Green Lemonade

After last weeks Almond Joy Chocolate Bark post, I received this message on my Facebook Page from Suzanne Hodgman Hodsden:

That’s really nice, but what about some healthy recipes for us health nuts!

Quite a lot of interesting comments followed hers and a good debate was had by all –except me, I just post the recipes and try to stay out of the debates. And furthermore, while I don’t spend a good deal of time on Facebook, I must confess, I have become a Twitter-a-holic.  So hop on over there and send me a tweet.

Today’s recipe is for Green Lemonade.  Andrea (a friend of my good friend Chris) turned me on to this delightful drink, which was originally conceived by Natalia Rose.

Green Lemonade

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  • 1 bunch kale, use stalks and all
  • 1 cucumber, I leave the skin on
  • 1 lemon, I leave the peel on
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, remove core
  1. Juice all ingredients with a juicer
  2. Place green lemonade in glasses
  3. Serve

I often enjoy serving this yummy, healthy green beverage in wine glasses.  Remember to drink it slowly, so that you can absorb and digest every ounce of green goodness.

Speaking of healthy goodness, Diane from The W.H.O.L.E. Gang is starting her 30 Day Food Revolution on April 26th. She has asked 30 different bloggers to join her in sharing how to shift from processed foods or unhealthy foods to the foods our bodies need and love. Check it out!


41 responses to “Green Lemonade”

  1. Suzie is my co-worker, I’ll have to give her a hard time about that! Especially since coconut is a very healthy thing, especially the oil! And maple syrup has minerals and antioxidants! But I’ll give this green thing a try. I’ve seen a number of green smoothies with kale and I’m never even a little tempted to try it, until now!

  2. I was wondering what everyone uses to juice. I have a Brevelle juicer but the strainer doesn’t work anymore and everything comes out in a clump. So, I’m deciding what to buy. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. I love juicing. What I found was the juicing takes less digestive energy than blending. But either has its merits. Also, test different combos for what you like. I am not crazy about kale so I don’t use a lot. I don’t like celery or cabbage. I use spinach, green apple, kale, parsley,tomato (yum),any greens, cucumber n lemon.

  4. Try adding a small (or bigger if you like ginger as much as I do) with all the other ingredients in the Green Juice – delicious.

  5. I just made this drink without an apple and maybe diluted a lot more with a lemonade and water. I loved cuke n kale lemonade when I was at Real Food Daily recently. The drink I just made with help of your recipe came pretty close! Thanks so much for posting this! Now I know I can make my own cuke n kale lemonade myself and enjoy any time!

    BTW, I made a lot more of juiced kale, cucumber, and lemon and I put in an ice cube tray to freeze it. Now, I can make this version of kale and cuke lemonade any time I want without too much work!!! I am so excited!

  6. I don’t have a juicer. Is there any reason not to mix this up in a blender and drink it like a smoothie? I see some people mention doing that but straining out the solids. Is straining necessary?

    I LOVE your site.

    • I mix it all up in a blender too- no straining. All the solids are all the fiber! :3 I actually jussst made some Green Lemonade n randomly googled it to see if anyone had already thought about it haha I mixed around 4 cups of water with a ton of dandelion greens (the top leaf down to about the middle of the stem), a whole lemon (minus the seeds and outermost peel), and 7 big cubes of ice, and a teaspoon of stevia, then blended for like 45 seconds. mmmm! sooooo good :D the bitterness from the stevia and dandelion greens cancelled each other out so it’s just like sweet lemonade, but paccckkkked with nutrients :D :D

  7. I make something similar for breakfast every morning using spinach instead of kale and lime instead of lemon – yummy and packed with vitamins and minerals! :-)

  8. Green lemonade is amazing when you have any kind of upset tummy! I got a bad stomach bug right before we went camping and several of the kids got it while we were camping, I made a gallon of this and it helped greatly!

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