so wonderful to have substitutions for wheat & sweets!
    Thank you Elana!

  57. Kathy says

    I just love your recipes! Especially love your almond flour or ones that are low carb.
    Please keep posting them. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us.

  58. Susan in Salida says

    Totally support your plan. As someone who also suffers from an autoimmune disease, I know that besides diet, you have to manage your time and energy wisely. Your recipes and comments have helped me on my healing path, and I return the wish for your continued healing and happiness.

  59. donna clements says

    I am currently working towards living a healthier way, which for me means moving into a more paleolithic manner of eating and what I hope to find with this website are the recipes and info to make that happen. So far I have not been disappointed. Truly grateful for this.

    • donna clements says

      In my quest to go a little more paleo, I still love grains and such, and love the recipes for breads that you have,(I don’t want to give up absolutely everything!)

  60. Catherine says

    Hi! I love your recipes- each one is absolutely amazing and I love your cookbook! I can’t wait to try as many recipes as possible (so far the gluten free pizza crust and the orange apricot scones from the book)

    I liked your forum! I liked the magic bar cookie recipe that was posted here in the forum- is that deleted is there any way you could send the recipe to me or do you have your own creation of the magic bar/cookie? That would be absolutely amazing!

    • Tressa B says

      Ahh that was my recipe! I can’t remember exactly what I did but here’s something close:
      Tressa’s Gluten Free Magic Layer Cookie Bars

      1/2 cup butter, melted
      1 1/2 cups almond flour with added Coconut Palm Sugar (I don’t know how much I added)
      2 eggs
      1 cup coconut milk ( I used a whole can)
      1/4 cup coconut oil
      1/3 cup honey
      1 tablespoon vanilla extract
      1 tablespoon coconut flour
      2 cups dark chocolate morsels
      1 1/3 cups flaked unsweetened coconut
      1 cup chopped nuts

      1.Heat oven to 350 degrees F (325 degrees for glass dish). Coat 13×9-inch baking pan with no-stick cooking spray.
      2.Combine almond flour, coconut sugar, one egg, and some butter. I just tried to make sure the consistency was right. Press into bottom of prepared pan.
      3. Whisk together egg, coconut milk, coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and coconut flour. (I actually brought this mixture to a boil so it would thicken like a custard and give it the consistency of condensed milk, but I’m not sure if that’s needed). Pour evenly over crumb mixture. Layer evenly with chocolate chips, coconut and nuts. Press down firmly with a fork.
      3.Bake 25 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool. Cut into bars or diamonds. Store covered at room temperature.

      Hope this works for you, I think it can be tweaked but it was very close to the Magic Bars I remember as a kid.

  61. says

    Thanks Elana! I’ve been gluten free for over a year, and the less grains I eat, the better I feel. Your cookbooks and your website have been a GODSEND. THANK YOU!!!!!!! The only thing need are new ideas for dinner – that kids will eat. I just switched them over to gluten free and dairy free 5 months ago and my kids are 6 and 8, and I’m always searching for something new to make for dinner. We seem to eat the same stuff all the time. By the way – I loved the Paleo Rice. YUMMMMEEEE. I’ve made it 3 times since the post, and I pretty much ate the whole thing myself for days on end…hahahah! (one kids liked it, one didn’t…can’t please everyone) SO thank you for everything you have done. You have made it so easy to make amazing nutritious treats my kids LOVE. I use your cookbooks every week, several times a week usually. Almond flour is by far my favorite wheat substitute so we get fiber and protein. And we feel like we don’t have to go WITHOUT every delicious thing that we used to eat. THANK YOU!

  62. says

    I like all the gluten free recipes !! Please don’t stop sending those. I’m new at this and need all the help and encouragement that I can get. Thank you so much !!

  63. bob says

    I will miss the forums, as they are where people are able to ask questions and give advice without clogging up your post comments. I’ve found the forums quite helpful. Have you considered leaving the forums up with the ability to add new threads or comments disabled? I would love if one day you put the forums back up. I do understand about streamlining your life though, I am trying to simplify my life right now too.
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to this website, answering questions, and solving gluten-full or unhealthy recipe issues.

  64. katie h. says

    Elana –

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes (and tips, life stories, etc) you post! I too was afraid you were going to say you were done and am relieved to read that you’re just cutting back. I totally understand. I didn’t use the forums much however, I did enjoy when you used to post links to articles you found interesting that were often not food related. Again, I understand you’re cutting back and that’s totally fine but wanted to mention it since I was sad when that section disappeared. It was so great to be referred to your blog several years ago and to learn that eating gluten-free didn’t mean I had to give up all the pleasures of food. I continue to use and enjoy your recipes.

    Warmly – Katie

  65. Heidi says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your site, and I check it often. The one complication that I have is that my son is allergic to nuts of all kinds. I’ve often wondered if there would be a good gluten-free, nut-free bread or something for him. Do you know of anything that I could substitute for the almond flour in your recipes?

  66. Ronni says

    So glad you are continuing this website. I just found you and am on gluten free and low carb lifestyle. Grateful for your recipes.

  67. Isabel says

    I applaud your decision!

    I LOVE everything about your site. We have our share of health problems, but I have to say, your recipes have made it that much easier to deal with.

    Bless you!

  68. Becky E. says

    After years of going to different doctors and getting numerous test results, I still didn’t know what was “wrong” with me or what to do about it. A very good friend of mine has a daughter with similar problems to mine, and she told me about the great success they were having using your recipes. Other than that, I would never have known.

    Thanks so much for using your knowledge of how to get along with this “food handicap”, in order to make other people’s lives easier and even more fun. I always did enjoy my vegetables, but you offer some fresh and exciting ideas, the kind that make others who don’t need to eat this way, wish they could “get some of that” too!

    Good for you!

    Also, congratulations on realizing that you need to take care of yourself and your family too, even before other people.

    Keep up the good work. Wishing you God’s blessing for your hospitable and sharing spirit!

  69. Cindy says

    I love your site and have learned so much! Please keep your recipe section up–I also own your cookbook, and have tried many of the recipes. My daughter is undergoing testing to determine if she has a celiac issue, and I know will really appreciate the resources you provide here! Thanks for everything!

  70. Anna says

    This comments section is so long, I don’t know if you will even get to my comment!

    If you need to close the forum, so be it, you are doing the right thing for yourself. Social media is evolving and with the sheer volume of it all, I can understand that it is becoming unrealistic to manage it all time-wise. Naturally you should allocate your time to the things most important to you, be it experimenting in the kitchen, or your personal life, or anything else.

    As for me, I am grateful to you and several other bloggers without whom I would not even have had the IDEA that I could still bake and enjoy certain foods after getting diabetes. Thanks to you and this community, I don’t feel like such a freak around all the others in my world who just eat anything they please without a second thought. Thank you for using your valuable time to share all of your ideas. It has made such a difference for me.

  71. Wendy Bussell says

    Wow! I am so glad that you are sticking around. Not so worried about the fourms as I did not venture there. I applaud you and your decisions to update and make things good for you.

    I just recieved your cupcake cookbook for a birthday gift and I have to say again WOW! Each and everyone that I have made so far, about 8 in 2 weeks, have been over the top wonderful. You have done us all a favor by getting this published. I am not one to experiment with baking, too many variables. But this I really enjoy! all your hard work has payed off. Thank you so very much!

    I have been reading your blog for about 2-3 years and am enjoying all aspects of it so far. Your Jewish traditions, though not the same as my own, are still great to read about. I love all the variety you have in your recipe banks and would ask for more maindishes if I could. We are just starting the GAPS diet before my children leave the house for places of their own and half of the paleo diet works for us now, while I am starting out being yeast free. So all in all, your blog and helpful hints have been encouraging for me to read and to know that I have an arsenal of good food to draw upon is helpful all around.

    Blessings to the re-vamp and here’s to more time with your own family!

  72. Elizabeth says

    I work in television and am constantly looking for healthy gf recipes (I have Celiac). That’s mainly what I use this site for.

  73. Laura says

    I love the site and recipes. Thanks for all of your great ideas! I do think the forum is helpful for substitutions, as there are some ingredients that I prefer not to use (namely, agave). As long as you don’t mind substitution talk in the comments, I think the forum can be adequately replaced by the comments section. Because you mention so frequently that you will not respond to substitution questions, I get the impression you may be a little defensive about this topic. Your recipes are great, and we all appreciate the time you put into them. Some of us just have particular needs. :)

  74. Dee D says

    I really enjoy your website, hope to enjoy many more years. I found your site, almost 2 years ago. I love it! Thank you so much Elana!

    I never went to the forums, did realize it was there.

    I am so busy, I am lucky if I get to post a comment once a month. I do check your website once a week and I get your emails :)


  75. Traci says

    I appreciate your recipes! We follow a diet similar to SCD/GAPS (though I eat chocolate chips) and I am grateful for the grain-free, paleo style recipes. Thanks for posting! I’m glad you are willing to prioritize your family and your own sanity-there is a lot on your site for you to monitor. Thank you for sharing your time.

  76. Kerry says

    I love your recipes. I enjoy searching for something gluten free when I have that craving for some food that my family can no longer consume. I have one of your cookbooks but, I find I always go to the web site first.

  77. says

    I include your website in the resource list I give out at medical intuitive classes and for my psychic reading clients who have health issues. Many people are just beginning on the road to whole health, and I think your site offers info in an easy-to-use way.

    I love your recipes, and that’s mostly what I use your site for.

    Thank you for all you do!

  78. says

    I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful recipes. I just started eating a plant based diet and this really helped me see that there are so many options out there. I also have used your recipes for energy bars to switch my mom from an afternoon candy grabber to a coconut energy bar grabber. Thanks again

  79. Tanya says

    LOL – I didn’t even know you had a forum. :) I do love your recipes and hope you keep posting them though!
    I can’t imagine the amount of computer time you great bloggers must endure, so I’m all for scaling back on that. Enjoy.

  80. Adrienne says

    I agree with many of the other comments. Keep time for yourself but please share when you can. You have been a great source for me over the last few years.

    One thing I did want to mention …
    I would love to hear more in your posts about how your boys started to get into foods that they love but most kids won’t eat. My son is 4 1/2 now and I have a 2 year old too. They are picky but it gets better and I love to hear esperiences that other moms have had and how they handle kids’ frustration with diet restrictions (gluten dairy) and resistance to healthy additions (like KALE!)

    Be well

  81. Susan Underbrink says

    Hi Elana, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your website. I am a 48 year old woman with a long list of medical issues. I just got diagnosed with Celiac’s in December (2011), and that has opened “Pandoras box” of nutrition issues for me. I am hoping to resolve or improve many of my medical issues through changes in my nutrition. I stumbled upon your website, and it has been such an encouragement for me! I love your recipes, your blogs, and the easy links for where I can purchase and item or get more information on a topic. I feel that this website has saved me so much time so I don’t have to “re-invent the wheel” when you have already found the solutions. I purchased your Almond Flour cookbook and I must admit the Herb crackers have been a lifesaver for me and stop me from having a pity party about my new restrictions. I am hoping you will publish another cookbook that has your other non-almond flour recipes in them. I fear this website will disappear one day. I print out your recipes as I use them and keep them in a notebook, just in case.

    So, I just wanted to encourage you about how helpful this website has been for me and probably many others who don’t write a comment. No response is necessary. Thank you so much. Susan Underbrink

  82. Lori says

    Elana, I have been watching your site for about 5-6 months. What I LOVE is that you use as few ingredients as is required while still achieving great results. I don’t see ingredients listed that my family avoids. The recipes are easy to follow. You seem to think outside the box, too. Personally, that is my draw to your site and why I love it.
    And then, professionally, I manage a physicians practice that treats chronically ill patients. I am often asked, “I don’t know where to find recipes I can use” after we run food allergy tests. I always refer them to your site for great food/recipe ideas. I encourage them to peruse the recipes and read the comments and forums for more great ideas and information. What works for one person, may not work for another and you find that out on the forum/comments section.
    Your food blog is my favorite one. I highly recommend it to my friends, family and patients.

  83. says

    Your recipes have made such a difference in my life as a celiac. When people ask me if I miss eating bread and other wheat products I say with all honesty that is the best thing that has happened because it opened me up to a new world of wonderful food. Elana’s Pantry also has encouraged me to cook without recipes! Sometimes the results are good and sometimes only passable but the ideas flow thanks to you inventiveness.

  84. Lynn says

    You asked how we use your site, what we find useful. We use your site practically and for a sense of comfort. Practically, you provide many tips from recipes to whole food uses to which brands to use and avoid (e.g. Bob’s Red Mill). It’s helpful that way, for sure. There are also good cooking tips and occasional giveaways that are fun to watch. In the comfort category, we are people whose lifestyle is in the minority in our circles. For us to suggest that we can bring a whole food option that won’t make everyone sick to a party draws stares and judgment, generally masked in accusations that we are judging others, rather than simply managing our bodies as our diagnoses require. While I have never known you to say your site is for people like us, we feel that it is. We feel hopeful and inspired to know that there are other people out there who think eating whole food is possible and something to celebrate.

  85. Jan Meyer says

    Thank you Elana for sharing your recipes and insight.
    I turn to you for inspiration and when I need to adjust my diet and make better food choices. Again, thanks!

  86. Mike says

    Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and great recipes. Have made and enjoyed many of them. Keep up the great work. Best wishes on the changes you need to make for you and your time.

  87. Cristy says

    My husband and I have really enjoyed your website over the last year or so. We have used it as a resource, mainly for the recipes, as we have made lifestyle changes which have been very positive for our family of 6. We also value family over technology and applaud you for desiring balance in this day and age of constant social media which can take so much of our time. FYI we check your website approx once a week for your great recipes.

  88. says

    dear elana..i am so grateful for your recipes..they have been endlessly helpful for me..i sometimes change them up and i also cook for friends who have dietary constraints..they love the desserts i bring them. last weekend i was walking thru barnes and noble and saw an employee showing a customer gluten free books…she had one of yours out and i had to stop, show him both of your books and share how great my experience with them was!good luck with your choices. we are always open to more books.

