chipotle lime salmon

Chipotle Lime Salmon

With baseball back in the picture and our afternoons filled with practices I find myself looking for quick entrees that offer a lot of protein without a lot of work.  This gluten free Chipotle Lime Salmon recipe is one of those. My husband loved it, pronouncing it blog-worthy after his first bite.

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Chipotle Lime Salmon
  • 1 lb salmon, cut into 4 fillets
  • 1-2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 limes, sliced in half
  • 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon chipotle powder
  1. Preheat oven to 500°
  2. Rinse salmon, pat dry and place on a metal baking sheet
  3. Rub each fillet with olive oil
  4. Squeeze the juice from one-half lime onto each fillet
  5. Sprinkle fillets with salt and chipotle, then place a half lime on top of each fillet
  6. Turn down oven temperature to 275°
  7. Place salmon in oven and cook for 8-12 minutes, depending on how well done you like your fish

chipotle lime salmon recipe

I’ve been very busy lately though spending as much time as possible with my boys.  Still, getting in quality time is a challenge.  We’re going from the moment I meet them at school until dinner, running around to various activities such as baseball, violin and of course, grocery shopping.

I didn’t think I’d become one of those over scheduled mothers, though that seems to be just what is happening.

Thankfully, we still have a good routine at bedtime with lots of chit chat about the day, reading and snuggling.  Often I think I need this time to unwind more than the boys do, though in reality, I bet it does all of us a lot of good.


  1. Laura Hofer says

    Great recipe, Elana! I love heat and citrus, and especially loved how the lime halves had lots of warm juice to squeeze over the salmon. We had this dish tonight with your No Potato Salad and simple baked potatoes, an easy and delicious supper. Thank you.

  2. Mylinda says

    Why do you preheat it to 500 first
    And when you turn it down to 275 do you wait for the over to cool all the way back down or just put the salmon in?

    So I’m not a very experienced cook :/

  3. Lyndsey says

    I’d definitely add cinnamon! I made it with the Grillmates sweet and smoky rub which has cinnamon (only chipotle seasoning I was able to find!) and it is SO good. I make this at least once a week now because it’s my second favorite fish recipe (second only to my mother’s orange roughy). Thank you so much for the recipe!! Easy and DELICIOUS!!!

  4. Michelle Quispe says

    I love this recipe, the zing of the chipotle powder pairs great w/ the lime however the cooking method did not work. After 15 minutes in the oven, they were barely cooked so I upped the temp to 375 and cooked them an additional 10 mins and it was delish.

  5. Stephanie says

    This recipe sounds great but the fact that you spend snuggle time with your kids every evening was the best part for me to read. Our children need our love so very much!
    Keep cookin’ Elana – thanks for the recipes!

  6. mondayjane says

    Googled “salmon, chipotle” and came across your site. I made this dish for dinner and it was delicious! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. ~M says

    Mandy – be sure to look both near the spices and in the “ethnic”/Mexican sections of the grocery store.

  8. mandy says

    Hey Elana,

    I’ve been to a couple grocery stores and can’t find chipotle powder. I’m going to check a bigger whole foods store tonight, but if I can’t find it, would chili powder be a good substitution?


  9. says

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! Chipotle and Lime are one of my favorite combos. It’s good to know others can relate to the struggle for quality time with your family :-)

    For info on the inspiration for my oven technique in this recipe, go to this salmon post.

  10. says

    Please tell me you pushed the colour on that second photo – salmon is never yellow! I started salivating as soon as I saw the title and have to make this for supper now. I just happen to have a little bag of smoked chipotle chili powder.

    Thanks for another fantastic and simple recipe.

    x x x

  11. Desirée says

    Hi Elana! I made this last night and it was so, so, so, so DELICIOUS! As a college student, it’s often difficult for me to find time to cook a real dinner – but this was so quick and easy! Thanks so much!

  12. chrissy says

    This looks great, as always!
    I just wanted to let your dear readers know that I have been making up your cookie dough recipes for quite some time and baking just a few right then (because who can wait?!?) and scooping the rest onto a wax paper/parchment sheet and freezing them. I then remove them to a tupperware container, label the type, and take out just however many I want to bake at a time. I put them on a cookie sheet while the oven is preheating and they seem to defrost just enough and turn out just great every time! Just an fyi… I know people sometimes ask if they can freeze your recipes! BTW – those chocolate mocha cookies are AWESOME! They are the reason I decided I needed to freeze the dough – – so that I didnt eat 3 dozen cookies in one evening!! ;)

  13. says

    Ok!.. had this for lunch. And again for dinner :-)
    This is so simple and YUMMY. I cooked it the way you recommend and it’s unbelievable! Very moist and even better flavor than baking it at a high temp.
    I’m definitely heading back to the store for some more salmon as I think this is so good that even my fish-despising husband will like it!
    And the limes look so pretty on top. Thanks Elana!

  14. abigail says

    *laughs* I got this recipe as I was eating lime-chili salmon I made last night. Must be the season!

  15. says

    I just love salmon and I can’t wait to try this recipe.

    I spent a lot of time waiting in the car during soccer practices and the like. Sometimes I got in a walk around the field, too. All of us were always equally happy when a sports season started AND when it ended. ;-)


  16. Trish Flint Ackermann says

    Thank you so much for this incredibly delicious and truly fast and healthy recipe! My husband agrees with your hubby and is so glad I found you!

    Secondly, thank you for always throwing your family information in for us to read! It helps all of us who may feel like we are struggling for that quality time to get a good perspective on reality, we are all in the same boat!

    God Bless You!

  17. says

    Mmmm, yummy, I like the lime half on top of each fillet!

    I love chipotle and lime together and put them on fresh, wild salmon occasionally, but with the added touch of a little agave or honey. I also like to roast potato or sweet potato wedges with a little sprinkling of chipotle.

    Thanks! -Ali :)

  18. says

    Perfect! You planned tomorrows dinner for me! I just came back from Whole Foods with some fresh King fillets and I go to your blog and here I’m presented with the perfect recipe!
    I have the same question as ~M; I noticed all your salmon recipes are prepared this way. Is it a texture thing?
    Don’t worry about being one of those over scheduled mothers, the bedtime snuggles are greatly appreciated and will be remembered for a lifetime! My mom used to do the same.

  19. ~M says

    This looks very good…I might add a pinch of cinnamon too! What inspired this oven technique? I usually roast my salmon for about 10 minutes at 450F or 475F in a glass pyrex…so yummy!

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