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Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

gluten-free peanut butter jelly cookies flourless recipe

Last night I had a hunkering for gluten free peanut butter cookies. I went over to Elise’s site, Simply Recipes, and found a yummy looking recipe for gluten-filled Peanut Butter Cookies. I experimented a bit, made a couple of changes to her recipe and came up with a nice gluten free cookie dough. I then decided that it might be fun to make a gluten free peanut butter and jelly cookie.

So here you have it, high protein, gluten free peanut butter and jelly cookies, the product of my insomnia and late night experimentation. When I pulled these out of the oven, I was thinking about breakfast the next morning. What else is there to think about than the next meal? And I thought to myself, these cookies are healthy enough for a quick, on the go bite, maybe even breakfast. They have a good amount of protein and fiber (from the almond flour and peanut butter) and still a bit more protein from the egg.

That all turned out to be in theory, though, because this morning I had a peanut butter protein shake.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies


  1. In a large bowl, cream peanut butter, shortening, palm sugar and egg with a hand blender
  2. Blend until smooth then stir in almond flour and salt
  3. Scoop dough 1 tablespoon at a time onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  4. Make a large thumbprint in the center of each cookie
  5. Scoop jam 1 teaspoon at a time into the center of each cookie
  6. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes
  7. Cool and serve with a big tall glass of dairy free almond milk

Makes 24 cookies

Yes, I am on a peanut butter kick, as you can see. If you do not want to use peanut butter, you could try experimenting with sunbutter or creamy roasted almond butter. In terms of finding a replacement for the egg in this recipe, I’m not sure what would work. If you have a good solution, please leave a comment below.

peanut butter jelly cookies gluten free flourless recipe

Generally, I use Fiori di Fruta jams, however, my boys have been on a sugar kick lately and so in this recipe I used Cascadian Farms jam which is organic and sweetened with sugar rather than juice.

More gluten free flourless cookie recipes from other food bloggers:
-Flourless Almond Butter Cookies from Alta of Tasty Eats At Home
-Flourless Oatmeal Cookies by Shirley of Gluten Free Easily
-Flourless Nut Butter Cookies by Kimi of The Nourishing Gourmet

posted on July 18, 2011, 80 comments

  1. Shirley @ gfe @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    Those look adorable and tasty, Elana. Admittedly, I’m not a jam lover, but I’m sure I can find a good substitute for that. Maybe a chocolate square. ;-) Thanks for the link love, dear!


  2. These look yummy! I’m no expert but I have substituted ground flax seed meal (3:1 ratio) for egg in my cookie recipes before and it seems to work well. Good luck!

  3. Ok- we are totally making these tomorrow :)



  4. Susan

    I’m so going to try this! I don’t have peanut butter but I do have almond butter.

  5. Becky

    Chia gel works well as an egg replacement. I use it for everything. 1 T chia seeds to 3 T warm water per egg, let stand 5-10 minutes until a gel forms. Use salba which are white chia seeds if you are worried about the appearance of the food.

    • Sylvia

      Becky, I just baked Elana’s chocolate cake from her Almond Flour Cookbook and substituted 1 Tablespoon ground chia seeds + 3 Tablespoons water for each of the 2 eggs. I also substituted rapadura sugar + hot water for the agave. It just didn’t come together – it had a crust at the top but the rest was all ‘wet’. Does it matter if the chia seeds are ground or do they have to be whole?

  6. I JUST got back on peanut butter, but slowly. I have all these ingredients, so I will definitely be giving it a shot. :)

  7. steph romig

    is there a substitution for the shortneing and coconut sugar? Can I use stevia..xylitol…chicory root? what about coconut oil instead of shortening? Jsut trying to be creative without running out for new stuff:)

    • I’m wondering this too. I don’t have that type of sugar, but could sub something else if it won’t mess up the end result. This sounds so yummy, my youngest son ADORES pb&j so this would be perfect for him :)

    • Michelle

      I too would love to use what I’ve got in the pantry :) Would it be appropriate to sub in agave and grapeseed oil for the sweetener and shortening?

