Chocolate Raspberry Bon Bons Candy Recipe

Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons

This easy 2-ingredient Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons recipe is the perfect Valentine’s day treat! Made with dark chocolate and fruit sweetened raspberry jam it’s such a breeze to throw together that my children love to make it. Of course they do! What’s better than the combination of raspberries and chocolate?!

Valentine’s Day can be a super fun and crafty holiday. Unfortunately, it can also be a wasteful time when loads of processed candy and useless merchandise is sold. That’s why I’ve taught my boys over the years to have fun creating homemade gifts for friends and family. We especially enjoy making our own healthy candy, and these Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons fit that bill perfectly!

Usually I start out whipping up this treat, and the boys take it over. That’s how the making of healthy candy recipes generally takes place in our house. The boys are little rascals in the kitchen and I love it!

I think we all enjoy making this healthy candy because it’s a bit of an artistic project. Somehow, using a small paint brush to spread the melted chocolate into the molds reminds us of painting in kindergarten, where there were no mistakes.

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Chocolate Raspberry Bonbons
  1. Melt chocolate in a small pan over very low heat
  2. Using a small paint brush, coat the bottom and sides of a candy mold
  3. Place mold in freezer 10 minutes to allow chocolate to harden
  4. Remove mold from freezer
  5. Spoon a scant teaspoon of raspberry jam into each chocolate lined cup
  6. Paint chocolate over raspberry jam to cover
  7. Place in freezer 10 minutes to harden
  8. Remove from freezer, turn mold upside down and pop candies out of mold
  9. Serve

These bonbons call for the same mold that my healthy homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries recipe uses. If you are looking for a candy recipe that does not use a mold, check out my Nut Butter Balls.

Here are some of my other easy low-carb candy recipes!


  1. anira says

    Just made these, along with a simplified version of your orange chocolate coconut clusters (just used chocolate and coconut), for a family sweets exchange. These were easy to make and delicious! I had to keep “testing” them for quality control — I’m glad I sent them off today in the mail, otherwise I’d still be eating them!

  2. says

    Hi Can y ou tell me what BLANCHED almond flour is? I usually take my raw almonds and blend them in my blend tec? is that blanched? thank you for your response. Joan

  3. Roxan says

    I have made this recipe now 3 times and the key is definitely tempering the chocolate. I did not do this on the first try and I was only able to get a few of the chocolates successfully out of the mold. I also left the chocolate in the freezer for 20 minutes, instead of 10 as I felt like this helped to harden the chocolate and made getting it out of the mold easier. Delicious candies, thanks so much for the recipe!

  4. barbara says

    Elana, the recipe looks delicious.
    What does it mean that the mold must be tempered?
    I read that comment in the responses to your chocolate covered cherries recipe.
    Thank you, Barbara

    • Bearface says

      You temper the chocolate, not the mold. It is a very important process that makes the chocolate shiny, harder, and with a higher melting point. Also, tempered chocolate shrinks when it cools which makes the finished candies slide right out of the mold. It makes all the difference aesthetically. As far as flavor goes, there isn’t a big difference, but the “mouth feel” of tempered chocolate is WAY better. Tempering chocolate aligns the crystals in a particular way. This is achieved by raising and lowering the temperature of melted chocolate following pretty strict guidelines. I don’t get why it works, but I’ve done it many times and the difference is enormous.

      This video is a good intro. I’m sure there are many others out there too:

      Happy chocolating!

  5. says

    oh my yumness. those look spectacular. and there’s something magic about raspberries and chocolate. cherries are good, but raspberries are just amazing with chocolate.

    maybe will try candymaking again, for the first time in a very long time. thanks for making things simple, delicious and beautiful.

  6. says

    They look yummy – I guess you could even crush fresh raspberries and use those in place of the jam, for a slightly dribblier candy!

    x x x

  7. says

    Your timing once again is impeccable. This weekend we have been invited to a superbowl party and I promised to make something chocolate since everyone in this circle of friends knows my chocolate deserts. Brownies were out… Bon Bons are in!!! So much fun, finger food, sweet chocolaty, easy… now I need to find a candy mold. I think I’ll find one at the local Rain’s Department Store. Last week you also made some peanut butter cups… will try those too!!
    Thank you, and all your boys!

  8. says

    I have that mold and I made another delicious treat in mine…. I used the same kind of chocolate as you but instead of raspberry jelly or jam…. i made agave sweetened caramel and then pushed in several peanuts and covered it in more chocolate. They were amazing, but I accidently broke the mold and have to get a new one. Those ones look so good. You could make peanut butter and jelly ones. That would be so fun.

  9. says

    That’s it, Elana! You finally tempted me. I have to make these!

    I was pondering making healthier, hand-made chocolates for Valentine’s day treats to bring to my sister’s birthday-valentine-Chinese New Year’s party, and I now may have to!

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