Chocolate Cake

Yes, I continue to roll out the coconut flour recipes. This time it’s gluten free Chocolate Cake. I am having a great time experimenting with this unique flour. I have been doing so for almost two years now and have created a small stockpile of recipes that work well with its light and fluffy texture.

This gluten free, dairy free chocolate cake (nut free too) is a family favorite, with a thick, yummy vegan chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Cake

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Servings 12



  • In a small bowl combine flour, cacao, salt and baking soda
  • In a large bowl using an electric hand blender, blend eggs, oil, agave nectar, vanilla and orange zest
  • Add dry ingredients into large bowl and continue to blend
  • Oil (2) 9 inch cake pans and dust with coconut flour
  • Pour batter into pans and bake at 325°F for 35-40 minutes
  • Remove from oven, allow to cool completely then remove from pans
  • Frost and serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 35 mins
Total Time 50 mins
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Vegan Chocolate Frosting

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  • In a small saucepan over very low heat, melt chocolate and grapeseed oil
  • Stir in agave, vanilla and salt
  • Place frosting in freezer for 15 minutes to cool
  • Remove from freezer and whip frosting with a hand blender until it is thick and fluffy
  • Frost over cake
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Freeze Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 30 mins
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This frosting recipe is one of my all time favorites –I have been known to eat it by the spoonful and like to spread it on gluten free crackers.

The chocolate vegan frosting above is a nice complement to my Vanilla Cupcakes (made from almond flour) recently featured in the Denver Post. Go ahead and see for yourself on your next special occasion or for no reason at all!


100 responses to “Chocolate Cake”

  1. If I wanted To make this for only 2 people. How would I do that? It’s my second time baking kinda scared I’ll mess it up.

  2. Question- do you think this cake would still be good without the cocoa powder? As a yellow cake, for instance? I would still do the chocolate icing. My dad wants a yellow cake with choc icing for his birthday tomorrow, and I really want to make this cake. I made the original (chocolate on chocolate) a couple days ago, and it is SOOOO good!!! Would never guess it was paleo! Thank you for the recipe. Just curious if you think it would work as a yellow cake.

  3. Thank you so much for your recipes. I have been struggling to make “normal” food for my children and husband while making it healthy, nutritious, and without grains, sugar, etc. I have had some monumental failures with my attempts with nut flours and coconut flour; however, I am so happy to say that the cake I have just made for my daughters party is a sucess with many thanks to you.

  4. I was so happy when my boyfriend said he would prefer a gluten free and healthier chocolate cake vs the usual 7 pound cosco chocolate cake that we always get for birthdays. When I read the ingredients for your gluten free chocolate cake, I almost wanted to change the amount of eggs- it sounded so strange with 10 eggs, but I made it and OMG! It was so great!

  5. Hi Elana,

    I love your recipes! I have taken to making the chocolate cake with vegan icing for friends’ birthdays and am now getting requests for cakes from friends of friends. I feel I must charge them something. This falls into “commercial use” of your recipe. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due, but I would like your permission first. Do you do any commercial baking yourself? Might I do some and give credit to your recipe and pay you a percentage if this actually becomes something regular? It’s more likely to be a one-off situation for friends of friends but I want to check this out with you to stay in integrity. I live in Louisville and am a practicing homeopath (main profession) but love to help friends with their gluten-free and dairy-free needs. And I love to bake!

    thanks! ~ Christina

  6. This cake… There are not enough good things i can say about it! Its moist, light, and DELICIOUS!!! I love it!!! Absolutely amazing, and far exceeded my expectations, although I have yet to try a recipe of Elana’s which I wasn’t impressed by! Anyway, I’ve choicen to raise my son with healthy eating habits since he began solids six months ago, and wanted to celebrate his first year the same way. BUT, I wanted him to have a typical “messy cake-face” experience, only without him bouncing off the walls afterward. I chose Elana’s recipe after playing with several others (while eyeing this one for months. Why I didn’t go with my gut is beyond me.) I wasted many expensive ingredients on dry, tasteless cake experiments! This one, however… Better than any “regular” cake I’ve ever made. Hands down. I made it with Elana’s coconut frosting, and family friends were asking for the recipe even after discovering it was GF… Of course I sent them here!!!! Thank you, Elana! You helped make my son’s first birthday very special for us! :)

  7. Hi,
    I don’t have time to read through all the posts so forgive me if it is already mentioned. Can this cake be made without chocolate? If so, would I have to replace the cacao with something else?

    Thank you!

  8. this cake looks amazing! i’m trying to find something to make for my (very allergic) son’s birthday and we’ve gone paleo. he’s very allergic to eggs and most of the “egg free” recipes i’ve found only uses wheat flour. do you think it is at all possible to attempt a cupcake version of this with flaxmeal and water instead of eggs? most recipes i’ve found that uses coconut flour recommends A TON of eggs. is it impossible to try with coconut flour egg-free? (i know it says that you don’t answer substitution questions, but i’m kinda of desperate. :o) please help! i have to bring treats to his preschool on thurs!

  9. Hi, does the chocolate frosting work with any other oil?

    I used olive because it was all I had and the mixture failed to whip. I spent quite a while using a hand blender and it just didn’t respond.


  10. I made the cake exactly as stated and am absolutely impressed! It’s cake!! With everything else gluten free I’ve eaten/baked in the past 4 months, I was prepared for something just okay. I am happy to say it’s just as delicious as my Great Grandmas gluten and sugar filled cake recipe I’ve been making for years! (only this is way healthier :D!!) Thank you so much!
    ** I made a simple ganache as a frosting instead of the vegan, as I was running out of grapeseed oil. I’m sure this cake would be delicious with anything on top, or just as it is :D

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