      Thanks Elana!

    • Karen A.

      I have used Zsweet (erythritol w/ stevia) in several of Elana’s recipes with success. I would use equal amount to coconut sugar and I use double amount Zsweet if the recipe has agave. I would use butter or coconut oil in place of the shortening.

  8. Belinda

    So good! I just made these with my three boys for morning tea on the school holidays and lets just say there aren’t too many left!
    Love the recipes, please keep posting your beautiful salads for our mostly raw family – thank you!

  9. Jane

    oh my.. these look good!!!! I’ve made pb cookies with raisins before- sounds odd but really is nice. (or chocolate :-)
    Is coconut palm sugar.. coconut sugar, or is it palm sugar? I’ve not seen it named this way before- at first I got excited cos I want to try using coconut sugar and I have some.. hm.

  10. Julie

    I love this!!!
    Have you ever made a pineapple upside down cake??

  11. Lori

    It’s hankering, not hunkering….unless you like your peanut butter cookies with a side of hunk. I recommend Christian Kane.

  12. Stacey LoSacco

    Do you have a recipe for your peanut butter protein shake?

  13. Cassidy @ Cooking Gluten (& Dairy) Free @ cookingglutenfree.blogspot.com

    These look really good! I just put a link to this recipe on my new Facebook page :)

  14. Jennifer

    made these tonight with real butter and white sugar (one-to-one substitution) this evening and they are wonderful, thanks for the fun idea! Unfortunately, I only had Bob’s almond meal on hand so they are a little gritty.

    Still think the following recipe, which a friend gave me, might be the best peanut butter cookie recipe:

    1 cup natural peanut butter
    2 tbsp butter (omit if using Jiff or equivalent peanut butter)
    1 cup brown sugar or 1 cup white sugar plus 1 to 2 tsp molasses
    1 tsp salt (if not using salted peanut butter)
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 egg
    4 onces mini chocolate chips (optional)

    Preheat oven to 350F

    Beat egg, add sugar, salt, and soda. Add peanut butter and mix until dough is slightly dry. Add chocolate chips. Hand form dough into balls and flatten slightly. Place onto greased cookie sheet. Bake 9 -10 minutes, remove from oven and allow to cool on cookie sheet. Makes ~18-20

    • claudia

      The best peanut butter cookie recipe is one I found almost 40 years ago–it’s gluten free, but I can’t call it healthy. It’s called “You Wouldn’t Believe It” peanut butter cookie. 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 egg. That’s it! Flatten with fork. Don’t remember the baking time. Temp was likely 350 degrees.

    • Mimi

      with no flour of any kind, seems like youd get a “fudge” consistency rather than cookie. Doesn’t the PB, butter, sugar and egg all melt together?

  15. WOW!! These look positively delicious!!! I’m desperately looking forward to the day my body allows me to tolerate cookies!!! :) It’s banana ice cream with cinnamon for now!! (not a bad substitute for some cookies though, I must admit!)

  16. Jennifer L.

    I love the look of all these recipes, but I am thinking that the almond flour cookbooks should be renamed the almond flour-egg cookbooks since most things that can bed one with almond flour also need eggs to work well. Sigh! Substitutions work okay, but not great.

  17. I’ve been looking for a gluten-free peanut butter cookie recipe, Elana. So glad you made these! The jelly in the middle is an adorable touch.

  18. Shauna

    This recipe is sooo good and easy! My husband first reaction was wow these are so good they taste like candy!

    I subed in 1 tbsp flax meal with 3 tbsp hot water for the egg. They came out perfect. I had to cook them for about 3-4 minutes longer though.

    Thanks so much for this recipe Elana! You made my hubby’s day :)

  19. Shauna

    Forgot to add I sub’ed the PB for Organic Sunbutter too :)

  20. Karen

    OMG, these are amazing! Finishing them up as we speak – they’re disappearing almost as soon as they’re out of the oven. Thank you!

