Gluten-Free Candy Lists for Halloween

Halloween is a little more complicated when you have a child with celiac disease or a gluten allergy. Like most children, my boys love trick or treating. Unlike most children, one of my sons has celiac disease. Because of that, the gluten-free candy lists for Halloween that I link to below come in quite handy. You’ll be thanking me for them on Halloween night, when you’re going through piles of candy trying to protect your little one from gluten.

Fill Your Kids With Good Food

I know my children will eat quite a lot of candy on Halloween. That’s why I like to serve them healthy snacks during the evening. I often put out a whole table of organic turkey, lettuce, cut up fruit, and fresh berries. Then, every time they come home for a pit stop with their friends, they fill up on real food.

The Candy Buy Back System

On Halloween night I buy as much candy from them as they wish to sell. I pay 10 cents for every piece they give up. My children eat their fair share and then they’ll tire of it and give the rest away.

I especially like to let my boys partake in the rituals of Halloween since they’re gluten-free and sit out (or eat something separate) when it comes to cake at birthday parties, blue cupcakes at the end of baseball season, etc.

Food Allergies and Your Child

The other day my older son was chatting with me about his school Halloween party. I asked if I could make some treats for the party and he nonchalantly responded, “No, Mom, there’ll be a bunch of fruit plates, I’ll be fine.”  Wow, was all I could think, my boy not only likes fruit, he thinks of it as a treat. Hooray!

Gluten-Free Candy Lists

On Halloween, like most American children, my boys will eat some candy. And I’ll make sure it’s gluten-free. Here are two gluten-free candy lists that are good to reference:

Celiac Disease Foundation Gluten-Free Candy List Links to Candy Manufacturers

These lists are only for guidance. Product formulations can change. For definite information about products, it’s best to contact manufacturers directly. And if you’re wondering what I pass out to trick or treaters on Halloween take a look at my Gluten-Free Halloween Candy post. I have all kinds of fun and wholesome items on it.

Homemade Halloween Candy

Check out my post called, Homemade Halloween Candy to get some spooky, yet healthy Halloween recipes to make for your little ones.

These photos are of my son and his friends in their Halloweens costumes. Their “go green” cheer leading uniforms put a smile on my face. Happy Halloween!


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  1. One of my husband’s co-workers buys a few small toys that he knows his child wants. then the child can “buy” each gift for a certain number of pieces of candy, 30 for one, 100 for another, etc. Both this and yours are great ideas!

  2. Oh my goodness Elana! How silly those boys are. They are so into their cheerleading personas! Looks like fun.
    What a great trade off you have with your boys for their candy. Especially since this is something they can participate in, I have never thought of it that way. I was just discussing this with a friend of mine who would like her young boys not to eat up all their candy. Another idea we had was a “Candy Fairy”. Like the Tooth Fairy but trades toys for candy. So- you would tell the child if they leave their candy out that evening for the Candy Fairy, she will trade it for whatever game/toy/doll/etc. they most desire. Then switch out the candy for the toy item once they’re off in bed. Obviously you’d have to start this when they are young (like my friends boys) when toys are more exciting than money, but it’s another idea for those who have youngin’s!
    Those costumes are too cute. Hope you had a fun Halloween as well.

  3. So cute and hilarious! They are the bast crusaders for green I have seen!
    Have a lot of fun together!

  4. Hilarious! When I first saw the photo I thought they were girls – very good job!

    I’d never thought of giving your candy away, but its a great idea – my brother and I would always have some leftover on the 30th of the next year.

  5. Hi Elana – We have linked your blog to ours at ! This blog has been opened as a precursor to a new social network for parents of children living with special needs including food allergies. We love your site!

  6. Too cute and funny! The listings are so helpful to everyone. I sent them out to my group yesterday. The good news is the candy that becomes gluten becomes giveaway candy, so that’s less candy overall. ;-)


  7. This year I gave out organic lollipops. My kids do not celebrate Halloween but they do play dress up almost everyday. My son loved going to the door to see all the costumes. Your son is really adorable as a girl ;)

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