Egg Free Raspberry Streusel Bars

Gluten free, grain free raspberry streusel bars, made with high protein almond flour, lightly sweetened with xylitol.

This recipe for vegan raspberry streusel bars is based on one by Brittany at Real Sustenance. Ever since she posted her delicious looking recipe last year during the holidays I’ve been wanting to make it.

I adjusted her recipe by removing the sweetener from the crust and by increasing the amount of high protein items in the streusel so the topping would be a bit less sweet as well. I hope you like these gluten free dessert bars as much as we did.

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Raspberry Streusel Bars
  1. Pulse ingredients together in a food processor until dough forms a ball
  2. Press dough into an 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  3. Bake at 350° for 12 minutes
  4. Pulse oil, almond flour, xylitol and salt together in a food processor until creamy
  5. Briefly pulse in walnuts and coconut, so they are left coarse, not pulverized
  6. Set streusel aside
  7. Spread raspberry fruit spread over warm crust
  8. Sprinkle streusel topping over raspberry fruit spread
  9. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes
  10. Cool for 10 minutes, then refrigerate for 2 hours to set up
  11. Serve

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful couple, Pepi Gramshammer and his lovely wife Sheika. Pepi is one of the founders of Vail –“Pepi’s Face” is a run on the mountain; Sheika, his awesome wife, is the genius behind many of their business ventures. They are the quintessential close knit hardworking European couple.

In any event, Sheika asked me what I had done earlier that day, and I told her that I had spent the afternoon making streusel. She had no clue what I was talking about which I thought was funny since she is from Austria and German is her native language. Finally, I got my point across through various descriptions and she said, “Oh! STREUSEL!” Rolling her “r’s” in that wonderful way that only she can.

Whatever your accent, I hope you enjoy these vegan Raspberry Streusel Bars!


  1. Joylene says

    Thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes!! I’ve enjoyed so many of your recipes.

    I made this for a book club and everyone loved them. I used honey for the sweetener. I made them again today this time with 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar and almonds instead of walnuts as that’s what I had on hand. I used a wonderful local mixed berry jam.

    Just wanted to say thank you. :)

  2. Laurie says

    ooooohhhh these look great!
    Would love to make these streusel bars but my son is sensitive to almonds. Anyone use any other kind of flour and how much did you use!

  3. says

    I just made these cookies… with a few modifications because I didn’t want to run to the store. They are delicious at any rate! I used 3/4 cup coconut sugar instead of agave/honey, 2 tablespoons hazelnut milk, 1/4 cup chocolate chips, and sunflower oil instead of shortening. They turned out great! Excellent recipe, Elana!

  4. Taz says

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes and for sharing them with everyone. I have diabetes and decided to go grain-free over a year ago and your recipes have been an amazing resource for me.I tweak them to suit my needs as I do not use honey/agave. Thank you, thank you!

    This is one of my favorite recipes. Instead of the raspberry jam, I take 1.5 cups of frozen cranberries and cook it down in a pot on very slow heat, until the consistency is like jam. I add a little liquid stevia and vanilla to just take the edge of the sourness.

  5. claudia says

    A couple of weeks ago I made these in Jaipur for some friends from England with fabIndia cherry preserves. The reaction from my less-than-healthy Brit pal? “If these are healthy, I LOVE healthy food!”

  6. Cheryl says

    Loved these. I have made them twice, once with the plum Forti di Frutta, and again with the Fig (both times raspberry was sold out at the store). They were a huge hit– one thing though, I will cut down on the salt next time. Maybe 1/4 tsp. instead of 1/2 for the crumble top. But other than that, I LOVE how “buttery” these taste. Delicious!

  7. Jackie says

    Hi Elana!
    I want to talk to you about using your recipes.
    I do not want to break any copyrights and want to credit you for everything I use.
    I am a dietetic intern and a long time member of your blog. I have been making your recipes for several years (and have both your books too).
    Please email me and I will explain the details.
    Thank you so much,

  8. KathyinMD says

    Thank you for another winner! I made the crust as directed (it did not form a ball but I didn’t care that these turned out a little crumbly) and put on the raspberry jam. For the topping I used just chopped walnuts and dry coconut – delicious.

