Roasted Red Pepper Salmon with Spinach


This high protein salmon dish with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup from Pacific Foods was a big hit with my husband, and children as well.

The sweet, smoky taste of the sauce (which simply uses the above soup) along with healthy spinach and salted salmon, results in a sophisticated entree that is not too challenging to make –a lovely dish that will wow your guests.

Thanks for all of your votes in the first round of Pacific Foods Everyday Chef Challenge!  Because of you, I won that round, and healthy, high protein, gluten free has even more exposure in the mainstream.  I especially want to thank Chris James of Celiac Handbook for tirelessly spreading the word about the contest on Twitter and Facebook.

The dish below is my entry for round 2 of the Pacific Foods Everyday Chef Challenge.  Please head on over if you have a minute and vote for your favorite recipe.  Same rules apply as last time, you can vote every 24 hours until the contest is over one week from today, on Wednesday, October 6th.

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    Sauce Preparation
    1. Pour Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup into a medium saucepan
    2. Reduce over medium heat, stirring occasionally for 10-20 minutes until thickens and only 1 cup remains
    3. Set sauce aside
    Salmon Preparation
    1. Turn oven on to 500°F
    2. Leave the skin on the fish; rinse and pat dry with a paper towel
    3. Place fish skin side down on a metal baking sheet
    4. Rub fillets liberally with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt
    5. Once oven temperature has reached 500°F, reduce to 275°F, then immediately put sheet with salmon on lowest rack
    6. Roast salmon 8 to 13 minutes; 2 to 3 minutes before salmon is done add all the spinach to baking sheet in oven to wilt
    Assembling the Dish
    1. When the salmon/spinach is done, place ¼ cup of the red pepper tomato sauce in the center of each plate
    2. Place salmon on top of sauce, then distribute spinach around the salmon and sauce
    3. Serve

    * Disclosure: I am working with Pacific Natural Foods as a participant in this promotion and have received a stipend

    There is no Nutrition Label for this recipe yet.


    11 responses to “Roasted Red Pepper Salmon with Spinach”

    1. Elana, this recipe is stunningly beautiful and it tastes as good as it looks. My husband took a picture of this dish and posted it on facebook he was so impressed. Thanks. It’s in the top 5 recipes that we love. Had it last night for the 4th time since you published the recipe.

    2. This looks delicious Elana! I make my own cauliflower rice quite often and sometime struggle with finding a good topping for it (usually I just make veggies in tomato sauce). This salmon seems like the perfect match for it. Can’t wait to try it! thanks!!!

    3. Congrats on winning the first round, Elana. This looks like another winner.

      And promotions, aside, this one looks so good I think I’ll try it with my fresh garden tomatoes and red peppers!


    4. Congratulations Elana! Keep up the good work! You sure have found your calling :)
      I LOVE the Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup, and it never even crossed my mind to use it as a sauce for salmon. I used to dip sun-dried tomato bread in this soup. sun-dried tomatoes and dairy-free cheese in your bread recipe would be a great addition, even if made into croutons?! yumm!

      Thank you for this recipe. I will be sure to try this as soon as I get some salmon!

    5. Elana
      This looks like another winner. You got my vote last time and I’m headed over to vote for this round. I can’t think of a better representative for the healthy, gluten-free diet and lifestyle.

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