Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

My boys love this vegan Strawberry Ice “Cream.”  I made a batch and it was gone in a couple of hours.  So I made more and my husband got in on the act, consuming his share.

It is made with a coconut milk base and I added quite a bit of vanilla, in hopes of drowning out the coconutty flavor, as I did not want to make a coconut ice cream.  I think I succeeded, though you all can be the judge of that.

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Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  1. Blend all ingredients in a vitamix
  2. Pour into ice cream maker and process according to instructions
  3. Serve

To make this I used my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker which you can find here.  We used it for the class that I taught last summer, however we made the Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream that time.

Recently, CoconutGal contacted me about posting some of her photos of my recipes in the Elana’s Pantry flickr group.  I look forward to seeing her pics there and yours too!


  1. V says

    I just had my first ice cream making AND my first non-dairy ice cream making experience! Yay me. ;) I used strawberries from our garden. The flavor was fantastic. The texture was grainy though. I’m not sure if I did something wrong. My machine is very old. And I used puréed strawberries. Any ideas for next time?

    • Stacy Hackney says

      I’m just learning about ice cream and frozen desserts but if you’ll take a novice’s guess, I think your product was grainy because the ingredients you used, coconut milk and strawberries, are mostly water, and if you blended them using fresh strawberries, even with the addition of the other ingredients, what you’ll mostly have after freezing is flavored frozen water. I wish I knew more at this point in my learning curve but I don’t so I can only tell you what I’d do to try to improve the consistency, or reduce the iciness. First idea, you can take your frozen product and put it into your food processor and process until smooth. I think that will aerate the mixture and break up some of the larger ice crystals. Put the frozen mixture back into the freezer to freeze and hopefully that will improve the texture. Be sure to have chilled the bowl you’re using so that your freezer won’t have so much heat to remove from the container/mixture. Second, you can add alittle xanthum gum to your blended mixture before you freeze it, which should improve the texture. There are other gums you can try, many are food grade and many are considered safe but you can research and see which one might interest you. I’ve read good things about gellan gum but it’s a gum that needs to be heated to activate so if you heat the coconut milk with a little of the gum, and then cool it and then add your other products, that could possibly work. netrition dot com sells several gums (though unfortunately not gellan) if you want to try some and Amazon sells them too. Of course you can add heavy cream or evaporated milk or products that have less water in them, to improve texture. Another food that I’ve read improves the consistency of frozen desserts is nonfat milk powder. Another option you can try is adding in a little avocado to see if that improves the texture without impacting the flavor too much. I don’t know what your food restrictions may be and as I said, I’m at the beginning of my learning curve, but if I wanted to try this recipe and it came out icy, I think I’d try a little gellan gum mixed into warmed coconut milk, let it cool, and then add everything else in the recipe into your blender and blend until absolutely smooth, leaving no chunks of strawberry (ice crystals hide out in strawberry chunks) and then process in your ice cream maker. You can also add a tiny amount of alcohol, maybe a tablespoon, which I understand improves the texture as well and if you add only a little shouldn’t impact the flavor. Best regards. P.S. I’ve learned what I know so far about frozen desserts by looking at various Youtube videos. Emery Thompson is a great batch freezer and the owner has many videos, and though many of the videos are predominantly about their batch freezers, they always discuss ice cream and you can learn a lot, even though what they usually discuss is dairy and sugar, it helps to give the viewer an idea about produces nicely textured frozen desserts. Another great resource is ice cream nation, which is where I learned about gellan gum; the gentleman used it in one of his gelatos, I’m sorry I forget which one. I also like Chef Steps on Youtube, which showed in their delicious chocolate gelato video (which is actually a sorbet recipe) how to use various gums. Good luck with your frozen dessert adventures.

  2. Jen says

    I’ve come across a few coconut milk ice cream recipes and am wondering about the use of eggs. Have you tried any coconut ice cream recipes using eggs?

    Oh, PS, LOVE your recipes!!

    Thank you

  3. Monica Pelletier says

    We picked 30lbs of strawberries! Used some for this–omg! so good! I chopped up strawberries and added those too for extra yumminess! Might add chocolate shavings next time

  4. Karen says

    Elana – I have a cusinart soft serve ice cream maker yet to use since all the recipes are whole milk based. Can’t have dairy and I try to stay skim for my kids. Will this recipe work?? Well, I’m gonna try and I’ll let you know:)

  5. Debbie says

    Hi Elana! Love your blog :) I wanted to know if it’s possible to adapt this recipe to make just a vanilla-bean ice cream? What do you think?

  6. says

    Elana, I made this yesterday and it was the best strawberry icecream I´ve ever had. Delicious! I dont own a professional ice cream maker, just have one of those machines that rest in the freezer to keep them cool until you use them. Mine works fine. Thanks very much for the recipe.

  7. Charlotte says

    I found “fresh” coconut milk in a carton for those who do not want to use canned coconut milk in the refrigerated aisle in Whole Foods where they sell fresh rice and soymilk. Note also fresh almond milk sits alongside the coconut milk. :)

  8. Jenny says

    Elana- I just made four of your recipes for my dad today for father’s day. I made the salmon with anchovy olive tapenade, pistachio stuffed dates, eggplant caponata, and butternut squash fries. They were all fantastic and my family loved them. When I invest in an ice cream maker, I can’t wait to try your ice cream recipes! Thank you so much – your recipes have given me a lot of ideas and are just fantastic!

