mustard marmalade dressing

Mustard Marmalade Dressing

I’ve been busy with my book (The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook) lately and pumping out quick dinners.  Still, I make my own salad dressings every night and this Mustard Marmalade Dressing is no exception.

I’m just back (less than an hour ago) from the ADA conference in Denver where I met many wonderful people and had a great time.  The conference was at the Denver convention center and it was massive –there were probably 5,000 people there, maybe more and thankfully, there was a lot of interest in my gluten free cookbook.

Celiac disease and the gluten free lifestyle have been garnering more attention of late, which is good for all of us gluten freers.  We don’t have to feel like freaks in public anymore now that gluten free is more well known.

Still, as I enjoy some of the gluten free yahoo groups I often hear the saddest stories about people with celiac/gluten intolerance who dine out with friends and are given a hard time not only by waitstaff, but by so called friends as well.  As if eating differently wasn’t enough trouble already without being harassed about it!  I’m just sayin’.

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Mustard Marmalade Dressing
  1. Combine vinegar, orange fruit spread, mustard and agave in a vitamix and blend on high for 20 seconds
  2. With motor on low speed, drizzle in olive oil
  3. This will (hopefully) create an emulsion, you can see in photo of dressing above that it is thick
  4. Toss over salad greens
  5. Serve

I hope you all enjoy this tasty gluten free salad dressing!  I’m off to spend some time with my boys who I don’t want to feel neglected.  They are far more important than any book could ever be.


  1. Nichole says

    This dressing is fabulous as a chicken marinade as well. And, for anyone that has more homemade orange marmalade than they know what do with, it is excellent in this dressing!

  2. says

    I had a good friend that taught me how to order my food when I first gave up gluten and sugar. It was so wonderful to see her be so insistent in making sure that the food was created just as she specified. She helped me find the courage to do the same thing.

    My husband and I were at a restaurant over the weekend and the server was great – my food came out wrong and I sent it back. They made it again and it was wonderful. I try not to focus on what’s wrong when I dine out and more often than not everything is great. Sometimes if we’re traveling we check out 2 or 3 menus before we find a place that I want to eat – thank goodness my husband is so supportive.

  3. says

    I thought I was the only person putting mustard on my salad greens!! This looks much better than my bottle of Annie’s GF Honey Mustard!

    To all the folks above…I, too, wish that servers would not find it terribly difficult to take care of us. Someday all restaurants will have prep areas for the gluten free dishes. Until then, we need to be clear in our instructions and kill them with kindness to get our way!

  4. Becca says

    This dressing looks good and very simple. I have been wanting to make my own for a while but it seemed that every recipe in my cookbooks have a lot of ingredients. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Christianne says

    Delectable Elana! I love Fiori di Frutta jams, luckily my local health food store carries about 10 different variaties! I use them as a sweetener in ice cream too, instead of agave.
    Great to hear you are well and enjoying your travels. How are the chicken doing..?
    xox Christianne

  6. says

    What a spectacular photo! I’m at the POM blogger harvest festival and a dietician who is speaking tomorrow was late because she was flying in from the ADA conference. I’ll have to ask if she saw you. But, yes, she said it was huge. I had no problem eating at the B.J.’s Brewhouse tonight. A delicious meal and no weird looks or attitude or anything. :-)

    I’m looking forward to the day when ordering gluten free and the appropriate response is as routine as someone saying “could you put my salad dressing on the side, please?”

    Thanks for all you are doing to spread awareness on celiac and eating gluten free, Elana!


  7. Emily says

    I agree sista! I hate that people are rude, especially family, about me being gluten free, grain free, dairy free, etc etc. I think it’s because they just don’t understand and can’t be open-minded enough to try and comprehend another “way” of eating.
    Or they are just jealous of the absolutely fabulous food with fun and exotic ingredients we are so privileged to eat and wish they could enter the GF world as well :) And that’s what I’m sayin’!

  8. says

    as for your comment on eating out. i have the worst time eating out. everyone looks at me like a have an elephant on my head or something. it makes it to where you don’t want to eat anywhere but where you make the food yourself. i wish people would be more compassionate.

    as for the dressing… sounds super yummy! i can’t wait to try it!

  9. monique says

    isn’t it awful when we are made to feel like something is wrong with us for having to eat differently? it was my bday dinner last week and i have been eating grain free for several yrs and my sister suggested a restaurant that had no options for me. way to make me feel good!!! made me very sad and angry. how do we deal with situations like this? don’t they realize it’s hard enough having to eat this way?!

    • Amanda says

      For my birthday in a few weeks, I did some research into restaurants in the area and sent emails to ones with scratch kitchens that I thought would be able to accommodate a gluten and corn-free meal. I got an email back within a day and will be going there for my birthday dinner. I’m sorry to hear your birthday had that added stress. It isn’t fun, especially when it’s supposed to be your celebration.

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