Book Review: Paleo Diet

One of the most sane, common sense approaches to eating that I have seen in all my years of researching food and holistic living, The Paleo Diet is a favorite.

The knowledgeable Loren Cordain, Ph.D., takes us back to the pre-agrarian diets of our ancestors. Yes, that’s the Stone Age, a time before the Agricultural Revolution, which occurred a mere 10,000 years ago (a short time ago given man’s 2 million year history).

The diet featured in this book is one of hunter-gatherers –thus there are no grains in any of the recipes, let alone other inventions of modernity such as sugar, cheese puffs or splenda.

Cordain provides us with the secrets of our Stone Age progenitors and claims that his diet can prevent heart disease and Syndrome X, amongst other health issues.

I simply feel better when I eat less carbohydrates and cooked foods and more raw fruits and veggies with lean protein. I was fascinated to learn the socio-historical reasons behind a way of eating that I have long known works for me.

Just a note –I do not condone or believe in a “one size fits all,” eating plan that works for everyone. We are unique individuals and can find the foods that were meant for our bodies.

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  1. Hi Elana,
    I follow the Paleo diet, but like you said one size does not fit all.
    At first it might seem difficult but if you take baby steps and eliminate some of the bad things and replace them with the good things. Before you know it you will be on the right track.

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