  89. says

    I love your recipes, especially desserts, because they are both gluten-free and fantastic. I say, cut back in whatever way works for you! If cutting back now means you’ll keep this up (instead of trying to do it all, then throwing in the towel later), then please do whatever you need :)

  90. says

    Thanks for a great website. I’m a registered dietitian, with a focus in integrative and alternative nutrition therapies, as well as pediatric nutrition. I’ve loved your recipes, little tips, and humor along the way. Many of my clients, as well as myself, thrive on gluten-free eating. Though I’ve enjoyed flipping through the forums as a way to read what “my clients” may be thinking, I’ve mainly enjoyed your cooking tips and recipes. I’ve sent many a client your way for some of the best gluten-free tips and recipes out there. Many thanks, and I applaud your efforts to streamline your endeavors!

  91. says

    I am sorry to hear you are shutting down this site as I am afraid to use “Facebook” because we have had some costly viruses that I suspect have come from this site.

    I have enjoyed your site mainly because it gives me an alternative to the wonderful recipes you offer. I am seriously allergic to the alanine family (onions, garlic, etc) am gluten free, dairy free, just went through a major acheness when going off of nightshades, corn free and there are probably other foods that I am not listing. I cook all my own foods, juice with a masticating juicer and stay off of my major addictor which is refined sugars.

    Will have to look elsewhere for specific recipes. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  92. Julia says

    Thank you Elana for all you do. I love your site. I check it all the time for recipes. I am eating Paleo now just since November 2011, so I am still a newbie. I love your recipes, healthy living advice, etc. I don’t think I have ever used the forums, but could be mistaken. I don’t think it will effect me if the forums are closed. Please keep posting your new recipes, healthy living advice, and updates on what you and your family are up to. I love reading it.

  93. Elke Zuercher-White says

    Dear Elana:
    I wrote some time ago; did not get a response.

    Does your almond-flour cookbook contain many meat/fish based recipes? I am gluten intolerant, also vegetarian. I would order the book if it has few meat/fish recipes. Otherwise, are you planning on writing a vegetarian, gluten free cookbook?

    I find delight in the recipes you have posted on-line.

    Thanks for your response,
    Elke Zuercher-White

  94. says

    Hi Elana,

    I love the your comment about a social media “diet”. I LOVE posting (when I have time) and love socializing throughout the big world of the web but appreciate that sometimes its a good idea to take a break so you visit and spend more time in the real world that surounds us.
    I love your blog and your recipes are invaluable. Thank you!


  95. Lisa says

    Thank you Elana for all of the great recipes. I’m so very grateful to have found an alternative to flour – I never even thought it would be possible, and it is solely thanks to you.

    Best of luck and many thanks.
    I look forward to more!


  96. Montie Vogt says

    Hi Elana! Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this venture. Please do what you need to to take care of yourself and your family. My nutritionist put me onto your site.I was dx with gluten sensitivity about 5 years ago. I have found that most of the gluten free “goodies” are devoid of nutrition ad high in calories (I am overweight). Your paleo bread recipe has saved me! I make it regularly in 4 mini loaves and freeze them. I allow myself one per week – in small slices. It satisfies my sweet tooth and is a real treat. I vary the dried fruits and nuts combination. Have also tried the coconut bars – excellent,

  97. says

    Just wanted to thank you for your excellent information – and boy do I understand your need to shift the focus. Time is love, and your gorgeous boys appreciate your clarity in this.

    In both maintaining my family’s health and running my digestive care company with my husband, our understanding of “healthful diets” has zigged and zagged. We’re now “Paleo-ish” – hahaha! – the message of organic natural foods, close to the source has at least been a stable friend. I just wanted to say, when in need of a gluten free recipe in past years, (and now grain-free) it’s been a pleasure to turn to you many times, with much success.

    Keep up the excellent work, Elana!! We’re all out there with you, carrying the story!

    Brenda Watson

  98. says

    I always read all your posts, so as long as you’re gonna continue those I’m happy ;-)

    To all the readers of this comment, please can I ask you a question?!
    I just recently started a blog after wanting to for soooo long but never had the courage, and I’d like to get? some feedback on different topics so I have a poll on my blog. Would you mind voting on this poll of mine, it will just take a second! ? you’d help me out a lot! Thank you :-)

    Love to all from Leanne (Holland)

  99. Teresa says

    I am glad you will continue to post recipes and keep your website. I don’t use the forums so will not miss them. In addition to your wonderful recipes, I like the way you provide links to find the products used. I have steered several people to your website and will continue to do so. Thanks.

  100. Finley Kelly says

    I haven’t been following you for very long. I have only been receiveing your new posts on my mail. Like you, I love to live simply. Actually, I have never visited the forum thing you are speaking of changing. But, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the recipes you have made available to me. I’m actually suppose to be grain free. But, being Filipino, I still have rice once in a while.:) Your recipes made with almond flour have been wonderful and I have made many of them! My hubby really likes them too! I just want you to know that you are appreciated by me! Your hard work has been a blessing! I’m glad you are doing what’s best for you and your family.
    Thank you, again,

  101. Barbara Filteau says

    That’s fine Elana, I know how precious time is especially when you have children at home. Please don’t ever stop posting your recipes though.
    Your site was the first one to get me started with gluten free and not just gluten free but using amound flour. I don’t use the other gluten free flours as they are loaded with carbs. Even though I have found other websites I use your recipes the most.

  102. Marsha says

    Dear Elana,
    Completely understand about wanting to downsize your intake of information. More is less.
    In general, sticking to the basics of baking gluten and fat free is very helpful for us not-so-good bakers. Cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pies and cakes have been extremely useful for me. The times when I eat completely vegan and free of sugar, your Bindy Bars and other similar snacks get me through those slow afternoons and late nights when the cravings really hit.
    Good luck with your new venture and hope these comments help in your decisions.
    Thank you for your time.

    Marsha Lucas

  103. Tamra says

    When I first had to go gluten/wheat free, I really struggled with it. But once I found your first cookbook and than website…life was good. I have also enjoyed your sharing with the Paleo diet.

    I do hope you will be able to continue with your website.

    Thank you!

  104. Barbara Mycka says

    Your recipes are greatly appreciated as we are gluten free, yeast free and dairy free.
    They are easy to make and have nutrious ingredients. Have used many, many of them especially almond meal. I had never knew about this flour until making the recipes you have shared.
    We hope recipes will continue if possible. Not only are they wonderful but the way you incorporate your sharings concerning your family’s use of them gives the feeling of one big family of those of us who go on your website.

    We hope you can continue sharing.

    Thank you for all that you have presently and in the past.

    Thank you

  105. Lynn says

    WHEW!!!! So glad you are not shutting down everything! I really look forward to getting emails and trying the recipes you choose. I also enjoy your cookbook and have recommended it to others. Thanks for all you do for us.

  106. says

    I love your recipes! Since I also try not to spend too much time on the internet I don’t usually browse the other sections (and I didn’t even know there were forums). Like someone else mentioned, I’m surprised agave is your main sweetener – but I’m good at substituting. I don’t have any allergies, but I’m always interested in different ways of putting ingredients together and try to cut out refined foods, occasionally having less dairy, fewer grains, etc.

  107. says

    I understand about not having time!
    I not only have to try and live GF free but I am not able to tolerate:
    sugar, eggs, milk, chocolate, garlic, and much more
    If you are able to at least post recipes that would be wonderful!
    It is people like yourself that make this world better. Thank you!

  108. Cara says

    I love your recipes and the ease of the ingredients. Often gluten free recipes require so many flours, but yours usually only call for one or two and are easy to make. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  109. Betty says

    Good for you! Internet and all the complimenting technology can easily consume too much time. Love the recipes and the obvious amount of time you put into each one. Forums are not my thing as I find people generally just like to talk to much. Blessings to you and yours as you seek to manage your time more effectively.

  110. Satasha says

    I use your page as a recipe treasure chest for my gluten free AND milk free cooking. There are not many of these around.
    Thanks for your work!

  111. amy schactman says

    What a shame. Having access to your info/recipes etc has been inspiring. Its a shame w/ as much interest you have generated and the amount of people you have educated/inspired that you cannot keep open. Did u consider hiring someone to over seee web site.
    I will miss……..

  112. elizabeth says

    goood on you have a life outside of cyber space, i love your recipes particularly paleo recipes.
    thankyou i love your web site its brilliant

  113. gloria says

    Hello Elana!
    I have followed you site for several years and have been so inspired and often leave your recipes to my family: friends around Sweden
    and all the good healthy info you leave.
    What doesnot work are all the products you speak about
    I feel like I live in a u-land!
    If I had the money to invest,I would open my very own shop selling all these wonderfull producks you advertise. Our community is growing- but its hard without the things to cook with.
    Please stay online and please continue with your great work!
    Gloria in Sweden!

  114. linda says

    I love this website! I love the recipes you have on here, and have tried quite a few. I love baking sweets, but we try to use alternative sweeteners and flours. I usually use coconut flour with almond flour. I replace xylitol for most sweeteners, but have used honey also. I’ve been on a candida diet on and off, so it’s nice to be able to have a replacement or substitute to something sweet. I also love using coconut oil or butter in my cooking. I love that you have so many alternatives, and I have started to tinker around a bit with recipes.

  115. says

    Hi Elana! Thank you for having this site. 3 weeks ago, sort of by fluke, I went grain-free and white potato-free. I’ve lost 15 pounds and several inches all around during that time — this is seriously wonderful for me, and really important. I have about 40 more pounds to go. The downside is that today I just got sooo bummed about what to eat! And I needed something quick to just pull off a shelf and eat before going to bed after a long day and a late night. I’m having head games about all the old delicious stuff like cookies, pizza, bread, desserts, etc.

    Since I’m new to your site (this is the first blog post of yours that I’ve read), I’ll go see what recipes you have. Since you’ve been doing this for 6 years, I’m sure I’ll find lots of great ones!

    If you’re wondering which types I’m primarily interested in right now, it would be chocolate/cacao, desserts, meatballs, Indian food, pasta, Chinese food.


    Blessings on your new way of doing things,

  116. Cara says

    Hi Elana,

    Just wanted to say thank you so so much for all you have shared with us. Your recipes are so wonderful and I use the site all the time. It is a huge blessing to me on the sometimes tricky diet that I’m on (gluten, dairy, sugar-free vegan). I remember the day I found the site and couldn’t believe how wonderful the recipes were! I have told a lot of people about it. I know my husband will also be forever grateful for your website too – he loves your sweet treats :-)

    Thank you so much for everything (all the way from Ireland).


    p.s. I have never used the forums – I usually just browse through the recipes and love seeing new ones posted. Thank you.

  117. Shirley says

    Your recipes and tips have been invaluable to me. I volunteer with new members of a celiac association, and love to pass along your website as an outstanding example of what is ahead for them in a gluten-free world. Thank you.

  118. dana says

    TY ELana!! i just love your recipes and quite frankly found this sight from my daughter’s recommendation for amazing good healthy recipes.. i have never commented, i dont blog and i dont tweet YET but i do appreciate your posts for recipes !! so ty ty ty for all your effort and time in doing the above and that is my response to your request for info! seriously, MAHALo and God Bless you and your fine healthy recipes!

  119. Jessica Ward says

    Ever since I stumbled across your website a little over 2 years ago, I’ve been checking your website constantly (sometimes even daily!) to see what new concoctions you’ve come up with. You’ve been an inspiration and given me hope that eating healthy can taste wonderful and even be FUN! I’m at a point in my life where I don’t exactly know what I want to do or what I want to be. However, I do know that based off of the information you’ve supplied over the years about topics ranging from celiac to ayurvedic medicine, I want to learn more about topics like this and make an impact in the world like you’ve done! You’ve been able to reach out to so many people around the world and yet still be involved in the lives of your children-and that is so awesome to me! So, as long as you don’t stop posting I’ll be happy :)
    Thanks for everything you do!

  120. says

    Your recipes made it possible for me to stop eating dairy and grains six months ago. I dropped 25 pounds without even trying, am rarely hungry–and when I am, it’s not the blood-sugar-drop kind of hungry that makes you cram whatever is closest into your mouth. I don’t ache, my intestines are happy. I am so grateful for your recipes. Thank you for continuing to give them to us, as I include my two sons in this now, too.

  121. Sharon G says

    I have started following your site and recipes within the past year and appreciate the simple and delicious options that you present. More recently, I love the paleo additions. Thank you!!

  122. Mary says

    Well, I just want to let you know that you are awesome. I love reading your posts and learning/getting ideas for things to create in the kitchen. I love all the sweet stuff but the things I need the most ideas with are the savory, meal time ideas. As much as I love me sweets I try not to eat them as they make me feel junk. I also really like the things you post about teas or other alternative hot drinks. Just my two cents. :) The Internet can be a draining thing to keep up with, good to hear you are taking care of yourself and what is most important to you.

  123. says

    Hello Elana,

    I have been reading your website for over a year and have given the url to many folks that are looking for gluten free recipes. Yours are the best and I love getting your e-mails with recipes whenever you send them.
    I can totally respect that you need to streamline your activities concerning this website (smart woman). I rarely read the comments or forum info, so if you just did recipes I would be happy.
    keep up the good work,


  124. says

    Hi Elana,

    I love love love your website and recipes I have celiac and multiple food allergies and you have helped me do much!

    Can I request a recipe for STICKY DATE PUDDING? It used to be my favourute sndvid love a grain free and dairy fee way to eat it again!

    Many thanks,


  125. says

    Totally understand!
    I am just so glad you will still be posting your recipes
    They are always so wonderful and I look forward to making something
    from you EVERY week
    Thank you so much for sharing, you have been a huge part
    of our kitchen, our lives, and our health!
    Thank you thank you for taking the time out to do as much as you do!!!!!

  126. Pamela says

    I totally understand the need to work smarter and not harder…good for you. I have made it a point to spend less time online and live more offline. Basically your recipes work for me. Thanks for all you do.

