Hazelnut Fudge

When I was a girl I loved making Christmas cookies and candy for our neighbors. Back in those days (the 1970’s) I used a lot of sugar and gluten in my dessert recipes; this Hazelnut Fudge however, is both dairy-free and gluten-free and makes a wonderful Christmas treat for regular old folks as well as those with food allergies; frankly, no one will notice any gluten or dairy missing from this healthier dessert.

Hazelnut Fudge is made with a total of five ingredients, it’s a quick and easy candy recipe and makes an adorable DIY Christmas gift.

Hazelnut Fudge

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  1. In a medium saucepan, melt chocolate and coconut milk together over very low heat
  2. Stir in honey and hazelnut extract
  3. Stir in hazelnuts
  4. Transfer mixture to an 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  5. Refrigerate for 3 hours
  6. Serve

I use whole raw hazelnuts for this recipe and roast them on a large cookie sheet in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes. I then place the hazelnuts in a dry towel and rub the towel together to remove some of the skin. After that’s all completed I chop the nuts. I love using raw nuts (and roasting them myself) as I find them more fresh and flavorful when purchased and prepared this way.

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  1. I made a double batch of these with hazelnuts I toasted myself and brought them home to the family for xmass. they were a HUGE hit,with everyone stealing over for more and trying to con others to split just one more chunk with them,to feel less guilty! they tasted like such a guilty pleasure and yet were probably healthier than the shortbread and eggnog! lol

  2. Hi. :) This recipe looks awesome, but I’m confused about the amount of chocolate.

    You listed 3 1/2 cups (16 ounces) of chocolate

    But 3 1/2 cups would be 28 ounces. 16 ounces fills 2 cups…so I’m confused on the amount.

    Also, I like to use bars, because chips are too cute to melt. Should I get a 16 ounce bar or a 28 ounce bar?

    Thanks. :)

  3. These are delicious but came out very sticky. What did I miss?
    I refrigerated them after cooking but I can barely cut them to get them out of the pan….

    • I had the same problem, my fudge is very sticky, I will need to use a spoon to eat my fudge. I used Ghirardelli’s chocolate chips. I was wondering what I missed too.

  4. I used chocolate chunks from Trader Joes, added peppermint candy chunks instead of the hazelnuts, and a few drops of peppermint oil. It tastes really good but is not setting up! Any ideas? I may try it again with less coconut milk?

    • I put my fudge outside (covered) to set-up–it was VERY cold. So, you might try putting your batch in the freezer for a couple hours??

  5. I made this fudge in my first trial run to use as Christmas present goodies. I had five people (male and female, and lovers of all things-food) taste them. We all agreed that the recipe needed to be sweeter. I would at least double the honey amount. I used 60 and 65% dark chocolate, and would like to keep it at that. The nut amount was perfect. The end product is very decadent. It is more so like a truffle, but definitely holds up well in fudge ‘form’. The fudge needs to stay in the fridge/freezer until right before serving or delivering! Good luck! Elana rocks!!

  6. Will these last if I ship them? Or do they need to stay in the fridge? Thanks for the awesome recipes!

  7. I am not sure what I did wrong but the fudge I made following this recipe did not set up. I am thinking of re-melting and making frosting for a cake.

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