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Paleo Cooking Review Roundup II

Although it seemed like a long time coming, Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry was released on June 18! While devoting some time and energy to promoting the book locally over the next few weeks, I am also enjoying reading reviews as readers get their hands on copies and start preparing the gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and nightshade-free recipes for their families and friends.

I hope these reviews help provide a representative sample of how the new cookbook is being used by some outstanding food bloggers, what some of their initial favorite recipes are, and how Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry might fit in with your dietary explorations and goals.

Redbook –Lauren Le Vine
“After drooling a bit over her recipes… it suddenly seemed like a manageable eating plan that’s worth a try.”

PBS FoodPBS Food
“A family-friendly collection of simple paleo recipes that emphasize protein and produce.”

Nom Nom PaleoMichelle Tam
“You need this cookbook. And it costs less than $15 –I’ve spent more on an uncooked chicken at the market.”

Against All GrainDanielle
“She has a talent for creating sophisticated recipes with minimal ingredients and simple preparation.”

Freerange HumanSean
“Delivers quite a few paleo variations that I have yet to see elsewhere, like bagels and sandwich bread.”

The Whole KitchenHannah and Aaron
“Elana’s a master at cooking with coconut and almond flour and many of the recipes in the cookbook really showcase that.”

Paleo ParentsStacy
“This is a great book with savory ideas.”

Cavegirl CuisineMichelle
“This cookbook does not disappoint with the mouthwatering recipes and drool-worthy pictures… very worthy of your cookbook shelf!”

Rubies and RadishesArsy
“She has us covered with this book from savory entrees to sweet treats.”

Ancestral ChefLouise
“What makes Elana’s book so special is that she’s created beautiful and delicious Paleo recipes that make you feel like you’re just eating any other “normal” meal.”

I’m very grateful to all of the wonderful people who have taken the time to read, review, and test some of the recipes in Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. Writing it was a labor of love, and it is a physical manifestation of my passion for creating simple, easy-to-prepare recipes using clean, healthy food –something I strongly believe everyone in the world has a right to, whether it’s to accomodate food allergies, adopt a healthier lifestyle, help treat diseases, or to simply survive.

My new book is available on, barnes &, and at your local bookstore.


  1. says

    I’ve been looking for a good Paleo cookbook. Thanks for providing the reviews – it’s always great to hear what other people are saying.

  2. Hannah says

    What donut pan is recommended? I’d really like to avoid non-stick, but other than a small silicone donut mold pan, I’m not finding any other options… I really want to make those bagels!
    Thank you!

  3. says

    I love Elana’s recipes because they work. I just made the blueberry breakfast cake which I read on Amazon’s site on the preview. I have bought the book as well. The cake was great , though I may have baked it just a tad too long. I will add lemon zest next time for a brightener but that’s just my personal taste. It is fine just as is.
    I eat GF but not necessarily Paleo, so I don’t use every ingredient as per Elana’s recipes, but it doesn’t seem to matter. I have made her Espresso Chocolate brownies from the website so many times with pecans sprinkled on top. They disappear wherever I bring them.
    Hugs, Elana….. and thanks. I can’t wait to get my book for the coconut milk ice cream. I am spending too much at Trader Joes for theirs. So nice to eat pure food with no tummy aches.

  4. Victoria says

    Hi Elana.
    I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful book. I tried your Honey-Lemon Chicken – my kids loved it! Also, I rushed to buy a donut pan to make the bagels and they came out perfect. I wish i could substitute some of the eggs with something else because of my husband’s high cholesterol level. Otherwise, i’m hooked to your books (i have all three) and my family is enjoying your wonderful recipes.


    • Theresa says

      The myth that eating eggs raises cholesterol levels has been debunked, you can find plenty of sites with that info. This is a link to a site that states: “Egg yolks contain dietary cholesterol; this much is true. But research has proven that dietary cholesterol has almost nothing to do with serum cholesterol, the stuff in your blood. Wake Forest University researchers reviewed more than 30 egg studies and found no link between egg consumption and heart disease”
      Of course, please research this on your own. As I mentioned, if you look on the internet, there are numerous health sites with this same info. Hope that helps!

      • Victoria says

        Thank you Theresa, i’ve heard that egg yolks contain the “good” cholesterol . I will definitely do more reading and research on eggs.

        • Dee says

          There’s a very good book that covers this topic – “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth – What Really Causes Heart Disease” by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride

  5. Robyn Baldwin says

    Got my book on Friday (21st), Got my donut pan on Saturday and made the bagels right off the bat. Replaced the sea salt with garlic salt (everything tastes better with garlic) and I am in heaven. Who knows where I will go from here. Thank you Elana.

  6. Penny says

    My 15-year-old son is learning to cook, and I ordered Elana’s new book knowing that the recipes would be straightforward and successful — a great place for him to start. (We have her first book.) Last night he made the honey lemon roast chicken. This is the third roast chicken recipe he’s tried, and it was FABULOUS — and looked fabulous, too. He felt very proud, and that is great motivation for his next cooking venture and for eating paleo.

  7. rachel says

    i just made your paleo thin mints for a friend’s birthday gathering. one friend follows a gluten free diet and i am vegan and gluten free so they were perfect. and everyone just loved them. it gave me a delicious opportunity to share a gluten free/paleo treat and encourage them to visit your blog and cookbook. thanks

  8. Chelsea says

    Love the cookbook! Just came in the mail today! Made the amazing Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies (with dairy free/Vegan chocolate chips) tonight! Love the fact that there isn’t egg in it so I can eat the dough while I bake the cookies! :) YUMM!!!

  9. says

    The cauliflower rice is a favorite……. I normally add some bacon pieces too. Sometimes the cauliflower mashed “potatoes” are a nice change as well. Thanks for adding to the library of paleo recipes!

  10. Angela says

    If you have been waiting to purchase this cookbook, wait no longer!!! I have all 3 of Elana’s Cook Books and I do not regret the purchase of any of them. This most recent cookbook is the icing on the gluten free cake. The price of this cook book is less than the cost of the ingredients we waste when attempting to convert even one of our favorite recipes into the gluten free variety. I am so thankful for Elana and the effort she has placed in testing out all these wonderful recipes for us. I have wasted hundreds of dollars in the past experimenting trying to convert some of my favorite recipes. Elana has taken the guesswork out of it for me, and given me the tools I need to make eating gluten free as well as the paleo way of life an enjoyable experience…one without deprivation….
    Thanks again Elana, you rock!!!!!

  11. emily stone says

    hi, so far i have tried the coffee cake and the balsamic beets from the new cook book. the coffee cake was great!!! the beets were good too ,but took much! longer to cook than was in the recipe. not sure what was different. i have been having fun with the book

  12. Noel says

    My first thought was — “Where do I start? What’s in my fridge and pantry that I can use right now???” I love the way you cook. I love that I always have a lot of your ingredients in my kitchen and garden, and if I don’t, I can easily adapt, modify and create. Thank you Elana! I use and enjoy your other cookbooks a lot, but this one may wind being my fav!

    • emily stone says

      how was it. i just found 3 cauliflowers for $.99 and will try either the cauliflower rice or mashed cauliflower.

  13. Valerie says

    Love this cookbook! Just got my donut pan in the mail and am looking forward to trying the bagel recipe.

  14. Monique says

    I am awaiting my copy. Ordered from Amazon last week. for some reason they have not shipped it out yet though. I am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks!


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