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Chocolate Cupcakes

gluten free chocolate cupcakes recipe

The New York Times blog, Bitten, just did a feature on chocolate cupcakes, which made me realize that a recipe for gluten free chocolate cupcakes is conspicuously lacking from this site.  Well, I am happy to say that is no longer the case.

In my quest for the perfect gluten free chocolate cupcake, I made these 5 times. Today. Luckily, my boys and their glutenoid friends happily scarfed the “failures.” Here, I share with you my success.

Chocolate Cupcakes


  1. In a medium bowl, combine coconut flour, cacao powder, salt and baking soda
  2. In a large bowl, blend together eggs, oil and honey
  3. Blend dry ingredients into wet thoroughly
  4. Line a cupcake tin with paper liners and scoop a scant ¼ cup into each
  5. Bake at 375° for 20-22 minutes
  6. Cool and cover with Vegan “Buttercream” Chocolate Frosting
  7. Serve

Makes 10 cupcakes

I hope you like these cupcakes as much as my family and I do.  If you are looking for gluten-free sprinkles (which the boys eat, I do not), then check out this source.

posted on June 12, 2009, 122 comments

  1. Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet @ thenourishinggourmet.com

    Drooling! That looks delicious!

  2. I just had some of these sprinkles on my ice cream tonight! They are tasty, but they don’t look as tasty as your new cupcakes! Yummy!! I love that they are made with coconut flour

  3. Holly

    Can I tell you how much I wish my kids could eat eggs? I love coconut flour but haven’t had luck with it w/o eggs! Those look great.

  4. Diane-Thewholegang @ thewholegang.org

    This looks really good. I could see myself eating a whole pan. Better make them when company comes over. Love the short ingredient list again. Thank you!

  5. jyoti

    Oh my goodness, I have all the ingredients in the house! I’m afraid that I will eat them all in one sitting though…

  6. gfe-gluten free easily @ glutenfreeeasily.com

    I can’t believe any recipe was missing from your site, Elana, ;-0 but these look so appealing. Who can resist chocolate cupcakes? and ones so healthy?


  7. Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen @ meghantelpnerblog.com

    I just teased a friend of mine who tried to bake bread with coconut flour, saying that it would never work. I think this cupcake proves me wrong. Chocolate seems in the air today- had cookies on my site.

  8. jyoti

    Ok.. just got my batch out of the oven and cooled off enough to eat. I am so happy with them! I’m not going to make frosting this time (too much sweet stuff for me) so I will just think of them as chocolate muffins, and am going to eat some with almond butter. mm mm good!
    Perfect timing since I was living vicariously through my friend and the cupcakes I bought her as a gift from a cupcake bakery a couple of days ago.

  9. Callum

    Bless you for all of your lovely recipes. I do hope that someday you will read Gary Taubes book (the section on Agave where research suppoprts agave is very damaging to the liver and is similar to high fructose corn syrup). An inconvenient truth, but the truth nonetheless. I write this with good intentions, as many people follow your recipes.
    Best wishes.

  10. Kitty

    But for some of us agave is really the only sweetener that can be used.
    In my household we are gluten, casein, soy, corn free as well as having severe intolerances to roughly 15 other food items. Starches are also quite poorly tolerated. Add to this that cane sugar and related sweeteners cause severe digestive distress in my 7 year old, honey is bad for my eleven year old and most other sweeteners someone in our family has some issues with. Agave and Stevia are the only sweeteners we all can tolerate.
    I even use agave when baking for my nephew who has diabetes and has to check his blood sugar 4 times a day and it causes no spikes in his blood sugar like all other non chemical sweeteners do (should it not if it were similar to HFCS)
    The research I have read about agave does not convince me as scientifically it can most often easily be disputed, also there are different types of agave which are processed in different ways. As with all sweeteners of course it should be used sparingly.
    One must really learn to listen to ones own body to learn what is right for oneself.

  11. Kitty

    I LOVE your coconut flour recipes, I can make coconut flour from dessicated coconut but have had little luck making almond flour that is fine enough. Neither are available here in Iceland and with a currently very weak currency ordering from abroad is ridiclously expensive.
    Thank you so much!

  12. Alchemille @ alchemille.etsy.com

    Have you considered coconut (palm) sugar? It has the lowest GI of all natural sweetener (and is the most sustainable).

