Easy Avocado Dip

This is a super easy avocado dip that you can whip up in mere minutes.  There is no chopping (of herbs) required, because it is made with spice.

When I don’t have a lot of time to make dinner, this is a go to dish.  I get one of the boys to do the avocado cutting and scooping while I chop up carrots and celery to accompany this dip.  It’s a nice filling side along with a main dish and salad.

You could call it a guacamole, however, when I think of guacamole, I think of chopped up cilantro and onions (and sometimes tomatoes) along with the avocado and spices.  This is my shortcut for “guac.”

Easy Avocado Dip

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  • Cut the avocados in half, then remove the pits, reserving 1 to a medium bowl
  • Scoop avocado meat into bowl with pit
  • Gently mash avocados with a spoon
  • Add lemon juice, salt, chili and cumin
  • Stir lightly to combine
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
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I like to save a pit to keep with the dip as it seems to keep the dip from turning brown.  The boys are now versed in this practice and when they chop, scoop and gently mash the avocados (we call them “avos”) they know to put at least one pit back in the bowl –though they usually like to put all of the pits in the bowl.

This week has been busy and I’m quite happy and grateful for that.  The Sister Project was so kind in posting a feature on my experience of sisterhood on their front page.  I had a live radio interview with Chef Judy of Judy a la Carte and there was also a wonderful feature on my book in the food section of the Daily Camera, our local paper.

One small project I have been working on is the distribution of my book.  The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook does not seem to be making it onto bookstore shelves.  I am resolving this with my publisher and they have been fantastic in working with me on this matter.  If you have tried to purchase the book in a bookstore and been told it is not available, please leave a comment below and let me know your store and location so that I can get this resolved for you.

According to my publisher, the book is selling like hot cakes on amazon.com; today when I went on their site, I saw that my book is now #2 in the Gluten Free category, behind Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s G-Free Diet.


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  1. I work at a big suburban B & N and can tell you we’ve carried both your books, and in fact your cupcakes book was on the octagon at the front of the store around Mother’s Day, so it had really up-front placement in my store. After that, their shelf life is based mostly on sales.

    If new books like yours do well, they stand a chance of becoming backstock in the special diets section of the cookbook section, because that’s where they’re shelved. Newer books live on the shelves for a while until they reach a certain age and don’t sell– then we send them back to the publisher/warehouse. After that, if a customer wants it and it’s still in print, we special order it from the warehouses and vendors we source from. Unfortunately, though, we have to make room for new books, and gluten free/paleo/low carb is a REALLY hot topic. The special diets section is really overflowing with titles and while I always hand-sell your title– a lot of people want the huge “1000 recipes” titles. It’s hard to dissuade someone who’s never checked out your website that smaller is better over one book that’s going to give them everything they think they might need, especially if they’re on a budget and want one book to meet “all” their diet needs. It’s tough, because it’s not good customer service to say “But THIS food is better!”

    That said, I’ve made your cupcakes for my coworkers several times and they’ve ended up buying both of your cookbooks just because the food was so delicious– so here’s hoping just the employee sales volume drives you to formal backstock title status! The best thing I can recommend is that customers keep ordering through the store rather than the website, because it’s the only way to get it onto the shelf– it’s how the managers make those decisions, if they see a title that keeps being special ordered over and over.

    • Thanks for the explanation…I’m going to make the B&N in Springfield, NJ special order the almond flour cookbook. Your blog is so awesome & encouraging, thank you Elana!

  2. HI thanks for this – I actually found this page while looking for gluten free recipes as I’ve just been diagnosed with celiac AND an egg intolerance. I’m going to have to change my diet substantially. I’ll check out your book on Amazon! Cheers, Kitty.

  3. That is guacamole my friend! It comes in all shapes and sizes and thankfully gluten free.having ur nacho cheese trianglesfor the big day today yum..

  4. Good recipe. I am surely gonna try it. I like avocado. Avocado is very healthy and has many health benefits. It is rich in nutrients and is excellent as conditioner and makes one’s locks lustrous and smooth, it helps to get rid of the frizz from hair, also helps preventing hair loss and its nutrients helps for good hair growth.

  5. Hi Elana…and readers,

    I could just cry today. But not because there is anything sad to report. I received all the ingredients I was waiting for to start baking this afternoon. I spent a few hours in the kitchen. I have to say the crackers and cookies are the most delicious I have ever ever tasted. This includes other gluten free foods and wheat crackers and cookies. In fact I snacked so much on the herb crackers, sesame crackers, and Elana’s Chocolate Chip Cookies that I skipped lunch! Everything is so satisfying and you only need a couple of crackers to feel full and indulgent.
    I even took a picture of my herb crackers since that was my first recipe to try. I am so happy that I found this blog, book, and recipes. It has literally changed my life.
    I can’t wait for my husband to get here so I can give him some appetizers before dinner. And I am taking a mason jar filled with treats to my Great Uncle who has Celiac. He is going to be amazed at the greatness of the things we can do with almond flour.
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  6. Congrats on all the book sales! I had never heard of saving an avo pit to prevent browning, but I am going to try that, thanks!

  7. I didn’t know where to post or email this. So, here it is:
    I am passing on a blog award for bloggers that have touched my heart in one way or another. You have, so I’m passing on an award that was given to me.

    You can retrieve it at my blog: http://glutenfreegidget.blogspot.com/2009/08/id-like-to-thank-academy.html

    Thank you for sharing your lives with me and inspiring me in ways you will never know.


  8. Vanilla Plum Jam, AMAZING!! I have been looking for a jam recipe that uses agave instead of sugar. My mother in-law told me that I have to use real sugar to make great jam. I can’t wait to make this for her, she will be pleasantly surprised.

    I read through your blog and thought you might be interested in this site: http://www.zosiaorganics.com. Like you I am a mom and went from the corporate world to founding my own company where we produce Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan skin care products.

    Thanks again for an awesome site!

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