Fudge Babies

These incredible Fudge Babies are the perfect raw, vegan, paleo dessert. With just 5 ingredients, they’re super easy to make. All you need to make Fudge Babies is walnuts, cacao powder, dates, vanilla, and salt. I love making this healthy no-bake dessert during the summer. It’s perfect for those hot days when we eat loads of raw food recipes and keep our oven turned off.

Although Fudge Babies are small they’re packed with wildly fudgey deliciousness, and are so good your junk food loving friends won’t ever guess they’re made with wholesome, healthy ingredients.

Fudge Babies

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  • Place dates, walnuts, cacao powder, vanilla, and salt in a food processor
  • Pulse on high speed until smooth
  • Roll mixture into balls
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
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This paleo vegan dessert recipe is based on one by Chocolate Covered Katie. I made some minor changes to the recipe to make it more compatible with the way I eat. First, I used less than one-half the amount of dates she uses in her recipe because I am focused on reducing the amount of sugar in my diet, whether natural or processed. I also increased the amount of salt because I find more salt brings out the flavor of sweetness in many recipes.

After I read about Katie’s famous Fudge Babies I knew I’d need to make my own. And I knew they were a success because when my husband walked in the door he ate one. Then another. And another. And so on. You get the idea. I had to cut him off from the Fudge Babies. I hope you all love this healthy dessert as much as we do!

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70 responses to “Fudge Babies”

  1. I make fudge babies into rum balls. Once they become a rough paste in the food processor, I add in two tablespoons of rum. Then I continue to process them until they’re a smooth paste. Then when I form them into balls, I roll them in unsweetened coconut flakes or cocoa powder cut with a little powdered sugar. YUM!

  2. Hello Elana – have only just discovered your site. It is such a credit to you. The notion that healing can be effected through sound nutrition comes through clearly.

    Sadly, many of us come to realise that food and healing go hand in glove, only when health issues strike. My mission of healing was sparked by my daughter’s autoimmune disease. Finding a way to restore health for her brought untold health benefits for our whole family.

    Thankyou so much for sharing your wealth of culinery experiences.

  3. luscious taste, I added a dash of cinnamon and heaping Tbsp each of golden flax seeds and sesame tahini. addictive!

  4. Love this recipe! I make the batch (sometimes 2x) and press it into a 9×9 pan and freeze it. The result is a brownie-like square that has great texture and flavor. I’ve also added about a 1/3 of a ripe banana to the mixer for a great twist.

  5. What a delicious kick of chocolate! I love these. I added just a tiny dollop of honey to mine because they were a little dry (perhaps because my walnuts came out of the freezer, or maybe I got a little heavy handed with the cocoa powder). I see why there are so many variations – yum yum yum!

  6. I showed the recipe for these at work and most people said ‘eewwww’ Then I made them and brought the babies to work. Everyone said ‘yummmmmmy’ I have a bag of them in my freezer and pull out a ball or three when I need a sweet.
    I have recently started to eat healthy. I am drinking green smoothies twice a day, no dairy, limited grains. I came across your website in my search for recipes-info-inspiration. Love it. And I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Only 100 more to go!!
    Thank you I think I will make my husband your carrot cake for his birthday.

  7. I love these! I’ve also made them with date sugar. They were really dry (as anticipated because I wasn’t following the recipe exactly) so I added a 3-inch piece of ripe banana as a binder and they were delicious and easy to form into balls.

  8. I just made these 5 minutes ago and there is only one word to describe them… AMAZING!! I’m in heaven! They’re the first “sweet” tasting thing I’ve had in almost 2 weeks after going gluten/wheat free, dairy free, and sugar free… and AHH I can’t get over how good these taste!

  9. Hi Elana,

    My son went GF 8 weeks ago and has seen amazing results. He is only 12 and about 4 weeks in he decided on his own to stick with it because he is feeling so much better. I have to give you a TON of the credit because of all the sites and recipes we have tried, yours are by far his favorite. He is a VERY picky eater and we work to stay as healthy as possible (low sugar, low processed food). We’ve made many recipes from this site (LOVE the power protein bars) and today we just made these fudge babies. I bought your book and liked it on FB in support of your fantastic efforts!!

  10. Just blogged about how good these are! I just found the recipe today, and JUST made the fudge babies – and I could honestly eat the whole batch. I added a spoonful of natural peanut butter, and it’s heavenly. *sigh*

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