Do You Feel Grateful For The Body You Live In?

Feel Grateful For The Body You Live In

The other day I was on Instagram, and saw a message from one of my favorite accounts. So I hopped on over to visit @AmberRomaniuk and took a look at her latest post. It said: “Feel Grateful For The Body You Live In.” And I do. I love yoga, walking, and hanging out on my Bongo Board to play and practice balancing. There are so many parts of me that are working. And compared to most people who have suffered from MS for decades, I am thriving.

Do I Feel Grateful?

So, I asked myself, do I feel grateful? The answer is complex. And it includes this part: NOT ALWAYS. Living with three autoimmune diseases and the BRCA and MTHFR genetic mutations has become a full time job.

Will I Work Again?

Someday, I may be able to work and travel again and not lead a restricted lifestyle. And, that may not ever happen. My life may continue to be limited. Beyond a doubt, I am grateful for everything at my disposal when it comes to dealing with my health. I have the brains and financial resources to be totally empowered and make fantastic decisions. Still, there are so many factors that are far beyond my control.

Living In Limbo

Although I’ve done everything in my power, I live in limbo. Since 2014, I’ve had no idea what the next day will bring in terms of my health. Will I be able to go to the things I have planned? Or will I be home bedridden, exhausted, and barely able to function. This past year, 2018 was my toughest ever. Although I cannot go into detail here, I can tell you, it was the first time I worried every single day that I’d end up in a wheel chair. I’ve had a better year in 2019 and seem to be on the mend, but still, never know what’s around the corner.

Losing a Career

I’ve gone from writing books, going on tour and appearing on Fox News to speak about diet and health, to spending my life in medical offices. Doctor appointments and multiple forms of physical therapy rule my days. And still, I have so much more than I could ever express here to be thankful for. It’s confusing to say the least.

Look On The Bright Side

Life is strange. When you lose something that you had it doesn’t ever really feel good. Often I make my days a practice in acceptance. And I’ve become very zen about my life and accepted it for what it is. Still, having always been out and about in the world, and worked since I was eight years old, there’s a missing piece. I did not retire by choice. I was forced into it. And there’s a deep sadness about this loss.

Are You Living In Limbo?

Is your life hanging in the balance of a bunch of medical issues? Has it gone on for a long time? What has it stopped you from doing? And what do you still enjoy and love most? Life is complicated, so leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing friends! This community is one of the juiciest things in my life and keeps me going every single day.

Thanks for sharing your journey and being an inspiration.


70 responses to “Do You Feel Grateful For The Body You Live In?”

  1. Dear Elana,

    I am grateful to you. I have subscribed to your website a long time. I have your books. I love baking your recipes, which I have been doing for many years. Years ago, when I discovered you, I found you were the nearest on line site for trusted recipes that was close or indeed at the specific carbohydrate diet. (I was following the SC diet when facing a second round of surgery due to having Crohn’s disease since childhood. This diet kept me out of having the need for surgery and 17 years later I have held onto that gut!) Many of your recipes supported my gut. Not only healthy, restorative and tasty your recipes have brought me rave reviews from work colleagues, friends and family. Many have discovered through my baking your recipes that desserts can be tasty, enjoyable and healthier than most other desserts. Please know that your impact is greater than you can ever know.
    (I believe in the power of prayer so if you would like to be added to my mishaberach list don’t hesitate to let me know.)

    • Nancy, thanks for your lovely comment! I’m so glad you are enjoying my SCD recipes, Elaine (SCD founder) was a wonderful friend and support to me. I am just speechless when it comes to your kind words and so grateful for them. Thanks for letting me know that my recipes have brought you rave reviews from work colleagues, friends and family! And also for reminding me that many have discovered via your baking of my recipes that desserts can be tasty, enjoyable and healthier than most other desserts! I’m so grateful for your wonderful wishes!!! Hugs :-)

  2. I am thankful for your recipes and posts. Your recipes are so helpful to me in my quest to improve my health and today I am searching for recipes for another family member who has just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. You may never know how many lives you have touched and how many people you have helped. I pray that your health will improve dramatically for the better, soon.

  3. Imagine many people who follow you and love your recipes are like me with multiple autoimmune disorders that affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. I haven’t been able to do so many things in life most people take for granted, like riding in a car for more than 20 minutes with psoriatic arthritis, or work, or even entertain. But, the emotional weakness due to the physical issues is almost more difficult to deal with than the physical pain and limitations. Am I thankful for my body? I am thankful, because my God has created me and orders all things for my good—like Job, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, but He makes no mistakes. And like Job, I trust Him with my very soul, and also with my unpredictable body and brain. I have two precious friends and a relative, all my age—all have terminal cancer. Amazingly, they have a most positive outlook, not that they will live a long time, but that they have a wonderful future ahead of them shortly. And I, too, have the same wonderful future….one day I will be with the Lord in heaven, and will enjoy a glorious new body, just like His. I’m thankful that these troubles are meant to help me look up, and look forward to an amazing future with my Lord and my God. This life doesn’t satisfy in the end, but I have such a blessed hope and yes! I’m so thankful!

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