Cucumber Salad

 The name of this cucumber salad really could be Bubby’s Cucumber Salad.  I learned to make it from my father’s mother, an immigrant to this country, and an amazing woman.  She helped my Dad’s father run their butcher shop and was quite the business woman from what I can gather.

She also was an amazing cook.  Her Matzo Ball Soup was incredible, as were so many of her other dishes.

We make Bubby’s Cucumber Salad in my home all the time, and when I say we, I am being literal, the boys can whip this salad up in a jiffy, it’s so easy.  We like it best in the summertime, when its impact is extra refreshing.  Go ahead, try some for yourself!

Cucumber Salad

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  • Cut the cucumber into ¼ inch slices
  • Place in a medium bowl
  • Cover with vinegar and sprinkle with salt
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
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I’m really looking forward to my upcoming webinar with the editor of Allergic Living Magazine, Shelley Case, which will be on July 8th at 11am.  More details to come. Hope you can tune in.

Finally, I’ve been thinking lately about discussing the reasons I went gluten free and why that eating plan has helped me in my healing process.  I also may share some other strategies that I have used to rebuild my health.  Is there anything that would be of particular interest to you?  If so, leave a comment and I just might do a health related post in response to your question.


61 responses to “Cucumber Salad”

  1. A friend of ours has ceciliac disease (spelling not sure – allergic to gluten). Gary has sinus allergies and now that he is totally gluten-free his allergies are not as bad. We also found by going gluten-free – we have lost weight. (Andrea still occasionally has gluten but Gary is full gluten-free.) We have been gluten-free for about 3 months now and each have dropped a waist size. Gary has went from a pants size 33 to 32 in 6 wks. Andrea has lost 8 lbs in 12 wks.

  2. We make and my husband loves a cucumber salad that is a dash of lemon juice, small spoonful of mayo, squirt of mustard, small shot of maple syrup mixed with thinly sliced cucumbers. I never thought to try apple cider vinegar so thanks. He likes a bit of sweetness in his dressings (I don’t use any) so will probably add a bit of maple syrup too.
    Thanks for sharing all your wisdom, knowledge and insights.

  3. The beauty of Elana’s recipes is that almost all are naturally gluten free and delightfully simple to make. Real food at its best! :-) With literally thousands of readers, it’s clear that folks love these recipes and Elana. Keep ’em coming, Elana!


  4. Wow Jay… really? Why do you read Elana’s site if you don’t like the recipes? And I think more than recipes Elana is big on sharing kitchen techniques and some people may not have been aware of making cucumbers in this fashion. I’m glad she posted it, especially now the midst of cucumber season. I also disagree with your definition of a gluten free recipe. Any recipe that doesn’t contain gluten is technically gluten free. Elana doesn’t make a big deal about this recipe, along with many other recipes being gluten free because so many of them are naturally gluten free. You must be having a really lousy day to be so negative. Hope it gets better for you!

  5. Its cucumber salad with vinegar and salt, nothing more. Why on earth would you even bother to post this recipe as a gluten free recipe?

    Gluten free means one has taken the time to alter ingredients in a bread, a dessert, or any other wheat recipe, into an edible gluten free recipe.

    I find it hard to believe that this salad, a simple cucumber salad has been posted here for all to see as a gluten free recipe.

    Even the least experienced person that has been informed they must follow a gluten free diet, would know that cucumbers are gluten free. If not, then they have a much bigger problem.

    What a disapointment to see this inane recipe. I though I’d be led through a friend to a reliable gluten free website. Obviously I was not.

    • Being gluten free is more than baking breads and cakes and making flour substitutions – for so many it has to be a complete way of life in every aspect of food. When so many food products that one used to think of as normal every-day ingredients are now off-limits due to cross-contamination, glutenous additives, etc., it can seem extremely limiting and intimidating to first figure out exactly what one can eat. I have been there with my husband, where both of us have felt completely lost – there are even times now, years later, when we both feel stuck in a rut. It’s nice to see that some simple and quick dishes can be really delightful. When it seems that complicated is the only way to make anything gluten free, I love having a reminder that some lightly dressed cucumbers can also be satisfying and refreshing. I am a true believer that some of the best gluten free dishes are the ones that are naturally gluten free and require no alterations.

      Thanks Elana for posting this, going to cut some cucumbers up now!

    • While I love sites like Elana’s for her fabulous gluten-free baking, I also love simple recipes like this. I tried making pickled veggies once, and the result was not that great. Having a simple recipe from someone who knows what she’s doing can mean the difference between going out and spending a lot of money on commercial versions or trying to make the recipe again from scratch.

      Not to mention, many of us who are gluten-free also find that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and lowering our carb consumption can help us heal as well. So bring on the veggie recipes!

  6. I LOVE CUCUMBERS!! I remember eating this salad years ago when my mother made it. I am sending this recipe to the printer and will be enjoying this when I relax during the afternoon or evening hours soon.


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