Cauliflower Rice

I mentioned in my Stuffed Peppers post the other day that I would give you all the recipe for my Cauliflower “Rice.”   Around here, we call it Cauli Rice, and I’m super happy that my husband and children like to eat it as much as I do.  Cauli Rice is a tasty, nutritious, grain-free, alternative to white rice for those of us that follow a Primal or Paleo eating plan.  Works for the Atkins people too.

I’ve been making Cauliflower Rice for a while now.  I found out about it on a Yahoo Low Carb Group and posted my own recipe for Mexican Chicken and “Rice” back then.  My friend Kalyn over at Kalyn’s Kitchen has a fabulous looking recipe for “Cauliflower Rice” with Fried Onions and Sumac.  I actually like her post better than mine because she has tons of photos and how to tips along with her recipe, so head on over and check it out!

Cauliflower Rice

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  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 cup celery, finely diced
  • 1 head cauliflower, trimmed and coarsely chopped
  • ¼ teaspoon celtic sea salt


  • In a large 9 inch skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat
  • Saute onion over medium heat for 10 minutes, until soft
  • Add celery to skillet and sauté for 5 minutes
  • Meanwhile, place cauliflower in a food processor with the "S" blade and process until the texture of rice
  • Add cauliflower to skillet, cover and cook 5-10 minutes, until soft, then add salt
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 40 mins
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It’s hard to believe that The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook has been out for more than a year now! I’ve been reading through a lot of the reviews on Amazon and wanted to give thanks and highlight this review from Madeleine of Paris, France:

For people with celiac disease, baking is not always easy, results often not too pleasing and very often not too healthy either. This book addresses these 3 problems in a magnificent way. The recipes are super easy, the results absolutely delicious and the nutritional value outstanding. I reach for Elana’s recipes again and again. Friends and family prefer ‘her food’ over regular stuff. If you have never cooked before and don’t know where to begin, this book is a great place to start. For more experienced cooks, the book has a lot to offer as well: a lot of recipes for pie crusts, pizzas, breads etc etc that spark your own imagination and creativity. Do your family, your palate and your health a favour and buy this lovely book!

Wow. Thank you Madeleine for your complimentary words and favorable review!  I greatly appreciate it.

You truly are a gift to all of us who love food but have restrictions - you make it effortless and healthy.


26 responses to “Cauliflower Rice”

  1. Elana — thanks for this recipe– I am going to try it! In my past experiences, every time I try to make riced cauliflower I cant seem to get that stinky smell out of it– no matter what I use to flavor it. Is there a trick to get that stinky smell out….??? thank you so much– your recipes save me!!! and I tell people about you all the time ! you truly are a gift to all of us who love food but have restrictions – you make it effortless and healthy and I cant thank you enough.

    • Rosina, thanks for your darling comment! I love making food that is effortless and healthy. In terms of the smell of the cauli rice, anything that is in the cruciferous family is going to have that funny cabbage type smell. Here’s a cauliflower rice recipe for you that has a lot of spices in it that you might really like:


  2. I buy frozen riced cauliflower at Trader Joe’s – delicious cooked like this. I use butter because I like the added flavor, along with a little parmesan.

  3. Oh my God! This dish is so warm , tasty, simple, way better than any rice and a great way to add vegetables in our kids diet. I read this recipe 30 minutes ago, and now I’m enjoying it with some sprouts.
    Thank you.

    • Rita, thanks for your comment! I’m so happy to hear that this rice was tasty, and simple. We love it too :-)

  4. OMG – wish i hadn’t waited so long to try this! it is so yummy we may never cook rice again. Made it as described and grated just a little parmesan cheese (the real stuff) on top. I will definitely be making this every week!

  5. Can you please post the nutritional information regarding the cauliflower rice dish? I’m interested in calories, carbs (net carbs), fiber, fat, protein, and sodium. Thank you.

  6. I am so happy to see that I can have a form of rice and really enjoy it. I am a type 1 Diabetic so this will fit beautifully in my recipe shuffle. I will try it very soon. Thank you for your help.

    • Try coconut oil. It doesn’t tast like coconuts, but gives a nice flavor to everything. And it is heart healthy.

      • Please give us more information regarding coconut oils (liquid and solid) usage and cholesterol. I ve heard so many different opinions. Need facts. Thxs Judy santora

        • Judy, I love coconut oil and use it quite a bit due to its high levels of MCTs which are fantastic for clean burning brain energy, critical for me in dealing with an MS diagnosis. Coconut oil is made of saturated fats so will raise LDL cholesterol levels; on the flip side, it also increases HDL cholesterol (desirable) and lowers triglycerides. The picture is a complex one and whether or not it is the right thing for you depends on various factors. LMK if you have other questions :-)

  7. Can I freeze the cauliflower after putting it in food processor to make it quicker to make the recipe?

  8. To give a little more flavor, I would suggest adding fresh juice of one lime,
    a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger and garnish with chopped cilantro.

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