Celiac in People Magazine

As a Waldorf mother, I never thought I would confess to reading People magazine. Recently though, I decided to come clean; I am addicted to, and read this weekly rag voraciously, and not just in the dentist’s office.

In my struggle to come out of the closet – mostly to myself, my husband and children are fully aware of the addiction – I pretend that this purchase is in the name of sociological research. I tell myself that as an entrepreneur, I really need to stay on top of happenings in mainstream America.

This week, as I was conducting my “research,” I found an article on celiac disease. The most under diagnosed disease in America can now claim its fame as a fully recognized malady, given that it was featured in People (circulation 3.8 million).

Last weekend, I timidly confessed my People habit to another Waldorf mom, thinking I would be branded with a scarlet “P.” To my surprise she actually asked me to save my old copies and pass them on to her. I guess she has some “research” to do as well.


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  1. Hi,

    What a wonderful site! I Iove how simple your recipes are, especially since I don’t like to spend hours cooking.

    I was curious about celiacs and why you have to avoid all grains (like oats). Also, why is soy something you don’t eat?

    How can you tell if you’re allergic or not?

    I do hope you come out with a cookbook very soon! I love the simplicity of the recipes as well as your caring tone.

    Thank you!!!

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