banana cake bread gluten-free recipe

Banana Cake

Gluten Free Banana Bread. Gluten Free Banana Cake. What’s the difference?

Last night we went out with our friends Debbie and Mike. They are quite the non-profit duo. Debbie founded the timely and super innovative Wellness Initiative, while Mike runs Progress Now. Two cutting edge organizations out to make the world a better place. What could be cooler?

Here’s what. Their son Lee will celebrate his first birthday next week. And they have another little one due any day now! We talked about children and of course, my favorite topic delicious, healthy food. They asked if I had any ideas for their son’s birthday cake and told me that little Lee loves bananas.

Here’s what I came up with. Bake it in a loaf pan and it’s a delicious, healthy gluten free banana bread; bake it in a 9 inch cake pan and it’s a delicious, healthy gluten free banana cake. Either way, enjoy!

Banana Cake
Serves: 12
  1. In a large bowl, mix together almond flour, salt and baking soda
  2. In a smaller bowl, combine agave, grapeseed oil, eggs and vanilla, then stir in bananas
  3. Mix wet ingredients into dry
  4. Place batter in either a 9 inch cake pan or two small 7.5 x 3.5 magic line loaf pans
  5. Bake at 350° for 40 minutes
  6. Remove from oven and allow to cool

Enjoy this delicious gluten free, dairy free banana cake plain or indulge with some cream cheese frosting for a super rich dessert. Either way, happy birthday!


  1. Maria says

    I made the recipe as muffins. They were the best muffins I’ve ever made and the best banana muffins I’ve ever eaten. I used coconut oil. Really, really good.

  2. Josh says

    This cake is very good as is. However I have doubled the wet ingredients and its amazing. So moist. As good as any “regular” cake I’ve ever had.

  3. Jan Vail says

    This cake was awesome. I used the almond meal flour from Trader Joes. I substituted coconut oil for the grapeseed oil. Instead of using agave nectar I used three bananas instead of two and added a little honey in with the bananas. I topped the cake with Betty Crocker whipped Vanilla butter cream frosting (which happens to be gluten free. I baked it for 40 minutes in a 9 inch round cake pan. This tasted awesome and the smell was divine!

  4. Kathleen says

    Just wanted to say that my cake was done after about 30 minutes, so make sure you are paying attention! Smells delicious. Going to put Elana’s Chocolate Ganache on top :-)

  5. Dawn Scaramozzino says

    I ran out of grape seed oil and substituted applesauce this time. Also I used 4 ripe bananas instead of 2 because they were garbage bound if not, I did compensate with 3 1/2 c of almond flour to make up for the moisture of the banana. I decided to do cupcakes so that I could add some fresh blueberries to 1/2 the mix and raspberries to the other half. I think the point I am trying to make is that this a wonderful base recipe that you can add all sorts of things to and always come out with a great product. So don’t be afraid to let yourself go with this recipe.

  6. claire says

    Hi Elana,

    You have great recipes but I noticed that you put a lot of vegetable oils in your recipes. Vegetable oils are already questionable when raw ( heat extracted, rancid at room temperature) and I thought they were not supposed to be heated…In other words are they safe to cook with? also they have a high rate of omega-6 fatty acids.

    Thank you.

  7. Andrea says

    All I can say is, this lady knows what she is doing… Unbelievable recipes so far! Becoming a fan taste after taste…

  8. says

    After I originally left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are
    added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four
    emails with the same comment. Is there a way you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Sandra Goergen says

    an autumn alternative to your banana bread recipe…
    I exchanged the bananas with fresh crisp apples out of
    our garden. After making some fresh apple cider, I had a few cups of
    apple pulp left.
    I used 11/2 cups of the fresh apple pulp, 2 cups ( instead of 3) of almond flour and
    I used coconut oil instead of the grapeseed oil and canadian maple sirup instead of the
    agave nectar….really yummy
    oh, yes and I served it with coconut ice cream

  10. Malka says

    We had extra bananas going bad, and searched for a healthy banana recipe. So glad we found this recipe! We made them as cupcakes and they are awesome, great texture and flavor.
    Thank you :-)

  11. Sarah Newitt says

    Just tried this recipe and it’s great. So moist compared to recipes that use a gluten free flour, and so much healthier than most recipes too. You’ve got me hooked and I’ll be trawling your blog for many more recipes!

