chocolate sorbet

Chocolate Sorbet

This gluten free, dairy free and vegan Chocolate Sorbet recipe is an oldie but goodie from my recipe archives. What are these archives of which I speak? A binder with more than a thousand of my unpublished recipes. Anyway, this frozen treat is one of my mother-in-law’s favorite gluten free desserts, and she asks me to make it every time she comes to visit us.

Chocolate Sorbet is a perfect treat for summer parties, makes a great dessert after a simple family meal and is a wonderful snack for children.  Speaking of children, it’s challenging to accept that today is my boys last day of summer; they return to school tomorrow!  Vacation flew by and is over far too soon.

One great thing about this summer?  It is the first one that I was well enough to really keep up with the boys, and we had a fabulous time together.

We went to the pool, the reservoir, had some nice picnics and hung out by the creek as well.  With more energy, grocery shopping became a fun expedition with them, rather than an exhausting outing.  And by the way, they are fabulous baggers;  they also load up the car and take the bags in when we get home.  We have been quite the team this summer (they’ve even tested recipes for me) and had an amazing time.

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Chocolate Sorbet
  1. In a medium saucepan, heat water and agave, stirring until agave is dissolved
  2. Remove from heat, mix in chocolate chips, stir until chocolate chips are completely melted
  3. Blend mixture in a vitamix
  4. Cool mixture in freezer for 1 hour
  5. Add to your ice cream maker, following directions per your machine
  6. Serve

I hope you all enjoy this quick and easy, yummy frozen dessert recipe.  I love that it meets the dietary needs of a diverse array of folks –gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Gluten free has made it to Parents Magazine.  Several of my recipes (Vanilla Almond Butter and Banana Sandwich & Krispy Kale Chips) will be featured in their September issue in an article called “Pack Lunch like a Celebrity Chef.” Yes, they called me a celebrity, if you can believe that! Make sure you check out all the other celebrity chefs and their lunch ideas.


  1. Laura says

    I’ve made this twice, with honey and Kal stevia and cocoa powder, since that’s what I had. Last night using a wisk I kept in the pan I just stuck in the freezer( I wisked it every 20 min or so, allowing some of the mix to get on the sides of the pan, making it freeze faster), and today using my ice cream maker, after I went to the store to get salt. :) We really enjoyed this so much. Simple, so easy and tasty. win with the whole family.

  2. says

    HI Elana,
    Love your website. What’s so special about a VitaMixer? What if I don’t havve one, does a blender or food processor work? Thanks for what you are putting out there.

  3. says

    I have been making meals and desserts, etc. from your blog over the past few weeks and I have received SO many compliments on how amazing my food is! :) I have referred pretty much everyone I know to come check you out! I also added you to my blogroll on my site. Thank you for providing so much variety and flavor in your foods. From a fellow paleo-girl, I’m really grateful. :)

  4. Gwen says

    This was AMAZING! and so easy too. Hands down the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had… wasn’t expecting that. I only made one batch and it went so fast with people coming back for seconds!

  5. FAY FOX says

    Hi: for anyone wanting to buy a cuisinart ice cream maker, or hand blender/immerision stick with a whisk attachment & a chopping attachment, they are $30.00 each plus tax at costco [cheaper then bed bath and beyond even with the 20% off coupon.]
    My husband is on a sugar free diet, i made him the strawberry ice cream with coconut milk, i also added diced fresh strawberries before i froze the ice cream, i folded them in and then put in a container in the freezer.
    I am using a new product called “just like sugar”, it comes from the chickory plant, [i have only been able to find it at “wholefoods”], i remove 1 tbsp. of the “just like sugar” and added 1 tbsp. of raw agave sweetner; i spoke to some who is quite knowledgeable about blue agave, and they said the raw is the most healthy! the raw is available at “trader joe’s”.

  6. Jill says

    This looks AMAZING as always!! and thank you to those who posted the chocolate chip/less sugar alternative. I always think about that!! and the coconut oil with agave and coca powder really does harden well so that’s a wonderful idea!!

  7. Mary Kay says

    I make this yesterday and I don’t have an ice cream maker so I just froze it, stirring every few hours. It is so good and chocolatey. I can’t wait to try it with an ice cream maker to get the softer texture.

  8. says

    What a lovely treat! Sounds simple and delicious. Kudos on being stronger and more energetic as of late. I know that additional energy only comes with dedication and focus on your well-being and health. I can only imagine how much joy you and your family have shared this summer!

  9. Michelle says

    I just made this, using tart cherry concentrate (syrup) instead of the agave. AMAZING.

    My icecream maker (Rival) is overzealous, so I skipped the freezer and let the mixture cool overnight in the fridge instead. The final step took only 20 minutes in the icecream maker this morning.

