Book Review: Make Ahead Paleo

You’ve heard me rave about Tammy Credicott here on several occasions. She’s the reason I have Paleo Girl Scout Cookie recipes such as Thin Mints on this site. And Tammy’s latest book, Make-Ahead Paleo: Healthy Gluten-, Grain- & Dairy-Free Recipes Ready When & Where You Are does not disappoint!

Make Ahead Paleo is a fabulous Paleo cookbook that will teach you how to to eat incredibly well even if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off –and who isn’t these days? I have two teenagers in two different sports. Sometimes getting both of them to their after school activities and getting dinner on the table can seem like a military operation. It’s days like those that call for a quick and easy recipe from Make Ahead Paleo.

Tammy’s book has enticing sections that include “Make & Freeze,” “Low & Slow,” “On the Go” and more. You get the idea. This is the book that will make it easy for you to stick to a healthy Paleo diet without all the fuss.

Some of my favorite recipes include the Cracked Pepper and Chive Crackers, Chicken and Egg Salad Stuffed Peppers, and the Coq au Vin. Tammy also has an incredible section called “Travel Treats” with delicious desserts and snacks that are easy to make and even easier to take on the road. For those of you that are nut-free, you won’t want to miss out on her amazing assortment of nut-free treats including her no bake Sunbutter Bars and Chocolate Chip Tahini Blondies.

I hope you all enjoy Make Ahead Paleo as much as my family and I have!


5 responses to “Book Review: Make Ahead Paleo”

  1. Thanks for the cookbook review Elena. Love the sound of the sunbutter bars & tahini blondies. Will check this book out. Still loving and using your gluten-free almond flour cookbook like crazy and love everything I make!

  2. I just placed my order for this book based on your recommendation and the 133 people on Amazon that gave it such a rave review. I just opened my own gourmet shop and have to do a lot of make ahead meals. We follow a paleo lifestyle so this should be a great tool! FYI Elana, I made your paleo banana bread last night and it was wonderful!

  3. I got this cookbook from the library a while back and just loved it! The peach pork chops are divine. Thanks for reminding me I need to invest in this one :)

  4. I am going to have to get this cookbook because it sounds like it is right up my ally. I love to make a huge pot of seafood chowder and freeze two thirds of it . I also like making stews in the crockpot.
    so this book sounds like a must.
    thank you elana for bringing it up because I never know which cookbooks to try.

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