  12. Andrea says

    I love your recipes! Just discovered you last night and made the Banana Cake. I made a couple of small changes. I used pure Maple Syrup instead of Agave (I don’t tolerate Agave well), used regular sea salt (I think the only difference is it’s not as fine as the one you recommend), added 1/2 c chocolate chips, and made these as cupcakes. Everyone in my house (that likes bananas…) loved them including my son who always turns his nose up at g-free baking! The pan of 12 was gone within 1 hour. I also made your regular muffin recipe (1/2 with chocolate chips for my daughter) and am very happy with those as well. I am excited to get your cookbook (I ordered that last night just based on reviews!) and I NEVER bother with ordering cookbooks. Yours looks exceptional. I appreciate the time and expense you’ve put into these recipes because I don’t have the time (and often the desire) to do it! Thank you so much and know that I will be encouraging all of my g-free and Paleo friends to order your cookbooks!

  13. Chelsea says

    Made this today and it was wonderful! I added extra bananas, a little bit more honey (for my sweet tooth), and ground cinnamon and it turned out perfect. There was a little extra batter so I put it in a tiny bread loaf pan.

    My mother loved it and I cannot wait to give my tiny loaf to someone so they can love it as much as we do!

    I love your recipes!

    Thank you for changing my food life! :)


  14. Chelsea says

    Made this today and it was wonderful! I added extra bananas, a little bit more honey (for my sweet tooth), and ground cinnamon and it turned out perfect. There was a little extra batter so I put it in a tiny bread loaf pan.

    My mother loved it and I cannot wait to give my tiny loaf to someone so they can love it as much as we do!

    I love your recipes!

    Thank you for changing my food life! :)


  15. Chelsea says

    Made this today and it was wonderful! I added extra bananas, a little bit more honey (for my sweet tooth), and ground cinnamon and it turned out perfect. There was a little extra batter so I put it in a tiny bread loaf pan.

    My mother loved it and I cannot wait to give my tiny loaf to someone so they can love it as much as we do!

    I love your recipes!

    Thank you for changing my food life! :)


  16. Chelsea says

    Made this today and it was wonderful! I added extra bananas, a little bit more honey (for my sweet tooth), and ground cinnamon and it turned out perfect. There was a little extra batter so I put it in a tiny bread loaf pan.

    My mother loved it and I cannot wait to give my tiny loaf to someone so they can love it as much as we do!

    I love your recipes!

    Thank you for changing my food life! :)


  17. Chelsea says

    Made this today and it was wonderful! I added extra bananas, a little bit more honey (for my sweet tooth), and ground cinnamon and it turned out perfect. There was a little extra batter so I put it in a tiny bread loaf pan.

    My mother loved it and I cannot wait to give my tiny loaf to someone so they can love it as much as we do!

    I love your recipes!

    Thank you for changing my food life! :)


  18. Emma says

    Since going GF for our daughter, banana cake is something we have really missed. After trying a few other recipes, I had given up on the idea of finding a cake similar in taste and texture to our old, wheat flour recipe. This cake has solved our cravings, it is so so good! Thank you again for another go to recipe for our family!

  19. Shannon says


    I got my first shipment of almond flour and couldn’t wait to try it out! I made this cake and it is Amazing! Since I can’t eat eggs, here is the substitution I made. I followed the recipe exactly except for the eggs I added 1/2 a mashed banana and a 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder for each egg. I actually added 2 mashed bananas, because I wanted to use up all the banana I had. The cake looked exactly like the picture! The cake is so moist and banana-y! I did use honey instead of kids flipped for it which is the real test. Delicious! I am an almond flour convert;)

  20. Maryam says

    Hi Elana,
    Just made your banana cake and it is truly delicious. I did sub the agave nectar with honey and added cocoa powder to the dry ingredients and about 1/3 cup chocolate chunks and it was delicious! Thank you!

