A Recipe From My Book

This weekend has been packed with parties –3 to be exact.  First, we held my younger son’s birthday party Saturday. He turned 9 in early April, so it was about time. Given that we had baseball every single weekend from March until this one, it was our first opportunity to hold a party for him and he was more than thrilled.

Next (and pictured above) was my first book party.  We held it at our house for friends and family Saturday night and it was super fun.  We served several dessert dishes from the book including the Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies which I’m sharing with you here!

Finally, tonight we have our year end baseball party for my older son’s all star team; thankfully, we are not hosting that one.  Their season was “never ending” as they made it all the way through the district tournament undefeated, on to the state championships, ultimately taking that title.  J’s baseball season starts up again in 2 weeks –he is on 4 teams this year and very busy boy!

I’m getting ready for New York as I’ll be doing several book signing events there in a week and a half.  Hope to see you around!


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  1. HEllo as a family we have boarded the train of Keto but only Stevia as sugar (my daughter can not stomack others…and we just found your page…My daughter wanted to try this recipe but if is off now…YIKES!! …we always do try couple of recipes before buying a book…my way to limit my daughter and myself from buying them all…LOL…could you give it to us to try…thank you so much…

  2. I have just been told I am gluten sensitive and to go off gluten so that I will finally start feeling better after a pretty miserable year. I was thrilled to find “Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook” It is the most encouraging book as i begin this new journey. Thank you for sharing all your research and discoveries.

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