Gluten Free Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Lots going on here with a double header holiday week that includes both St. Patrick’s Day and Purim.  All of the festivities are keeping me quite busy. Luckily, I have not attempted to make green Hamantaschen, though if things keep progressing at this rate I just might.

Here are some of my favorite gluten free St. Patrick’s Day recipes. They run the gamut from Peppermint Patties to Irish Soda Bread to a green shake –a little bit of something for everyone.

It is a gorgeous day here, with bright sunshine and a high in the 70’s.  We all have on shorts and t-shirts and have been mostly outside since the boys came home from school.The highlight of my day thus far?  A canvasser from COPIRG stopped by to discuss how to “STOP SUBSIDIZING OBESITY.” Yup, that is the name of the Colorado Public Interest Group’s latest campaign, and yes, it is an “all caps” campaign which I do not mind since this is such a serious issue.

What issue is near and dear to your heart right now?


  1. Dee says

    I was wondering if anyone has tried making the soda bread with an egg substitute? The soda bread sounds delicious but I can’t have eggs :-/

    • Kelly says

      I have subbed in mayo in a lot of cookie and other recipes. Worth a shot. Used it making ginger snaps last week and no one knew. They were great . Good luck .

  2. says

    I am always looking for more ways to get greens into our breakfasts. These green eggs are brilliant! My 9yo daughter and I both love them! I have used both spinach and kale. Purple kale comes out the prettiest. Also, SUPER easy. they take about 5 minutes from opening the fridge to rinsing out the blender.

  3. says

    Thank you for speaking out for such a brave and important cause, elana. the obesity epidemic in our nation troubles me so much. i believe the poor and uneducated are those who suffer much because the cheapest foods are the most deadly (unhealthy) and they are stuck in a perpetual cycle it seems. it breaks my heart, to be honest. i have never been obese, but i have had times when i struggled through financial hardships and had to live on processed foods. to this day, i still remember those times as depressing to say the least. i pray that i will always live in gratitude for the blessing of being able to eat fresh fruits, veggies and whole, non-processed foods. every american has a right to the same. :)

  4. says


    I have an idea for a post or vlog from you related to all of this, but not a recipe.

    How do you store your bulk seeds, flours, etc? I’m drowning under a sea of plastic bags held together with rubber bands and clips and it’s getting out of control. You look so organized and tidy, I’d love to know how you store all your dry ingredients. Thanks!

  5. Erin says

    Thank you for your wonderful recipe blog!

    I just learned I am gluten-sensitive and needed to change how I make baked goods. There so much confusing material out there with so many new ingredients!

    Your wonderful recipe blog (and book) have made the switch to gluten-free cooking and baking a much more pleasant and happy transition.

    And, being happy to have Irish ancestry and all the romanticism that entails, I very much appreciate today’s recipes!

  6. Lynnette says

    Veggies, olives, nuts, berries, wild fish, grass fed meat, alkaline water. Subsidize that and watch health care and obesity costs and waistlines go down. Thank heavens for COPIRG!

  7. andrea says

    I made the Peppermint Patties last year for St. Patrick’s Day and they were a HUGE hit! It’s such a great recipe and so easy to make…but it really WOWS everyone.

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