    I too am concerned about liver damages esp. since I have hypoglycemia and recently learned that sugar/sweeteners are not good for me! I’m pretty much sugar free now but I keep a minimal amount for baked goods (I usually use half the amount of sweetener). Honey and maple syrup are good substitutes to agave syrup.

  13. Damn, I just used up the last of my coconut flour!!!! And even from the Asian supermarket, it’s expensive. Oh well, probably better for my waistline, these look super yummy!

  14. Kitty

    Alchemille, yes I have tried it but it makes my migraines worse (as do almost all sweeteners), agave in excess does as well but to a lesser extent. Because of our extreme sensitivities we stick to agave and stevia and try to stick to one treat a week that uses sweeteners other than pure fruit juice or fruits.

  15. George

    Elana, my wife was convinced that eating healthy had to taste bad until I showed her all the recipes on your site. We are going to make the cupcakes next, and I am already sure they are going to be a hit! Love following you on Twitter as well!

    George (Twitter – PrimalMan).

  16. OMG! I would LOVE to sink my teeth into a chocolate cupcake right now. Bummer though, I’m not doing eggs or chocolate right now because I am on an elimination diet. You better believe I will try these ASAP:)

  17. Rosy

    I tried these with maple syrup as the sweetner! Super yummy! Thank you for the cupcake recipe I would have been in the dark trying to come up with these on my own.

  18. Ottawagal

    Dear Elana,

    I really enjoy reading your site, there is so much helpful information on it.

    In the recipe you call for dark chocolate but in the method you refer to cocoa powder. Could you please clarify for me whether it is chunks of dark chocolate or cocoa powder.

    Thank you very much again for your lovely site, it is a “must read” for me.

  19. Hi Elana :)
    Thank you so much for this delicious looking recipe! I am going to make these with a white frosting for my sweet little baby boy’s very happy first birthday coming up in July :) Both sides of our entire family will be here to celebrate – and I don’t think I’ll share the “gluten-freeness” of it all, and see their reaction first.
    I am 2 years, and counting, gluten free, and we plan on introducing gluten to our son when he is a little older and can tell us if he too has digestion issues/ reactions.
    Thank you for all of your information and recipe inspiration – it is invaluable!!!

    xo *SherryQ*

  20. Beth

    Too bad I didn’t see this post before I made Rice Pudding for tonight.
    Will have to try the cupcakes soon. They sound amazing!

  21. Cakespy @ cakespy.com

    These look fantastic. I’m intrigued by the idea of using coconut flour, I’ll bet that makes the texture fantastic!

  22. Where do you find coconut flour? I have looked at my health food stores around here and can’t find it. Please let me know. I appreciate all the great recipes!

  23. Elana, the cupcakes look amazing! You are such a rockstar with that coconut flour. That frosting looks perfect, too. I look forward to all of your coconut flour creations!

  24. “I even use agave when baking for my nephew who has diabetes and has to check his blood sugar 4 times a day and it causes no spikes in his blood sugar like all other non chemical sweeteners do (should it not if it were similar to HFCS)”

    Agave and fructose in general does not spike blood sugar because it goes through your liver damaging it at the same time, glucose is processed by other cells as well and thus it spikes your blood sugar, but fructose is processed just by the liver. This is just basic biochemistry, not something people should be guessing about if it’s true or not.

    So, the reason why it doesn’t spike blood sugar is the same reason why it is damaging to the liver.

    Many diabetics used to use fructose as their main sweetener when I was a child (my grandmother had diabetes) and they ended up with damaged livers.

    Almost all sweeteners have damaging effects on the body, but I think from what I have read, that fructose might be the worst sweetener for the body. Of course some people don’t have a choice since they can’t tolerate other sweeteners.

    These cupcakes are something I am going to try as soon as possible, I have loved the other coconut flour cupcake recipe on this site.

  25. Made the cupcakes this afternoon! They are delicious! I doubled the recipe and was able to stretch the batter to make 24 – they came just to the top of the cupcake liner. I forgot to time them though and guessed on when to take them out using the toothpick test. After they had cooled a bit some of them had caved a bit in the middle. So, I will be more careful to time them next time…they still taste delicious.