  21. Robin says

    I made this last night for my family and it was wonderful! I didn’t have enough almond flour so I made conversions (2/3 of recipe) and put in an 8-inch round pan for 35 minutes. I topped it with your vegan chocolate frosting. It was delish! Definitely making this one again! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes :-)

  22. romaine says

    This is a great recipe! I tweaked it a bit to suit my own preferences – added an extra banana and decreased agave to 1/8 cup but should have decreased more since a tad too sweet for me. I also decreased the vanilla since I made another banana cake recipe with that much vanilla and that was all I could taste (must be the vanilla I use). And lastly I subbed in melted butter for the grapeseed oil, but that’s just because I love butter thought if I had coconut oil in plenty, I would have used that – so good and healthy. All in all I think I kept proportions of fat, sweeteners, leavening, etc.. the same so that it still worked.

  23. Sherry Lochner says

    Delish! Here are the changes I made – 1/2 maple syrup and half Stevia in place of agave, coconut oil in place of grapeseed, 4 eggs, made into muffins, and baked for 20-25 minutes. I would probably cut the sweetness back next time some. Thank you so much for posting!

  24. Tanya Winter says

    Hi Elana,

    i love this cake, I also add chopped dates into it yum!

    hey i was just wondering if you have ever done a recipe for Sticky Date Pudding at all?

    many thanks,


  25. anira says

    I made this cake for my son’s 2nd birthday last weekend – it was a hit! With a child we’re trying not to load up with sugar and carbs, a husband gone quasi-paleo, and a friend with MS in the mix, everyone enjoyed a nice slice of cake without worry. I used your coconut cream frosting, which tasted great with the banana flavor. I also had tripled the recipe, and encountered no problems – I did end up baking it for an extra 10-12 minutes.

  26. anira says

    For every cake-baking event, I spend loads of time searching the net to find alternatives to the standard heavy sugar/flour load found in traditional recipes. I feel like I’ve happened upon a gold mind! Can’t wait to try out your recipes!! Thanks!

  27. says

    I had a couple of soft bananas, and searched your site, knowing you’d probably have a good use for them. I was right, you did! I have always loved banana bread and this rivals any gluten-filled ones I made in the past. I spread a little almond butter on a slice and it was heavenly. :-)

  28. Amber S says

    I just made this today and it turned out yummy! I changed just a couple of things… I used 2 cups almond flour and 1 cup sweet brown rice flour. Instead of Agave I used 1/2 cup of Brown Rice Syrup, 2 1/2 cups of Liquid Egg Whites, some cinnamon and 1/8 c of Grapeseed oil. I made muffins out of the batter and my kids even like them!! Thank you so much!!

    • Amber S says

      I made a mistake on the portions of the eggs.. it was just over a half cup of the egg replacers. These made 24 muffins and were gone that night!! Thanks so much!!

  29. Theresa says

    Does it take special talent to work with this almond flour? I made cookies but had an almond flour/meal so went and bought the almond flour that is blanched. The cookies did not turn out at all and now the banana bread was horrible. the consistency was that of an omlette and no I did not put in too many eggs. just soft and airy but so soft like an omlette not a bread. (actually put it in a cake pan to make bars out of it) Can you let me know what I am doing wrong. what consistency should my batter be when working with almond flour.

    • says

      Hi Theresa,

      Thanks for your comment :-)

      Almond flour is very simple to use and does not require any special talents; however, for my recipes it is important to use the type/brand of almond flour that I recommend.

      Please see my Ingredients page for more info.


  30. kk says

    My husband and I are actually going to make this again the same way as I did it before. We have been CRAVING it Elana! I was hoping for a reply from you but you are probably really busy trying to come up with more amazing recipes for us!

