Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

Update: I've created a video to show you how to make these gluten free and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

The other day I received a call from Kelly about a potluck at my children's school. This superwoman who doubles as first grade room parent and I spoke about taking the “luck” out of potluck.

During our chat, we touched on the significance of children breaking bread together and sharing in the most important part of the meal – dessert! To accommodate the different dietary needs of the first graders in my son's class, I developed a dairy-free, gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Kelly and I enlisted five moms to bake these tasty cookies for the potluck and I've posted the recipe here for them.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)

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  1. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Stir together wet ingredients in a small bowl
  3. Mix wet ingredients into dry
  4. Form 1 inch balls and press onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Bake at 350°F for 7-10 minutes
  6. Cool and serve

* Please note: Bob's Red Mill almond flour does not yield successful results when used in this recipe. For more information regarding this matter please see my FAQs.


234 responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dairy Free/Gluten Free)”

  1. These are so good!! I made them on the spur of the moment so had to substitute grapeseed oil with coconut oil and agave with honey. The results were so amazing. Not sure what the original recipe is like (I’m sure its great!) but this one turned out so good. Love the salty touch too!

  2. Hi Elena –

    This is my first time writing, and I have to say what a huge fan I am! I have made this recipe more times than I can count – and it is the recipe that brought me to make countless others of your recipes – my baking staples are unblanced almond flour, celtic sea salt, and agave nectar!

    My diet has shifted from a focus on Paleo to more of a traditional macro-focusing-calorie-counting approach – which has me taking a bigger look at my carbs, proteins, and fats. We’ll see how long this lasts, but my primary focus is my diabetes and blood sugar management (and weight loss).

    In an attempt to lower the caloric intake of these delicious masterpieces, I took a try at using Monkfruit Sweetener. I used 2/3c granules (they’re 1:1 for sugar) +2tbsp water (because it was too dry) and the cookies took 18 minutes to bake and at least 20 minutes to cool enough to handle without crumbling. The flavor is good but the texture is crumbly and I had a lot of leftover batter after my usual 24 cookies. Any thoughts?

  3. A family favorite, bar none!
    Made it true today, for the first time ( I usually use blood orange infused olive oil and honey). Fantastic! So chewy and golden brown!

  4. These are so, so good! I made them with coconut oil and maple syrup subs, and added a dash of cinnamon. Thank you for this simple, delicious recipe. My skeptical hubby loves them too.

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