    I love the idea of making my own compote – thanks Sunny in Norway!

  9. Iswari says

    I tried to make the raspberry bars from your almond flour cookbook that have a similar crust. Although I used a recommended brand of almond flour and processed the crust until a ball formed, the crust did not hold together at all. When I tried to slice the bars after they had cooled, the bottom layer basically crumbles when I try to pick them up. Any idea of what I did wrong?

  10. Leslie Ruff says

    These were INCREDIBLE!!! I made them last night…didn’t have quite enough almond flour so I just filled the rest in with coconut flour. I have severe candida, and my allergies are a serious issue. So I’m always looking for things that I can bake that are wheat free, sugar free, and all the other “free’s” I need. This recipe tops the list! Actually…this whole website tops anything Ice found prior. I <3 Elana's Pantry!

  11. claudia says

    Just arrived in Chicago (from India, Nepal, Tibet). After 3 months of no baking (3 hours off the plane) niece Kaylie and I made this. It was love at first bite!!! Thanks so much for so healthy, so delicious bonding experiences!

  12. Abby says

    These are an excellent and satisfying treat! I made them with home grown, frozen raspberries, just mashed into a paste. (And I added a duck egg to the dough) So very yummy! Thanks Elana!

  13. Kristin W. says

    Oh these were so good, subbed honey for the xylitol. My 8 y/o didn’t even bother to cut one out of the pan, I found her eating them right out of the baking dish with a fork. After her last bite she asked me when I was going to make more of these bars. Very good! Thanks!

    • Abby says

      Oh, and I forgot: I reduced the salt by 1/2. I always do with Elana’s recipes. She has admitted that she likes salt a LOT! I have reduced my salt intake significantly over the past two years and find most people use more than me. So, I used 1/2 what she calls for and they were still very tasty and the salt was still noticeable. I might reduce it eve more next time, just to see if I miss it.

      I also subbed in maple syrup for the xylitol, since that is what I have on hand. I only used 1 Tbsp maple syrup.

      I really love these recipes. They are so simple and very adaptable to substitutions.

  14. Sandy says

    These bars are wonderful. I am not vegan so I added 1 egg to the crust and really enjoyed that. Thanks Elana for all of your wonderful recipes.

  15. Heather says

    These were absolutely wonderful and will be made often. I substituted honey for the xylitol.

  16. Cat says

    This is just a lovely recipe- easy to make, and sweet-but not too sweet. I made this with Trader Joe’s Organic Superfruit Spread, a blend of Morello cherry, red grape, wild blueberry and pomegranate concentrate. Delicious!

  17. Lisa says

    I made these as a treat while staying with friends last weekend. The friends are full-sugar, full-grain, full-dairy eaters. Even so, they couldn’t believe there was no butter in these – the base is like shortbread and so decadent! My friends spent the weekend hiding the tupperware container of these treats from each other. Make them! They will be a hit, regardless of the eating habits of your friends/family!

    Thanks Elana for another delish and healthy treat!

  18. max welker says

    Using the amounts in the recipe for the crust, after pulsing the almond flour was still dry. I doubled the amounts of the liquids and it was barely moist. I hate to waste this. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Sandy says

      I just happened to see your comment and I had the same thing happen. I used all the same amount of ingredients that Elana has in her recipe and then I added 1 egg. The ingredients bound together and baked up very well. Happy baking:)

  19. Holly Fugleberg says

    This recipie is one of my new all time favorites! I used fresh raspberries and reduced them over meduim heat to use instead of the raspberry jam for the filling, and instead of the xylitol, I used 10 drops of vanilla stevia. They turned out wonderful! I plugged the recipie into a nutrition calculator, and (for a 16 serving pan) came up with 165 calories per bar with 3.7 grams of protein! Thank you Elana for your healthy and yummy ideas!