  127. MANDA says

    i never visited the forums so i wont miss them. i do not have celiac, but i believe i have a sensitivity to gluten and i DEFINITELY have a sensitivity to sugar/carbs. therefore, i find your website my saving grace! i appreciate your recipes more than you will ever know! i do substitute a few things here and there on my own in order to accommodate my low carb diet.

  128. LaurieM says

    Dear Elana, I so appreciate the recipes on your web site. Your banana bread is one of the few ways I can get my daughter (who is a very picky eater) to eat eggs and almonds. My husband and I have been paleo for over a year and it is a joy to have recipes that I know will work, taste great, and that I can reliably experiment with. I refer other paleo and gluten-free friends here. I enjoy your occasional descriptions of the properties of various ingredients. Also, I used to live in Boulder so it is nice to hear the comments about Boulder life every now and then. Thank you for the care you put into your web site.

  129. Pauline says

    Hi Elana,

    My friends and I follow your website diligently. We love your recipes! Please don’t stop putting them up….

  130. Susan Shaver says

    I’ve always been a bit boggled at how you did it all! So I am happy for you that you will not have to be keeping up with quite so much, and delighted that we will still have you and your recipes! Thank you so much.

  131. Christina says

    I am so thankful for your dedication to this site. I typically plan weekly meals for the week and I often get all of my recipes directly from your site. I love how simple, healthy and flavorful your food is. I consider myself a food blog addict and yours is one of my favorites! Thanks so much.

  132. Norma says

    Dear Elana,
    Your recipes are fantastic, and I hope that you keep posting them. They are my go-to recipes for everyday menus as well as entertaining. I have shared your recipes with friends who are battling health issues (especially MS and diabetes) and others who just love healthy eating. Your published cookbooks have also made wonderful gifts for many of these same friends, and also for me, of course. (I would just love to help you test your recipes if you need such a service for a new cookbook.)
    Thank you for your hard work in the ‘R & D’ department. You are generous and kind to share your talents with us!

  133. Diane Shreve says


    I have been following your blog for three years, and so look forward to your posts. I have made a number of your recipes, which have been so helpful on my gluten-free journey. Please continue your recipe posts! Your fans need you! Wishing you all the best as you make your changes….but don’t forget how much we love you and appreciate your fine work!

    Diane Shreve

  134. Maria says

    I really like the simplicity of your recipes. I do occasionally have difficulty finding some of the ingredients (like coconut palm sugar), but it really isn’t too hard to come up with substitutions. And even though my family isn’t completely gluten free, I like that your recipes give me an opportunity to bump up the nutrition level in my baking. My kids love what they’re eating, and they don’t even know how much healthier it is!

    Congratulations on making what seems to me to be a very wise choice. I think a lot of other people are starting to see the benefits of going on their own ‘social media diets.’ I hope this change brings you many blessings, and I’m glad to see that you’ll be staying with us!

  135. Elana's biggest fan says

    Dear Elana,

    I love to get your emails with links to your latest concoctions. Your creative recipes personally help me feel like there is life after gluten intolerance. Through your website I’ve learned to adapt and so I understand your need to change now.

    Please do keep us informed of your latest recipes and life. I’d like to keep your blog as part of the bright spots in my life. :-)

    Thank you for all that you do for the gf community.

  136. Stephanie says

    Hi Elana! Just wanted to take time to thank you for this website. I have thyroid issues and have recently gone gluten-free, so I find the recipes to be very useful. My family LOVES the pancakes! Anyway, I don’t have any specific feedback now; I guess if anything just make sure there’s a way we can leave comments on any of the recipes just in case we have a problem making them. Thanks again and God bless!!

  137. says

    I think it’s great. I love the direction you are going lately with sweeteners. I am also making changes on my site. Timely post as I have been thinking the same thing today.. post less and changes.. going even more natural with my sweeteners now that I have a baby and posting less low-carb recipes. So, whole foods recipes like you always do… I love it. I love your site. It is the first place I check when i want to make something new, and it never disapoints.

  138. says

    I love Elana’s Pantry, my favorite recipe is your breakfast bars, they are so good!!!
    Thanks for all that you do!
    CJ from Fort Collins

  139. Noel says

    Your cookbook is one of my favorites — the first one.
    I have the cupcake one too, but since we minimize sweets, I don’t use that one as much. When I do bake I frequently use your recipes.
    I appreicate your huge following, but I WISH people would comment on the recipes after having tried them — I enjoy your recipes and also appreciate comments from those who’ve tried them or altered them based on taste or dietary restrictions. I rarely read the posts now that so many of them are along the lines of “I cant’ wait to try that”. Which is fine. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey and the fruits of your labor.
    : )

  140. Ashley says

    Oh – PHEW – I thought you were going to shut it down completely. I make your recipes weekly and appreciate the kitchen tips and resources you use. I understand this must be all time consuming, but please know that I am so very grateful for your efforts as I’m sure many others are too. Thank you!

  141. Danielle says

    I love your site and really appreciate all that you do! I come for the recipes and hope that by cutting back you are able to find the balance you are seeking. Thank you.

  142. Paulette says

    I was put on a gluten free diet a little over a month ago by my doctor. It’s all so relatively new to me. I came looking for information and recipes and am thankful to find those here.

  143. Joan says

    I am interested in spelt flour recipes as I cannot use almond flour; recipes using maple syrup, honey or agave, mostly dessert or snack recipes. Your website is fabelous and I have made many of your recipes.
    Thank you, Joan

    • Mary says

      Thank you Elana for your delicious and nutritious recipes. The generosity of time and talent that you have shared has been a blessing to my family and many others.

      A few years ago my sister, who is a doctor, advised me to go wheat, gluten and sugar free for my son who has Aspbergers. After much rebellion and discouragement with failed ‘FDA approved drugs’ I realized that my rebellion was at the expense of my son and decided to give it a try. My wonderful niece gave me your cookbook last summer to help me start this new adventure.

      I have so much more hope than ever before as I see the changes in my sons condition, to my surprise my own health has dramatically improved (and I never knew I was sick!) Since our diet change both my husband and I have been tested for food sensitivities and have both come back with a sensitivity to wheat and gluten. I am realizing that I feel even better when I follow the Paleo diet.

      Our diet changes have not only been beneficial to our son with Aspbergers but also to me with my ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ and my husband with type II Diabetes.

      I read in your blog that substitutions do not always work but with limitations of sugar I decided to use yakon syrup where ever I saw agave in all of your recipes and it usually works out fine (especially since I do not know what the original recipe tastes like.) Some of the cookies turn out to be flat waffer like treats but all three of my children still love them.

      You asked for suggestions of what we might want to see…I prefer to have a cookbook that opens flat rather than printed pages from the web that are unorganized in a binder. Is it possible to print a complete collection of recipes that could be added to as more recipes are developed? (Similar to the old fashioned Betty Crocker Book that I have of my mothers.) Also, I would enjoy more Paleo recipes.

      Thank you again for your contribution to bettering the health of so many.


    • Mary says

      I might be misinformed but I was told that spelt flour in NOT wheat and gluten free. You may need to check another website for spelt recipes since Elana is wheat and gluten free.

  144. Estella Rummelein says

    Thank you for creating and fostering a healthy community of like minded individuals I would like to learn how I can reduce intake of all grains, convert recipes to almond flour and continue to improve my health. Love the books and online recipes! When are you going to teach in denver our aurora co?

  145. Jeanne says

    I love your website. I have purchased both of your books. What I like most in your website is the recipes. They are gluten/grain free and no refined sugar! Thank you very much as I’ve just been told I am gluten intolerant and allergic to refined sugar. Thank you again.

  146. Vanette says

    I totally understand the need to prioritize! Life has many demands but limited time. However, I am just happy you are still going to keep creating your wonderful recipes and sharing them with us. I look to your website for inspiration for healthy eating, ways to prepare special foods for my family that they will enjoy and recipes that I can make with my kids that aren’t loaded with sugar, white flour and food coloring. Thank you!

  147. Wendy Brazil says

    Dear Elena,

    What a joy it has been to discover your website, your wonderful recipies, to have you share with us yourself and your family…and so beautifully, your culture, both American and Jewish, which has added a rich and wonderful element to your generous offerings to us all. Hard to express the degree of gratitude felt for your time, focus, and passion. What a gift to us all. Not only have your recipies left me with a lovely warm, healthy and nourished sense but many friends also.

    Thank you, thank you….Wendy

  148. Karina says

    Hi Elana!
    I read your blog because I love baking with almond flour! And more recently, I am trying to eat less dairy. Your recent chocolate pudding recipe was perfect. Your blog has been such an inspiration. I used to think healthy desserts couldn’t be pretty too. Not anymore!

  149. Mary says

    Id like to see more and more recipes with photos. Now that Pinterest is taking off I’m using it to keep track of food I want to try. I don’t look at the other stuff on the site as much. I did read through the sections on ingredients and products but I mainly want a site with as many recipes as possible so I can sift through and find a few that work for me.

  150. Andrea says

    I come to your blog mainly to see your recipes. I’m usually looking for gluten-free, grain-free recipes with natural sweeteners like honey.

  151. Christa says

    Hi Elana,

    I am just thankful that you have created this website and have shared with us your incredible and nourishing talents! I am constantly inspired by your recipes and the thoughtful stories that accompany them. I am all for living a more simple life, part of why I love your recipes. With that said, simplify and be happy!

  152. says

    Dear Elana,
    thank you for your kind contribution to my family’s life. we have enjoyed many recipes from your blog. i too would like to go on an internet diet… i applaud you! more time for interacting with human beings in my household. and there’s plenty to enjoy on this site. be well!

  153. says

    I need to tell you that, I am totally obsessed with your receipes. I make them just about everyday. They are so easy to follow and the results are amazing. I am constantly ordering my organic almond flour at nutsonline. Right now my personal favorites are the Choco Chip Scones, Irish Soda Bread, Paleo Pumpkin Bread, Pizza Crust and Pancakes (which I make slight variations, blueberries, pumpkin, choco chip, etc). You are the leading authority on Almond Flour cooking, an absolute genius. Thank you for sharing all these great receipes.

  154. Diana says

    For everything there is a season! You, of course, have got to follow your own inner Self.
    I, personally, love your recipes, and, although I have not yet tried them all, have loved everyone that I have tried.
    I look forward to your recipe shares. They certainly don’t have to be everyday, just as long as I still hear from you on your schedule, I am happy and ever so grateful for your interest, time, and insights that you share.

    Thank you, many times over!

  155. Sharon says

    Thank you for the six years of dedication that have benefited me greatly although I only found you 2 1/2 years ago. I appreciate the clarity in your wonderful recipes and the other words of wisdom. So glad to hear you aren’t leaving us completely. Thank you and blessings.

  156. Ruthie says

    I appreciate you and all the effort that you put into this website. Your page has been an absolute godsend to me in the last two years since I had to go gluten, dairy, and cane sugar free. I often make your cupcakes when I go to friends, this ensures that I have something to eat and I’m always asked for the recipe so I send them to your website. My son who mocks me and his sister for being glutards really enjoys consuming the finished product and I can’t say that for all gf, df, sf recipes that I have tried.
    I’m glad you are looking after yourself and unloading some of the overload. Blessings to you and thank you for all you do!

  157. Linda Germanetti says

    I want to thank you for bringing almond flour to all of us with gluten issues. You asked for our comments on “anything”. Because I have more food issues…..not just gluten issues….I was really interested when you wrote about going grain free. I myself find I do so much better even avoiding brown rice. I am also soy, corn, yeast and dairy sensitive…own your almond flour cookbook and thank you for sharing all that you do!!!

    Linda Germanetti

  158. Cheryl says

    I do understand your situation….it is easy for the www to take over your life…especially when you believe in what you are doing. I have been involved years ago and realized I was choking out my real life. Backing off was hard. People depended on me and I felt like I was letting down good people. But it has worked for the good. I am a pleasure user now and the stress is gone and time is mine. Thank you for your recipes..they are helpful and delish!

  159. says

    Please keep sharing your recipes with us – even if they are sporadic or at least leave the recipes up :) There are so many recipes I want to try with almond flour but almond flour is soooo expensive here and to ship it from the US, equally so.

    But when I do want an almond flour something I always come here! Thanks for all your work and generosity!

  160. Elizabeth Richardson says

    Thank you for all the great information and the time that it has taken away from your family – Raising children – even the well disciplined ones – takes time and effort! And you need time to create new recipes and relax!

    I have really enjoyed all your recipes that you have shared on line – together with your two books which have been invaluable in preparing food for myself – who is gluten free – and that I can also feed ny husband who in not gluten sensitive – but who needs wheat any way?!!

    So good wishes for the future – however you decide to proceed! I will be there to read whatever you are willig to share! Yes! Facebook and Twitter are time consuming addictions – and I too have managed to discu=ipline myself – gardening and hiking in Tucson are great fun – and healthier in winter!

    Thank you again Elizabeth

  161. MaryBeth says

    Honestly, Elana, I never knew how you had time to do what you do! I am glad to hear that you still plan to continue the website. I have never been a fan of Twitter, so I understand that withdrawal. I have enjoyed your recipes and comments and both cookbooks. I do hope you can keep up those areas. However, if you don’t, I want to THANK YOU for changing my life by changing my diet. Your blog was the first one I began to follow when I decided to make changes. I would love to see you continue recipe development. Kindest regards to you and your beautiful family who share so much of you with us!

  162. Kristin says

    I see you have a million and 1 comments (almost), but I do love the forums. The most helpful part is the exchange area. It would be nice if you could leave what is already there without allowing it to be added to. So people could still use it for reference. Like if we were looking for how to exchange with a certain oil, we could still research, but people not be able to comment anymore to create more work for you.

    I like the recipes that you post, as well.

  163. says

    Recipes, recipes, recipes! I am slowly transitioning my family to less grains and more good proteins (toddlers and preschoolers don’t take kindly to drastic changes, I’ve discovered) and I have found your recipes to be an awesome “middle ground” – healthier versions of dishes that are familiar and tasty. I also find it extremely helpful when everyone comments with their successes, failures, and substitution attempts. I haven’t yet tried half the recipes I’ve earmarked, but I’ll always be happy to see more. Thank you!