  26. This looks amazing. I’ve never worked with coconut flour before, and I’m excited to try this out!

  27. I will have to get some coconut flour and try these. Can definitely relate to making the same thing over and over again until it’s perfect. :) I am sugar & gluten free – agave is the primary sweetner I use. I’ve also used dates and frozen, pure juice concentrates. Yes, chocolate is in the air – I made chocolate ice cream today.

  28. Stacie K

    I admit I don’t always love treats baked with coconut flour. I love the idea of coconut flour, but sometimes not the actual product. However, these were so tasty with a chewy, sweet edge around the cupcake. Of course I piled on Elana’s most delicious chocolate “buttercream” frosting, which is out of this gluten-free world. Next time, I might add a drop of all-fruit raspberry jam in the center of each cupcake for a flavor twist. Thanks for always speaking to my chocolate addiction Elana!

  29. If anyone here is from northern Virginia, but would maybe prefer it if someone else did the baking, check out Cupcakes Actually in Fairfax Corner. They have a phenomenal gluten-free chocolate cupcake.

  30. Hi Elana,
    I wanted to let you know that I am having a give away on my blog tomorrow that you might be interested in. Hope you can stop by for a chance to win. Anyone else is also welcome:)

  31. Beth

    Finally made these wonderful delicious chocolate cupcakes. I forgot to print off the icing recipe, so ours were without icing.

    They were amazing! The perfect personal sized dessert for my hubby & I on our shared birthday (same day 4 years apart).

    Thanks for providing another winner!

  32. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate all of them.

    Here are a couple I’d like to highlight:

    1) Happy birthday to SherryQ’s baby boy and love that you are going to serve this without mentioning they are gluten free until after :-)

    2) To Karen and everyone else who is asking where to find unique ingredients that I use on this site –click directly on the ingredient and you will be taken to a place for purchase; or, go to the “purchase” section of my site on the right hand side and there are links for all of the unique ingredients I use here.

    3) As Marian mentions, these sink when they are not fully baked, be sure to bake for the entire time –I can vouch for this as it happened to me in some of my earlier test batches that had shorter baking times :-)

    4) Love Stacie K’s idea to put some raspberry jam in the middle of these, yum!

    Thanks Again,

  33. Holly

    I made these yesterday with Ener-G egg replacer. It didn’t rise as much as the one in the picture so I may fill the cups more next time and they seemed to need less baking time. However these tasted really good and my kids loved them. So did I! This is the first time I’ve gotten coconut flour to work w/o the eggs.

  34. Made these tonight! YUM! I followed the recipe, only subbing out the agave for honey because that’s what I had. I also used a mini muffin pan instead of cupcake liners. Made 24 perfect little chocolate muffins. I’ll be making these again!

    • Sheila

      I also used a cupcake in and while they looked great in 24 little mini cakes, they all stick to my pan! I’ve tried liners, olive oi, grapeseed oil, but sadly the only thing that seems to keep things from sticking is Pam. Any help on this anyone? I don’t want the chemicals from the Pam spray, so would like to avoid it if possible.. Thanks!

      • Chris at Lost Arts Kitchen @ lostartskitchen.blogspot.com

        I use Demarle bakeware–the same company that makes the Silpat. It’s wonderful stuff, made of silicon and glass, completely inert. Everything just pops right out, no greasing ever and baking times are even a little shorter.

        I made a double batch and only got 12 cupcakes. I might have slightly overfilled, but the cupcakes didn’t turn out especially big or anything. I made a second, single batch and that made 20 small mini-cupcakes, which seems about right, but I had expected to get 12 standard cupcakes and 16 or so minis from the double batch.

        They are delicious, nevertheless! I added vanilla, chocolate extract, and orange oil extract (my son like orange).

    • Thanks for letting us know these worked with honey – I was wondering, because I almost never have agave (I honestly don’t love the way it tastes!). I’m going to try these with the honey as a paleo alternative at my daughter’s birthday this weekend…

  35. Risa

    I made these tonight. They looked great when I took them out of the oven but after a few minutes cooling in the pan they shrunk in. I used Better than eggs instead of eggs in a shell and mixed it up in my kitchen aid mixer.

    I am not sure what happened to them!

    Would anyone be able to help me with what happened?

    Thank you

  36. Thank you so much for this recipe. I made these today after having a real craving for something sweet and chocolate but I needed it to be something that wasn’t going to be too high in carbs. These were perfect. I posted on my blog pictures of the finished product and the changes I made along with several backlinks to your site. Thanks for posting this.

