3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding

I’ve been working on this 3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding recipe for quite some time. Creating keto desserts that have no sugar of any sort can be quite challenging. When I make a sugar-free dessert, it’s not only free of refined sugar, it doesn’t contain high-glycemic sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

Sweeteners for Keto Dessert Recipes

This easy keto dessert recipe is made with 3 ingredients total. All you need to throw it together is 100% dark chocolate, also referred to as baker’s chocolate, full-fat coconut milk, and vanilla stevia. A lot of people on the Keto Diet use sugar alcohols like xylitol or erythritol to sweeten low-carb desserts. Those types of sugar alcohols are not an option for me as I can’t digest them.

Using Swerve in Keto Dessert Recipes

I often hear from people on Low-Carb Diets that like Swerve. That sweetener is a double no-no for me. Since it is a sugar alcohol or polyol, it disrupts my digestion. Classified by the FDA as a zero-calorie, 4-carbon sugar alcohol it is made from corn, a food that is incredibly hard on my system. I know many people that swear by Swerve. That’s great because we’re all bio-chemical individuals and have different needs.

Using Pure Stevia on a Keto Diet

I’ve found that stevia doesn’t cause digestive distress when I use a pure form that does not contain corn, erythritol, and other ingredients that are highly allergenic for me. I use stevia in very small amounts, a little goes a long way! The main issue with stevia is that some people find it has a bitter aftertaste. When I pair it with strong flavors like chocolate or coffee, I can mask that aftertaste very effectively.

3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding

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Servings 6



  • In a vitamix puree coconut milk and chocolate until smooth
  • Blend in stevia
  • Divide mixture between six 5.5 ounce jars
  • Refridgerate for 24 hours
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Fridge Time 1 day
Total Time 1 d 10 mins
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3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding Recipe

This pudding brings me back to grade school when Mom cooked dinner and Dad packed the lunches. He often gave me Del Monte chocolate pudding in a little round metal container with a lid that popped off. No one would ever allow such a sharp lid to come near a child these days! I loved the sound those pudding packs made when I opened them. Inside was a sticky sweet pudding. This 3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding recipe is a lot like that, other than the sweetness. The flavor in this low-carb chocolate pudding is delicate and subtle. And it’s silky smooth, just like that pudding from the old days.

How to Make Keto Chocolate Pudding

This recipe requires a high-speed blender. I know that because I had to run the heck out of my Vitamix to get the mixture to a super creamy consistency. This pudding will take about 12 hours to set up and 24 to become perfectly firm. I’m not sure why but can tell you from my numerous test batches, this was the case each time, so patience is required. It’s not a stiff pudding, but it’s definitely not watery.

Low-Carb Chocolate Dessert Recipe for Mr. Pantry

My husband, who has quite a sweet tooth loved 3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding. I had to hide the pudding pictured above so that I would have something left for the photo shoot! I shot this pudding in containers that I bought yogurt in from our local Whole Foods years ago. In the photo, I topped this pudding with my sugar-free Whipped Cream, but it’s just as good without it.

For everyone out there that’s low-carb or keto, what’s your sweetener of choice? Leave a comment and let me know, I’m all ears!

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118 responses to “3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding”

  1. Elana,

    Thank you for posting this super easy and delicious recipe! I made it for Thanksgiving (an especially challenging day for those sticking to any carb restrictive diet). I do not have a Vitamix but my Ninja worked great-just made sure to really blend the heck out of it (as you recommend). I divided the mixture into coupe glasses for a fancy touch and added about 1/4 cup of locally roasted fair trade coffee beans with the chocolate prior to blending for an adult twist, and it was delicious and set up well.

    So appreciate your commitment to recipes that are both healthy AND delicious! There’s really no need to feel like your “sacrificing” in order to treat your body well!

  2. I’ve been very happy using the brand of stevia you link to, in recipes and in hot tea. I think some of the aftertaste or bitterness some experience is from using too much. I start with a little and add more as needed, without any aftertaste. Thanks for the fabulous recipe and I really appreciate all of the testing you do to get a recipe just right!

  3. Aloha Elana,
    I have been using your recipes online for 4-5 years and they’re truly amazing. I share them all the time with my friends and family. As far as a sweetener I discovered pure organic Stevia and my dear friend who is a fantastic Gardener is now growing Stevia. I live in Hawaii where everything grows fabulously anyway I can’t wait to try your pudding recipe. Mahalo!!!!

    • Janet, thanks for your awesome comment! I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my website and that my recipes are truly amazing :-)

  4. I read thru several comments and didn’t see this, but BochaSweet has been a good alternative to Erythritol and xylitol. It is expensive so I mix it with pure stevia.

  5. I am allergic to coconut and would like to know what I could use in the 3 ingredients chocolate pudding? Or any other recipes that call for coconut milk?

  6. I look forward to trying this version of your chocolate pudding. I wanted to compare it to your 3 ingredient chocolate pudding recipe, but that link only brings up a picture without any text. Any chance that can be corrected? Thank you so much for your contribution to my health!

  7. I sooo miss my vitamix! If I ever get the vitamix repaired I will make all those recipes that require one! But in the meantime I want to answer your question about sweetener. I prefer the taste of xylitol, but my digestive system can’t take much of it.I really disliked the taste of stevia, until I came across a recipe that used pure extract by NuNaturals. I think it’s the only one that does not leave you with a chemical aftertaste.

  8. Hi Elena. I LOVE your site! I am
    100% paleo and now Keto and your recipes are my go to. I cannot wait to try this.
    Do you have s recipe for the cream on top of the pudding in the picture!?

    • Annie, yes! That is provided in lines 7 and 8 in the instructions portion of the recipe. So glad to hear my website is your go-to :-)

  9. I’m going to pour this into popsicle molds and freeze! My 5 yo has type 1 diabetes and I’m excited to try something new for him. I’m still researching sweeteners. So far I prefer swerve. I’ve read powdered stevia is highly processed and bleached. I’m open to trying stevia drops though. So far I’ve seen no reactions in my little guy from corn, so currently we do Swerve. Thanks for the recipe!

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