Iced Tea

This homemade Iced Tea recipe is made with a caffeine-free rooibos tea base, which is very rich in antioxidants. Better yet? it’s sugar-free, and herbally sweetened with stevia. This healthy drink is super refreshing when it’s hot outside!

Baseball is indeed over. However, all-stars have begun and my son and several of his little cohorts are on the team. We are now therefore faced with practice daily from 5:30 to 7:30. Thank goodness I am not coaching! I will however, be providing the team with lots of snacks and good beverages such as the one below. This scrumptious iced tea really hits the spot on a summer’s day. It is sweet, lemony and refreshing.

Rooibos tea is said to be an excellent recovery beverage. Although it does not contain caffeine, I find on days when I am feeling a little draggy that it can put a punch back into my step. I really enjoy drinking it after a good workout.

Iced Tea

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Servings 2


  • 2 tablespoons loose rooibos
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • teaspoon stevia
  • 16 ice cubes
  • ¼ cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 lemon, sliced into wedges


  • Place rooibos in a 2 cup measuring cup
  • Pour boiling water over rooibos; add stevia
  • Steep for 10 minutes
  • Meanwhile, divide ice cubes and lemon juice between 2 large tumblers
  • Strain tea into cups
  • Serve with wedge of lemon
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
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My husband says this beverage tastes like an Arnold Palmer, I think it tastes like the Nestea I grew up on (which I loved). Either way, when I serve it at our summer barbecues this iced tea is quite a hit. I make a huge batch of it in a stock pot, throw in tons of ice and extra lemons, and serve it with a soup ladle. Enjoy!


10 responses to “Iced Tea”

  1. Hi tessa,

    This recipe makes enough tea for two. To make a big batch for 8 people, simply multiply each of the ingredients by 4 and make it in a big pot.

    Hope this helps.


    • Hi Elana:

      I have been making this tea for years – LOVE it. I just pulled up the link to share with someone, and I noticed you removed the agave from the recipe. Any particular reason?

      Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.


      • Hi SMC, thanks for your comment and astute observation. I’ve largely switched over to a ketogenic diet and am modifying many of my recipes so that they are compatible with the way I now eat :-)

  2. this tea sounds really good and i am from the south so ice tea is a staple around my house. my question is if i wanted to make a big batch of the tea what would be the measurements?

  3. Betty -This would be a fantastic topic to post in the new forum
    that I launched this week. Unfortunately, the U.S. law to fumigate or cook even organic raw almonds did pass in 2007 even though many of us strongly protested against it.

    Kitchen Goddess Thanks much :-)

  4. Elana,

    I have a question about the honeyville almond flour and fumigated almonds. How do I email you? I did contact the company and wanted to ask you about it.


  5. Meena -Rooibos is so delicious on ice; hope you enjoy it that way as much as I do.

    Anina -Thanks for this great recipe, I will have to try it, it is so unusual. Looking forward to seeing you at my cooking class –coming up soon :-)

  6. I love Rooibos tea, this is the only tea I had as a child and still the only tea that I use. In South Africa Rooibos tea is used in every house hold. Everyone used to drink it, even babies – Something else we always made with Rooibos tea that you might enjoy is dried Fruit steamed in Rooibos tea. You can take dried prunes and apples (or any other dried fruit), Rooibos tea (strong) and a cinnamon stick. Cover the fruit and cinnamon stick in tea and on a very low temp cook until the fruit is soft. Store in a glass bowl (with remaining tea after the fruit is soft) in the refrigator and enjoy it every morning over your wonderful grain free granola !

  7. I have only recently become a huge fan of the rosibos, but haven’t as yet experimented with it cold. You’ve just given me the inspiration to start! Cheers! :)

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