  37. Lana

    I literally JUST made these and they are amazing. I don’t have enough time to make the frosting tonight so I baked vegan chocolate chips into them which makes the cupcakes even more incredible while warm.

    Thank you so much Elana! Gluten free living can be taxing but you make it so easy and delicious for us!!

  38. Sarah

    This cupcakes are absolutely delicious and so easy to make! Thank you for this recipe, Elana! GF cooking is very complicated but your recipes have helped ease me through the transition to GF cooking.

  39. I made these today, and they are moist, light, and delicious! I substituted pumpkin puree for half the volume of oil, and half the volume of agave. Worked wonderfully and easier on the calories. Thanks Elana – you’ve opened up a whole new world of gf baking for my family.

  40. Sharon


    your website is amazing!
    I would like to make the cupcakes but using coconut palm sugar instead of the agave nectar.
    how much coconut palm sugar should i use?

  41. Michelle

    I made these tonight and they were great. I’m taking the ones we haven’t eaten into work for morning tea tomorrow ;) The cupcakes were light and fluffy and the icing was brilliant – thanks!

  42. Aleta

    Made these last night (my birthday) and frosted them with strawberry coconut milk whipped cream; the texture of the whipped cream matched the light fluffy texture of the cupcakes really well.

  43. Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome recipe! I linked to your site b/c we are doing a paleo challenge and these are not considered a cheat.. SCORE! My daughter had 2 tonight and was begging for another! My husband LOVED them! Thanks for giving us healthy alternatives for all the junk! My next recipe to try.. the agave lime chicken!

  44. emily

    hi elana. i absolutely LOVE your site and book!! i follow the paleo diet and love the wealth of tasty recipes you offer.

    i’m curious if you have developed or come across a gluten free/almond or coconut flour recipe for red velvet cake (or cupcakes)? if so i would absolutely love to give it a try.

    thanks so much for all your information and wisdom.


  45. Boka

    My family and I made this with coconut oil and maple syrup instead of rapeseed and agave. Very good flavor. Don’t worry about eating them all in one sitting, they’re best fresh anyway.
    About egg substitution, I always have success with 1 Tablespoon flax seeds and 2-3 Tablespoons of water put into a bulby jelly jar on my oster blender. I blend them until they turn white and they work identically as eggs. I usually do four eggs worth – 1/4 cup of flax to 3/4 c water – at a time and store left overs in the fridge. I hope this helps you egg free folks!

  46. Lori

    Wow — I just made this with coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil (because I was out of grapeseed). Extremely moist and delicious! I like them even better than the original recipe. The downside: it only made 7-8 instead of 10.

  47. antoinette Nary

    These are the BEST! I have tried three gluten free recipes for chocolate cupcakes (other cookbooks BabyCakes and Vegan Cupcakes take over the world) These were so moist, flavorful and easy to prepare. I frosted with Peanut butter frosting from Elana’s cookbook.
    Thank you for a great sugarfree Glutenfree cupcake.

  48. Stephanie

    I made these last weekend with no frosting and they were gone by the next morning and there were only two of us eating them….then just me. great recipe and really easy and quick to make. thanks Elena

  49. Why are my cupcakes caving in the midde? I use eggs from my own chickens, which are very large. Could that have something to do with it? I noticed that I am able to fill the muffin cups more than half way and still can make an additional 2 or 3 cupcakes. Can you tell me the approximate weight for an egg used in your recipe? Oh, I also use dark syrup as a sweetner. The cupcakes taste great, but it could look better. Thanks. Jeanne

  50. Oh my, these are good. I used maple syrup instead of agave and a 1/2 tsp almond extract, which sort of made the coconut a little more subdued. My husband hates coconut, so I needed to mask it somehow. I also used refined coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil. Elana, do you have any suggestions on how to make the cakes a little moister? They are good, but a tad dry. Thoughts? Would butter make it moister?

  51. Marci

    I just made these for a Memorial Day BBQ. One friend of a friend (who knows I can’t eat gluten or dairy) asked if they were gluten free because she “doesn’t like gluten free baked goods.” (Which, by the way, is not a very nice thing to say!). So I lied and told her they were full of gluten and dairy. I can’t believe I lied; I never lie. But I was feeling a little angry about her comment. Anyway, she loved the cupcakes. Ha!!