  10. says

    I can only add to what all the others already said: it looks awesome, sounds easy (even though I’m one of those without an icecream maker) and surely tastes forbidden. I’ll try it very soon, I promise!
    Yet I have to admit that the other recipes sound quite good as well. Maybe I should do icecream every day from now on?;)

  11. Rin says

    I love that this recipe doesn’t have coconut (my mom is allergic)! So good and simple! Thanks for another wonderful recipe!!

  12. Michelle says

    Thank you. I went gluten-free years ago, and then sugar free, but I was frustrated at how many of the recipes I found relied on sugar to hold together the recipe. As a self-taught baker, my experiments were expensive disasters. Your recipes are the first that I adapt because I want to, not because I have to, and with so few ingredients, even I have figured out how they work, and therefor how to successfully adapt them.

    Your link to the roasted banana ice cream motivated me to use my ice cream maker for the first time – after it sat in storage for years.

    I’m unemployed, but when I had a little money, I took your advice and bought the VitaMix – and it makes eating well, and therefore life, so much easier.

    My friends and family owe you a debt of gratitude for any recipe that involves chocolate – and also, for Cupcake Month.

    Your work has been a tremendous contribution to my health, well being, and happiness.

    Thank you.

  13. Jennifer Stephenson says

    Dear Elana,
    Just curious; if you had to define why you felt better this summer, what would you say? I also have an autoimmune disease and four boys. I’ve followed an anti-inflammatory diet for years but last year due to one of our son’s allergies, I switched to a gluten free diet. I’ve essentially tried to be grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. I exercise regularly, do yoga and take a holistic approach to my health. I’ve been discouraged to not see improvements with energy levels or fatigue. I know our life is busy but yours sounds equally busy so I was curious what you would attribute your improvement in health this summer.
    Your site has been such a blessing in our family’s life; it is such a wealth of fabulous information. It has been the inspiration of many family dinners! Many thanks!

  14. says

    This looks just like something I want to roll around in.Yup… that would be pretty wonderful on such a hot day. What if….. one used coconut milk instead of water?? I think that would be even funner to roll around in! I will try it.

  15. Jenifer Martin says

    Hi Elana,
    I’ve been a fan for some time, but am just now taking some time to write. When I opened the email about chocolate sorbet, I was testing last night’s invention of Chocolate Mousse, made with your recipe for cashew milk.
    When my lovely doctor told me to go on a dairy- sugar- caffeine- legume- grain-free diet, I had a breakdown on my steering wheel in the underground parking lot of the Whole Foods Market here in Austin. I had perused your site before, because my family had already been on a gluten-free diet, but I hadn’t yet discovered just how valuable you would become to me! Your cashew milk saved me!
    Ironically, once I mastered the almond flour recipes, I started reacting to almonds. Go figure! My family continues to enjoy the vegan chocolate chip recipes weekly, though.
    OK, back to cashew milk. I am surprised I haven’t seen much hubbub about it here. It’s AMAZING, really! I make a thicker batch for coffee creamer (decaf) and ice cream, and a more milk-like batch for cereal milk and smoothies. I don’t write down recipes, so I never know just how something will turn out. I have been going for a creamy ranch dressing, but it ends up too sweet with the recipes I have found on the web. Hint hint.
    Your sorbet recipe looks great, thank you! I will try to post a Chocolate Mousse recipe once I get around to writing it down. Essentially, it was about a cup of really thick cashew milk (sorry I don’t have the measurements), a big spoon of coconut oil, a few tablespoons of Dagoba cocoa powder, dash of salt, vanilla (1/4 tsp?), and agave to taste (2-3 tbs). The first time, I whizzed it in the VitaMix until it was hot and poured it on Coconut Bliss ice “cream.” The next day, once refrigerated, it magically turned into a whipped mousse, air bubbles and all!
    Another favorite cashew milk concoction is a peach cobbler smoothie. I use a bag of organic frozen peaches, a cup of cashew milk, cinnamon, vanilla, honey/stevia combo, and a few leaves of kale (getting those greens in whenever I can!), then whiz it in my third child, the beloved VitaMix.
    I just HAD to share! Thank you, Elana, your recipes and positive attitude absolutely helped me learn to embrace my new lifestyle rather than resent it.
    P.S. Just returned from Boulder and LOVED how gluten-savvy everyone was! The Kitchen was my favorite. And, gotta love the St. Julian!

