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For the most part, I’m a tomboy.  I wear gym clothes just about everyday.  As I sit here writing this, I’m wearing a pair of ratty old sweat pants and my husband’s frayed t-shirt.  I don’t like to wear make up to the grocery store, or anyplace else for that matter.

There is one exception though, where I do go girlie every now and then.  Lip gloss.  Maybe it’s because it’s moisturizing in the deathly dry climate in which I live, or it might be that I crave a quick splash of color.

I read somewhere a while back that the average woman “eats” 8 pounds of lipstick/lip gloss in her life.  If such a product contains gluten, and that woman (like me) has celiac disease, that’s a  lot of gluten to ingest in one’s lifetime, especially, if one is working diligently to eat strictly gluten free food.  But we didn’t know that lipstick was a “food” did we?  Well now we do.

In my research I came up with various results for gluten free lipsticks.  I contacted numerous companies; here’s what I found:

1. The first category could conclusively vouch that each and every lip product in their lines were 100% gluten free. Such companies include:

All of the above can be purchased online –just click the links.

2. The second group of cosmetic companies that I contacted regarding gluten free lipstick sent me long lists of ingredients for their lip products but did not have knowledge as to whether or not their lines were gluten free. These I stay away from.

3. The final group of companies were able to tell me that some of the lip products in their line were gluten free and that some contained gluten. I’ve decided not to bother with these products either. As much as I love a splash of color, this is just too much hassle.

As always, manufacturers can change the ingredients in their product compositions –so even with this list, be sure that whatever you purchase, whether food or make up, is gluten free!


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  1. This is an excellent post! I LOVE how you’ve chosen which companies to feature here. You’ve been quite thorough with your examination. Thank you.

    I’d like real quick to mention that Mineral Fusion does use ingredients from gluten grains. They have been “deglutenized”, but many Celiacs or gluten sensitive people still have issues with it. To be fair, last I knew it’s only in ONE of their hair products. Still, it is something to think about.

  2. Should add Red Apple Lipstick to that list of gluten free lipsticks! I wear their lipsticks and glosses everyday! Even when I don’t go out simply because they make my lips feel so moisturized. They are vegan and paraben free too!

  3. Red Apple Lipstick is the ONLY company that LAB CERTIFIES their products gluten free! There is ZERO chance of contamination! The storage facility is only accessed by 2 people, I hear. They are also paraben, allergen and soy free, vegan and cruelty free!

    Why weren’t they on your list? Their customer service is the best and their site is the most complete-showing photos of the products on a range of women!

    I’ve used Arbonne, Ecobella, Gabrielle, etc etc. and honestly, they’re all junk compared to RAL.

  4. Hi Elana: I just wanted to stop buy and say Hi. . .Hi :-) I’ve been following your blog for 2 1/2 years now. Thank you for all you hard work and wonderful recipes. They have been a big help. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about another really good Cosmetic Company that Does not use Gluten or Soy in or harmful chemicals in thier products called Ultra Pure Cosemtics. They also have really good service and helped me to find just the right colors and foundation for my face, just after I fount out that I had Celiac and needed to change all my cosmetics stuff, including lipstick and Lip gloss. Anyway, I thought you might want to add it to you list.

    Cathi Gross
    Ventura, CA

  5. Have you tried All of their products are gluten free as well as being non toxic and vegan friendly plus a host of other great qualities. I have been using them since spring and truly love them. They have home care products as well as personal care with sunscreen and insect repellent to boot. My friend Meredith attended 2 parties I held (it’s a direct sales company run by an 18 year old young woman named Ava) and decided to become a consultant… so I have to plug her :) Meredith Hadley- you can search for her on the site if you’re at all interested.

  6. Have you seen Red Apple Lipstick? I LOVE their certified gluten-free lipstick. And they have just started making eye shadow–gluten-free, too! You can find them on the web.

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