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For the most part, I’m a tomboy.  I wear gym clothes just about everyday.  As I sit here writing this, I’m wearing a pair of ratty old sweat pants and my husband’s frayed t-shirt.  I don’t like to wear make up to the grocery store, or anyplace else for that matter.

There is one exception though, where I do go girlie every now and then.  Lip gloss.  Maybe it’s because it’s moisturizing in the deathly dry climate in which I live, or it might be that I crave a quick splash of color.

I read somewhere a while back that the average woman “eats” 8 pounds of lipstick/lip gloss in her life.  If such a product contains gluten, and that woman (like me) has celiac disease, that’s a  lot of gluten to ingest in one’s lifetime, especially, if one is working diligently to eat strictly gluten free food.  But we didn’t know that lipstick was a “food” did we?  Well now we do.

In my research I came up with various results for gluten free lipsticks.  I contacted numerous companies; here’s what I found:

1. The first category could conclusively vouch that each and every lip product in their lines were 100% gluten free. Such companies include:

All of the above can be purchased online –just click the links.

2. The second group of cosmetic companies that I contacted regarding gluten free lipstick sent me long lists of ingredients for their lip products but did not have knowledge as to whether or not their lines were gluten free. These I stay away from.

3. The final group of companies were able to tell me that some of the lip products in their line were gluten free and that some contained gluten. I’ve decided not to bother with these products either. As much as I love a splash of color, this is just too much hassle.

As always, manufacturers can change the ingredients in their product compositions –so even with this list, be sure that whatever you purchase, whether food or make up, is gluten free!


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    • Have you heard of Younique? They are a naturally-based cosmetics and skincare company and released a whole line of lipsticks in September which are long-lasting and gluten-free…I am loving them!!! to check it out!


      • This company cannot verify for cross contamination or that their ingredients didn’t come into contain or contain gluten before they received them. This line of lipstick is not 100% safe for those with celiac. Please review the company policy.

  1. Red Apple Lipstick is totally gluten free and has wonderful lip gloss as well as lipstick. They also make Rallyebalm which is a great lip moisturizer. It is my favorite company!
    Also they now have fantastic mascara!

  2. I love your website and find you to be into healthy, natural things in addition to being gluten free. I’m trying to find a lipstick that is gluten free AND gluten free. No luck yet! Just want you to know that the Nars lipstick you listed contains plastics!

  3. Love your books and your site. I just saw this post and coincidentally just got off the phone with several cosmetic companies. Wanted to share their responses because these ingredients and processes can change frequently. These are companies that I had previously been told were gluten free. ALL of them responded that they have products that contain gluten and you must call to check individual products to find out which have gluten ingredients. They also ALL said that even gluten free products could be cross contaminated on machinery that had been exposed to gluten in large factories so no claims of being gluten free even if a product does not have gluten ingredients. The companies are: Nars, Laura Mercier, Chanel and Hourglass.

    In better news, I have used Red Apple lipsticks and they are certified gluten free.
    Hope this helps other folks. Thanks!

  4. I was just at Sephora and asked for gluten-free lipstick. The clerk suggested Bite lipsticks. I looked online and on their website they are gluten free, 100% certified (all their materials are certified….do a search on their site “gluten-free).

    They have a beautiful selection of colors! I ended up buying the high pigment pencil in Chablis (I’m a winter.).

  5. I just came across this older post trying to find out if Shiseido lipstick was gluten free and noticed Nars was listed as being gluten free. From what I have been reading online Nars no longer makes that claim.

  6. I’ve been gluten free for a year now and needed to buy gluten lipstick and gloss for my sister’s wedding that is coming up. I have learned through my research and trial and error that I am extremely sensitive. And I have found key words or phrases that I watch for but finding lipstick has been the bane of my existence. I trusted a website today and I’m paying for it now. As soon as I tried the lipstick I had a migraine and now I’m dealing with the other effects. My word/phrase that I watch for is: tocopheryl acetate. If I see either the phrase or tocopheryl I know I’m in trouble. The problem with lipstick is that the manufacturer prints the ingredients so small on their product that even a young person like me needs a magnifying glass to read the ingredients or the ingredients are hidden below their packaging and I have to buy the product before I find out that it isn’t gluten free.
    Today I made such a mistake. I trusted a brand instead of getting out a magnifying glass. Do not trust Bare Minerals, their lipstick is not gluten free. Do not trust Revlon their lipstick is also not gluten free. The wedding is just a few weeks away and I have no clue what I am going to do.

  7. Not so sure about NARS – was about to buy their lipstick at Sephora and then saw this message on their site:

    Do NARS lipstick products contain gluten?

    Many of our products do not contain ingredients derived from barley, oats, rye, spelt or wheat, which are commonly known sources of gluten. However, due to the wide range of raw materials and equipment used during the manufacturing of our products, we cannot confirm that our products are free from any traces of gluten. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding gluten, and the ingredients contained in our formulas, we recommend that you consult your physician.

    Did you get a definitive answer from them? Wondering why they wouldn’t be clear on their site?

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