  20. Jolie Herman says

    This was absolutely scrumptious. I omitted the xylitol from the topping and it was plenty sweet. Substituted homemade plum jam for raspberry. Topped a few pieces with fresh whipped cream. Everything about it tastes devilishly good like it is bad. Elana – you did it again! Numnumnum!!!

  21. Laura says

    YUM! These were so easy and delicious. They were a big hit at both a potluck and my office.

    I used stevia with a little brown rice syrup instead of xylitol. I also used Earth Balance instead of coconut oil. I used a mix of nut flours that I had on hand — almond with hazelnut — and it turned out great.

    Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  22. PrimalGrandma says

    Well, these certainly looked absolutely wonderful. However, we found (for my family’s taste) that there was too much salt – I’m guessing it was the salt in the topping. (I noticed someone else made mention of the salt as well in another post.) Also, there didn’t seem to be enough raspberry filling. Obviously the more filling, the more sugar per serving so that would certainly be a consideration.

    Also, they needed to bake a little longer — we are a a higher elevation (over 5200′ elevation) so that may be a consideration – not sure, but just thought I’d mention it. I had to bake the crust longer and ended up baking the struesel longer as well – obvioulsy ovens vary so that may have been the problem. Also everyone seemed to think that the topping was lacking “something” – maybe some cinnamon or ?? Didn’t have any problem with the sweeteners as I used stevia.

    Just thought I’d mention what I observed while making this recipe. Will definitely try it again – great idea! thank you!

  23. Gwen says

    I made these, they are great. Very easy to make. I used current jam. It took longer to cool and set up. I’d leave the salt out next time, but that is just me, I’m not used to salt.
    Thanks for posting this recipe.

  24. Sunny says

    I just made these in Norway :) Yum I used zero sweeteners. I made the bottom as directed. For the sugar free filling I cooked down 1 C. raspberries, 1 C. blueberries and 1 very finely chopped medium apple into a compote. I stirred in 1 tsp of vanilla at the end. For the streusal I left out the xylitol and used a mixture of pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts + 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Deadly.

    • Holly Fugleberg says

      This sounds good! Do you peel the apple before chopping it up? Does the chopped up apple get reduced with the blueberries and raspberries on the stove, or do you add the chopped apple to the mix after the berries have been reduced?

      • Sunny says

        Hi :) I peeled the apple, diced it very fine and cooked it down with the raspberries/blueberries. Overall my bars were not ‘sweet’ as a traditional ‘bar’ but that’s how I like them. If I wanted them a little sweeter I would have aded a Tbsp of maple syrup or honey to the compote and/or crust :)

        p.s I made them one more time and used half almond flour and half almond meal in the crust and the bottom turned out even better than the first round.

  25. Bev Robinson says

    Since I can’t have nuts, can you substitute another kind of flour? My daughter showed me you site and love your recipes. She made me a birthday cake from your recipes and it was wonderful!

    • Heather J says

      I’m not sure if this will work but you can sometimes substitute ground sunflower seeds for almond flour. Just grind them in a food processor to the same consistency as almond flour.

      • claudia says

        In this recipe, finely ground sesame seeds might just work. We used almond meal, not the flour, and it worked well. I often use almond meal for cookie-like recipes. A coarser texture works well in cookies and bars. Good luck and have fun experimenting!

  26. says

    I decided to make these tonight so I would have a Friday breakfast treat. I mean, why can’t I eat them for breakfast – high in protein and with a little jam! :-)

    Of course as with many impromptu cooking efforts I realized that I didn’t have all the ingredients, namely, 1.) I didn’t have raspberry jam 2.) I didn’t have coconut.

    Undeterred, I substituted lingonberry jam from IKEA for the raspberry. The coconut was a little harder. I ended up just tossing in some chia seeds and hemp seeds. I figured if nothing else they would make my breakfast treat healthier. In retrospect a little oatmeal (making it non-Paleo) would have helped bulk up the streusel a little.

