Product Review: Stevia

There are times when I want something sweet and don’t want to increase my blood sugar level. This is when I reach for stevia, an herb 300 times as sweet as sugar with a glycemic index (GI) of 0.

This low glycemic, low carbohydrate sweetener is widely used in Japan. In the U.S., the sugar lobby has long fought to ban this miracle sweetener; it is currently classified as a dietary supplement, though not as a food additive. Take note, that in Japan, stevia accounts for 40% of the sweetener market and is used in everything from colas to candy.

Stevia comes in various forms. You can buy it as a tincture or powder. The only drawback to stevia? It sometimes has a slightly bitter, licoricey aftertaste.

I tested at least half a dozen stevia products and found NuNaturals stevia to have the best flavor and to be reasonably cost-effective. Purchase Nunaturals stevia here.

During these chilly days and nights, I enjoy a few drops of stevia in a piping hot cup of tea!

Here are all of my recipes that use stevia as a natural sweetener. Enjoy!


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  1. When I was in Israel, I stayed with a family that had a plant in their backyard. I noticed they pulled leaves from the plant and put it into their tea. It was a stevia plant! Can’t get any more natural than that!!!

  2. Could you please indicate how many teaspoons or tablespoons of liquid stevia are in a dropper-ful? Thank you.

  3. Growing one’s own stevia is fun and simple – I have a pot of it sitting outside that’s been doing very well. Fresh stevia has a very subtle taste. However, I also use green powdered stevia from the bulk section from the co-op. It’s great in all forms.

    I wish my partner would use stevia, too, but he loves his cola with high-fructose corn syrup. But he is his own person, and makes his own choices, as well all do. He has a vasectomy and we will never reproduce, so a “low sperm count” is no issue here. ;)

  4. The problem with Stevia is that in laboratory mice tests it caused low sperm count, testicular problems that also contribute to reproductive problems, and possible cancer. BUT A) This has not been proven in humans B) If humans have similar side effects, you would have to take a lot of Stevia on a regular basis (I’d imagine that refined Stevia products carry a higher risk if any) C) If you grow the plant your self (which also limits your intake of it) then it would be healthier for you. I grow my own Stevia, read about it

  5. I would love to see recipes using stevia as the sweetener as I also have diabetes. You are terrific, as are your recipes, both on line and in your book. Thank you!

  6. i’ve been on an anti-candida diet the past two months, and in so doing have discovered stevia, xylitol and yacon syrup (agave is prohibited on the diet as it is still processed by the body as a sugar). i never imagined i could have my cake and eat it too – my voracious sweet tooth is satisfied, and my blood sugar is stable, no more afternoon lulls. i adore your site and would love to see more recipes using these sweeteners!

    • I am so excited about this, I have Candida and so does my sister, my grandma got rid of hers through diet, but her sister died from it… and I cannot have gluten, sugar, fruit, dairy, or yeast of any kind and I just want to shout from the rooftop. Thank you!

    • I love xylitol and stevia, xylitol scares me though, as the smallest bit could kill my cats/dog if they ate anything that had xylitol as an ingredient. Just wanted you to know, in case you hadn’t heard of this and had pets.

      • Michelle, thanks so much for pointing this out! Also wondering if you keep chocolate out of your house since it is deadly to pets. I have a cat :-)

    • Yes! I know a great gluten free, yeast free, & sugar free bread recipe! I got it from the ‘paleo’ diet, at!

      1 cup coconut flour
      6 eggs(they make up for the texture of gluten!)
      1/3 cup coconut oil
      1/2 cup coconut milk
      pinch sea salt
      2 packets of stevia (or 2 tbsp of agave nectar!)
      2 tsp baking soda
      (mix all wet and dry ingredients separately first!)

      bake at 350 for 30 mins!
      Yum!!! :)

      • P.S.-
        This bread will only rise a ‘little’ with the help of the baking soda!!!’
        So it has a rich texture almost like a ‘coffee-cake’. Oh! And please also add to the recipe ***’2 tsp of lemon juice’***, as it will activate the baking soda! :)

      • thanks for this loaf receipte rene, just a quick question..i have candida too so i avoid all flours including the gluten free ones…but this coconut flour is sooooooooo hard to find in stores!!! is coconut powder the equivalent? because that i can find easy enough…


  7. The government wants us to use sugar and chemical sweetners for our own protection rather than a safe natural healthy alternative.




    SCOTT /


    • I have been using astraya stevia for years … unable to locate the original product … now has theirs in another package that I question is the same product.. and selina celtic salt people has the same bottle but the stevia is not the same in that it hardly dissolves at all especially in hot drinks… strange .. any ideas and I couldn’t see where to purchase from you on your website… thanks.

      • HI
        When I was living in CA, I found pure Stevia powder (no additives like in the little stevia sachet or paper bags like sweet’n low) manufactured or distributed by KAL.
        I no longer live in the U.S but I have written them a while ago and I got a reply, you may check with them whether they still distribute it.
        I can not get any pure Stevia powder where I live, but liquid stevia which is just water mixed with the Stevia powder and it is sold for very high prices while the powder could last for a long time and I could make my own liquid stevia to carry in my bag wheneven I wished.

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