Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies are the perfect paleo dessert. This easy brownie recipe is one of our all time favorites and we love to serve it at our gluten-free Super Bowl Party. Each year we make one batch using the regular brownie recipe below, and another without the walnuts for our friends that need a nut-free brownie recipe.

We also serve my Gluten-Free Super Bowl Cake Pops which the boys and their friends adore!

Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies

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  1. Place ½ cup chocolate chips in food processor and pulse until the consistency of coarse sand
  2. Pulse in coconut flour, salt, and baking soda until combined
  3. Pulse in eggs, maple syrup, grapeseed oil, and vanilla
  4. Pour batter into a greased 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  5. Sprinkle walnuts and remaining chocolate chips over batter
  6. Bake at 350°F for 25-30 minutes
  7. Cool and serve

These paleo brownies are made with coconut flour and are based on a recipe from Gluten Free Fix. We love this easy paleo brownies recipe because it’s so easy to make and is a very rich and dense brownie that is incredibly fudgey! This Double Chocolate Walnut Brownie recipe is one of those healthy paleo desssert recipes that tastes exactly like the real thing, if not better!

All types of brownies, but especially gluten-free brownies, can be a very personal thing. Some people like a cakey brownie, some like a dense brownie. What type do you like? Leave a comment below!

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136 responses to “Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies”

  1. Oh my god. I mean OH MY GOD!!! You are a genius and this is so delicious I just want to hide under a desk and eat the hole pan! Seriously. Better than Ryan Gosling.

  2. Oh Man!!! I made these today and I am seriously trying not to eat them all by myself!! I also pureed frozen bananas to make ‘ice cream’ to top off the brownies ;)

  3. This is my favorite, and most successful gluten free recipe ever! I’ve used melted bittersweet chocolate in lieu of the cocoa powder for an extra chocolatey taste and it’s turned out fantastically, light and fluffy (or as light as can be for a brownie!). Thanks!!

  4. I saw your classes have been in Boulder, but not sure if that is where you live. Is this recipe (actually any of them) good for high altitude or is there an adjustment you would recommend for 5400 feet?

  5. Thanks Elana for a great recipe! I substituted grapeseed oil for avocado oil and walnuts for pecans because that’s just what I had around and it still turned out beautifully. Thank you!

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