Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones

These Paleo Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones are perfect with a side of eggs for a healthy breakfast. Better yet? With only 6 ingredients, this easy scone recipe is a cinch to make. All you’ll need is almond flour, an egg, dark chocolate, orange zest, honey, and baking soda.

I went gluten-free in 1998 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I then went totally grain-free in 2001 to improve my digestion further. Ever since then I’ve been creating easy paleo recipes using as few ingredients as possible. I love cooking, but I love playing outside even more. So creating easy recipes for you is quite a passion of mine. Well, here’s another one!

This healthy gluten-free scone recipe is a favorite of my wonderful mother-in-law. She makes it all year round, and has a batch ready for us whenever we visit her.  I hope you all enjoy these paleo scones as much as we do!

Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones

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  1. In a large bowl, combine almond flour, baking soda, dark chocolate, and zest
  2. In a small bowl, combine egg and honey
  3. Mix wet ingredients into dry, thoroughly
  4. Form dough into a circle that is about ½-inch in thickness
  5. Cut dough like a pizza, into 8 slices
  6. Using a metal baking spatula, transfer to a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  7. Bake at 350°F for 10-15 minutes
  8. Serve

The idea for this gluten-free scones recipe comes from Joy the Baker. When I saw her Orange and Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones using regular flour, I was inspired to make my own paleo scone recipe out of it!

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137 responses to “Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones”

  1. I too am having problems with the dough being very sticky. I’m a huge fan (I own your cookbooks!) so this isn’t a complaint– more of a quandary. I used one large egg, but it’s organic and you know those organic hens– sometimes they don’t get the memo and produce some eggs larger than the others. I used honey (from these comments it looks like the recipe might have called for agave at some point). If the dough is overly sticky like mine would you recommend adding more almond flour ( I know from reading your blog that almond flour can vary widely as well). Instead of adding to the batter should I try to use almond flour on my hands and the board as I shape the circle? In the end (of this first try) I cooked as a round and then finished cutting at end of bake. The problem there is that this takes much longer to bake and results in scorched almond flour. Oh what is a hungry gluten-free baker to do?! The slightly undercooked scone does taste amazing however….Anyone out there have any tips?

    • Lissa, thanks for your lovely comment! I’m guessing the egg was too big, if this happens again and you experiment I hope you’ll stop back by and let me know how it goes :-)

  2. I just made this but I replaced the chocolate with craisins. I also sprinkled each one with a little trivia. They are a HUGE hit at my house!

  3. So delicious & easy! Thanks, Elana! I had given up baking after finding gluten made me ill. Now I can enjoy baking again. My husband enjoys my baking, too.

  4. These are awesome!! Thank you so much for the recipe. It was so simple, I know these will be made and enjoyed often.

  5. I have made these at least a dozen times. My kids love them and if we are running late in the morning Im ok about them having a scone as they are nutritious. I use rice syrup and it works fine.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! Beautiful and delicious. I subbed vegetable glycerin and olive oil for the honey and used stevia sweetened chocolate with good results to make these sugar free due to a dietary restriction. :)

  7. Elana, I made these scones without the chocolate and used lemon zest instead. THEY WERE FABULOUS Lemon Scones!I drizzled a little honey on top after I took them out of the oven! I brought b-fast to a friend healing from surgery….I also made her your quiche with savory crust, fresh fruit and homemade almond milk. What a treat to have pulled all these together and share such a feast with a dear friend. Pure health = friends and healthy feast !thank you for all you do!

  8. I have sent this recipe to SO many people lately!!! It has become my social go-to for day time entertaining (mom’s groups, clients, friends). And it’s so easy and delicious that I’ve taken to making it as a snack for myself for those times I am on the go.

    This is a great go-to recipe for newly pregnant moms who are trying to eat paleo/gluten-free and keep relapsing (which makes them sicker) on gluten or sugar filled stuffs.

    i have been making it w/ just vanilla extract and coarse chopped 85% chocolate. but today mixed it up w/ almond chunks and pumpkin pie spices. i love how forgiving the recipe is and that it takes so well to my experimentation!!

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