    I wanted to give an update that went with my post. When I split the dough between bread and muffins and with the times to cook I listed, we wound up addicted to this new way to make banana bread. The dough comes out to so much that it makes sense to split it at least between two loaf pans, if not into muffins as well. One thing I did do wrong is not spray the bread pan enough, which another breadmaker posted here as well.

    Again, thank you VERY much for the recipes. This is one of my favorites and I look forward to whatever you are working on in the days to come!

  31. says

    Dear Liesl,

    I’m sorry this did not work out for you.

    If you take a look at the ingredients list, you will see that this recipe actually calls for almond, not coconut flour –and these 2 ingredients are not at all interchangeable.

    I do hope you’ll try to make it again with the recommended ingredients and let us know how it goes for you :-)


    • Liesl Mitchell says

      Well that would certainly explain it! I could have sworn it called for coconut flour. I do have almond flour and will definitely try again. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why eveyone else had such good results and I didn’t! Thanks for the clarification and the recipes.

  32. Liesl Mitchell says

    This was HORRIBLE! I followed the recipe exactly and it was all crumbs! THREE cups of flour? Really? Check the wet content ratio with dry … it doesn’t make any sense. I had to add almost two cups of milk to moisten it and ended up throwing the whole thing in the garbage. It was inedible. And coconut flour is not cheap. :-(

  33. kk says

    Hello Elana,
    I have been making stuff from your website for a few weeks. Our two most favorite treats are the Double Chocolate Orange Torte, and the Silver Dollar pancakes. I found your website through the other blogger from the Garden of Eating cookbook. My husband and I went gluten free/dairy free on our Paleo Diet and have never felt healthier. Anyways, Thank you so much for the many recipes which use Almond flour. I have a major sweet tooth and we only do “cheat” meals once a week so it is nice to be able to make stuff that we can eat and will also satisfy my sweet craving. (-:

    For this recipe, I split this dough in half and added 1/2 more of a banana. I should probably mention that I packed my almond flour, and used coconut oil instead of grapeseed. (Bobs Red Mill has never failed me so far.) I then poured a little extra agave because I think it tastes delicious. From there I poured half into a bread tin and the other half into muffin tins and put chocolate chips (60 cacao because the other stuff is too bitter) in the muffins. The muffins were done after 17 minutes, and the bread is in the oven right now. I cant wait to try this banana bread, especially after reading the other reviews. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful community and a ton of recipes. Look forward to your response and trying more treats!

  34. Rochelle Eissenstat says

    Re measuring the “flours” – because of differences in the ways everyone measures, the recipes may turn out badly!
    How about adding an additional instruction – WEIGH the flour [and the salt or other problematic ingredients]. Then it won’t matter exactly how one scoops or another packs it into the measuring cups.


  35. Sarah says

    Hi Elana! I love your blog and I am so grateful for your wonderful recipes. In an effort to get healthier I have recently removed wheat and gluten from my diet. It is amazing how much better I feel! I recently made this cake and it is delicious and was a hit with the fam! I added a bit of cinnamon and used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil, which is what I had.

    Thanks! Sarah

  36. Tamara says

    I just made this (except replaced with coconut oil) and it was AMAZING!!! Me and my fiancee could hardly tell it wasn’t the usual banana bread w/ flour and sugar etc. Elana rocks!!

  37. Christina Pollock says

    I have your cookbook and tried the sandwich bread. It did not turn out well. It was very heavy and dry. I had a hard time swallowing it as it got stuck in my throat. I have tried other recipes from your book and really liked them so I am wondering if you have a different sandwich bread recipe. I am having such a hard time not being able to have a sandwich. Every bread I try tastes terrible. Not having a sandwich is the hardest part of having to eat gluten free for me and I am getting desperate.

  38. katie h says

    Had a couple extra bananas that were over-ripe and didn’t want to throw out. Was in the mood for some banana muffins and saw this great recipe with an additional comment made by another Katie that she made them into muffins. I made mine like the other Katie and have been loving them!! So happy to not throw out food, and fruit breads are a special love for me so – added bonus!! Thanks for another great recipe, Elana!!

