Grain-Free Peach Crisp

 This new and improved gluten free Peach Crisp was a lot of fun to shoot and even more fun to eat.  I’m loving (rather than dreading) taking pictures ever since I took the Food and Light Photography Workshop.

Why another Peach Crisp?  Well, a number of you had left comments on my “old” Peach Crisp recipe, mentioning that the topping seemed wet.  So, I went back and tried the recipe myself.  I wrote that recipe 2 years ago and I guess my tastes have changed –and hopefully my cooking skills have improved.  I like this crisp much better than the old one.

What’s different?  Well, I reduced the amount of oil in the topping, cut out the baking soda and reduced the salt by half –now it’s more to my liking.  When I made the old one last week, I took it to a baseball potluck (we’ve had a ton of those this year!).  I served it with ice cream to mask the salt, though nobody seemed to notice it was too salty (or gluten free for that matter) people were psyched to have a warm dessert with fresh baked fruit.

Anyway, to those of you who made my overly salty Peach Crisp with the runny topping and did not find it to your liking –my apologies, and I hope you enjoy this one, now that we are at the height of peach season.

Grain-Free Peach Crisp

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  • Place peach slices in a large bowl, sprinkle with lemon juice, vanilla, and arrowroot; toss to incorporate all ingredients
  • In a , combine almond flour, salt, grapeseed oil and agave for topping
  • Place peach mixture in a 3 quart baking dish
  • Crumble topping over peaches
  • Bake covered at 350°F for 45 minutes, until peach juice is bubbling
  • Remove cover and bake a few more minutes if topping is not yet browned
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Total Time 55 mins
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gluten free peach crisp

As some of you can imagine, and some of you have even mentioned to me (ahem Lillian!) I am a fairly meticulous person, and very detailed.  I usually test a recipe 5 or 10 times before it is posted on this site and spend weeks developing various dishes that my lucky (poor) family has to eat (over and over again).

When it comes to my recipe development for books and magazines, imagine tripling the above process.  So, it’s best to look at this website as a developmental piece.  With all of this cooking, my cooking has (hopefully) improved.  On that note, I encourage you to use the more recent recipes on the site, though some of you may have some old favorites that work out quite well.

One thing I have learned from my readers is that I like salt –a little too much, and more than the average person.  So I’ve definitely cut down on the salt in my recipes over the last year.

Have you noticed that anything else has changed?  Is there anything that bugs you?  Do you have any favorite recipes from the archives that you make over and over again?  Leave a comment and let us all know!


74 responses to “Grain-Free Peach Crisp”

  1. Fantastic recipe! Much better than the last one I tried. Thanks Elana for your wonderful site!

  2. I found this revised peach crisp recipe after I had already wasted all of my peaches and almond flour on the old soupy-salty recipe. Maybe the old recipe should just be removed from your website so ingredients no longer goes in the trash bin.

  3. Just wanted to say that I made this peach crisp two days ago & it was DELICIOUS & sooo easy! I didn’t have enough peaches, so I added blackberries & it turned out beautifully. Thank you for this sweet & easy recipe!

  4. Has anyone tried a substitution for arrowroot powder? I don’t have any on hand. I am thinking cornstarch or possibly tapioca starch may work, has anyone tried anything else? Also, has anyone tried any other sweetened like honey in the place of the agave? I am just curious if I can substitute with the ingredients I have already and come out with an equally delicious peach crisp?

    • Hi Sara,

      Based on the rules of this comment forum, I can’t answer substitution or nutritional questions, so I will just relate my recent recipe experience with the peach crisp. :) I always use honey instead of agave syrup in Elana’s recipes, since I try to use local ingredients when at all possible, and I like the fact that my local, raw and unfiltered honey has lots of good stuff in it besides just the sugar content. I can’t testify to the flavor difference between agave and honey, but I can say the recipes seem to work out fine for me with the honey. After reading the comments before making this peach crisp, it sounds like it still ended up being kind of soggy for folks, so I just pulled off the tin foil for the last 10 minutes, and then the last 5 I turned on the broiler in the oven and watched it until it until it was browned and bubbly. Additionally, I knew my crisp would probably be less crisp because I was using peaches that I had prepared and frozen last summer so I could use them in the winter for peach cobbler.

    • “I cannot answer substitution or nutrition questions.
      Please visits the forums and FAQ’s.”

      However, I CAN advise you to google substitutes for arrowroot powder on the internet….chances are you do have something that would work just fine as a substitute….:) The stuff is well worth picking up at a later date, though. Elana does her homework, and it really is good stuff for you. You can look it up under her ingredients for more info on the benefits of it. Let us know how the crisp turns out for you!!!!

  5. It wasn’t very crisp… but it was still delicious :) Thank you so much for making this recipe for us!

  6. Elana,
    Do you have a recipes for making gluten free pastry puffs or know where they can be purchased?


  7. This dish is amazing! I do GAPS so skipped the arrowroot and used honey instead of agave and it was still absolutely divine! I did a batch with tart prune plums, too – Holy yum!

  8. I love all your cracker recipes. Zucchini bread is another favorite. I’m about to make your peach crisp and am glad to see you revised it using less oil. I often find it necessary to reduce the oil in your recipes to make the finished product less runny and less greasy looking the 2nd and 3rd day, if it lasts that long! Absolutely love your cookbook and blog. Finding you has led to many other healthful changes in my life.

  9. Finally got the peaches to make this–have only been drooling over it since the day you posted it! My topping came out very moist and not crumbly as well. It didn’t really ‘crisp’ up after another 10 minutes uncovered, and the peaches were bubbling up and browning nicely. I will reduce the grapeseed oil next time to see if that helps… It tastes great, just not the topping I would expect.

    I left the skins on the peach and it cooked right down and added a nice color woven in :)

    The peach part is great but the topping is rather… oily and too moist feeling. I can’t wait to try this again though!!!

  10. Hi Elana,

    Did you skin the peaches for this recipe? I usually skin them for crisps, but I don’t see that in the directions and can’t tell from the yummilicious photo. Thanks!

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