  21. Each email I get about a reply here makes me want these cookies more. And we’re in a major heat wave, if I turn the oven on, my husband will go nuts lol Just going to enjoy all your cookies for now I guess :)

  22. Victoria @ Gluten/Dairy Freedom @ glutendairyfreedom.net

    Too funny! I made thumb-print cookies with Jam for my blog last week too! Mine were macaroon based (http://www.glutendairyfreedom.net/2011/07/can-i-ask-favour-ill-make-cookies.html) And these look scrumptious! Who doesn’t love peanut-butter/jam nostalgia in a cookie form!

  23. Lauren S

    This looks delicious! I would also love to know your protein shake technique/ ingredients. I usually eat my breakfast on the go, and would love another breakfast option.

  24. made these today. they are fabulous and definitely a keeper. i subbed butter for the shortening and xylitol for the sweetener. and, yup, i’m thinking i’ll have a few for breakfast also. i’m thrilled to have found your blog. thanks!

  25. Christy

    Made these today and they were amazing! I substituted almond butter for the peanut butter since we don’t do peanuts, used real butter, and cherry jam since I didn’t have raspberry, but other than that I stuck to the recipe. They are seriously so good! My husband wanted to eat them all, and my kids kept asking for more. This recipe is definitely a keeper. People won’t believe they are flourless! Perfect!

  26. miri leigh @ mirileigh.com

    These look wonderful…I will make these soon for sure!

  27. Robin

    These are great! Just made them and the family is snacking. It’s an easy recipe and turned out perfectly. 2 out of 3 of my kids don’t like jams/jellies so I sprinkled about 6 Enjoy Life chocolate mini chips in each of the thumbprints. Yum! Thank you for the recipe.

  28. These look amazing, I’m definitely making them soon! I just have to finish the cookies I made yesterday – I’m on a peanut butter cookie kick. :-)

  29. Thanks for linking my almond butter cookies. These PB&J cookies look amazing. I’ve been on a peanut butter kick lately (went through 4 jars in the last month and a half – no, I didn’t eat it all – it was for baking and I brought the goodies to my coworkers) so these sound perfect.

  30. Joanna

    I made a modified version of these cookies today and they came out wonderfully! I was trying to up the protein to make them as a breakfast cookie for my little girl.

    1) subbed 1/4 cup melted virgin coconut oil for the shortening
    2) subbed 1/3 cup maple syrup for the palm sugar
    3) used flax gel instead of the egg
    4) used 1 cup of finely ground cashews and 1/4 cup + 4 Tbsps coconut flour for the almond flour

    I think they are amazing, but the true test will come when the critic gets home from preschool.

  31. Sandy

    I made these using Bob’s Red Mill finely ground almond meal/flour and Whey Low Type D for the sweetener. They came out really good. I have heard negative comments here about Bob’s Red Mill brand, but I use it all the time and everything I make comes out good. I also used Polyner Sugar Free jam in different flavors, Polyner all-fruit spread in cherry, and Smucker’s Simply Fruit blueberry. Any jam will work in this recipe. I’ve made it twice and will be making it often, perhaps trying some of the other suggestions, such as coconut oil or Earth Balance spread and other sweeteners. Thanks, Elana.

  32. bob

    These look great. I was looking at Joy’s version of these a few days before you posted yours (were you also perousing her recipe?). They are now on my list of things to do. Yum!

  33. Jeana

    I made these today and used the almond butter instead of the PB. They turned out great!!

  34. Tabby Plush @ tabbyplush.com

    This is what I’m thinking to bake as a bite snack for my sister’s debut party. I hope that she will like this but I think I will make the shape heart for the jelly toppings.

  35. Dave Bel

    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m always in need of a great dessert/cookie recipe for my family and myself. This one sounds great…I’m looking forward to trying it.