  164. says

    Hi Elana,

    I own a restaurant so I understand how time is so limited….I’m up at 4:00 at work by 5:00 and cooking all day long. I love all your recipes and since I like to eat primal, it fits my lifestyle. At the restaurant I prepare regular food (because that is what sells) but once I made your Paleo Banana Bread and let everyone taste. They all loved it and now ask for it all the time. I only made one change, I used olive oil (because it was the only oil I had) and it still came out delicious. It’s amazing how delicious it is and yet it’s gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.
    You are a genius !
    If you are ever in Florida, please come and visit.
    Cedar Key, FL

  165. eileen says

    I love the recipes and information. Like others have said, I am glad you are putting your family first but will also continue to share with us.

  166. adriana says

    Love reading your letters .Okay if there not as often. Gluten free is new to me and has encouraged me to be healthier in other ways. I do yoga to. Have osteoarthritis. But since being gluten free and adding yoga, I feel the best I have felt in 7 years! I smile inside now everytime I go for a wonderful walk because it is basicly pain free. Thank you for taking the time to send the emails. I do have your cookbook. Adriana

  167. Patia Sankey says

    Thank you elana for all you have done. It takes a great deal of commitment and you deserve to be recognized for that. Thanks again.

  168. Netty says

    I’m totally of the age that I should be into facebook/twitter/etc…but I don’t feel I have time for that either! So good for you to unplug yourself from all that! :) I do love your recipes though….so I would be sad if they stopped coming. :) Though… I will also buy your cookbooks so if you went that route only I’ll still be a fan! Good luck with your changes!

  169. Nichole says

    Elana- your site is such a HUGE blessing to my family! We have only been grain free since January, for my sons health, and I know that without your site and cookbooks (I own both!!) we would not have made it this far! You are so funny! I love reading your recipes and using them- I probably use at least one a day! I haven’t used the forums but I do read comments under the recipes to help steer me in a certain direction if I’m having trouble, so I know that keeping the comments will be more than enough help!
    I appreciate the time you put into this blog, and the thoughtfulness and care you put into each recipe!!

    A big fan!

  170. says

    Thank you for all you do!! I share the sentiments about the recipes.
    I appreciate them for myself and for sharing.Gluten free, paleo friendly !!

  171. Lori Madeley says

    Congratulation! Almond & cocount flours are the only flours I can consume so I truly appreciate your hard work and thank you for your informative, detailed research. You deserve a break. Enjoy your family.

  172. Gloria J Adkins says

    I have tried several of the gluetin free recipies and thank you for providing them, for free on line.
    I search the webb for gluetin free recipies, or recipies I can convert to gluetin free.

  173. September says

    Sorry to see the forum close, but I understand scaling back. I myself have to go on a “news fast” from time to time! I would just like to say that our household eats strictly gluten-free paleo, and we recommend The Almond Flour Cookbook to everyone. We don’t have sweets much, so the cupcake cookbook wasn’t as useful for us — plus we like the texture of almond flour better. We consult the website frequently for dinner ideas, and have served many Elana-inspired meals at our table. Good luck, and keep the experiments coming!

  174. Beth T says

    Thank you for all you are doing! I personally did not use the forums, my main interest is the recipes. My daughter has autism and I have IBS so we both just started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and we find that we can eat a majority of your recipes. They are incredibly tasty! Again, thank you.

  175. Sue N says

    I am so glad to hear you will continue posting your recipes. I’ve used so many of them with great success and will look forward to trying many more!
    Thank you for all your work on behalf of all of us readers!!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  176. Lindsay says

    Congrats for making a change. Another forum in another place can be taken on by some other person/group. Quality over quantity. All the best!

  177. Darlene says

    I enjoy trying your recipes, particularly since they fit in so well with Paleo. I’m very fond of the Paleo bread and enjoy it with almond butter in the morning or as sandwich bread. Keep the recipes coming!

  178. Tarry Majewski says

    I give you credit. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back. I find that this is something that I need to do. When you do it, it’s actually quite liberating. Spending time with family and friends is very precious. Take care and be well.

  179. lynne plutchok says

    Thank you so much, Elana, for making such a valuable resource available to so many people! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited your site. I trust your recipes and have never been disappointed. I am particularly interested in recipes involving nut flours and butters including coconut flour and baking with alternatives to white sugar. I also really appreciate entree and beverage recipes using paleo friendly ingredients. My family follows an scd/paleo diet. Our biggest struggle is cooking with white sugar alternatives. Again, thank you for your hard work and generosity.

  180. says

    I love your recipes. I highly suggest them to my friends and clients. When I need a recipe on the go, I can count on yours to include ‘normal’ pantry ingredients, where I do not need a special trip to the market or fancy items. I love that you incorportate stories of your family and I take note when your ‘boys’ want more of something :) Your recipes are simple and taste great, and offer easy modified ingredients. I truly hope you continue to offer your exploration in the kitchen to the world. *I have never looked at your forums but I do tend to view your recipe posts from your twitter/fb updates. I think we could all use a social media diet, glad you are taking the space!

  181. says

    I appreciate what I have learned here and do have one of your books… I always refer you and your books site to new people. I wish I had found you first, life would have been much easier and less costly for me. Thanks for all you are able to do but understand how much time it takes as well.

    Bless you for your service to others.

  182. Kristine Wolff says

    I have recently found out that I have an intolerance to gluten – am very excited that I found your website and have ordered your Almond Flour Cookbook. Love the website, love the book!

    It was hard for me to give up all gluten (and dairy too!. Thank you for your recipes and dedication to us gluten free eaters :-) You have helped make my transition easier.

  183. says

    Good for you!!! As the wife of someone diagnosed with celiac disease in his 50’s (after a lifetime of feeling lousy) you have been a god send!! As with most recipes, your’s have been “suggestions” of all I can do. A few I still manufacture verbatim, but your connection to the Honeyville Almond Flour has been my biggest gift. I received your cookbook as a gift last year and use it often as a launching pad for what’s in season.

    As the the adminstrator for a nonprofit in the Denver Metro Area, I know the time spent in email alone and social media takes it to a crazy level. I have wondered how you have the time to do all the web work and raise a young active family and still cook to boot. Much less take photos of it all. Don’t look back and don’t apologize for ANYTHING! Your kids will grow up before you know it and that trumps everything.

    I will look forward to anything that comes our way, with no expectations. My Cajun friend has the expression of “lagniappe.” In my 58 years, I have learned that the truly special gifts in life are those that we are not expecting. So, I am expecting nothing and anticipating lagniappe!! Blessings to your family! Kim

  184. says

    I absolutely love your site and your cookbooks. They are a staple in my EVERY day cooking. I cannot tell you what your cooking has done for my life. I am gluten, sugar and corn intolerant and I find such joy in preparing your meals. I absoutely love to cook and entertain and found myself in a slump after my diagnosis. You brought life back into my cooking. I thank you for your long hours that you put into making something just right. What a blessing you are!

  185. says

    Your my hero I got your book and I use your recipes. You make gluten free easy, tasteful. In the Netherlands we are not that as progressed as you are in the states. So on your behave I am pionering and offer everyone to buy your book and give friends and family and my yoga students my result of your recipies. They all love it. Do what is best for you. I will love all you do anyway.

    • Judith says

      I’m Paleo and my husband is gluten free. My DD, on the other hand, has some allergies I have to work around to make the gluten free work for her. I love your site and it would be missed greatly. Thanks!

  186. Judith says

    I’m reading this even as I’m eating banana muffins made from your recipe. I’ve bought both your books, use your website all the time, have a notebook filled with things I’ve printed and made and love – and I’ve *never* used your forums. So I won’t miss them (though I see others on here will).

    I just want you to know that we’re all out here, reading and loving what you do and making use of it to make better lives for ourselves. If you’re still reading comments, even if you don’t Facebook and tweet as much, I hope that’s enough to remind you how many of us there are out here and how much of a difference you’ve made to us.

  187. Elizabeth says

    i love your gluten free/paleo recipes first and foremost. i appreciate your savory/non-dessert recipes as much as your dessert ones. i also have enjoyed reading your personal experiences with food (and how it has effected you) as well. thanks for all your hard work and creativity!

  188. Jane Sloven says

    Good for you Elana, for taking care of yourself. It is great role-modeling to recognize what works in your life and what doesn’t, and it takes courage to set limits.

    Your site is a wealth of information, and I, along with many others greatly appreciate the thought and time you put into it. Your recipes have enhanced the quality of my gluten-free life.

    I am happy that you intend to continue to offer your recipes while making choices that work for you and your family.


  189. Bridget says

    Thank you so much for everything! When my daughter required a gluten free diet-you were my new best friend. Now I still occasionally check in to view and use your recipes and read your articles, but I have also adopted a “lite” electronics lifestyle-completely off Facebook/Twitter and only going online a few times a week. I actually really like it! I was on sensory overload and now I feel much calmer and more focused.Best wishes and many thanks for taking your time to chronicle and post what I consider invaluable information about adapting to a healthier and gluten free meal plan.

  190. Christine says

    I never visited the forums but hugs to those having to go through ‘the change’.

    I love your recipes. I’m here daily. I’m a no gluten/grain girl but good with dairy.

    One of your bread recipes is a staple here and I’m constantly trying a myriad of your recipes. I enjoy the comments from others with tips or how their tries turned out.

    YOU are much appreciated.

    Here’s to Change!
    Christine :)

  191. Vanesa says

    I echo all the other posts- I thought you were going to stop blogging ;) please don’t- your recipes are inspirational!! I am so thankful for them. Won’t miss the forums, but I do miss your more often posts ;) I would rush home after work to try them out… Lol. And i made your entire Thanksgiving dinner ;) But I totally understand- you are only 1 person! Do whatever you need to…

  192. Jenn R. says

    I hope you will continue to share your almond flour and paleo-friendly recipies. You’re my go-to site for almond flour recipies. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I even find your older recipies helpful. I consider myself a decent cook/baker, so when I see an old non-paleo ingredient, I can usually find a good substitute for it.

  193. Debra says

    I’m pretty new to your site, but like you I try to limit my computer interaction as it does take away from other responsibilities and family interaction. I personally benefit most from recipes that you post. Being new to grain-free eating I need all the help I can get in coming up with recipes to try and see if my famly will enjoy. Thanks!

  194. Lori S. says

    I am very interested in Paleo and grain-free, as I believe you are as well. I don’t use coconut flour (much) any more, mainly almond flour, coconut and olive oils, honey, and am basically starch-free, grain-free, dairy-free – actually my diet is quite limited.

    Thanks a million for all the recipes that are along these lines. I bake your “rye bread” with almond flour 2x/week and it is my basic staple for “bread”! I’ve shared your website with several friends who are also making some of your recipes now. Please don’t let this website go away – we need it!!!!

    Best to you Elana!


  195. says

    I never used the Forums so I am okay with the change — and I understand it. My business is drawing me into more social media marketing and I am fighting it. I don’t want the time vampire to take over my life. So, this is a good lesson for me embrace the new technologies while at the same time maintaining control.

    Now I am off to enjoy some of your “fruit cake.” It is my new favorite recipe – so protein packed and full of good fruits and I add some of my ground seed blend (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia, and flax) for a superfood boost.

  196. Jennifer says

    Elena –

    You are my favorite website! The best recipes. I look for alternative recipes to the foods I love but have allergy issues with – breads, muffins – and anything that inspires me.

    I’m a photographer and I am in the same exact boat with you. It’s A LOT of work to keep a website, FB, twitter, etc etc. I becomes stressful. I’ve been on my own media diet and it feels really good. Until people are running all of these things, they have no idea how overwhelming it all is.

    Please do not shut down completely. I’ve referred you to many that are looking for a GF lifestyle and great recipes.

    Deep breaths and relax.


  197. says


    My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last March. She started insulin injections that day. In July, we started a GF, low glycemic diet and found that her pancreas was working well enough that we could take her off insulin totally, as long as we fed her really well. Your site and your books have helped tremendously with this.

    She is still insulin free so we continue to eat a low glycemic diet and even when she has to go back on insulin a low glycemic diet will help us manage her diabetes.

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and if you come out with another book, I’ll be the first in line to buy it!


  198. Laura T says

    we just started GAPS and I know your blog will be a great resource so keep the recipes coming :) thanks for all you do!

  199. Tamara says

    Elana ~ Your’s has become one of my favorite “go to” sites as I just recently started eating gluten-free. It’s a struggle to change one’s ways and having good, reliable recipes makes such a huge difference! I’ve never commented on any of your recipes…I guess I thought you just could assume how much you are appreciated. Sorry about that! But, I can’t tell you the number of recipes I have printed out with the intention to try them all EVENTUALLY. So, thank you for all you do – the time and effort that you give to provide us with all of these lovely recipes and your website. THANK YOU!

  200. Eve Ilsen says

    P.S. By now I have bought six copies of your Gluten-free Almond Flour Cookbook, because whoever tastes one of your dishes wants to see it, and hten I end up giving it to them…

  201. Eve Ilsen says

    Your recipes are terrific, and I love having access to them and being able to print them out. I appreciate your tips, your referrals (to food sources, cooking supplies, etc.) and your sons’great photos. As well as your wit and cheer!

  202. Amy says

    For me it’s about the recipes, and occasionally a suggestion for tweaking the recipe in the comments.

    I thank you for sharing all your cooking expertise with us in your blogposts, and beyond that is, I think, well, way beyond the call of duty. Cyberspace can suck us into a vortex that is hard to escape and can leave our families wanting.

    I say good for you.

  203. Theresa Watson says

    Hi Elana,

    Your recipes are the best – please, whatever you do, don’t stop posting your recipes.

    The rest of the information, while wonderfully helpful, can be found in other forums as well – so don’t waste your time with info we can find elsewhere.

    But your recipes we can only get thru you!!

