Apricot Butter

My kids were hankering for something sweet the other day. So, I made this delicious sweet apricot butter recipe. It’s not a jam – it’s real butter with dried fruit pureed into it.

Great on warm toast. It is one of my younger son’s favorite gluten free snacks.

Apricot Butter

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  1. Place apricots in a shallow bowl, pour boiling water over them and let sit for ½ hour
  2. Place apricots and their soaking water in a food processor and process on high for 1 minute, until apricots are smoothly pureed
  3. Add butter, vanilla and salt and puree another minute, until all ingredients are well blended
  4. Serve on Gluten Free Bread 2.0


6 responses to “Apricot Butter”

  1. If I do not eat dairy, soy, wheat, anything white like sugar, salt, corn, gluten, GMO’s, can you suggest anything that would taste like butter?
    Is there a natural butter flavor that could be added to coconut oil or olive oil?

    • Hi Kevin,

      I do not think substituting butter with oil will work with this recipe. It will not combine well.

      You could try Tahini or other nut-based butter like almond butter etc. I suggest to use less than stated in recipe to avoid a too ¨nutty¨ taste.

      Hope it helps.


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