  39. Teresa says

    I love this banana bread! I used Ener-G egg replacer to make it vegan and it worked out perfectly! The second time around I added crushed walnuts and cinnamon and that was delish too! Thank you for introducing me to Almond Flour. I do not have Celiac but I keep getting cysts and they believe Gluten and over production of Insulin causes it, so no more gluten for me. So thank you so much!

    I do have a question – can I substitute a cup of apple sauce or say 1/2 cup apple sauce and 1/2 cup apple chunks instead of the banana? Wasn’t sure if you’ve experimented in this area :)

    Thanks so much!

    • Beth says

      Thanks for posting this! My son is now gluten, dairy and egg free, and the removal of eggs is my biggest baking challenge – the Ener-G substitutions are not working when I mix the powder and water first. Do you follow their “egg equivalent” instructions or just mix the powder with the dry ingredients?
      Thanks! Beth

  40. Jessica says

    Just made these into muffins, followed the recipe exactly except I folded in about a cup of chopped pecans. Baked on the low rack in a 350 oven for 23 minutes and they came out great! I think next time I will use part agave nectar and part maple syrup to give it a little extra umph. Thanks to everyone who has posted suggestions here as it has given me some great ideas on how to modify this in the future!

  41. Wally says

    Just made this with coconut oil. Delicious, thanks! You have single handedly inspired me to develop a cooking hobby.

  42. says

    This is the most awesome website ever. Your almond bar are to die for, and all my friends always want to know if I have any in the fridge. I’ve given them the recipie and your website so they can make them as well. I was wondering if I can make your banana bread with Almond Meal? I’m making these for our trip this weekend.

  43. ~M says

    Hi Elana,

    I baked this banana bread/cake recipe as muffins tonight (25 minutes at 350ºF). I packed down the almond flour (I think you do too) and otherwise followed the recipe as written. In the future, I would grease the muffin tin a bit. Otherwise, they are excellent and just what I was looking for with 2 very ripe bananas, and the need for portable weekend travel snacks that are not too sweet (and these are high in protein to boot!).

    Next time, I think I’ll add chocolate chunks (cut up chocodrops) or Enjoylife mini chocolate chips and/or cinnamon or chai spice (my homemade blend that I use for applesauce). Maybe spread some almond butter on top too. :) Thanks for another family favorite!

  44. Amy S says

    I made this into 1 regular sized loaf and it took 45 minutes. I used coconut oil. This came out so tender and moist! I’ve been having trouble with the almond flour bread recipe. Either it won’t rise, or it sticks pretty badly or something. This turned out perfect the first try. BTW, Elena, you didn’t put this on Zaar. Would you, so I can put it in my cookbook, either that or I’ll put it in my private recipes. Thanks.

  45. Lorain says

    OMG…I really have to stop trying your recipes..they are so good!!
    I made this recipe into a loaf…just one regular sized loaf. I used half maple syrup, half honey instead of the agave and I used 3 bananas. I also added some 72% dark chocolate chunks….baked for an extra 10 min (50 min total) and it is lovely!! So moist and tender and tasty….
    thank you!!

  46. Jay says

    Hi Elana,

    i just discovered your website and excited to try out some of your recipes. My daughter has intolerance to all nuts so what can I substitude almond flour with?

  47. Aileah says

    We made these as muffins today for the second time and are definitely our favorite muffins I have tried since going GFCF earlier this year. Both my 3-year-old and my husband love them, which is saying a lot around here! I omitted the agave nectar and added an extra banana and they turn out delicious. They have better moisture this way without packing the almond flour down at all. Thank you for helping us on this new dietary path!!

  48. says

    Lynn -So glad your daughter enjoyed and thanks for sharing the addition of flax –great!

    katiebear -You are so welcome. I love the idea of using coconut oil in the banana bread.

  49. katiebear says

    Here is another rave review for this wonderful bread. I've made it twice. The first time I followed the recipe with no changes. I underbaked it a bit but it was still very good. Today I made it for the second time. I used coconut oil instead of grapseed oil and added about 11/2 cups of toasted walnut pieces. It's a winner.

