Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Recently I’ve had thoughts on Valentine’s Day. I loved it when the boys were growing up. Back then we made heart shaped Sugar Cookies, handmade paper cards, and one year, sewed Valentine’s by hand. Now they’re both in college, and Valentine’s Day is a little different.

Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

This year was our second empty nest Valentine’s Day. We had quite a bit of excitement prior to V-Day, so I thought staying in for leftovers and watching Narcos was quite romantic.

The Day After Valentine’s Day

But, when we woke up the next day. Mr. Pantry said he “didn’t do enough” for it. Never mind that we exchanged love notes and he sent me red roses. Far more than expected!

Make Your Own Valentine’s Celebration

I assured Mr. Pantry that as a curmudgeonly intellectual I don’t consider Valentine’s Day an actual holiday. Also, I was raised by parents who wouldn’t let us buy gifts for them– a very low key family.

Celebrate Love Everyday

We were back on the same page and talked about the fact that we don’t need a holiday to celebrate something we can do every day, i.e., LOVE.

The Pantry Family? A Stubborn Bunch!

And how does this photo with my sweetheart relate to it all? It’s from last Christmas in Cabo. We had gone on a fantastic walk on the beach and got into an argument 20 minutes later. Why? Because we are the two most stubborn people I know.

Life’s Complexities = Photo?

Life is a wild ride –nothing is as it seems, and its complexities can’t be caught in a snapshot.

Will You Be My Valentine?

Through all the craziness I’m so happy to call Mr. Pantry, and all of you, my Valentines. ❤️

How Do You Handle Valentine’s Day?

How do you handle the holiday? What makes you happy? Leave a comment and let me know!

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20 responses to “Thoughts On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Hi Elana, from a high school classmate. (Came across your website–a friend of my daughter’s is gluten-free.) Valentine’s Day is not a big deal for my family (we exchange cards, but I tell my husband, “bring me flowers any other day, but not February 14”). My high school math teacher died four years ago on February 14 and ever since I honor her memory and the light she shone into my life by baking heart-shaped cookies (or appropriately vegan/GF heart-shaped sweets) for all my students. Love takes many forms, and it’s something you can pass along.
    Cook in good health.

    • Alexandra, what an amazing comment with such beautiful sentiments! What year did you graduate from DHS? Hugs to you :-)

        • Alexandra, I will have to have my Mom and Dad send me my yearbook! I worked on yearbook staff –what were you into? Sorry to not have better recollection, my memory is a bit of a disaster :-)

  2. We are empty nesters too with youngest away in college. We don’t enjoy the crowded overpriced restaurant experience for V’day so we made an extra special dinner and dessert and watched a movie at home. As time goes on you realize what is most important. We both agree that this is much more enjoyable.
    We prefer experiences (concerts or day trips) where we can enjoy time together rather than gifts neither of us need.

  3. I’m pretty particular about my gifts! Especially flowers. I don’t need anything so I love the hunt to pick out my gifts. So for the last few years, my new tradition on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays, basically any day that my husband might want to buy me flowers, goes like this… He drives me to my favorite flower market place, and I pick all my favorites in season, or maybe something new and different, and I have the wonderful people at Bi-rite in SF,arrange them and pack up my gorgeous flowers that I love even more because I got to pick them out myself. I always feel so Parisian when I walk away! A win-win for both of us. He doesn’t get sucked into last-minute deliveries services online. I get to pick the very best fresh flowers! And I never disappoint myself!

  4. I lost the love of my life to cancer about 18 months ago, so this year I sent Valentines to all my widowed and single friends. I’m so thankful for their love and support!

    • I have tears in my eyes. This was a beautiful, wonderful thing to do — celebrating love, in all it’s forms, especially the love of friendship! And, to open an actual mailbox and find a “love note” would make me feel extra special.

  5. Elana we find the crowded restaurants, on Valentine’s day, anything but romantic! This year we ordered Chinese food delivered and also spent time together watching our current binge. Couldn’t have thought of a more perfect way to spend the day. We feel Valentine’s is way overrated and choose to celebrate our relationship more than one designated day. Thank you for all you do, I have admired you for years !

    • Shelley, I know! Loud, expensive, crowded restaurants are not romantic in any way to me either! What is your latest binge? I’m looking for more good shows :-)

      • Elana, replying to your question about our latest tv binge… so we are watching The Sheild, on Hulu. We’ve really been loving the police shows. Gotta have something fun to pass the cold weather!

  6. We don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s day in our family either. We know we love each other. And this year I was down with a bug, and it was just so reassuring that I didn’t have to pretend to feel better than I did, but could simply focus on getting well instead. We love each other and enjoy each other’s company and that is where it counts rather than in the superficial.

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