    Love & Blessings,
    Theresa – Merritt Island, FL

  204. Sonia says

    I was recently diagnosed with Candida and absolutely starving and at my wits end when I found your site. It has been a life saver! I’ve recommended it to so many people. I use mostly your almond/coconut bready/dessert type recipes and exchange out the agave for stevia. I follow you on FB and here, but I haven’t used the forums really nor the amazon list. I love your recipes! I am so thankful you are there posting delicious recipes I can eat!

  205. JANE MACRAE says

    Elena, i did not participate in the forms. I just want you to know

    I am super grateful to you for the great recipes and ongoing learning

    about stuff like Agave syrup. I am continuing to heal my brain

    from trauma 20years ago and wheat free is now shifting to grain free

    which is fabulous new learning. i am v. interested in addiction

    prevention and treatment using an assist with a nutritional

    protocol, including supplements, and head injury recovery. I

    use your recipes, making small modifications like some molasses,

    ghee instead of coconut oil and love what comes out. Many thanks, Jane

  206. Shari says

    What I get from your wonderful site is fantastic recipes to try. I know and understand your intensive testing before you post them for all of us.

    I tweak to my own needs, (low carb, no sugar or really low, low sugar), if needed, but I have a paleo/primal starting place with your recipes. I very much appreciate your recipes and the stories you share with them. Thank you, Elana, for sharing so freely of your expertise, experience and knowledge.

  207. Dianna Payne says

    Glad you are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and your darling family! I never write comments, this is my first one, but I enjoy the information and recipes you share whenever you are able.


  208. Mearced says

    Wow – I think you may be overwhelmed just by how many comments you’ve received! Just wanted to respond and support you in your decision to back off social media. I know I have to take a Sabbath day from my computer! Incredibly, sometimes it’s difficult; but turns out to be a wonderful blessing.
    I really appreciate your grain-free, paleo friendly recipes, especially the breads. Thanks for all you do and blessings on your changes!

  209. Pat says

    Elana – good for you! I wholeheartedly agree that social media, in all its forms, can be an overwhelming commitment of time and energy better spent with real people, like your family and friends. Having said that, I may have to cry buckets if you stop sharing your recipes, which we all love. I have both of your cookbooks, but this lovely site and your newest recipes and older ones is truly a favorite. I can see by all the comments, I am not alone.

    So, you have my vote to take life a bit easier but never my vote to shut down the website. It is pure inspiration and we love it and love you for sharing it with us.

    Thanks for everything and I look forward to a new beginning. We could all use more “face-time” with real people, your faithful readers included.

  210. says

    When it ceases to be a joy and becomes a burden it is time for a change. Your recipes have helped me a lot and I didn’t visit the forums that often.


  211. Patricia Barnard says

    I do not know whether to hug you or repremand you for posting recipes I am able to eat. I thibk you should not only get a big hug, but many prayers and blessings for what you have taken on.

    After three years of a completely grain free diet – that means no bread, no sweets, no anything to satisfy my sweet tooth (no not even chocolate-big bummer). Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your recipes allow me to make, wait for dramatic pause, COOKIES that I can actually eat. Whoo Hoo! Bless you. God has given you a gift and your sweet spirit has encouraged you to serve others by sharing. I know God is proud of you.

    I try your other recipes and so far most of them I really like. You now have me hooked on your Chicken Ginger Soup. I’m still printing off recipes, but cookies are my favs.

    God Bless you.

  212. Tammy McIlwain says

    I don’t usually use the forum but, have occasionally scanned through it for other readers suggestions and what works for them. Mostly I am on here for the celiac advice and the wonderful recipes and ideas I get of my own after grazing through all your wonderful ideas! I am sure you’l be making some wonderful memories with your family with all the extra time you have!!!

  213. Annelise says

    Continuing the outpouring of love –

    As a gluten-free, vegetarian, and picky eater, I was a mono-fooder prior to discovering your site last summer. I am so grateful to you and your recipes for introducing variety into and improving my diet. You are an inspiration for taking control of your health through your diet.

    I liked the forums for the answers they provided about substitutions or other recipes (I found a crepe recipe in the forums a while back). Provided the search function remains, the comments should fulfill this function satisfactorily (or we can all learn to experiment as you do!).

    Thank you for all of your work and I look forward to future simple, delicious recipes from you.

  214. mary edwards says

    elana, i really understand your need to stop the forum, but thank you for all the time and love you put into it. it was a real life saver when i went gluten-free. blessings to you, mary

  215. AudreyV says

    I love your recipes! I eat gluten free all the time and paleo most of the time. So please continue your recipes along these lines. I’ve never visited the forums. I appreciate all that you do!

  216. says

    HI Elana! I understand your need to streamline your tiem commitment. I find myself doing teh same thing and having to let go of some things I that are good to take better care of things that I love. I look forward to your recipes and nutrition information especially. I am celiac, and trying to be sugar free also. I love the recipes for meals or dishes I can use to incorporate more healthy, low glycemic, gluten free items. I also love when you introduce us to other blogs that share our quest for healthy and delicious food. Thank you for all the work you do. I look forward to every post I find in my inbox : )

  217. says

    Elana, with 125 responses so far, you can definitely tell you are loved. When I first started on a Gluten Free diet I found your website and learned so much from your postings. Bought your cookbooks and have made just about everything in them. All of your recipes without a doubt are superior. You taught me about sugar substitutions, Honeyville almond flour (my very favorite), and how to eat smarter. I thank you for that from my heart and I was just lost until I found your web page. My main reason for visiting your site is for the recipes and the reasoning you always give for the ingredients (and as well the responders substitutions). I’m 70 now and it seems one is never too old to learn just about anything. Love to your entire family and I agree that you certainly deserve a break from your fast paced life.

  218. says

    The work you do is excellent and I truly appreciate being able to eat better with diabetes.
    I know that you do not post substitutions but I do want to tell you one that works for me.
    You use agave a lot. When you say 1/2 cup of agave, I substitute 1/4 cup of spenda and 1/4 cup of xylitol OR I substitute 1/2 cup of xylitol. Then, in either case I also add 1/4 cup of water.

  219. Diana says

    I love your recipes and have both of your cookbooks. I would be happy to get some newsletters, whatever works for you, and more recipes. I follow a paleo diet and love what you make. Thanks for all you do. I could never come up with all these great recipes.

  220. says

    Elana, thank you for your dedication and all of your hard work!

    For years, you have been my go-to resource for simple recipes free of numerous food allergens, chemicals, binders and fillers. I refer other chronically ill or allergy-ridden patients to your site almost daily because I feel confident that they will find what they are looking for, and that it will be free of hidden dangers like excess sugar, xanthan gum, spelt, etc. etc.

    I would love to see more adaptable recipes. Recipes that are free of the “top ten allergens” (gluten, corn, soy, nightshades, peanuts, eggs, and the like) and can be adapted for those who have additional sensitivities. I love adaptation suggestions on a recipe. I feel like it helps frustrated chefs that are new to cooking with food allergies to feel less overwhelmed and they become less apt to throw in the towel and quit. I’d love to see more recipes with little suggestions for substitutions (like flax for eggs, etc.).

    Most of all, I’d just like to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing because I’m not quite sure if you know the impact you have had on those around you. Unknowingly, you guide people each and every day. Thank you, Elana!


  221. says

    I love the quality of your recipes. You pay close attention to the nutrition that goes into our bodies. You write succinct easy-to-follow instructions. Many of your web recipes are on my hard drive as well as having your cookbooks in my kitchen. Friends and family have occasionally been astonished that gluten-free can actually be incredibly delicious. So, thank you, for the years of testing and sharing. I understand about the time that it takes to keep up with all of it. I don’t comment very often but as a fan I believe that you deserve accolades and applause! All the best for your future endeavors.

  222. says

    I’m so glad you’ll keep the website going – I run Paleo challenges in the DC / VA areas and your website is always on the list for recipes folks can check out!

  223. Joanne says

    First of all, many thanks for the valuable information and recipes you have given us over the past few years. Your support has made life following gluten and dairy issues much easier and certainly more tasty.

    I am sure that whatever you decide to do to keep us all informed will be of equal value.


  224. EmmaJane Adams says

    Oh, no! Like some others I use your website all the time for recipes and have never been disappointed. I do not like the thoughts of loosing such a terrific resource for some who must follow a gluten free lifestyle and desire to do so while limiting the carbohydrates. I have never found a better website than yours. I only hope that if you find yourself moving away from this website that you publish all of your recipes in one book so that all of us may have a complete resource of your recipes at hand. I know I could print them all but it would be more “green” to have a book assembled en masse rather than my printing everything at home. I am saddened by your need to change but can understand the constraints of time as I suffer from the same shortage myself. Here’s to the health of all!

  225. says

    Hi, good to hear you keep posting recipes, our family loves them. My son’s school uses some of your recipes for their baking as well, it is a Montessori school. From my suggestion. I also bought them your books. I can’t have all of them now as I don’t eat almonds, or any nuts. I can have coconut though and make your coconut flour recipes often. We love all the paleo recipes as we try to go grain free and appreciate sugar free as well. We might go on GAPS diet soon and I am studying it right now so don’t know what kind of changes that will bring, if I will be able to use your recipes as much then but we’ll see. Will return after I am sure. Thank you for all you do!

  226. Shannon says

    I love and appreciate your website, primarily for the recipes and I don’t use the forums. Your recipes are reliable and never require too many ingredients. I like the movement to paleo (but I make some of your older recipes all the time, like pumpkin bars). I really turn to you before any other recipe sources. I too feared for a moment that you were scaling back more drastically – thanks for keeping up an amazing resource!

  227. Stacey Z says

    I am so grateful for you and this site! I love your recipes, cookbooks and I also love your updates and changes. It’s great to have different versions. It’s all about variety and improvement! Healthier has been quite a lot easier than before I discovered you and your site. Thank you.


  228. Randi says

    I am so grateful for all the effort and love that you put into your recipes and blog. You are providing your followers with a gift for which we can’t thank you enough. I commend you for making this hard decision. Personally, I don’t use the forums.

  229. KarenLana says

    Because of several food allergies (wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, beef, sugar), I eat a mainly Paleo diet. I feel best when I avoid extremely starchy vegetables as well. For the special occasion treat, your almond flour recipes are my go-to favorites. I really appreciate the amount of work you’ve put into developing your recipes and maintaining this blog. Thank you! I am not familiar with your forums so I won’t miss them.

  230. Rashelle says

    Hi Elana! Thank you so much for this website and all your delicious recipes! Having been diagnosed with gluten intolerance several months ago, I was overwhelmed by the prospect…but your website really helped me and also led me towards going more paleo! I don’t use the forum, but I do love to visit your website!
    Be well!!

  231. Rebecca says

    I think it’s a great thing that you are refocusing. I have never used the forums, so will not even notice. If you are looking toward improving your already-amazing site, you might look into having a “like” or “helpful” button for people’s comments, so that users could sort by the most helpful (like in reviews). I am a newer subscriber to your blog, but it has already been life-changing for my son who is developmentally delayed (speech mainly), but his greatest progress has been since he’s gone grain-free… and I don’t know what I would have done without your website and your cookbooks. You’re a celebrity in my household and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your delicious, gluten-free world of food with us. :-) Cheers!

  232. Kelli says

    I find that I eat really well at home, but I slip up while out of the house or traveling. It would be really helpful for me to have ideas for all meals and snacks while away from home.
    Have a great day!!!

  233. says

    Hi Elana,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful recipes! I especially enjoy your Paleo recipes and those that use low- to no-sweeteners. More egg-free treat ideas / baked goods would be much appreciated!


  234. puredecadence says


    I just want to thank you for your Gluten Free recipes.
    I have gotten your Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook and made lots of your desserts! My family really has been excited with the almond flour treats!!

    There is just a few things that I need to say:
    Over the years that I have used your recipes I have been excited to make these treats – lately, though, you have added or increased using a few ingredients that I know are not truly healthy. Now I am not able to make more of your recipes. Coconut and Palm ingredients are poison to our bodies. The damages of coconut oil are not seen until years later. My family and I have been mislead in this from the same sources that you have researched. We have had coconut products in the past and have experienced the opposite of what we found it was to help. Now that we know the truth I just want to share our experience and help others who might be led in the wrong direction,too.
    As a question, as you have added coconut into your diet have you noticed any skin problems? We have seen others who have used coconut oil develop skin problems like rashes,eczema,and dandruff. When they have removed the coconut from their diet their skin has been relieved from these problems.
    I have also noticed that you are not using soy and I want to thank you for seeing the truth in how dangerous soy is.
    Thank you for your many recipes – I just want to be able to enjoy them again!

  235. Cheryl Parker says

    I am one of you biggest fans. You have helped me enjoy being gleuton free. I have your books and go to them often. I love them because your recipes are easy and they taste GOOD! I look forward to every recipe you send and check them out religeously! Thank you for sharing what you do. Cheryl Parker

  236. Lynnette says

    Hi Elana,
    My diet is still grain, dairy, corn, sugar free, rice, alcohol and caffeine free. Although I’ve added whole GF oatmeal and doing better. I drink decaf green tea. So that leaves me pretty Paleo My boyfriend is a hunter so we eat the elk and pheasant he brings home. He plans to hunt wild pig in South Carolina soon. It’s amazingly unlike corn fed ham with great flavor and texture. I’ve been learning how to undercook game and he and I have been taking cooking classes that I adjust. I’m lucky he enjoys eating how I do :-)

    I use your baked goods recipes for holidays and my extended family loves them, GF or not. My kids gifted me your almond flour recipe book which has gotten my daughter and sister off gluten and they are better.

    I’d love more Paleo and Raw recipes. I’ve never visited the forum. Maybe I could figure out what flours wont burn so easy. I seem to be okay dusting fish with GF baking mixes before sauteing.

    I eat olives, almonds, veggies and hummus, and am into sardines and anchovies on seed crackers lately for a change. I learned how to make a hollandaise to dip artichoke into.

    I’m grateful to you Elana for any contributions to this healthy diet that you can swing.