    I am making the same recipe next week for my daughter’s birthday cupcakes for school, and my very sweet daughter said “Raine is gluten-free; even he will be able to have a cupcake! He never gets to have the birthday desserts!” (They keep some cookies at school for those occasions, but she – and I – love the idea that he can eat the same thing as the other kids).

    Thank you for a delicious recipe!!!

  52. Nicole

    The cupcakes were delicious, however they were curiously crunchy. Is that the intended texture or did we do something wrong?

  53. Andrienne

    I just finished making these cupcakes (I’m eating one as I type) and they turned out FANTASTIC!! I used coconut oil instead of grapeseed, Bob’s Red Mill Coconut flour and for my chocolate frosting I used 90% cacao (3/4 of a cup and 1/4 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips). I also put chocolate chips in the batter (I was in a chocolate mood today). I love your website.

  54. Viv

    I love these cupcakes but mine always sink in the middle :( & I don’t know why. Non-vegan baked goods don’t feel good in my tummy so I love finding recipes like this!

  55. Maria L

    I make these for school lunch boxes- no frosting, & instead of agave, 1/2 honey, 1/2 stevia.

    And for church- to “sub” for everyone else’s donuts!

    The kids love them- THANK you so much!

  56. We’ve been making these quite a few times lately… but have made several substitutions since we don’t use agave nector and haven’t found a local place to buy grapeseed oil.

    Yesterday, we made mini cupcakes and added some fruit sweetened Black Raspberry jam. So good!


  57. Liz

    Elana, these were great! I’m new to coconut flour, but chocolate seems to go very well with it. (I tried to make some cheese crackers with coconut flour the other day and wasn’t crazy about the coconut undertones.) I’m wondering what a little vanilla or almond extract would taste like with these? I might try a dab next time. These were great and didn’t make my blood sugar spike like most desserts (I didn’t make the frosting, although that sounds delish). Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  58. Hanna

    I was wondering if anyone has made a cake instead of cupcakes. It’s my little boy’s birthday next week and I wanted a gluten free cake recipe to bake in a car shaped pan. I just noticed that most of the recipes here are for cupcakes so I’m worried that a cake wouldn’t set properly?

  59. Kenna

    It’s amazing how “cake-like” these turn out! I sometimes add a little espresso for my coffee addicted taste tester ;) We also use plain almond butter as a healthier version of “icing.”

  60. Jessica

    These look fantastic! Do you think I could sub coconut oil for the grapeseed oil? And just curious, Elana…which do you like better – the almond flour or the the coconut flour cupcakes?

    • JG

      I made these minutes after the almond flour ones (which I tweaked with the help of another commentator, using almond flour and cocoa powder). This one I used 1/4 c. honey & 1 packet stevia/erythritol, and coconut oil, and cinnamon (there may be Oaxaca in me?). These rose better than the other (which were more dense with the tweaks but delicious). Both are crazy … crazy yummy.

  61. nicola @ gfreemom @ gfreemom.com

    OK. This is where I confess that I have never made a cupcake in my life. I made these for the school bake sale this morning. I didn’t have grapeseed oil, so I substituted coconut oil. the result was amazing! Am going to pre-order the book. Would love to review it, once it is released. Nicola.

  62. Natalie

    Elena: In your new cupcake cookbook you have this exact same recipe but with 4 eggs. Above you state 3 eggs. Which one should I follow??

  63. Natalie

    Ok so I just made these using the recipe in the cupcake cookbook (not above)and they are simply OUTSTANDING…..I did not ice them. I used 4 eggs as the book stated and made 9 muffins as the book stated. They are now my favourite cupcake so far!!! I baked them for only 18 mins (as the book suggested as a minimum) and used FRY cocoa powder (unsweetened). They are so moist you can actually ‘hear’ the moistness as you sink your teeth in them. WOW. Next time I will try to put a few chocolate chips in each one, to make them double chocolate cupcakes. Right now my whole house smells like chocolate. The smell is divine. I just ate 3. What a pig. ha ha

  64. Fred

    These cupcakes have the perfect texture and lightness! I somehow managed to slightly over cook them, but they still are amazing. Thanks for the recipe,

  65. Marlena Long

    Thank you, Elana, for this terrific recipe! The cupcakes were a big hit at a dinner party. I look forward to getting your cookbook.