    Thank you so much for this site.


  50. Lynn says

    A new favorite recipe for us for sure! My daughter is just finishing up her second mini-muffin for her afternoon snack. The 24 mini-muffins came out beautifully! (I don’t remember how long I cooked them for – I just checked them every few min – that’s kind of how I bake). Also added flax meal to a bit of the batter that didn’t fit in the mini-muffin pan and made 4 larger muffins – also delicious. Thank you!!!!!

  51. jml says

    i just made this banana bread today.

    it tastes amazing, i am in love.

    i substituted the grapeseed with coconut oil,
    and the agave with raw honey.

    when the loaf is ready…
    i heated some raw honey, butter and a dash of salt
    to use a a spread.

    it is to die for, thank you so much !

  52. says


    Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Simple Bread is very so-so, not one of my favorite recipes. I will have better bread recipes in my cookbook (coming out next fall). I do have a pie crust recipe, though I’m not a big fan of apple pie with this crust (the apples make the crust soggy), I think the apple crisp is much better. What about making apple sauce? It’s so easy to prepare and very easy to eat too.

    Hope this helps.


  53. Laney says

    Hi Elana,
    I have tried a few of your wonderful recipes, my favorite is the Pumpkin Pie Muffins (which I made twice!), recently I made your Simple Bread and added some apples, walnuts, and cinnamon- it didn’t turn out that great, but it’s okay! I am trying to find another gf/sf recipe for all these apples I have- I did make your apple crisp and it was great, but I wanted to try something more pie/galette-like. Do you have a recipe for pie crust? I am also going to make the Banana Cake this weekend! Thank you so much for sharing all of your creations! It definitely makes avoiding sugar and gluten a lot easier!!!

    Laney (Portland, OR)

  54. says

    Love this website !!!

    I tried this receipt this weekend with just a bit of an adjustment. I used a loaf pan for banana bread and added a shredded apple with some cinnamon and nutmeg to help kick off season. (also have way too many apple to use up) And other then needing to cook it a bit longer, it was wonderful.

  55. Katie says

    I’ve been making banana bread since I was a kid, and this tastes just as delicious as the white flour kind! You are my hero :). I made them as muffins and in a regular size muffin tray they took about 25 min. to bake at 350 and were fantastic. Oh and I had to use maple syrup (not a whole 1/4 cup) because I was out of agave. Thanks again!

  56. Jenni says

    I just had to tell you that I made this cake Sunday and we loved it. We did make the frosting too which is very yummy! The frosting does allow for a little more sweetness which is what my kids are all about but one of them ate it without the frosting and the other one loved it with the frosting. Even my husband enjoyed it which is saying a lot! Thank you for your yummy and smart recipes! I was thinking it would be fun to make cupcake or muffin style. Have you done that and do think it would work? Thanks again!

  57. says

    Dear Jenna,

    Thanks so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

    In terms of sweetening up the cake, I am not sure how your idea would turn out, though I like it and think it might be worth a try.

    If you do experiment, please stop back by and let us know how it goes!


  58. Jenna says

    Hi Elana,

    I am so excited that I found this site. I eat gluten free and recently have eliminated grains from my diet, except for sprouted, whole oats and quinoa. Anyways, I have been searching for a long time for a site like this. These recipes are truly healthy, not just “so-called” gluten free, etc. I hated baking with brown rice and sorghum flour as they are still grains, and eliminating grains has changed my life for the better.
    I made the banana cake tonight, and it came out great. My husband liked it also, but he did not think it was sweet enough. I thought it was perfect, but he likes it sweeter, and I dont want to add any sugar. If I added another banana, or more agave, would it make the batter too liquid, or would it be OK?
    Thank you so much again for this site. I am going to spread the word about your blog. I am a student at the Clayton College of Natural Health and I will post the word about it there. I feel like I found a gold mine! I can teven tell you how excited I am about this. I can actually eat all of these things without guilt and adverse health reactions. Thanks again!


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