  36. SaraJean

    I recently gave up wheat and sugar and have been having a difficult time finding sweets made without either ingredient. I came upon this website and tried out my first batch of these cookies, yummy. I actually substituted almond butter for the peanut butter and honey in place of the sugar. Because the batter was loose I added a 1/4 cup more almond flour and apricot preserves instead of raspberry. They were delicious! I am looking forward to making the carrot cake and pancakes next. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes.

  37. Mary

    These are too good! I had to sub coconut oil for the shortening and they still came out wonderful! Not too sweet, just right. Thanks for another amazing recipe!

  38. We made your cookies yesterday. We had a couple substitutions–white sugar and plain ol’ salt, but they turned out pretty good. They are so soft they are crumbly. I’m not sure if I need another egg or just bake them longer. They are delicious!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  39. Jen

    I substituted the palm sugar for 1/3 c agave nectar and they turned out great! Perfect afternoon snack. :)

    • Karen

      Thank you for sharing! I was curious as to whether substituting a liquid sweetener for a dry one would alter the consistency too much. I will try this recipe with the maple syrup I have on hand. Thanks to Elana for this recipe!

  40. Wenderly @ ww

    I am reading this as I sip my first cup of pipping hot coffee. If I only had a handful of these little gems to go along with it. *le sigh* Can’t wait to make them love! They look simply divine!!

  41. I just made these tonight for the first time using my new Kitchenaid (my husband bought it as a gift for our anniversary and it was begging to go for a spin!) and we cannot stop eating them! These are my new favorite treat on you blog! Thank you so much for all your great (and healthy) recipes!

  42. Jeanne J

    Just baking these now. Tried 3 different jams. Used coconut oil in lieu of recipe shortening and used organic cane sugar. Am cooking them for extra 5 mins.

  43. Isabel

    Elana, these look absolutely AMAZING, but those peanuts would be considered a cheat on an orthodox paleo diet (: they are a legume, which aren’t ‘allowed’, per se, on the paleo diet.

  44. Monica Cruz

    This is the easiest recipe ever for peanut butter cookies and so delicious. Neither me or my husband are allergic to absolutely nothing thank God (I’ve found myself thinking that being allergic to certain foods could actually be a blessing since basically the allergen foods are those that are not that good for our bodies anyway) but we went Primal a year ago since it just purely made sense to us. But it’s been very hard to leave the old habits, specially my sweet tooth! But these cookies certainly kill my cravings! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for sharing your brilliant mind with the rest of us…
    By the way, I used St. Dalfour Raspberry 100% fruit. It’s not organic but at least it has no sugar added and I love it’s consistency. It’s easy to find this one at regular grocery stores also.

  45. Sandy

    These are delicious! I used almond butter. It’s so refreshing to find that things can taste good without dairy/gluten/soy (as per my allergies), and without refined sugar (as per my naturopath’s request).

  46. Dianne

    I needed a gluten free, dairy free strict vegan dessert. So I made these, but substituted 1/2 a ripe smashed banana for the egg.. and they turned out very yummy

  47. Nancy

    I just made these and they are absolutely delicious! They were so good I had to comment, something I rarely do.
    I often turn to your recipes to continue to help me on my own path to health and wellness. Your recipes reflect my own beliefs and needs surrounding food. I especially appreciate the simple, pure food preparation! Many of your recipes of are now standard fare in my kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing!

  48. Jessica M.

    I made these and they’re really good! Thanks!

  49. Jessica G.

    I followed Elana’s recipe with her ingredients EXCEPT:

    -I replaced the peanut butter with Sunbutter (Trader Jo’s brand)

    -I filled ½ the cookies with jam as she did and the other ½ with melted chocolate (70% chocolate bar from Aldis. Yes, the Moser-Roth brand from Aldis! This bar is so much better than Lindt’s, Ghiradelli’s or Godiva’s bars that are all around 70% bars and it is only $1.89 at my Aldis….it is dairy-free, but does have soy lethicin). I added a little virgin coconut oil to the melted chocolate so that the chocolate would be a little softer in the cooled cookies.

