Natural Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

This photo of me is on New Years day 2012 after a 2000 foot vertical climb up Vail Mountain! How did I do that when I received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2006? I’m often asked, what is your secret? How do you stay healthy?

The below are my favorite natural remedies for multiple sclerosis. I believe these strategies may be applicable to anyone with an auto-immune disorder. If this protocol is adhered to religiously, some find improvement in as little as 3 months. For others, it may take significantly longer.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is one of the best anti-inflammatories around. I currently take 5-7 grams per day. That’s 5,000 to 7,000 milligrams. That is a very high dose. Be sure to check with your doctor if you would like to take this much fish oil.

Bone Broth

I make my own Bone Broth after I roast a chicken, or when I’m on the go I drink Kettle & Fire bone broth straight from the container. Bone broth has gut healing properties and is also high in protein, very important if you are working on rebuilding damaged nerve tissue. Learn how to make your own Bone Broth from Chicken with my easy recipe!

Vitamin D

Many people with illness and auto-immune conditions suffer from abnormally low levels of Vitamin D. Therefore, when friends ask, I recommend that they get their Vitamin D blood levels checked immediately, then quarterly thereafter. When I was severely deficient in Vitamin D, I took a mega dose of 5,000 IU per day, until my levels reached the normal range.

Low Dose Naltrexone

Although many of you will argue that Low-Dose Naltrexone is a drug, and not “natural,” I beg to differ. Using this opioid agonist in micro-doses is not accepted treatment yet for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders. That’s a shame. For more information on this incredible treatment check out my Low Dose Naltrexone page.

Grain-Free Diet

Grains can wreak havoc on a weakened immune system. If I had to give one piece of advice to people with any auto-immune disorder, it would be to go on a diet that is entirely 100% grain free, and free of grain-like substances such as quinoa, millet, wild rice, etc. Of course, gluten is the ultimate no-no. By 2025 recommending a gluten-free diet to anyone with an auto-immune condition will probably be standard medical protocol. All of the recipes here are both grain-free and gluten-free. To get started in the kitchen check out my Grain Free Diet page.

My Favorite Functional Medicine Doctors

If you’re looking for additional guidance, here are some great Functional Medicine doctors that are open minded to both conventional medical treatment and alternative strategies:

  • Dr. Robert Rountree
  • Dr. Pierre Brunschwig
  • Dr. Frank Lipman

I also want to share this video featuring Terry Wahls, MD that was sent to me by an acupuncturist friend in 2011. Dr. Wahls, was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and was so sick she could not even use a regular wheelchair. After removing processed foods, grains and dairy from her diet, she experienced an amazing recovery and is now able to walk, horseback ride, and do many other strenuous physical activities.

My natural treatments for multiple sclerosis may not be the answer for everyone. I am not willing to argue about clinical studies to back up the effectiveness of this array of supplements, diet and off label drugs. The information I am sharing is “anecdotal evidence”–for only one person. This is what works for me.

I wish everyone seeking to improve their health the best of luck. I also want to point out that we are all biochemical individuals, so what works for me may not be best for you. Please, make sure to listen to your own body and trust what it tells you.


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  1. Hi Elena,
    I am much like yourself. You were eating grain free when I was still eating the standard Gluten Free diet until I discovered that I just wasn’t healing. Then I tried Keto and lost a ton of hair. I find that a combination of Keto Paleo works for me. I’m grain free and so grateful for your recipes. Thank you! Blessings to you and yours.

    • Lori, thanks for sharing your story here! Agree, keto can be a little tough on the body for some, and needs to be supervised by a medical practitioner given its therapeutic goals and consequences.

  2. In multiple sclerosis, the protective coating on nerve fibers is damaged and may eventually be destroyed. However, some of the natural tips mentioned here can help cure it naturally. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I live just north of you and would love to know if there’s a dentist in Boulder or nearby that you would recommend (as you did the functional medicine docs)? I seem to have increased nerve sensitivity with dental work, and I also probably need to have my last mercury amalgam dental filling removed. Thank you and happy holidays.

  4. 42 male dx MS 10 YRS. pretty healthy all around. weights HIIT etc.. was paleo for about 3 yrs. Thrn wife with PCOS was ordered on Keto by dr. began researching and seems like Keto has immense antiinflammatory benefits. Like more than any other diet ***if your doing it right*** am i wrong? all of tue diets i am seeing for MS have been low sat fat. moderate carb. minimal sugar. but you are still running insulin based? Curious on your thoughts

    • Ben, thanks for your comment! The greatest thing about the Keto Diet is the lack of carbs. High-fat is incredible too. My insulin stays low on it and I am in a very controlled state of hypoglycemia which works super well for me. Metabolic flexibility (ability to run on carbs or fat) is key once you get your body adapted to a ketogenic state :-)

  5. If you aren’t aware of it, there is a new documentary available on Amazon (free with Prime) called “Living Proof.” It discusses effective MS treatments that Big Pharma has been attempting to smother. Matt Embry is the director, star, and MS sufferer. Please watch it.

  6. I’m w9ndering how this diet has been in regards to weight. I was following a paleo type diet for autoimmune issues but began putting on a lot of weight.

  7. My husband was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. It’s very difficult for me to get him on board with major changes to his diet. We eat organic, non-GMO at home but his mom constantly gives us donuts, bagels, etc. He continues to drink milk and beer, and eat grains as well. I hate to be the nagging wife, but I don’t know how to motivate him to change. He’s a smart man who has a hard time with this big of a change. None of the You will feel better or It’s worked for others get through. How can I get him to try? I’ve hit a wall after small changes. Not sure if I just needed to vent or if I’m really looking for a solution or suggestions.

    • Lucy, thanks for your comment! It’s ok to vent here, we all understand and have been through it. I’ve found that making health supporting choices is a very personal process that everyone does in their own time :-)

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