  16. says

    A dairy free, frozen treat? Thaaankk youu! I love frozen novelties during the hot summer months. I just made coconut milk ice cream today, and I am waiting for it to freeze. I don’t own an ice cream machine, but I do make pretty fine ice cream without one, if I do say so myself. :)

  17. Erin says

    Recommendations for ice cream maker, please???
    I’ve tried a Rival one, but found the milk froze too quick and it got stuck.
    I am an ice cream addict though, and can’t have dairy or soy, this is a problem for me! I will try it with my blender in the mean time, very time intensive though.

  18. Debra says

    We need to flood HGTV recommending you to host a show on Gluten Free cooking. Your recipes are the best. Have been gluten-free for a couple of years, but am now off all processed foods meaning no rice flour products, etc. I am eating vegetables and selective proteins; no fruit, no diary, no sugar. Your recipes help keep me happy and satisfied. Please keep them coming. Love your Almond Flour Cookbook!

  19. Heidi says

    Just sooooo happy to have found your site. I literally check it daily, more than I check our daily news LOLz. Thanks for all you do and certainly for all you share with us. How could I begin to give back to you?

  20. says

    i just made a coconut chocolate ice ‘cream’ that was decadent and amazing- obviously it was a day to go back to rich chocolately favorites. hmmm. chocolate- making this would keep me from cheating on sugar and grains, both of which i have to give up again, but right now am craving something fierce. well, off of the sugar for over a year now, but the rice and corn i went back on for a while, but now have worn by body down and need to get off of them completely to recoup.

  21. says

    Still haven’t picked up an ice cream maker…. but this looks so good! Especially with the 100 degree, humid weather we have been having.

  22. Audrey says

    I am concerned about the chocolate chips, because although I use agave, I don’t like eating sugar, and these chips have sugar in them. Can this recipe be made using the Organic Dagoba Cocoa Powder in place of the chips, and maybe adding a little more agave?

    Alternately, is there a way to make chocolate chips with agave in them, using the Organic Dagoba Cocoa Powder and maybe some coconut oil and agave? I wonder how they’d turn out?

    • Stephanie says

      I make chocolate ice cream using the following recipe:

      2 cans coconut milk
      3/4 cup agave
      2/3 cup cocoa
      1 tsp vanilla

      Freeze in ice cream freezer (I love my cuisinart).

      Last night, I used the recipe above and also added about 1 cup toasted pecans and 1/2 cup toasted coconut flakes. It was wonderful!

    • sunny says


      For the Sorbet or ice cream I use

      2 cans of unsweetened coconut milk
      2/3 cup of organic unsweetened dark cocoa powder
      6 tablespoons agave syrup or 1/2 cup organic palm sugar
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1 teaspoon guar gum

      Put all in a blender and pour into a shallow dish or bowl. Mine is about 2 inches high.

      I don’t have an ice cream maker so every 30 to 45 minutes I stir briskly or use a hand held mixer to add air.

      Pay attention the corners and edges of the dish and put the coldest part in the middle. (otherwise you get an ice cube) When the mixture is holding its shape I add the chocolate peanut butter chip mixture and stir it in with nuts of choice.

      Back to the freezer. If you have a family it will be gone when it gets to soft serve texture. If you are like me and single I score the pan into 6 servings so I can pop out a serving right away so I don’t need to half thaw everything to get a portion out of the dish and then refreeze the remaining which makes it even more icy.

      If you are going to eat it right away and not freeze overnight the guar gum is not needed.

      I have not had much luck making full chocolate chips that don’t melt at room temperature using the dagoba powder or black and greens dark chocolate powder. If someone else has a chip recipe which holds up at room temperature 78-80 degrees F please share. I’m in Florida with the heat index over 100 daily this summer. However in the “Ice cream / sorbet” recipes the chip mixture is fantastic. If you don’t make it hard first use it like a fudge swirl in the final stages of freezing.
      You can also use a thin stream to make frilly designs directly on the finished sorbet like the hard shell chocolate I used to buy.

      Chocolate chip recipe

      I mix • 1/2 c. organic unsweetened cocoa powder
      • 1/4 c. melted spectrum palm shortening or coconut oil
      • 1 t. vanilla or chocolate extract depending on mood
      • 1/4 c. raw honey or organic raw blue green agave from Mexico most other brands that are processed and not raw have the same quality and HF corn syrup.

      The shortening and sometimes a little less sugar make the chips hold together better.
      Sometimes I add organic cinnamon to the chocolate chips.

      Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and stir until well blended. Taste and adjust sweetness to your liking. Then I pour it out onto wax paper on a jelly roll pan at least 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick and put in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

      The last couple batches of ice cream I then smeared the chocolate mixture with organic peanut butter butter no salt or sugar added and put back in the freezer again.
      When firm I cut the chip mixture into tiny squares like chocolate chips.

      I also pour this mixture into candy molds adding fill ins like nuts or coconut flakes, nut butter or chia seeds as desired.


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