Watermelon Aguas Frescas

Aguas frescas are a popular fruit beverage from Mexico.  Naturally gluten free and completely refreshing, my children fell hard for this cool drink, taking bottles of it to the ball field yesterday.

You could also serve these for Father’s Day; they’d be a delicious, healthy and hydrating treat for Father’s Day brunch.  Most aguas frescas drinks are packed with sugar, however, as you can see below, my recipe is completely au natural.  Enjoy!

Watermelon Aguas Frescas

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Servings 2


  • 2 cups watermelon, sliced into 1-inch cubes, discard rinds
  • ¼ cup lime juice, fresh squeezed
  • 10 drops stevia
  • lots of ice


  • Place watermelon, lime juice and stevia in a vitamix and puree on highest setting until liquefied
  • Fill 2 large glasses to the top with ice
  • Pour watermelon mixture over ice
  • Serve
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
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This was my first time making aguas frescas.  Have you ever made them?  If so, leave a comment and let us know your favorite aguas frescas recipe or concoction!

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34 responses to “Watermelon Aguas Frescas”

  1. I use 2 c. cubed watermelon, 1 c. ice, a drizzle of agave and a pinch of powdered ginger in the Blend Tec. Marvelous! I also like to add 1/2 c. yogurt, plain or vanilla for a change, although my wife doesn’t care for the yogurt version.

  2. I’ve never made aguas frescas, but yesterday I did throw about 1 1/2 cups of watermelon into the blender. So refreshing on a hot day.

    I’ll have to give the aguas frescas a try. It sounds great too.

  3. Oh, yummy! Elana, my most favorite is Jamaica (Hibiscus punch).It is so yummy but full of sugar. I am sure you could redo it with stevia or something, but truly hits the spot!!! Thanks for the recipe. My boys will be head over heals in love. Watermelon is a FAVORITE!!!

  4. I actually don’t like watermelon. I want to, but I just don’t like them–on their own. However, a watermelon drink, sweetened with Stevia and lemon or lime juice

  5. Living in the South I would often experiment with fruits, berries and juices making smoothies & ice tea’s to cool down during those hot humid days My Watermelon Delight smoothie consisted of 1-1/2 cups crushed ice, 4 large strawberries, 6 red large seedless grapes, 2 cups of seedless watermelon, 1 cup sweet honeydew, 1 cup seasoned sweet cantaloupe a splash of fresh lime blend everything & then taste for sweetness. I would often use honey to sweeten but switched over to Sun Crystal sweetener with stevia. Sometimes I would tweak my smoothies experimenting adding different fruits & berries to add sweetness or flavor. Even cold flavored carbonized sparkling water to add a little interesting fizz-zing to the drink.

  6. Please explain “Stevia” in the recipe for Watermelon Aguas Frescas, because, the site referred to does NOT respond to requests for information on “Stevia”

    Further, they responded: “Take “Stevia” out of the request for info list.

    Pray tell – just what IS this “10 drops”? Is it some kind of salt? (Just a guess)! I really don’t need riddles, just good recipes.

    • Stevia is a natural sweetner derived from a plant native to Paraquay and Brazil. It is sold in most health food stores and in some large grocery stores. It comes in liquid and powder. I’m sure you could substitute any sweetner of your choice, or skip it due to the sweetness of the fruit.

    • Stevia is a sugar substitute. You can buy it in liquid form – so you can get “ten drops” from it. A simple Google search for “stevia” will give you visuals and more information about it.

  7. I just made this recipe, but I was low on ice so I used a pint of Quebec (where I live) blueberries that I threw in the freezer last night in anticipation of the hot weather today.

  8. Could we use agave nectar or honey instead of stevia? I really cannot find stevia in any form in the town I live in.. :(

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