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I have read so many articles this year about how the economy is impacting Christmas.  How people are not spending as much money and buying as many presents for children and loved ones.

For me, the holiday season is not about the stuff, it’s about quality time.  Taking the time to hang out with friends and family.  Of course, I do enjoy making festive meals this time of year and feel blessed to be able to afford one.

I’m guessing that all of you out there have a similar idea of how to spend the holidays.  What is your favorite part?


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  1. emma leigh -Thanks for stopping by and have a great holiday.

    veggiegirl -Merry Christmas!

    Emily -Love your comment and great rant, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Alexa -That’s one of our favorite parts too, the board games. On Thanksgiving I played scrabble for hours with the boys.

    Margaret -Beautiful comment and suggestions.

    Anna -Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo.

  2. I hope people remember and continue to do “hand-made” gifts for years to come. It doesn’t cost much to knit something or spend time taking a house-bound friend out to visit, or bring friends over. Those are the things remembered.

  3. My favorite part of the holidays is playing games with my family. We always play lots of board games with our children during the holidays.

    Happy Hanukah! Enjoy the holidays…

  4. I totally agree!! I wish more people felt that holidays weren’t about getting STUFF! Who needs more stuff anyway? We have so much more to be thankful for. Instead of focusing on what we are getting we should focus on what we are doing! For each other, the planet, our family & friends.
    Sorry.. went on a little rant! I few years ago I would’ve said my favorite part was sugar cookies. But now being gluten-egg-dairy-cane sugar-soy-yeast-peanut allergic/free I have had to come up with distractions during get-togethers so I don’t think about what I’m missing out on. I enjoy having good conversations with others and just listening to them. I feel like I know my grandpa so much better after this Thanksgiving! Some people just really need someone to listen to them.

  5. thank you for providing these festive holiday menus for all your readers! i really need to get over my fear of cooking whole chicken. i’d be saving so much money…!

    being a poor single twentysomething these past few years has taught me not to take anything for granted. my holiday season isn’t about gifts (though i’m not going to say no from family! ;), but like you said, it’s about “quality time”!

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