vanilla fig bars

Vanilla Fig Bars

Easy Vanilla Fig Bars made with dried figs, shredded coconut and almonds –gluten free, Paleo, Primal, delicious.

I’ve been working on various power bar recipes lately as I need some easy to pack snacks for an upcoming adventure. My husband and I are planning on climbing a 14’er (that would be a 14,000 foot mountain) this summer and of course I want to make sure we have the proper nourishment. These bars will work well for the two of us given our constitutions.

Like all of my recipes, I tested this one many times before posting it here. During one of my test batches the mixture was so thick that the food processor could not spin it further. When this happened, I pulled the mixture out of the food processor and finished working it together with my hands before placing it in the pan. In the event that this happens to you, feel free to use this little trick.

Finally, if you are wanting to reproduce my exact results, use blanched slivered almonds. The key really is the blanched more than the slivered. Recently, I have been purchasing my blanched slivered almonds at the Whole Foods here in Boulder. You can use almonds that are not blanched and you will get more fiber, however, I found the flavor profile was not as good when I made them this way.

As always, feel free to try out any and all substitutions that come to mind so that you can customize these bars to your exact dietary needs. Unfortunately, I don’t know how things will turn out without testing your substitutions, so will not answer substitution questions. Besides, if I did, I’d spend my entire life chained to the computer, and I need to train for that 14’er, remember?

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Vanilla Fig Bars
  1. Place almonds in food processor and pulse to texture of gravel
  2. Pulse in coconut, salt and stevia
  3. Pulse in figs
  4. Press mixture into an 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  5. Refrigerate for one hour
  6. Cut into 16 squares
  7. Serve

I like these bars as they have relatively few ingredients and are a fairly nutritious snack made of whole foods. Figs are antioxidant rich and full of fiber. Almonds (one of my favorite foods of all time) are a nutrient dense super food also full of fiber and substances that promote cardiovascular health. Coconut again provides fiber and good fats as well.

Just in case you have any big hiking or travel plans for this summer and need some good gluten free on the go snacks, here are a couple of my other bar recipes:
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  1. Kiyo says

    These bars were delicious. Thanks for sharing a fantastic recipe. I’m always seeking for a ‘that’s it!’ combination of flavors. I adore how the nuts, fig, and vanilla word together. It’s superb.

  2. MRSB says

    Hi, my sister is pregnant and lovedddd these – I’m going away for a few days and she wants me to make some in advance for her – is it okay/possible to freeze these for a short while?

  3. Nora L says

    I did not use the Stevia and used 4 dates instead and a few drops of vanilla.I also used fresh figs. So yum

    • DonnaC says

      I’m not sure why you would use any sweetener as these are sweet enough without it. Also, I’ve used almonds and walnuts but walnuts are way better. I’ve used Turkish figs and mission figs both are very good.

  4. Ami says

    Just made these with walnuts instead of almonds and honey and vanilla extract instead of vanilla stevia. Don’t do this if you want them to be bars. They taste great but don’t hold together well.

  5. says

    These look delicious. And the fact that you used 3 of my favorite things to snack on almonds, coconut and figs means that I totally have to try these.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. says

    Can I make these without the STEVIA? I really kinda hate the stuff. And my kids refuse to eat anything with it if they can taste it. However, I believe they love everything else in here….
    Thanks – I love your recipes. This is my first comment. Cheers!!

    • Jennifer says

      Yes! I hate stevia too (horrible aftertaste), so I just left it out and added 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. The dried figs are sweet enough without the stevia.

  7. BEG65 says

    I understand that Elana won’t answer substitution questions; however I would think commenters could — have any of you tried substitutes for the stevia? Is vanilla creme stevia anything like vanilla extract? I won’t use sugar substitutes, myself, but this looks like a good recipe to tinker with.

    If no one has, I’ll see if I can make these with the extract & report back.

    • Janet says

      I just used 2 packets of stevia and some vanilla. The figs are already sweet enough for me, so I don’t require much and may leave the extra sweetener out altogether next time. I drain the liquid. I have made this twice and I don’t see where you can go wrong doing any kind of sweetener and add some extra goodies too, like mini choc chips, etc. All you are doing is chopping it all up and mixing it. How hard is that?

  8. Candy sultan says

    Sounds interesting think I will try then with ground almonds just wondering what is almond flour? Is it just ground almonds ?