    -I mixed them up in the food processor.

    They were delicious! Reminds me of the peanut butter cookies of childhood. Anyone would find these delicious….not just the gluten-free crowd.

  50. Maddy

    You can use 1 banana per egg as a replacement. I use it in my cake mixtures as I don’t like the taste of egg in certain cakes and bikkies.

  51. Gwen

    I make these with almond butter and they work perfect every time.

  52. Kirsten

    Looks yummy…. I am thinking of making these w/ the date sugar I bought to use (for the first time) on a batch of ginger bread men… well I never got around to making them.. seems like date sugar might be a good substitute, since I haven’t ever seen coconut sugar before

  53. Elisabeth

    Very tasty! Subbed coconut oil for the shortening. Needed quite a bit of additional cooking time – went for 15-16 min total.

  54. Aleta

    I actually discovered a Peanut Butter & Jelly cookie recipe that uses no flour at all when I was first experimenting with gluten-free baking. It has a very short list of ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, eggs, baking soda, and jelly. The recipe is here: http://joythebaker.com/2010/06/flourless-peanut-butter-and-jelly-cookies/

    I love the simplicity of it but I’m looking forward to trying yours to compare.

  55. josha

    I haven’t tried it in this recipe, but flax meal often works to replace eggs as does kefir.

  56. bev young

    I rolled out the peanut butter batter thinly
    used a glass to imprint circles
    baked for 9 min approx.
    I then spread jam between two cookies
    total – 10 sandwich cookies

  57. Shirley @ gfe & All Gluten-Free Desserts @ allglutenfreedesserts.com

    I was so happy to be reminded of this recipe, Elana, so I could share it over at All Gluten-Free Desserts … All the Time for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! Thank you! :-)


  58. Could I replace the coconut sugar for maybe something like.. honey.. or coconut flour?

    • GVR


      Coconut flour will not work as it’s not a sweetener. Not sure about using a liquid sweetener – might make batter too thin. You might be able to use brown sugar or turbinado sugar though I’ve not tried either. Also, I find coconut sugar to be less sweet in taste than regular refined white, brown and turbinado sugars and much prefer it.

      Best of success to you.

  59. Nicole

    I just made these and they were absolutely delicious! I used almond butter and strawberry jam… wow. They also had to bake for 12 minutes (fyi). I have just recently been shown your blog from a friend and have really enjoyed every recipe:) Thanks for doing what you do!

  60. GVR

    In case it’s helpful for others, I’d like to share my substitutions. Using what I had on hand, I made a double batch and was quite pleased with the results.

    – Subbed crunchy peanut butter for creamy
    – Subbed unsalted butter for vegan shortening
    – Subbed strawberry and cherry jams for raspberry

    I made these a bit larger in size – using a small ice cream style scoop for more uniform results, and made 32, 2.5″d cookies. With the larger size they required about 12 minutes of baking time. Lastly, I used a silicone baking mat in lieu of a parchment liner.

    Thank you, Elana, for all the great recipes!

  61. Sarah

    They have a powdered egg replacer at most health food stores such as the Granary or Whole Foods.

  62. tammy @ google

    I made these peanutbutter snd jelly cookies for a baby shower and everyone eat all of them. Thank you!!!!!

  63. made these today as a special treat – and they DISAPPEARED from the plate in minutes flat. THANKS for sharing!

  64. Amy

    What an easy and lovely cookie! I used coconut oil instead of shortening and evaporated cane sugar instead of coconut sugar. It’s what I had on hand. I’ll keep these in the cookie rotation!

  65. Made this cookie justy last night. Delicious! I used very little jam, but that is personal preference. Really Yummy :). Nom Nom – Thanks Elana!

  66. Marta

    Hi Elana, you are amazing and great inspiration!:) I made this cookies just i the morning and they are great! I used homemade strawberry-pineapple-banana jam. Thank you!

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