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Egg-Free Paleo Macaroons

paleo macaroon dessert recipe
Egg-Free Paleo Macaroons made with shredded coconut, coconut flour, coconut oil and a touch of honey melt in your mouth.

Macaroons are one of my favorite naturally gluten-free treats. These gluten-free, egg-free macaroons are made with healthy, high-fiber coconut and lightly sweetened with honey.

Usually, macaroons contain eggs, and whenever I post a macaroon recipe I get numerous comments from readers asking for an egg-free version. Well, here you go –egg-free macaroons.

Egg-Free Paleo Macaroonsprint

  1. In a food processor, combine shredded coconut and coconut flour
  2. Pulse in salt, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla
  3. Dough will form a ball
  4. Scoop batter 1 level tablespoon at a time onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Bake at 350° for 7 minutes
  6. Cool for 3 hours, then serve

Makes 12 macaroons

Editor’s Note: This recipe will not work with freshly grated coconut in place of dried shredded coconut.

My younger son loves macaroons, and asks me to make them for him often. He is not a choco-holic the way my husband and older son are, so his go-to desserts are macaroons and strawberry ice cream. He is also a huge fan of lemon bars, so much so that I created a lemon bar recipe for him in my first cookbook, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, and a lime bar recipe for him in my third book, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry.

This is an egg-free recipe for those of my readers that follow a gluten-free, egg-free diet, which I can tell you from limited experience is not an easy thing to do. I didn’t think an egg-free macaroon was possible until I saw this recipe on Danielle’s website Against All Grain -my recipe is inspired by that one.

Here are some macaroon recipes from other bloggers:

posted on June 11, 2013, 49 comments

  1. Lynnette

    I’m making these tonight for my son and I ! Bless you Elana !

  2. Hope

    Thank you for the recipe. I am looking forward to your Paleo cookbook! I was curious if your cookbook will be heavy in pork recipes? I have noticed this in a lot of the Paleo cookbooks. I don’t eat pork so I was just curious. Thanks again, Elana!

  3. Love the fact these are egg free – can’t wait to try them.

  4. Rebekah @ Half Indian Cook @ halfindiancook.com

    I also make an egg-free macaroon modeled after the Coco-roons brand of raw macaroons. I call mine “Faux-co-roons”! Your egg-free version looks great–I’ll be trying it soon.


  5. Maria

    I made these tonite using the leftover pulp from making coconut milk instead of the shredded coconut. The pulp was still moist so it took quite a while to bake them, but they were like eating velvet! I felt great that there was no waste and no need to dehydrate the pulp. They would be delicious with a little melted chocolate drizzled across the top. Yum!


  6. Dawn Riccardi Morris @ transformedbyfood.com/blog

    It’s amazing what you can do with coconut and honey!

    You’re right, it is not easy living the Paleo lifestyle without eggs. I end up eating dinner leftovers for breakfast much of the time. So, thank you so much for tweaking this one to exclude them.

    Have a happy, healthy day!

  7. Shirley @ gfe & All Gluten-Free Desserts @ allglutenfreedesserts.com

    These look fantastic, Elana! Egg-free macaroons are a fabulous achievement, but not at all surprising for you. ;-)

    Thanks for the link love, dear! xo,

  8. Ashlie

    This is crazy – you must have read my mind! Last night as I was lying in bed just back from vacation – where a macaroon is usually my go-to treat, though I end up with a belly ache from the egg and sugar so I forced myself not to indulge this time – I thought, how can I make them without eggs? I had settled on making the mounds/almond joy bars instead, but this is perfect, just gotta get some coconut flour!

  9. Michaela

    I made these last night. They were delicious. I added chocolate chips to half the batch. My husband couldn’t stop eating them!

  10. Anna

    Oh wow, these are yummy! I’m not a huge macaroon fan, and never used to like coconut much, but have got more used to it since I started low carbing 18 months ago, and these are just delicious! Will try less honey next time, as they are a bit sweet for me, perhaps upping the oil a bit so they’ll still stick together.

  11. DamselflyDiary

    I struggled with these, I think, because of the coconut I used. Like another poster, I used fresh coconut. Mine was actually frozen, finely shredded coconut I got from an Asian store. It was WAY too moist for this recipe. The cookies didn’t cook, wouldn’t hold together and are nothing like those pictured.