  237. says

    You go girl! I absolutely love your work and your Paleo Banana bread in the cute little pan is in the oven as I read your email! (I added chocolate chips, oh well.) I have purchased your cupcake book and plan to continue supporting your business. You are awesome and have provided great relief to me as a mom, who wants to provide wholesome treats to my kids. The feeling of knowing I’m doing the best I can for my family is priceless, and I consider you a tremendous resource in my achieving this goal (some of the time!) ; )
    Wishing you vibrant success in all you do and the perfect balance in your life. With love, Carla

  238. SharonJ says

    I love your recipes! I have your almond flour cookbook but frequently am searching your website for baked goods recipes. I enjoy being able to search through all the muffin recipes for example. The special Jewish holiday ones are super helpful too! I also really enjoy being able to view possible substitutions.

    I work with food in a customer service position. I am always recommending your site and books to folks just starting on the gluten free journey because of of the simplicity and ease of your recipes (15 different flours amd lots of money not required). They are so doable with few ingredients and always delicious.

    Thank you for all you contribute!

  239. Pamela R says

    I would like to say a BIG thank you. I found your blog on our transition to gluten-free/Paleo diet quite awhile ago and it has helped me with wonderful-every-time recipes that I can count on and it’s given me the jumping off point to create many of my own. I find the recipes SO VALUABLE and have been happy to purchase and recommend you books to others. I haven’t made comments (other than give-aways) and I don’t read the forums nor other comments. I try to spend as little times as possible on social media.

    So, to sum up:
    1. Great to make the blog as fun and simple as possible so that you have energy for recipe posts whenever possible.
    2. LOVE the recipes. They are a valuable part of my weekly cooking! THANK YOU for sharing them.

  240. Abby says

    My family and I have been gluten free for almost 3 years now and we would have had a really difficult time if it hadn’t been for your books and website. The Almond flour cookbook is still one of the most used cookbooks in our house! We pull it out for every holiday and birthday. I too feel a change in the air… there is definitely a movement to simplify. I am also aware of so many things going on around us as a people. Its almost like we are constantly on information overload. I think that there are a remnant of individuals who are looking for a simpler way of life that is less negative and more positive. I know my family is moving towards getting rid of all this over abundance of information. We are starting to enjoy spending more time with each other now. Reading and talking over tea, cooking together, taking walks and actually living a life. I think its been a missed part of our society for a long time now. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to enjoy your life.

  241. says

    Elana, this makes all the sense in the world to me! So glad you are making these changes for you, and thank you so much for all you do. Your work has certainly changed my life!


  242. says

    I am a homemaker and “domestic queen” loving to cook/bake healthfully. I have enjoyed each of your posts/recipes/and have purchased your cookbook. All your recipes are just delicious, full of flavor and healthy! I especially appreciated all your “ethnic” recipes pertaining to our Jewish holidays/traditions. Thanks for all! Wishing you continued success and good health/happiness!

  243. Virginia says

    I love the recipes and why you created them or revised them. I am glad you decided to scale back and enjoy your life and family and quit living by facebook, etc. Enjoy your now time and worry about the social media once a week. Makes life more fun!! Thanks for the recipes!

  244. Julie says

    Hi, Elana –

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted before! But I have to tell you… I so value the work you put into your food and your site. The most helpful thing about your site, in my opinion, is the simplicity of your recipes.

    I started my food evolution with wheat allergy (for which I am SO thankful) but it has grown into much more… Much more care about what I put into my body and feed my family. Much more concern for ingredient quality, and now even concern for the community from which I get my food.

    People know that I eat well, and have been on this journey for a while now, so as more people in my life discover allergies, or even just want to start eating better, yours is one of the first places I send them. Your dedication to grain-free, nutrient-dense, protein-rich ingredients is so helpful. Gluten-free baking can be so intimidating, but with the purchase of just a handful of healthful ingredients (instead of a PANTRY full of expensive flours) you have made eating well simple and SO attainable! Keep up the great work, and blessings to you and your family.

  245. Brenda says

    Thank you for your website and great cookbooks. I am gradually going Palio so that
    is where my interest is right now.

  246. Karen says


    Thanks for your continued devotion and exploration in the world of gluten -free and now Paleo. I have referred many a GF or P friend to your site and now am raving about your Almond Flour cookbook, so I’m hooked. If your journey is now at a slower, less complicated pace, we will all adjust. (And what a joy to adjust to THAT!) As long as we can find you here, from time to time, we’ll all be happy. As those who REALLY know how to slow down and focus on what’s important would say: Namaste.

  247. Holly Hennessy says

    Hi Elena. I am happy that you are finding more time by going on a tech-diet. I just wanted you to know that I have just started going gluten free and found your blog which was an absolute life saver! I had NO IDEA where to start or what to do. I felt lost and thought that all gluten free food would be yucky, I was miserable. Then I found your blog and am so excited! I have tried some of your recipes already and find them delicious! You are very talented and I appreciate the time you take from your family to help mine. Thank you!

  248. Laura McConville says

    I recently discovered your website and go here daily for ideas on gluten free/grain free recipes. While I don’t read much on the forum- I really hope you will still post recipe updates!!!!

  249. anonymous says


    I applaud you for cutting back on social media usage. I am making huge changes in that area myself, as I find that it can often be less productive and more stressful in the end. Less is more for me! I also agree with your viewpoint that people can still connect via the comments below individual posts. Recipe postings are the main reason I use your website—I like to eat, and recipes lead to food more directly than forums do! So, any tips or tricks I really would need would be in respect to individual recipes.

    Oh, and thanks tremendously for all you do. Until I discovered your recipes, no health-safe bread options existed.

  250. says


    I have loved your recipes and menus most of all. We just found out that my husband has an allergy to rice and wheat and our son is allergic to dairy. My quest becomes more complex as it is no longer just about maximizing nutrition but now for living. I enjoy your references to other sites that compliment your work and this world of specialized nutritional needs that still so many poo poo and falsify.
    Change is a good thing and I hope you’ll continue to write cookbooks for our benefit.

    In good health,
    Elana Daley

  251. laura says

    Hi Elana…

    I enjoy your website very much.. since I have a future daughter in law who is corn/soy and wheat sensitive.. I am more interested in any non-dessert recipes. Sweets– while I love– I feel it contributes to the growing problems of people having diabetes.. and being overweight.. and not to mention losing control when there are sweets around!


  252. Pamela says

    I totally understand your need to get control over the way you spend your time. I’ve enjoyed your site for a long time and plan on continuing to enjoy it for as long as it’s here. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

  253. says

    I just want to add my voice to the choir of thanks for what you do. I too don’t use the forums but did find them useful in the early days for answers to questions you didn’t address in the blog. This was mainly info on purchasing almond flour in Australia (you can’t!). I agree with what everyone has said, that your recipes have really helped improve my nutrition when the only other options I could find would have worsened it. I also understand your need to reduce what you do online as I am working on that too. What we, your audience, want most is you and your creativity and wisdom and we get that from your blog. Now try and give that up and there’ll be a revolution!!!

  254. says

    Thanks for all you share. I love your recipes and hope that you never stop creating new ones. I think your baked goods are some of the best recipes I have ever made. I like them enough to recommend your site to friends. I also like the healthy info that you share. I always look forward to getting email updates. You have inspired me in my baking and cooking and creating my own blog. I never used the forums, so I won’t miss them; but I would be so upset if you closed this site. Good luck!


  255. Angela says

    Cannot possibly express how happy I am to have found your website. Your recipes are amazing. In the few short months that I’ve followed you, I’ve tried more than a dozen and all have gotten rave reviews at my house. Never used the forums, so no loss there. I’m always looking for reliable info on how to live grain, chemical, and sugar-free. Thanks for being a bright light! I’ll keep telling everyone I know about you!

  256. AnnMarie Deis says

    I am grateful for your dedication to your site and to your viewers/readers. I have reaped innumerable rewards from finding your site! I understand that you must take care of a growing family AND yourself. Life is fast. If you blink, you might miss it. (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” 1986)

    Thank you for your hard work. Your site is one of the most beautiful one there is and I appreciate that there is a pioneer out there who shares her creations with all of us.

    AnnMarie :)

  257. says

    I find your website to be very valuable to our grain free, sugar free life style. I can trust your receipes to taste good but to also be simple and family friendly as well as nutritious. So, having said that, I find your receipes to be the most valuable part of your website. Please do not stop growing and posting these.

  258. Reiko says

    Personally, I think closing the forum was a good idea, especially if it was just more work for you. The comment section for every post still serves as a way for your fans to communicate with one another, and we can still share relevant recipes/make substitution recommendations. I just hope you’ll keep posting your wonderful recipes :D

  259. says

    I love your site, and have for years. I refer so many people to your site, as well as recommend your books. Mostly I come here for recipes, and can’t say that I have ever been to the forums. I think it’s great that you are taking more time for yourself and reducing your work load. I’m just so grateful for all the work you put in with sharing all recipes your delicious recipes. Thanks so much :)

  260. says

    Sounds like you are making changes for the better! I don’t blame you at all. I closed the forums on Go Dairy Free a few years ago, and never looked back. It does require that extra level of moderation and maintenance. I think the comment section adds a ton!

  261. Sheila says

    Good for you Elana, I applaud your decision.
    I love your website and recipes and use them regularly, and have told several people about the site. One just told me what a great site it is, and I agree. However, keeping this up must be a fair amount of work behind the scenes. We all need to learn how to listen to our own changing priorities and manage our time and energy, especially in this interconnected, info-overload world.

  262. Theresa says

    Good for you! It takes a lot of time to keep up with it all. Glad to see you making changes to allow you the time you need to continue creating fabulous food.

  263. Jeana says

    Elana, as a mother of 2 children with food intolerance and myself as well, your recipes are very valuable to me. I also read the comments to see how people have modified the original recipe to see if would be how I would make a change. I also frequently use your ingredient list for the correct type of ingredient to use. I also appreciate the less sugar in your recipes.

    I seldom make a comment, but do read the comment for different ideas. I understand you need to cut back. I think your picture was great for today’s post. Family need to come first….

  264. Judith says

    Thank goodness you are still going to be able to keep the blog going. I love your recipes. Like some others, I have tried so many different “gluten-free” flour recipes, and yours are the best. I have your “gluten free almaond flour ” book and it stays out on the counter all the time. When I see a recipe (other than yours) that I think I might like, I look to your book to try to figure out how to make it something I can eat and enjoy. Because of you I have been starting to try my own substitutions. I am a relatively new follower, but I read every post! Thank you so much for all your time consuming efforts to create, test and explain your recipes.

  265. Tameejean says

    Whew! I am so glad you are not shutting your site down! When I first learned that I must cut both gluten and dairy from my diet, your site was a lifesaver. I own both of your books and refer many here. I haven’t used your forums, but do appreciate the comment section for subs, tips and ideas. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to lighten your load :)

    Thanks for all that you do, know that it does not go unappreciated!

  266. says

    I mostly love the recipes and have used many of them that you share on your website. I make the breakfast bars for my husband to take for breakfast everyday. They have been very helpful to me. I am trying to be gluten free not because I have to but just to feel better.
    Thanks so much for all the time you spend testing these recipes.

  267. Alfalfa says

    Dear Elana,
    I check your blog often and use many of your recipes from both the blog and the almond flour cookbook on a regular basis. Personally, I have never used the forums very much. But anyway, I am grateful for all that you do and completely respect your need to scale back. It certainly won’t change how much I love and use your blog. Many thanks!

  268. says

    I think what you are don’t is a splendid idea. If I could keep anything from your website it would be access to your free online library of recipes. I would love to receive a quarterly newsletter also that could have one new recipe on it. This could also be a time to update everyone on what’s going on with your brand. This would be sufficient for me. You have been such a great inspiration lately to be a better mom, which means baking more! You can read my gluten free baking day on my personal blog in honor of you. Can’t wait to own all of your books one day!

  269. cooking mama says

    I would love to see the nutritional content/analysis on some of the foods, especially if it is labeled, e.g. “Protein” Bars. As a mom & as a medical professional, I would love to be able to say to friends/kids/clients, “Not only is the taste of these beyond imagination, but they also contain “X” amount of protein.” Thanks!

  270. says

    That’s too bad you’re closing the forums, I thought they were a great place to get substitution ideas from people, as you say you don’t want to be replying to such questions.

    Anyway, I look forward to more of your recipes, especially those that are sweetener-free (using only fruit to sweeten, for example).

  271. Anand Kaur McManus says

    Dear Elana,
    I have both of your cookbooks and you should consider hiring me as some kind of representative because I really am promoting your recipes and website ALL THE TIME. Needless to say I am a big fan of you and so grateful that you have created so many great recipes for me and the rest of the world!
    Right now my kiddos are 3 and 5 years old, I teach a yoga class once a week and I have no free time to add any kind of real work to my life. In the next few years this will change dramatically as my kids go to school. Know that I am out here to test recipes on and I really believe you have provided such an amazing tool for people to live better and healthier lives. I promote your books to people who aren’t even gluten free because I think they are so great. So thank you.


    p.s. I was a physics major at Mount Holyoke College & used to be a 7th grade science teacher. I heard an MHC alum is working for you now… sounds like a dream job to me! Best Wishes.

  272. Teri says

    Elana, first of all thank you for your wonderful recipes. My Son and I use your Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook almost every day. My Son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. We took gluten out of our diet and dropped his carbohydrates considerably. If we didn’t have you as a resource, he would not be doing as well today as he is. You have helped us more than you can ever imagine. A big “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts!

  273. says

    Elana…..I’ve been eating grain free & only small amounts of sugar for several months. It has changed my life in so many ways. :) Thank you for your wonderful recipes and encouragement. I am thrilled every time you post something because I know it is going to be a well tested amazing recipe. Everything I’ve tried from your site has been wonderful! Keep it up.

    And congratulations on cutting back your time online to spend more time with your family and life. It is so important. Now that my kids are all young adults…..I am so grateful for the time I had with them while they grew up. It is VITALLY important….and it is obvious that you count it for all its worth. Keep those boundaries firm. The world will rob you of time if you let them!

  274. Corinne Huskey says

    I always use your recipes – they are the BEST! Please continue to post some of them. I have your cookbooks also. Everything always comes out great. Thank you.

