Instant Dandelion Latte

My Instant Dandelion Latte is the answer when you’re traveling or on the go. It’s the quick and easy version of my incredible Dandelion Root Coffee.

Easy Dandelion Coffee

The health benefits of dandelion root, a fantastic liver cleanser, are numerous. When ground and roasted it makes a wonderful coffee replacement. I first introduced  Dandelion Root Coffee as a substitute for traditional coffee here on my blog in early 2011, though this healing beverage has been part of my routine for far longer.

The Best Coffee Substitute

Usually, I make my dandelion coffee from scratch. If you’re wondering how to make dandelion coffee, it’s easy. I purchase dandelion root online, roast it in the oven, and then grind it in a coffee grinder or vitamix and steep it with ground chicory root to make a wonderful coffee substitute.

Instant Dandelion Latte

While we were up in the mountains over the holidays I was without my usual supply of ground dandelion root. Instead, I used dandelion tea bags to make dandelion coffee and get my fix of this wonderfully healing hot drink. Compared to the method above (roasting, grinding, and steeping), the instant route, using tea bags, is a breeze. I use several dandelion tea bags to make a “black coffee.”

When I want something fancy I whip up this Instant Dandelion Latte, a satisfyingly rich and creamy drink that’s also a great liver cleanser. I often post photos of this scrumptious drink on Instagram and each time I do I get requests for this quick and easy recipe. Here you go!

Instant Dandelion Latte

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Servings 1



  • Bring water to a boil
  • Place tea bags in a large mug
  • Pour water over tea bags and steep 5 minutes (then discard bags)
  • Heat coconut milk to a simmer in a saucepan
  • Pour dandelion tea, coconut milk, and sweetener into vitamix, blend for 30 seconds
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 25 mins
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I have made double and triple batches of this recipe all at once. I simply steep the tea bags in a mason jar. The recipe is scaled up easily. If you are curious why I use 4-5 tea bags in this recipe it is because dandelion tea is just that, tea, and to get a nice strong coffee requires more product.

Dandelion Coffee for Cleansing

We drank this with friends on New Year’s Eve instead of alcohol as all of us had started cleanses well before that night. The four of us went straight for the detox and skipped the retox entirely! If you want to spike this Instant Dandelion Coffee, I imagine it would be incredible with a shot of Kahlua.

I use four Traditional Medicinals dandelion tea bags and one Teeccino tea bag in the recipe above, however, you can use 5 Superherb dandelion tea bags in place of the two aforementioned brands.

Healthy Low-Carb Drink Recipes

For truly wonderful liver cleansing, try making this healing drink with my Dandelion Root Coffee in place of the tea bags. When the dandelion in that recipe is brought to a boil and then simmered, even more nutrients and healing properties are released from the dandelion root. If you’re looking for other healing beverages for winter, try my Paleo Chai Latte. As always, if you are going to take herbs or supplements consult with your physician or medical practitioner prior, especially during pregnancy and breast feeding.


31 responses to “Instant Dandelion Latte”

  1. Hello Elana! First of all thank you so much that you share so many very very valuable thoughts, ideas, receipes on your website. I found it very recently googling on dandelion coffee. And then of course I ve read more. Your post “what’s wrong with me” was like a miracle. Having hashimotos I definitely could identify myself in your post and at the moment in process of stopping “grilling” myself with similar questions or pushing myself to achieve more. So big thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    I have few questions and would be thankful if you could answer them. I stopped real coffee but consume organic decaffeinated time to time. I tried to search to find more information, but didn’t find anything on decaff coffee and autoimmune disorders. And last question is what temperature you use to roast dried dandelion, and how long. I roasted in 200C, found it online this advice, but I think the roots burned slightly.
    Thank you Elana, may your day be filled with light, hope and inner joy!!

    • Giedre, thanks for your wonderful comment! I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying my thoughts, ideas, and recipes! I don’t drink decaf coffee because of the caffeine content, my body just can’t handle it because it revs up my adrenals. Here’s a Dandelion Root Coffee recipe for you:

      I buy the root pre-roasted and it is fantastic! I hope you’ll keep me posted on how you’re doing :-)

      • Good morning Elana. Thank you for reply. I couldn’t get pre-roasted dandelion root, so I bought dried root, it means I have to roast it myself. Have you ever tried to roast dry roots yourself? If you did, what temperature did you use and how long. Don’t bother answering if you always buy pre-roasted. Really appreciate your time you took to reply. Recently bought almond flour and Stevia, can’t wait to try something from your receipes. I live in Ireland, so we haven’t got such good Amazon here, most the time I stick to health shops. And hopefully can try Maza balls (soup). I do have special respect for people whose roots are Jewish. I do believe that Jews are very special nation. sending you my best wishes for today!

  2. Elana, thank you for turning me on to dandelion “coffee” – I LOVE it! Do you count the carbs in it when following your low-carb/Keto diet?

  3. Dandelion root is estrogenic so can cause problems if you are trying to lower estrogen caused issues. Big caution!


    • Elana: I made this today. Amazing. I have been on an elimination diet to determine what may be triggering migraines…so no coffee.. Now I have a wonderful alternative. Thank you.

  4. This was FABULOUS!!! I’m off coffee due to hormone imbalance and adrenal issues and this is such a wonderful alternative! I was quite dubious about it, but what a pleasant surprise! The only thing I will change is the Teeccino I purchased. I bought the vanilla and it’s too sweet. I will exchange for the dark roast. I also have the Frontier bags of roasted dandelion and chicory on their way. I am so relieved to have this now!!! Cannot thank you enough for your ideas and recipes! Love your books as well. Kudos!!

  5. Wow! This is amazing. I bought dandelion root and chicory root powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. I made the recipe in a pot using a mesh tea bag/filter. After boiling/simmering, I added a tablespoon of dried coconut powder, one date, a pinch of pink salt and a teaspoon of ghee. Stirred, strained off the teabag and cinnamon into my blender and blended for 30 seconds into a latte. It satisfies my coffee craving in the afternoon. Thank you!

    Ps – some people may be put off by the ghee flavor, so you may want to leave this out. I like that it adds a touch of creaminess like half and half and I’ve adapted to the flavor. It’s just as good w/o it though.

  6. Awesome website thanks so much. I used to drink heaps of dandelion tea, like 8 cups a day, but I thought it was the source of headaches. I tried googling if you can drink too much but did not find anything. Do you know? I suppose moderation is everything but I love the stuff. I just put one teaspoon of bought roasted and crushed root in a tea infuser and Sri I with coco quench,,,love it too much

  7. Elana- this is off subject but I want to eat paleo
    and some of the ingredients are rather expensive. The coconut flour- etc. and I need breakfast ideas. Which book of yours would be best to buy??
    Thanks so much!!!!!

    • Hi Patricia, I would recommend my third book, Paleo Cooking. The recipes are simple and I think you’ll especially love the chapter dedicated to breakfasts! :-)

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