    If I make them again with fresh coconut, I may try using sugar instead of agave or honey so I am not adding more moisture.

    My “cookies” are likely going to be used as a yogurt or oatmeal topping (no, I am not paleo). Doesn’t matter, they still taste good.

  12. Helen

    Also had major issues with falling apart. Will put an egg in next time

  13. These would be so good with a cup of coffee!

  14. The macaroons look delicious! This recipe is definitely on my “make this weekend” list!

  15. Meghanne

    Do you think these would also work as a pie crust?

  16. Its my first time to hear about Egg-Free Paleo Macaroons. I will try it in my home.

  17. Amy

    These fell apart on me too. I struggled trying to form half the batter into macaroons until I decided to add way more coconut flour to absorb moisture. I also had to turn the oven down to 300F and cook them longer to basically dry them out rather than bake them. They taste great but were very fussy…

  18. Rebecca

    Thank you for this recipe! It’s so hard to find dessert recipes that are both egg and nut free. This will be a keeper!

  19. Stephanie

    These fell apart even after letting them fully cool. Any tips?

  20. Lisa

    I was very excited to try these and though they tasted delicious mine also fell apart (and next time I may try using less honey and more coconut oil to make them less sweet). I checked the links to the ingredients and saw I used the same shredded coconut you use, can’t figure out where I went wrong. But this is definitely a recipe I want to tweak, maybe I’ll try again with more coconut flour.
    Thanks for posting! And if you have more tips let us know!

  21. Hi there, Carole’s Chatter is collecting Snacks & Treats today. This is a good one one. I do hope you pop over and link in. This is the link . Cheers

  22. Nikki G

    Followed recipe with correct ingredients & they fell apart even after cooling. Just thought I would leave the feedback because every time I try your recipes they are flawless :D

  23. Roree

    This is the first time I have seen an egg-free macaroon recipe, so very much appreciate you sharing it. It is a GREAT recipe! They came out perfect/delicious! (I used the agave nectar/vegan option listed). I will make them again for sure. Thank you again Elana!

  24. Jess

    Thank you so much for this recipe, I recently started a paleo diet and I really like it so far except for the fact that I crave sweets a lot and sometimes the fruits just don’t cut it so I’ve been looking at ways to stick to the diet but still have little treats and these macaroons are perfect. I can’t wait to try them.

  25. Joan Cortez

    Hi Elana,

    I read a very disturbing article about palm oil today. I already know coconut oil is really good for you, but not this. What can we substitute in its place?

    • Sharon B.

      Joan Cortez, was the article about the health qualities of the palm oil itself, or was it about deforestation or habitat destruction? If about the environmental issues, have you tried Nutiva’s products? https://store.nutiva.com/red-palm-oil/ .

      I haven’t tried it, so I can’t vouch for the taste or how well it works, but I like the company. (No relation or connection to them.)

      • Palm Oil is killing orangutans. They kill & some have been beaten from wandering into villages after being forced from their forests & starving. Some have babies on their backs :( They live off Palm fruit that we are taking for oil. The only known sustainable Palm oil to use is RED PALM OIL. Whole Foods Market & other health stores now sell it. Tropical Traditions is another sustainable & VERY Good tasting coconut oil They have unrefined/virgin oil and refined for those that want the benefit, but not the coconut taste with ALL recipes. http://www.saynotopalmoil.com/

  26. Amanda

    Sooo delicious! Hi Elena, my family and I thank you so very much for such an amazing, and simple macaroon recipe! Just made them.
    Wow, ridiculously good. Thank you for sharing


  27. Marcia

    These are great! Very tasty and satisfying! Note: Dough was crumbly, almost like a from-scratch pie crust dough; however, it compresses well into a tablespoon for transfer to a cookie sheet. These were fragile when hot, so I let them cool completely on my cookie sheet and then was able to handle them.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  28. Ann