  275. Lorain says

    Elana, when I first was told that I could not eat gluten I was dazed and confused….and had far too many horrible recipes for gluten free items. I must confess I think I cried, with joy, when I ate my first chocolate chip cookie using your recipe! That being said it is the recipes I come here for and often recommend this site to others. I do not use the forum so I personally will not miss that portion of your site.
    Thanks for continuing with the blog and the recipes…..I too had that sinking feeling when I recieved the email about “changes” and am glad that the recipes will still be here when needed.

  276. Shelley says

    Love your website! You saved my life when I was diagnosed with celiac disease just over 3 years ago. When holidays (including Jewish holidays) would come around I would have no idea how to do. I quickly learned to rely on your delicious and nutritious meal plans/recipes to feed my family and guests. Your chocolate chip cookie recipe using almond flour was a life-line as I watched everyone around me devour cakes, cookies, etc etc. With your help I was able to bake and bring my own cookies and found that I would have to bring extra to share as others enjoyed them, too. I don’t know where I would be without your help and now I wonder it has taken me so long to say – THANK YOU!!!!

  277. says

    Thank YOU for all of your amazing, healthy recipes. I have been loving your paleo recipes lately- they have been really helpful. I Cant tolerate coconut, and there are lots of recipes out there now with coconut flour, but you are still the only person I really trust with almond flour recipes. I’d love some new ones, or ones even with other flours. :) thank you!!!

  278. says

    I have enjoyed perusing your beautiful website’s delicious gluten free recipes and especially for your almond flour recipes. Thanks for providing a brilliant alternative to corn, tapioca and potato starch. I have referred your website and books to many of my patients who need alternatives to wheat and corn. Wishing you the very best “change in the air”. YEA for Spring!

  279. Dawn says

    Love your recipes!!Great Web format but I don’t use the forums. Just keep the recipes coming!! Keep up the great work!!

  280. Diane says

    Thanks for doing what you do, I so appreciate it!
    I hope you’ll keep your recipes up, as well as the comments section!

  281. viviane says

    hi elana, am not sure what you mean by “forums”. i use your site for gluten free ideas and googling a gluten free cookie recipie is what brought me to your cookbooks which i also now own.

    i have sent many folks to your website.

    it is helpful to see how folks adapt recipies in the comments section so i do hope that you keep this available. it is the way i can try out new dishes even if i do not have the same ingrediants in my kitchen. for instance recently you posted a chocolate pudding recipie with xylitol in it and i adapted it with something else that i did have on hand based on someone elses suggestion.

    thanks so much for all your efforts.

  282. Debbie says

    I’ve been doing SCD then stopped. Just started gluten-free the 17th. Was going to check out the forums and your recipes closer to see what to do next. I have watched and read other gluten-free sites and there is nooo way I can make any baked goods with that many different types of flour and even shopping earlier today, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I have almond flour, agave and a few other basics. I hope you don’t plan on totally closing down anything because I have your book and really look forward to reading up. I have always like getting your emails with the new recipes.

  283. Tonya says

    Elana, I use both your books and recipes online. I try to follow a Paleo diet due to some dietary issues and find it so comforting that I can use your recipes and know they will always work. I enjoy the savory and sweet recipes and just appreciate what you do.

    Thank you!

  284. Barbara says

    I love your website and the gluten free recipes but what I like the best is that you put a link in the recipe that goes to where you can buy that product. So often I don’t know where to buy something such as Almond Flour. Thank you for making it easy by adding the link to the product website.

  285. Jo Ann says

    I love your site also! I use your recipes all of the time, and have shared with many friends and family. I haven’t used the forums, but subscribe to your newsletter for the excellent recipes. I just wanted to thank you and let you know your effort is very much appreciated!

  286. says

    I have your books and love your recipes and comments. I’m so glad you weren’t saying you were taking a permanent break from writing and cooking. One of the things I’ve found most valuable in your books and your blog post is that you include specifics like brand names of your prefered products. That may be the most helpful information in my opinion. There is so much on the market, and it’s so hard to sort through it all.

    Thank you for all you add to eating well, Pamela

  287. says

    I have referred nutrition clients to your blog and cookbook over the past 4 years, and I link to you from my site. I love to see your ongoing postings of foods, and also recaps and refresh posts of old recipes. For example, I just made your orange cake recipe from a couple years ago. I have made this several times with different variations each time, and the end results are quite different from one another! Some of the old recipes are so great, they deserve being brought back out in the spotlight, re sampled and discussed! I have never used the forum, so I can’t say that I will miss it. I do appreciate the comment section.

    Also, I’ve been an advocate of coconut oil/avocado oil, honey in place of agave, and using coconut flakes, so I was excited to see you branch out and experiment with those ingredients, but I appreciate how simplistic your ingredient list is. This is helpful for many beginners, and it makes the recipes truly doable. I think your online recipes are a great marriage to the Almond Flour Cookbook. Thank you for continuing to provide us with such delightful creativity. I am thinking of making your orange chocolate torte next weekend. Or perhaps the carrot cake with cranberries. Yum!


  288. Kelley says

    I want to echo what others have said … I REALLY appreciate your recipes. I love how easy they are and many of your recipes have become standbys for me! I don’t use the forums, but I do appreciate the ability for people to post substitutions in the comments section (i.e. whether honey worked for agave, coconut oil vs. grapeseed oil, etc.). Sometimes it allows me to make your recipes right away depending on what I have in my pantry rather than making a separate run to the store. My 3 year old is gluten free and I especially appreciate your cookie and muffins/quick bread recipes because I can send them to school in his lunchbox and avoid the processed stuff. Thank you for all you do, Elana!

  289. Karen Killinger-Humes says


    I love your recipes and stories. That’s all I look at. I would miss your website desperately if it were no longer available. I do like your recommendations on purchasing the ingredients and utensils. I am all about working smarter. I am an IT professional and I don’t have time to comment or ask many questions, but when you said change is in the air, I had to comment.

    You are a great resource for all of us! Thank you for your past posts and website. I am looking forward to seeing your offerings in the future.

    Karen Killinger-Humes

  290. says

    Wow, six years! I’ve never commented before but I’ve been reading for quite a while. The six-year milestone has inspired me to get in touch and tell you what an amazing resource your site has been.

    I stopped eating wheat and pretty much all grains about a year ago because of various issues and your site really helped when I had that initial “what will I eat” moment!

    Thanks and congrats!

  291. Jennifer says

    I have been eating Paleo since November (dx celiac 3-1/2 years ago), and I love all your Paleo recipes. My husband still hasn’t stopped raving over your brownie recipe and he’s non-Paleo. Thanks for all you do!

  292. Christine says

    I dont necessarily use your recipes all the time, but the ones I have I love and I always look forward to seeing what the next recipe is!! I was so happy when I first stumbled across your website for the first time and cant imagine not being able to pull up your new recipes that you post!
    Cheers, to good eating and good health!!!

  293. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on this site before, and I’ve not used the forums, but I just wanted to tell you how much I value this site and your book. You have helped me so much learning to use almond flour. Now I’m also doing dairy-free and gluten-free so the challenges continue. Without sites like yours I would have a lot harder time making this work, so thankyou so much for all your hard work and inspiration. Linda

  294. Claudia S. says

    Your blog has been a Godsend to me. Specially during the holidays (Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas, etc). You have such great ideas for desserts – the apple crisp was a hit even amongst the non-gluten free guests.

    I typically don’t comment on every single posting, but I do try your recipes on the weekend and it’s always a success. So your efforts do not go unnoticed.

    Looking forward to more delicious recipes. Salut!

  295. Michele Villano says

    I am constantly referring friends to your website for recipes. It is such a GREAT resource, especially for people just starting out. Your recipes were a huge comfort when I found out that I needed to restrict my diet drastically.

  296. Delores Mann (Lynn) says

    I love your website for the recipes, I have used several recipes and they are really good. Please continue with the recipes you already have on your website and some new ones also. I bake alot with almond flour.

    Thank you

    • Charmaine says

      Yes, I thought the same thing. And I wonder why there had to be a complete shutdown of the forum where we can’t even refer to past posts.

  297. Judy says

    I love your recipes and resources for ingredients. I was told about your website one day by a lady at Whole Foods. She was the checker and I was checking out. It was at Christmas time and she was telling me about the baking she was going to be doing and about your website. It opened up a whole new world for me. Please don’t go away!! Your recipes are so awesome and healthy. I do need to get your cookbook too. Thanks so much for all you do. You are truly an inspiration!

  298. says

    Oh man, just went I was started to move more toward paleo and looking to your site almost everyday for inspiration. Oh well, you have so much good stuff on here, I could be set for DAYS, even MONTHS! Thank for the years of so much time and energy spent on this, it’s TRULY appreciated!

  299. Pauline says

    I am also pondering how to bring less into my life as I am sure it is the way to accomplish more. I applaud your efforts for change in this direction and continue to appreciate your gentle leadership. Thank you. I will be watching, mindfully.

  300. Karen says

    Elena, your website has helped so much I cannot even begin to ever thank you. My first thought is: Yes, do whatever it takes to ensure that your time is well-spent and that this wonderful site doesn’t become too burdensome for you.
    I was worried that you were going to leave us permanently and that would have been an enormous loss. We are all inundated with demands for our attention and spending your “attention units” wisely is just as important as spending your money wisely.
    I have never had the time to spend at the forums because of my work schedule. Only occasionally have I wandered in so I won’t miss them as much as others.
    I love your site overall and consider it premium content.
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You are much appreciated.

  301. Laura says

    Elana, I just want to state once more what a blessing your recipes have been to me (with 2 gluten and dairy free family members). Though I would prefer eating gluten and dairy, being able to make the delicious foods you spend your time creating and testing is a close second. My family recently travelled cross country and back, and had a sesame cookie every night for dessert (rather than the restaurant offerings) and we were delighted to have them. I also made the cookies on the back of the almond flour bags (swapping half the grapeseed oil for peanut butter and using less chips) and my husband and boys RAVED about them!

    Whatever you are able to offer us is greatly appreciated by many. I recommend your site to many in my region with dietary restrictions. God Bless, Laura

  302. says

    I hear you. The forums may contain a wealth of information, but I haven’t found the time to explore them beyond the surface and am not sure when I could have carved out the time to do dive in more deeply. I already get lots of information from your posts and imbedded links :) I also use the search feature on your blog.

  303. Anita says

    I can certainly understand “working smarter”. Thank you for all the time you’ve invested for us to be able to read your blog, try your recipes, and gleaning from your informative research. It was a true blessing when I found your blog and I’ve loved making your Paleo bread although I’ve slowed down on the nuts recently (baking specifically)I still check in weekly to see what’s new with you. So many of the things you blog about strike a familiar cord with me. I have been fully Paleo for about 4 months now and look forward to more of your recipes and insight.
    Again, Thank you.

  304. Brie says

    I like the recipes, and that’s all I’ve used here, so I won’t miss the forums. Personally, I’m interested in baking recipes. I already knew how to cook and making changes to be gluten free haven’t been a problem with entrees. There aren’t a lot of folks out there using almost exclusively almond flour yet, so that’s what I look for here.

    If you want to invest your energy away from social media, I’d be happy to have another cookbook from you! I love the first and don’t really need the cupcake one as we don’t eat many cakes. But an almond/coconut flour breads cookbook – I’d be thrilled!

  305. says

    It’s so hard to not get completely overwhelmed and lose sight of what you started blogging for in the first place. I find it’s so easy to slip into working just a little bit more, adding one more project, etc. Soon you feel like you aren’t doing ANYTHING well and nobody gets enough attention or time from you.
    I congratulate you on taking a step back. That takes just as much courage as starting the blog in the first place.

  306. Connie says

    Hi Elana!

    I am so glad to hear that you are one of the many people out there looking to focus your life – I hear you! I’m doing the same thing now, just more with physical things like getting rid of papers, freeing my schedule, etc (since my blog is sort of whenever I feel like it anyway LOL).

    I love your recipes, and I love the stories that go along with them on your blog posts. I really think you shine best in your blogs and book. I like the blog in particular because I can read through the comments for substitutes, different people trying and their results, etc.

    Please keep up the good work on the blog! I never actually used the forums so I guess I don’t know what I am missing! ;-)

  307. says

    I do hope that this change will be good for you and your life, but I REALLY want to continue to get recipes from you…. they are the absolute best for good taste and simplicity and health.

    Please continue to share your recipes! Find the form to share them that doesn’t exhaust you…because the world needs what you have to offer!
    Nancy Jo Steetle

  308. Nancy T says

    I would like to see what substitutions could be made in various recipes. I know you don’t answer questions but it would be wonderful to see them somewhere on your site. So it would not have to be for each recipe but just in general what one might try – just a few pages of general substitutions that could be made for various ingredients.

  309. Dayle says

    I am so proud of you! Thank you for setting healthy boundaries for yourself and giving more time to LIVE! Time with you family is sacred and they grow so quickly! I appreciate all your recipes and information and I often use your website for that reason. I personally have never used the forum, but I am sure we will all be fine without it! Blessings to you and your family.


  310. marti says

    Elana. I absolutely LOVE your website, AND your book(s)…I only have one, but have referred you to so many people…they have bought BOTH I am sure. I found you after GOING PALEO, thank you Robb Wolf! Though I limit my PALEO treats to special times of the year, I am gluten free, dairy free, and don’t use processed sugar, nor do I eat anything Robb doesn’t approved of! (less the stevia on occasion, and the agave syrup for YOUR recipes!)
    I can’t thank you enough for your talents, and God given gifts! Thank God for Elana! and her desire to SHARE with the world!
    love you!

  311. Cathy says

    Hi Elana,
    Thanks so much for the recipes and information you have shared. You have made g/f healthier and easier for me and I love your books. Hope you enjoy the time the changes will yield. I would love to see nutritional info for your recipes.

    All the best,

  312. says

    Big fan of your book and site. Always get excited when a new recipe arrives in my in-box. Hope you continue to provide an excellent source of healthy recipes!