  9. says

    Hi there, in answer to some of the above questions… yes, I do use whole fat coconut milk in this recipe :-)

    Per the ice cream maker questions, I haven’t tried making it without one, so I’m afraid I can’t be much help with that… and I’m not sure how to get the ice cream not to ride up the sides of the ice cream maker -haven’t experienced this challenge with mine.

    I hope all of you are enjoying summer and that you find this ice cream satisfying and delicious.


  10. Jessica says

    Looks amazing! any tips on how to keep the ice cream from freezing to the side of the ice cream maker? I use the same cusinart, but every time i try to make ice cream it ends up freezing the paddle to the inside of the bowl. Could it be because i don’t use the full amount of agave? I am not able to use that much agave because it upsets my stomach along with almost every other kind of sugar.

    • Marie says

      As for the freezing paddle problem…you may want to add just a teaspoon or two of alcohol to your mix. It keeps regular ice cream from getting rock hard so it may help.

  11. kerri says

    Can this be made without an icecream maker? I bought a Cuisinart, but returned it because the container was made of aluminum. I am concerned about the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease (family history). Any info on thi would be helpful..thanks!!

  12. Varaia says

    I love seeing your mail in my inbox. I made coconut ice-cream but I wasn’t in the mood for strawberry.

    I put in three tsp of artificial rum flavoring, sliced almonds and shredded extra dark chocolate.
    It tasted like coconut, grown up and on vacation.

  13. says


    Great to make use of all of those strawberries while they are in season huh! The girls have been picking basketfuls from our garden lately.

    I made an almost exact ice cream last week and posted it to my blog (minus the vanilla beans – which do sound like a great addition). Great minds (cooks) do think alike!

    -Ali :)

  14. Stacie K says

    I just now ordered some vanilla beans so I can make this recipe along with the other recipes from your site calling for vanilla beans. Can’t wait to get them and have some of this delicious summer treat!

  15. says

    I just got this in my email box and immediately made it. I had a big bag of frozen smoothie fruit. I picked out a bunch of strawberries, then threw in a few chunks of mango and pineapple for flavor. It all turned out great!!

  16. says

    I love ice cream made with coconut milk and am looking forward to making this one! I use Chef’s Choice brand, which I purchase by the case from United Noodle in Minneapolis. It is the purest and the most coconutty. I also make coconut pudding with it – – when warm it tastes like coconut pudding, but when chilled, it tastes like whipped topping – – great over Strawberry Shortcake or gingerbread! I will share it here, but please remember to respect my copyright and to add my credit to it whenever printing or sharing:

    Joy’s Coconut Pudding

    1/4 C. Sugar
    2 T. corn starch
    1 Can “Chef’s Choice” (or preferred) Coconut Milk

    1. Blend sugar and corn starch in pan.
    2. Add coconut milk and stir to blend.
    3. Cook and stir over medium heat until sauce begins to boil. Lower heat and boil and stir for 1 minute. Remove from heat – cover pan and let cool. (Before beginning to cook this, I use a spatula to get the dry ingredients from the side of the pan, where they like to gather.)
    4. Store covered in refrig (length not matter, as this won’t be there for more than 2 days – – most likely gone in a day.
    May be topped with toasted coconut or chopped cashews, cherries, or grated choc. Or use as a sauce over chocolate cake, etc.

    (C) 2009 – JM Shephard ~ JOY in the arts!

  17. Pat Williams says

    Is there an easy way to print recipes off the website? I keep getting the “stuff” on the side of the page when I highlight the recipe, and I don’t want to include all that.


    • says

      Under the recipe is a manu bar saying when the post was made, email options, etc. One of the buttons is “print friendly recipe”. click on that and you’ll get the recipe without all the side stuff.

    • Tracy Haughton says

      Draw your cursor over the recipe to “mark” it. Press “copy” (on my PC that is Control + C). Open a new blank document in your word processing program. On that blank page, press “paste” (on my PC that is Control + V). Print the document.

      Some programs have a “Paste Special” function which will eliminate all the html coding if you need that.

    • Cindy K says

      To print a recipe without all the other things on a website, I copy and paste into Word and then I can print only the recipe.

  18. says

    I suppose you recommend using full fat coconut milk, right? The only preservative-free coconut milk I can find locally is Trader Joe’s lite coconut milk.
    I’ve made decent vanilla popsicles with this one (I don’t use any ice cream machine).
    I just got a coconut cream concentrate in the hope of making a thicker coconut milk but I haven’t tried it yet.

    • Sandra says

      If you go to Walmart, the Thai Kitchen brand coconut milk doesn’t have any preservatives and it only cost $1.42 per can!

    • Marie says

      Hi everyone. Check out Dr. Ben Kim’s website for coconut milk powder. It’s great. He’s working on a new formula without drying agent so i’m not sure it’s available just yet. I made delicious coconut milk ice cream with it.

  19. mandy says

    2 things:
    1. coconut milk in ice cream is, in my opinion, the very best! it’s soo much creamier than soy or rice milk and much closer in texture to using dairy. i’m sure this recipe is delicious and i’m so happy you made a vegan treat!
    2. you are such an inspiration – thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into making this blog such an incredible resource for all of us :)

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