    Thanks so much for sharing such healthy delicious recipes. I’ve tried so many of your recipes and always had great success. QUESTION: Do you know of a macarON (almond flour, egg cookie) recipe using mostly stevia? I love macarONs also, and it’s the only recipe (actually I have trouble w/ all meringue cookies) that I’ve never been able to master because my shell always comes out soggy, though delicious. I have to substitute the sugar amount w/ Stevia in the Raw (equal amount of stevia for sugar form of Stevia) and cutting the bitter taste w/ a little bit of Xylitol & palm sugar b/c I have pre-diabetes and can’t tolerate high glycemic sweeteners, even palm sugar is too much for me and Xylitol causes all sorts of gastric problems for me if consumed too much. I can’t seem to find any macaron recipe using Stevia (the vegan ones aren’t at all like the French macarons that are so light and airy). If Elena or anyone knows of a low glycemic sugar free macaron recipe, I would love to hear it. Thanks so much.

  29. Tammy

    I made these tonight and they are really yummy – I baked them for about 12-15min and then cool 20min. (no 3hr waiting hehe) and they were great – thanks for the recipe.

    • Singerella

      I just made these. My first time tring Paleo-style baking. I’m about to IMMEDIATELY make at least one more batch. Maybe two. Three? Making them to take to a sleepover. The kids don’t want to wait. They want them all now.

      So – success!!

  30. Mindy

    I just made the macaroons but it all melted, what did I do wrong?

  31. Yvette

    “7 minutes?”, I said. And whipped them up in the Thermomix

  32. Rachel

    I tried this recipe and it tastes amazing. However, it falls apart for me. What did I do wrong? Was I supposed to let it mix in the mixer longer? The dough never formed a ball for me.. just crumbly but then it was ok when pressed into the tablespoon for going into the baking sheet. But it was still crumbling when I pick them up once they’re done. Any tips??

  33. Ashley

    making these right now!!!!! yummmmm :)

  34. I went ahead and just looked at the recipe and put them in the oven. Then I went back and looked at the comments. I got a little worried that they would crumble too. So I left mine in for about 10 minutes and the bottom was a nice toasted coconut crust. I was very happy that they held together nicely. I was able to transfer them off the baking pan after about 5 minutes and let them cool off on a ceramic plate. None of them crumbled. I don’t know if it’s what made the difference but I did use just a little more coconut oil and I used the Bullet (instead of food processor) to blend the ingredients. It did form a nice doughy ball like the instructions and there was quite a bit of oil left around it. I honestly was not sure I was going to like these, as I’m a big fan of traditional coconut macaroons, but I LOVED THESE! They were delicious and I will definitely be making them again. Btw, I only waited about 20 minutes before eating them. Thank you so much for this simple and healthy recipe!

  35. Kate

    Thank you so very much for all your research and the recipes God has blessed you with. God has used you to richly bless my daughter who needed this help very much.

  36. Essi

    I do love and going to try to cook it thank Debbie

  37. These sound great! I’m looking forward to trying this!

  38. YUM, I want to try these!! I too have been looking for an egg free recipe. I cannot have eggs. ~~Thanks for recipe.

  39. John 3.16

    I just made these tonight. I doubled the recipe. I don’t have a food processor and mixed it in my Vitamix. Subsequently, my double batch didn’t yield 24 macaroons, it was more like 18 or so. I cooked mine on the bottom rack for 7 mins and the top rack for 3 mins, but they weren’t as crispy as I would have preferred. However, they held together just fine. Well, they are officially cooling, but I was tempted to eat one. Okay, three. And they were yummy, albeit too sweet for my taste. For my next double batch, I will only use 1/4 cup of honey and figure out what else I can use to hold them together. If any one has any suggestions regarding what I can use instead of honey to hold them together, then please share. Thanks in advance and thanks for the awesome recipe!

  40. staci

    Finally got a food processor out, but not really any better. Then I thought perhaps I wasn’t supposed to MELT the coconut oil, they held together better when I was scooping, but in baking the oil all melted out in puddles around the cookies. I don’t know if maybe I should run the coconut through my high-speed blender to break it down? or change proportions between coconut and flour? or just deal with the super-light and fragile “batter” when I melt the coconut oil?

  41. Athiem

    Here is a tip so they DONT FALL APART. Just pack them tight in your palm, and bake them a little longer. Watch them till they are lightly golden. I also finish them off with cinnamon and a touch of salt. Yummmm!!!!

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