  66. Amysue

    I made this recipe in a 6″ round cake pan, and it turned out great. I frosted it with Maple Almond Buttercream (equal parts maple syrup, butter, and almond butter).

  67. Deborah Peters @ deborahapeters.com

    These are amazing Elana! My Mother Inlaw made them for me this weekend :) Thank you!!

  68. Malkia

    Wow! So soft and delicious! I’ve recently discovered I can’t have wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar (cane) which made me think I had to resign myself to eating fruit for dessert-which is a glorious treat, but making and eating this cupcake today with my girls for Halloween changed my whole world. I was determined to enjoy Halloween and instead of overdosing on trick or treat candy in my girls’ closet at midnight, we went to the store and bought ingredients to this recipe, decorations (for them since they are all sugar) and I made a rice crispy treat with brown rice cereal. My first Halloween without sugar in all of my 30 years and I don’t miss snickers at all. I didn’t even need a frosting. Thanks for sharing!

  69. Kelli

    We made these tonight. They were fantastic. I wasn’t doing icing, so I put chocolate chips in the batter. Acceptable treats makes eating healthier so much easier. Thanks Elana!

  70. m

    great recipe! i found it a bit dry the first time round but for the next batch, i added 2 tablespoons of apple sauce and it was fantastic! also good with some choc chips added in. i’ve also tried it using xylitol (scant half cup) instead of agave and it works (i added a bit more oil and applesauce to help keep it moist).

  71. happygirlfriend

    I made these I used olive oil & only had half the agave I needed & these still came out so great . ty I want to try more of ur recips

  72. Trish

    OMG I made these last night!! Actually I just finished having one as my snack for lunch today. So fab and turned out exactly as expected. I used coconut oil in place of grapeseed because I was out. I gave one to my girlfriend at work and she said you know you are not suppose to eat gulten what is wrong with you lolololol. Thanks!!! I will be making these again and again and well you get the idea!!!

  73. Thank you for your patience! I dont think I would make the same thing 5 times in the same day.. :)

  74. I made these for a birthday party with a couple substitutions made out of necessity, and they were still delicious! I couldn’t find coconut flour anywhere (not even at Whole Foods, at least on that particular day), so I bought a bag of unsweetened, dried coconut that said “shredded finely for baking” on the front. I then gave it a whirl in my spice grinder for a more flour-like texture, and I think it worked well. I don’t particularly like the taste of agave nectar, so I used 1/2 cup honey instead, and that worked as well. The batter is extremely thin, so I beat it with a hand mixer for several minutes before pouring it into the cupcake pan. The cupcakes puffed up quite high in the oven, then deflated back to about level as they cooled. I topped them with the Vegan Chocolate Frosting from this site (which is rich and delicious) – the paleo and non-paleo guests at our party enjoyed these! Thanks, Elana!

  75. Zoe

    These cupcakes are to DIE for! They are so incredibly chocolaty with a wonderful soft texture.
    Thanks for the excellent recipe. It’s a keeper!


  76. Sherri P

    I made this today and was surprised that the total calories were so low! Wonderful! I didn’t have Coconut Flour, so I used Almond Flour instead. The taste was great, but I should have took them out at 20 mins. They were slightly burned on bottom. Also, they didn’t rise to the very top, but as I said the taste was great. I had pre-made frosting that was 100 cal. per cupcake. The cupcakes w/out frosting are a mere 33.6 cals each! Awesome!

  77. Manda Panda

    I just made these. Weren’t as good as I was expecting. The Agave flavor is way overpowering. They did however cook great with a single goose egg!

  78. Diamond

    I am glad to find cookies and cupcake recipes that looks sooooo good and that are made of these ingredients. I have not converted yet, not totally, I have to find the blanced almond flour. I found sugar free chocolate chips and I want to make the chocolate chip cookies and cup cakes that you gave the recipe to above. Ahhh. I am so tired of people complaining about natural food God gave us. Some people can not eat somethings and agave may be the only thing they have to sweeten their lives. I am not angry, but I wish people would talk about that man-made junk that is food product, so many are eating.