    After tasting a bite while still warm, they are tasty and should make for a mighty fine breakfast paired with a cup of English breakfast tea. Thanks Elana!

  27. Molly says

    Looks really good! I just tried to make the crust and it never did form a ball in the food processor, and I let it go for a while. I tried to press it in the dish and bake it like that, but of course it didn’t hold together and is very crumbly. I think I’ll throw it back in with some almond butter and more coconut oil and water and see what happens? Do you think I’d have better luck using the blender? Thanks!

    • Molly says

      So, I realized when cleaning up that I’d used Bob’s RM Gluten Free Flour Blend instead of almond flour. No wonder it wasn’t forming a ball! The bars were still yummy, but I can’t wait to try them with the almond flour. (I made them with the above modifications plus a flax egg). I also used apricot preserves for some of the bars since I was low on raspberry, and love them both ways. Thanks for another yummy egg free recipe and for the inspiration :)

  28. marissa says

    This is my first attempt at paleo desserts and 5th day on the diet. I was beginnig to crsve my old sweets but this satisfied them completely. FANTASTIC! I had to substitute almonds for walnuts and I added cinnamon. Delicious. Thanks

  29. Karen says

    Elana (the wizard of gf baking and all things good) Thank You for the recipe. You are my heroine. My journey towards healthy cooking/baking started with you and I always come back to your site. I have both your cookbooks (my husband couldn’t live without them) These will be my next baking treat. Hugs.

  30. Kristy B says

    I used rapadura (same amounts) and made my own fresh raspberry jam! Omg it smells so good! I dont know if I can wait the 2 hours I the fridge!!!

  31. says

    Thanks so much for this recipe – many times when you go to a “paleo” site it automatically excludes vegan options, mainly the egg factor. I am grain-free but my sister is allergic to eggs, so it really nice to come to your site and find something we can both enjoy. Added bonus: sugar-free! I will definitely be making these next weekend.

  32. says

    I’m off fruit, but I just made these with pumpkin puree with pumpkin pie spice, vanilla and stevia and they are DELICIOUS. Thank you Elana– you make life on a restricted diet worth living :)

    • claudia says

      LOVE this idea! I’ve made pumpkin cakes using Elana’s banana cake recipe. And mini muffins with kabocha squash and chai spices were amazing!

  33. Nancy says

    I love your Almond cookbook!! My absolute favorite Gf cookbook. Your recipes are so easy and healthy . My question is if I’m making your DARK RYE BREAD and doubling the recipe how do I adjust the cooking time?

  34. Sarah says

    Found you on pinterest! Love that you use xylitol. I’m now about to stalk your recipes & follow you! :) Thanks!

  35. says

    I love that you bake with almond flour! I’ve been making pancakes and cookies using almond flour and was wanting to try something different, so I’m so happy to see this recipe! The raspberry bars look awesome and I’m looking forward to trying them out. Tons of protein, easy on your gut…such an awesome idea!

  36. says

    I love everything about this and look forward to making them. I finally wised up and ordered the 5 lb bag of almond flour from your resource. If and when we meet one day, I owe you a lunch – you saved me a bundle!!

  37. Kelley says

    Elana, those look amazing! If anyone tries this with a different sweetener, can you post the amounts and how it turned out? My dog is a Houdini at getting food off the counter so I don’t want to take a chance with the xylitol.

  38. Tracy says

    Just had to tell you how wonderful your sesame dip was with carrots and celery – even on a burrito! I agree with your husband when he said it was “to good”. This raspberry streusel will be next on the list of must trys! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. Tracy

  39. says

    Yum! I love the bar recipes in The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, this one looks even better to me without the sweeteners! I don’t usually use xylitol so I may sub stevia or even some dates for the topping…

  40. MaryBeth says

    Amazing! I was just thinking of baking something rasberryish. Then I checked your blog and you just posted 4 minutes ago! I also have some freeze-dried rasberries. I have to make this and try adding them somewhere! Thanks, Elana!

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