  313. SSinTexas says

    Like the other comments above I was worried for a minute that the site was shutting down! I LOVE this website (Elana) and make tons of your recipes for friends and family and coworkers. Even my non gluten friends love your recipes! So WHEW-I’m so relieved!
    I didn’t use the forums very often since I can eat anything except gluten, but I understand for those people trying to figure out specific substitions and don’t have the time or money to take too many risks would use the forums. There are luckily lots of resources on the internet for recipes and ingredients.
    Thanks again for your brillant cooking-I have been following this site for almost 3yrs and am very thankful for everything you do Elana!

  314. says

    I bake because of you blog.

    10 years ago I gave up baking w/ tasteless, complicated gluten-free flours. 5 years ago I gave up sugar and grains. I felt horrible eating them. Then I found your site, and cookies, cakes, and many other treats entered my home. For that, my husband and my 4 small children thank you.

    I’ve also recommended this blog for ANYONE going gluten-free, or trying to eat healthier but terrified of never eating anything that tastes good. I love that I can say “Try anything on her site, it will taste better than the junk versions.”

    I never used the forums, I don’t buy books, but without your blog and recipes, I would have a giant delicious gap in my life. Had the computer on the stove last night as my husband and I whipped up your triple chocolate cookies because he wanted a treat. He was nibbling away at the batter and the kids have enjoyed the (chip-free) cookies. I’m not a recipe follower, so I can’t share them, but I share yours.

    Thank you.

  315. Kim says


    I have enjoyed learning how to make nutritious baked goods for my son who was diagnosed one year ago with a gluten intolorance. I love baking with almond and coconut flours and your muffin recipes are my go to for a healthy breakfast. I will be interested in any aspect of healthy living that you want to write about!

  316. audrey greenwood says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your recipes and inspiration, (and for a bit of Boulder life).

    I hope you will continue with your website and periodic recipe postings and insights.


  317. says

    Hi-just wanted to let you know I LOVE your site. I not only make your recipes for my family and friends a lot (in fact I rely on you!), I also send my patients (well, really their patents-I treat kids with neurological and psychiatric disorders) to your site several times a day!

  318. says

    Your blog, I encountered a while ago and I think it’s a super-blog! I need gluten-and lactose-free food, but there are so few recipes to find than even organic, and healthy recepies with natural products such as coconut flour, coconut oil, agave syrup, etc. I found your blog so well that on my blog a link to you’ve made! ( Are your cookbooks for sale in Belgium? Stay like this certainly do! (sorry for my English, it is not perfect)

  319. Karin says

    Hi Elana,

    I was worried you were saying good-bye completely! Thank goodness! Please do whatever you need to do so you can keep doing what you are doing! We are a paleo family, (husband gluten intolerant) and your site is priceless to us, especially because we are Jewish! Thank you for your holiday tips and recipes!

  320. Nancy Nikolai says

    Hi Elana
    Over the last year have been getting your regular emails with great ideas and super recipes. If I am to make a meal for friends and family – yours is the first area I research for meal ideas that will be gluten free and healthy yet oh so good!

    This summer – we are our having a family reunion – and you can bet that the Elana Pantry content will be close to 100% – so that all the generations can enjoy each meal, each treat and every snack.

    You are doing us ALL a world a good. Keep it up!
    Wanna join the clan this summer?
    From BC Canada

  321. Archena says

    Please do not stop posting updates on this site.

    I love your eggless recipes and follow your posts via Google Reader not to mention all the Google Bookmarks I have of the recipes I just love and believe I can make someday.

  322. Kristin Walukas says

    Just love your recipes – don’t care about the forums, etc. I think it is great for you to streamline and I am grateful to you for what you share!

  323. nira lipner says

    I love your recipes, but for the fact that you continue to use Agave, and do not come up with much in the way of other sugar substitutes. I know you use honey, sometimes coconut sugar, but no often enough.Agave has become a huge myth and I wish oyu would use it less. Otherwise, love you.

  324. says

    I actually have never used your forums sections, but come here for your amazing recipes. My whole family loves them and I love knowing that I can come here to find gluten-free yumminess for my daughter and myself. Big high fives to you!!

  325. Karen Bowlden says

    I want to thank you, from the bottom of my diabetic heart, for providing such wonderful recipes, from the world of “gluten free” cooking and baking! As a diabetic, who is trying to stay off of medication, because of you, I don’t have to “cheat” on my cravings, when I want a cookie, bread, decadent anything! My husband also thanks you, because his wife is no longer resentful when she can’t have that cookie or piece of cake. You deserve to have more time to yourself and your family. You have left your mark on this world of healthy, gluten free cooking. Bless you!

  326. Amy says

    I love your recipes, and find myself coming here often for a quick, easy gluten free recipe. We are not gluten senstitive, but are cutting back to keep our heatlh in check. Your recipes are tasty, easy and fun for the kiddos! Thank you and keep it up please!! :)

    PS: Your creamy onion dressing has become our FAVORITE, and is a staple in our fridge – we make a batch every week.

  327. says

    Creating original gluten-free and grain-free recipes that I can rely on to work and to taste great is all I want and you do that so beautifully. I use your books or site at least once, sometimes twice a week to feed my family and I appreciate having you as a resource.

  328. Jenny says

    Hi Elana

    I’ve never been to the forum, but I love your blog for almond flour recipes that taste good and turn out every time. I send all my friends here, and your Gluten-Free Almond Flour cookbook is my most-used baking book now. Thanks for all the effort you put into testing the recipes and posting some of them here.


  329. says

    Hey everyone! Sad the forum is ending, but…

    I just wanted to let everyone know about the website that I order blanched almond flour from…pardon me if it has already been discussed on the website previous, but the company is called Country Life Natural Foods out of Michigan. It works wonderfully in every single recipe I have tried.

    Their 5# bag of blanched almond flour is $20.50, and their 25 lb box of blanched almond flour is $84.00. It is the cheapest I have ever seen, by far!!


  330. mandy says

    Your recipes are wonderful and I am just thankful that you keep posting new ones for us to enjoy! Like the other readers, your comment made me nervous at first blush. Phew. My 5 year old daughter has a real taste for sweet treats and I thought after her type-1 diabetes diagnosis she would just have to do without. Your recipes (and advice on ingredients) help me give her that fun part of her childhood while still keeping her healthy. Such a gift! We’ll take whatever you decide to give.

  331. donna says

    wow…i did not even know there was a forums section! duh….so i guess i am happy with what i have known and am glad you will continue to post recipes etc…i can’t blame you for scaling back- it is alot of work- i was once a moderator on a forum website and it took far too much of my time….
    as far as what i look for here…right now more vegan recipes for baked goods and things like pancakes- no eggs- i am NOT vegan but cannot eat eggs any longer and it seems to be a growing sensitivity as i have seen alot about it online…
    hope you enjoy having more time to yourself elana …and thank you!

  332. Vicki says

    Oh my, as a newer reader I feared you were closing up shop. Whew! Glad that’s not the case. For the short time I’ve been reading, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything you’re doing here. Happy you’ll be sticking around. :)

  333. Nicki says

    So glad your not shutting down your entire site! I follow you on FB as well!!! Love you post paleo recipes as that’s I follow! Love your Almond Flour cookbook too! Just made the eggplant parm the other night! Out of this world!

  334. Jessica says

    Hi Elana

    I just made your lemon poppyseed muffins this morning. I did sub coconut oil with the grapeseed (have you seen Andy Belatti’s oil chart?) but other than that, no changes and half of them were wolfed down by my 2 1/2 yr old twins. That said, I understand your situation. Life can’t just be about a website/blog/twitter feed etc. There are plenty of areas on the internet for people to exchange ideas about specific topics. I use the comment section and search for keywords if I am looking for a substitution suggestion. For instance, just for the heck of it, I might search for the word “date” in the comments in case someone has tried sweetening with dates or date sugar instead of agave or whatever. Even though I’m a pretty laid back omnivore, I have to say, your blog is one of the first I go to to find baking recipes. Thanks for all the work you do. I appreciate it a lot – as well as your cookbooks!

  335. says

    I was SO SCARED when I read the title of this post because I thought you were going to stop sharing your recipes! I’m glad that’s not the case.

    The recipes are what bring me to your blog. I don’t care so much about being paleo, but I love the lower-carb, alternatively sweetened options you provide. And that they all use (mostly) the same ingredients so I don’t have to keep going out to buy more. Or mix 15 different flours together.

    I personally would love to see some lower calorie options, but I know that’s impossible when you’re dealing with almond flour. My boyfriend has restricted me from baking for a while until we get a handle on our diets. ;-)

  336. Amy Merideth says

    Hi Elana,

    Just checking in, sending my love and support. The website is lovely and I appreciate how much time and energy you must put into each day. Go ahead and smell the roses a bit (the real ones, not online pictures!)


  337. Nicole says

    Love what you do, love your books, keep it up, I appreciate every last bit of it and am so glad I found you. I ordered both of your books the second I started with some of the blog recipes.

    In general I love when you explore why something is good for you or *why* it might be a healthier choice. (not specifics, but more generally speaking, for example benefits of almond or what ginger might be good for in your diet, etc.) – you mostly do this anyways.

    I don’t think the forums closing matter at all, I go by post to read directly related comments and you can always search for keywords on the site, correct? If anything comes up in one post applicable to another I am sure posting a comment is just as easy to reference.

    Suggestions or general substitution tips or “general” directions to look into would seemingly be popular in future things. Not rewritten recipes… simple info (check out baby cakes nyc new & old book, just really quick tips on a few substitutions) The egg issue seems to be a big one for many people, I am not alone.

    Cheers & thank you for all that you share.

  338. HJ says

    I have enjoyed your recipes very much and always look forward to new recipes by you. Hope you can keep posting recipes! Thank you for all the gluten-free and paleo friendly recipes here!!

  339. Catherine Howell says

    Oh my goodness….at first glance I thought, Noooooooooo….she can’t! But then I realized that you were still going to maintain your blog (and recipes) and that things would just be more honed! Whew!!! I LOVE your blog and follow it almost daily. Since going grain free 2 years ago, your blog has been my first source for information. I love your format, photos, recipes but most your style and approach and friendly support.
    So, thank goodness for me, because really, it’s all about me, isn’t it! LOL ;)))
    Elana’s Pantry; I would be hard-pressed to do as well nutritionally without it!!!! Thank you!

  340. Katrina says

    Dear Elana,

    Our family started eating Paleo over a year ago, and your website was one of the first ones we found when we started. Not only have we tried a handful of your recipes, but have directed a handful of other families in our area to your website as they have started eating Paleo. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into making and perfecting the recipes before posting and the time spent on the website. What a blessing! Look forward to trying many more recipes.


    • Patty Donofrio says

      Good for you Elena! You are one busy, busy lady and have help so many people to live healthier lives. So many of us read your words and use your recipes. God bless you and your family. May you continue to live happily. Patty

  341. Kristine says

    I was so freaked that you were going to shut down the website!


    As long as there is a place for people to comment on successful or unsuccessful substitutions, I will keep coming back!

  342. Tammy says

    Love the recipes!! Thank you for all the effort you put in to making your recipes “user friendly”! I have tried some other sites and can’t make the recipe turn into yummy food. I have NEVER had that happen with your recipes and have absolutely enjoyed each meal!!

    • Mimi says

      My reaction also was a brief moment of panic as I really feel like I have this learned friend who is mentoring in improving my approach to food. As a celiac diagnosed only 3 years ago, this website has been my trusted guide! Thanks Elana for all your help!

  343. says

    I think it’s commendable and a great example to show us all to spend more time with family and less at the computer. I personally am inspired by your dedication and it makes me appreciate when you DO post or comment that much more. <3

  344. Heather says

    I really appreciate all you do! I mostly use your website for recipes and healthy living advice. I do not use the forums and will not miss it.

  345. FIona in Ireland says

    Hi Elana
    I love to read the comments people post about their experimentations and substitutions. Like you, I am moving more towards Paleo and trying to eat Primal as much as I can for health reasons. Grains and too many sugars don’t suit me. So I love when you have simple recipes that follow these ways of eating. My absolute favourite thing right now are the Irish Soda bread biscuits (which I call scones). I made them for a family get together and they went down a treat, everyone wants the recipe! High praise indeed, since as you might have noticed I’m Irish…Love the zucchini muffins also – those recipes that incorporate surprise vegetables are always a winner with me :-)
    Thank you for your great website.

  346. Bonnie says

    Don’t ever stop posting your recipes. I check your site all the time and have recommended your site to many grain free friends. Your recipes are the ones I use most, especially the baking:) Shalom!!

    • eileen says

      I agree!! I use MANY of your recipes as you are one of the very few is consistent in delicious recipes every time! and they are simple and I usually have the ingredients close at hand! totally grains free as we all know that the traditional gluten free diet is not grains free which it should be. And I love the fact that you are sugar free. I was using the agave also and do bloat a little….I will be interested in seeing how your transitions to no agave works also. I refer you, your website AND your Almond Flour Cookbook all the time to my friends. I have your Cupcakes Cookbook which I use but not as much as the ALmond one…….Thanks for your dedication!

      • Beverly M says

        I love your recipes and have tried many of them. I certainly understand your need to cut back on all the forums, blogs, websites, etc. It can become overwhelming. Thank you so much for all that you share.

      • says

        Ditto above regarding recipes, cookbooks etc. I haven’t even visited the forums, and rarely read the comment section of your blog, mainly because of the consistent success with your recipes. Thank you for your generosity.

    • Holly says

      I agree too… thank you so much I have lost 45 lbs and gone from a type diabetic with a fatty liver to a “normal”or at least better than average american… I know I did it but you sure made it a whole lot easier and a lot of fun… to be able to have a turkey sandwich with the rest of the family…thank you…

  347. Tressa B says

    Oh no! The Forums section is the best way to find a particular topic, and every comment that goes with that topic. I thought it was a great place for your readers to be able to organize their comments, as opposed to under your postings where they can be very difficult to find. I personally wouldn’t mind if you didn’t consistently monitor the forums, but let that be a place for your readers to connect and help each other out. It lets us step in and answer questions when you are too busy to do so.

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