  79. Andrea Smith

    I have both of your cookbooks and recommend your site to everyone. :) I have recently acquired the cupcake book and have been making LOTS of them. :) My question is WHY does the vanilla cupcake recipe call for 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp of baking soda and the chocolate cupcake recipe call for 1/4 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda? Does it make a big difference?

  80. Kerry

    Elana, these are wonderful! I’ve made a lot of GF cakes and cupcakes over the years and these rank at the top! I don’t even feel that guilty eating them! My whole family loved them, they were simple to make, and came out moist and not crumbly! Thanks for sharing!

  81. Shellie

    These are delicious! We are not a gluten free house, but I wanted a treat to take to school for birthdays that would be easier on blood sugar levels. I used honey and doubled the recipe. By using a scant 1/4 cup I was able to stretch it to make 26 cupcakes. Right as the cupcakes were done, I sprinkled on a few chocolate chips and let them melt for 30 seconds in the oven. After removing the cupcakes to cool, I spread out the melted chips for an easy and instant icing. They were a hit!

    • Shellie

      Update to above post: it works a bit better to let the muffins cool a bit then sprinkle with chips and pop them into the oven for just a 1/2 a minute. They’ll hold up the heavy chips better.

  82. Pinkjellybaby

    Hi. If I wanted to use butter instead of the oil, could I? And how much? Or does the flour need the oil?

  83. Dhipanee Mayes

    Just made the recipe today, and they are amazing!! The cupcake was light and airy, the frosting took a little more finagling on my part. But overall, it turned out great.

  84. Vanessa

    Add me to the burned list too! I always follow a new recipe exactly and was disappointed they burned. BUT they were still moist and looked/tasted like “regular” cupcakes. Delicious!!

  85. Shara

    I barely got 6 cup cakes out of this recipe. How I the world would you get 10?

  86. Patricia

    Have you tried coconut sugar? It is a low glycemic sweetener and therefore does not raise your blood sugar like other sweeteners do. If you can use coconut flour, you may be able to use coconut sugar.

  87. Penny

    We love these! They are so soft and moist and chocolately. I sub coconut oil for the grapeseed (often using half applesauce and half oil) and either honey or date syrup (combine 1 c dates with 1 c water, leave overnight and blend) for the agave syrup.
    Thank you, Elana!

  88. These are amazing! I made them with 1/2 Sorghum flour instead and they are so moist and yummy. Highly recommend. Perfect for what I needed. Sugar free cupcakes for my one year old’s birthday.

  89. Jenny

    I had a question I would like to know would this recipe make one 9in cake? I am looking to make a double layer cake and would love to use this recipe it’s so yummy. Since I am new to gluten-free baking what would be the time difference as I know cupcakes bake quicker.

    Thank you!

  90. Lynn

    Omg these have to be the best chocolate cupcakes ever….you really cannot tell that they are clean! Only changed nectar with maple syrup. So yum!

  91. Tracy

    I just made these with raw organic coconut sugar and added 2 or 3 Tbs of almond milk for the wetness. They turned out perfect! If you don’t like agave just use something else. Be creative.

  92. Brooke

    Oh my goodness, Elana… THANK YOU! This chocolate cupcake recipe is SOOO yummy and easy to make! (I used maple syrup) I made them the other day for my miracle-baby-niece’s 1st birthday and they were a big hit. :) Tomorrow is her party so I made more for the party. Yummy yummy! Thank you for the delicious recipes you bless us with :)

    I also LOVE your chocolate chip one – taste like a nestle toll house. :)

  93. Jodi

    My son was going to a birthday party today so I made these this morning since he could not have the cake at the party. We all loved them. One of my children appeared to have walked off with my cupcake holders so I out in a bread pan and baked an extra few minutes, maybe 5? I was not timing it. I also used coconut oil as I did not have grape seed oil. I used a mixture of agave nectar and agave syrop as we did not have enough on hand. Thank you. I had a happy boy.

  94. Servantless Canadian Cook @ servantlesscanadiancook.wordpress.com

    My friend and I just made these and they are absolutely, mindblowingly good! Ours sunk in the middle a bit, and looked a little lopsided, but we just filled them up with the vegan icing and they were amazing. This is definitely a recipe I will make again!

  95. Jennifer

    all i can say is WOW! I just made these and they are fantastic. I substituted coconut oil for palm shortening and used 1/4 cup of maple syrup instead of 1/2 cup of honey. They are fabulous! Thank you!

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