Simple Green Juice

Happy New Year! Just in case you are still deciding on your New Year’s resolutions, I found a bunch of quick and easy ones in Esquire Magazine.

  1. If you’re going to sit naked on a couch, put a towel down
  2. In emails, use capital letters at the start of sentences, except when in a real hurry
  3. Join a gym. (I’m not saying go. Just join.)
  4. Chew your food two times more per mouthful
  5. Forgive yourself sometimes

And a bonus resolution? Maybe drink a bit of green juice when you’re in the mood. Here’s a recipe to help you out.

Simple Green Juice

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  • 1 bunch parsely
  • 2 cucumbers, leave the peel on
  • 1 lemon, remove yellow part of skin
  1. Push parsley, cucumbers and lemon through a juicer
  2. Serve

I now use a Breville juicer which works well enough.

The reason I remove the yellow part of the lemon skin is that it can be very bitter when juiced. I leave the white part of the skin on as it full of healthy bioflavonoids. This tangy, refreshing juice is great with breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or any other time of day.

Here are some additional juice recipes to quench your thirst for good nutrition:


20 responses to “Simple Green Juice”

  1. After drinking this my teeth hurt. My dentist explained to me sensitive teeth after exposure to strong a acids is attributed to enamel changes.

  2. This is a perfect simple recipe. I use my vitamix and have been tryiing to use less in my “smoothies”. I have always done green smoothies with only lemon and no other fruit. Undergoing chemotheraphy has disrupted my schedule, my tastebuds, eating, etc so the more simple, nutritious the better. Thank you!

  3. Since i’m pregnant, my new years resolutions haven’t been too intense, but my craving for GREENS has become amazing. I’ve started juicing daily 1 cucumber, 2 leaves kale, 3-4 leaves romaine lettuce, 2 apples and 3 sticks of celery (almost a quart of juice in my Omega) and I’m loving the extra energy and just clean feeling of drinking it. My kids get a little too- my youngest hasn’t every really had any juice but green!

  4. Thanks, great recipe; i peel cucumbers if not organic; pesky pesticides :( don’t want them in there :). This taste great!!

  5. This is similar to what we do-I will have to try it with parsley. I use the Vitamix blender, and instead of parsley add a handful of frozen chopped (loose in the bag) organic spinach and coconut water(11.1 oz size) and one lemon. The frozen spinach makes it thick-so a handful is plenty. Too much and you have to add more coconut water. Fresh spinach also works of course. Its a great, refreshing drink. I put any extra in the fridge in a glass container for a mid day pick me up.

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