  9. says

    This recipe sounds delicious! Great idea for power bars- definitely a necessity here in Colorado :) It’s very cool that you’re in Boulder- I live nearby!

  10. Sherry says

    Good luck on your climb! My husband has climbed 10 14ers and my 12yo son has done 3 of them. Remember good shoes and a LOT of water are essential :) Thanks for this recipe. These bars sound good!

  11. gwen says

    Does anyone know if you put the 1/2 cup of water in the food processor, or is it just used to plump up the figs?

    • acm says

      I have the same question — seems it would work either way, but the water has a lot of stuff extracted into it by the end, so it might add flavor. Just not sure if it will make them hold together better or worse..

  12. says

    This is awesome! I’ve been doing dates, pecans and cacao powder bars and love making raw bars in the food processor. What a great idea. You’re such an inspiration.

  13. says

    Wonderful recipe! So simple to make, and so filling and healthy. And tasty :-). This is a must-try!

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    I hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board :-)

  14. joanna perrin says

    I’ve just recently gone gluten free and my stomach is definitely thanking me for it. I found your website and have tried some of the recipes including this fig bar. Thanks so much they’re yummy. I was wondering though why you don’t have any recipes with Quinoa.Is that not something that works well if you’re gluten free? Thanks again.

  15. Susana says

    I live in Australia…I could get the Stevia powder but not Stevia drops vanilla or anything similar… You guys are so lucky having everything u need at hand! Can anyone tell me the equivalent to: one drop= how many tsp in powder?
    Thank you.

  16. AudreyV says

    Thank you Elena! I just made these and they are super easy and so delicious! I forgot how good figs taste!

  17. says

    Oh my god- I can’t even imagine that hike. I feel like I’m winded going up the stairs these days! Need to get out and do some more hiking this summer.. hopefully after I’ve made a batch of these vanilla fig bars!

  18. Bernadette says

    For those of you who are like me and think this sounds tasty, I looked up the total calories and it’s about 2600, dividing that into 16 squares means 160 for those little two-bite sized portions.

    Good for hiking and needing energy, but not if your big hike is to the kitchen for another portion :)

  19. says

    These look so yummy! I can’t wait to try them once I get my hands on some figs! Thanks, as always, for sharing your deliciousness with us!

  20. Shari in NC says


    Thanks for sharing another yummy & nutritious recipe! Could you please share more about your favorite foods for long hikes & overnight / weekend camping trips? I’m particularly interested in recipes to make with 12 middle-school Girl Scouts (either before or during the trip.) Sharing a bit about your hiking / camping food cooking & prep philosophies would be amazing!

    Thanks so much!

  21. sha says

    these look delish! i am currently helping my bf train to hump the entire appilachain trail and have been looking for a replacement for those disgusting power bars that rip thru our belly’s something terrible. one question though….how long will they hold up outside the fridge? i would love to pack 6-8 of them for a weekend long camping hike? any thoughts?

    • Lynnette says

      I back pack with similar recipes in the Rockies with no problem but at altitude heat usually isn’t a factor. They lasted in the car with heaters on for a week recently.

  22. Elena says

    Sounds deLISH!! Thank you for posting.. I’m going to try it this weekend!
    Do you drain the figs after you’ve soaked them? or add the water to the blender to? I’ve never heard of vanilla crème stevia but I’ll see if I can find some. Do you think vanilla essence would work instead?
    Thanks so much!
    Elena x

  23. San says

    You can buy Sweetleaf liquid Stevia in 14 different flavors at if your whole foods does not carry it.

  24. Karri says

    Just wondering if you had tried this with fresh versus dried figs? I have a fig tree in my yard, and want to try this when they come into season.

  25. SherriS. says

    I love that your recipes have few ingredients! I will have to try this one for sure. I was just in Denver last month and couldn’t look and capture those Rockies enough! Good luck with your climb.

  26. kathy scott says


    Love your recipes. But, what is vanilla creme stevia and where can it be purchased? We only have powdered stevia and basic liquid stevia.

    Thanks so much

    Kathy S.

  27. says

    Thanks for the recipe! We live in Colorado, too and hike a lot. I’ve resorted to packing a bunch of dates & eating them like energy gels and then eating a banana half way through the hike (we usually stick to 7 miles when we have the toddler with us on the hubby’s back). Would be nice to switch it up a bit!

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