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Pizza Crust: Video

I’m thrilled to announce the advent of epTV, my very own web television channel right here at Elana’s Pantry, where I’ll be posting my favorite videos from readers.  That means you!

Just make a video that’s around 5 minutes long using one of the recipes from my website or The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.  Then, leave a comment in this post linking back to your video (post it on your blog or youtube, or both) and I’ll select my faves for the epTV spotlight here a couple of times a month.  If you’ve already made a video of one my recipes, let me know in the comments section of this post.

This first video feature is a gem.  It’s made by Jen Springer of Natural Anxiety Therapy (Jen is into “all things healthy” check out her website!) and features my pizza crust from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook.

In this video, Jen shows you how to make a gluten free pizza crust and discusses the amazing benefits of cooking with almond flour.  She also dishes out common sense tips on how to handle almond flour when it’s frozen, and shows you some of her favorite brands of ingredients along with storage tips for them.  Finally, Jen shares ideas about her secret additions to my recipe, as well as shortcuts, tips and tricks that you’ll love.

I find Jen’s manner very appealing, she speaks slowly in a calm, down to earth voice that is accessible, real, and peaceful.  See for yourself!  Watch the video and leave a comment to let me know what you think.


  1. Vicky Buckley says

    I tried this last week and loved it! I sent some to my son in TX and it travel very well and was still moist inside after 2 days. It is filling and satisfying. Again I loved it. I had sesame seeds but chose hemp and used raw pumpkin seeds for pistachio (I was out). Wonderful, wonderful!

  2. Elizabeth Felix, from Connecticut. says

    Jen did a good job.I like watching a “how to” video, then go to the recipe. It makes it easier and faster. Thank you Elena for sharing your recipes. They have revolutionized my cooking. We don’t have any illnesses. I just want to cook healthier.

  3. Carol Hamel says

    What a great idea for the holidays. The more I use almond flour, the more I want to cook with it. I make something for people every week using almond flour to educate them on how healthy it is for them. Thank you so much.

  4. Linda says

    I used the pizza crust recipe to make empanadas or mini meat pies. The dough is a little tricky to work with but if you put it on wax paper and fold them over by folding over the wax paper, does that make sense?, they turn out really yummy!

  5. Jane says

    I like the crust a lot, i guess I need to write it down, so I don’t have to wtch the video everytime I want to make it! LOL

  6. Jana Chwalisz says

    Was wondering if you would mind posting your pizza crust recipe on your website? Lost my cookbook and had a difficult time finding it online – we love it so much

    jana chwalisz

  7. Natalie says

    CAn’t wait to make this pizza. However, I couldn’t find grape seed oil. Can I substitute olive oil? Or even almond oil?

    Has anyone used something other than grape seed oil?


  8. Renee says

    You did a great job and because of the way you explained everything, you made it human! Anyone can do it and I appreciated your easy going manorism.

  9. Rachel says

    I really liked the crumbly texture. I added herbs to dough and a little parmesan — very tasty. I think it would also make a very good pie crust. Thank you!

  10. says

    Hi All! I bought Elanas cookbook and I love it so very much!! I made the pizza crust tonight and while it was delicious, it wasn’t crispy like pizza crust usually is. It was a little crumbly. I buttered the baking sheet as in the video above. Anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to make it crispy? thanks!

  11. Tammie says

    I made this pizza for lunch and it was delicious! My husband came in and had two slices and he’s not even gluten free! I used McCormick Mediterranean spice for the seasoning and topped it with sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella and olives. Magnificent! Thank you Elana and Jen for a wonderful recipe!!

  12. Grayson says


    I LOVE your site. I recently went “Primal” and your site has very quickly become my go-to for ALL baking.

    I have found this to be the most satisfying LC/GF pizza crust on the internet. However, I am wondering if you have ever concocted one that is a little more “bready” in consistency? If you were to post such a thing, you would officially be my hero forever. Dairy free not required.


  13. Christina says

    Wonderful presentation! I did love this video and do love her demeanor and detailed explanations. I also appreciate how she doesn’t try to get everything perfect. (I tend to get discouraged if things don’t go perfectly while I cook and am working to overcome this!) :)

    I can’t wait to try this!

  14. says

    I made this crust for my husband last night and the almond crust pizza disappeared faster than our traditional crust pizza! Thanks Elana, it’s wonderful.

  15. Krisy says

    This looks so good! I think I will bake the dough in my muffin top pan to make individual pizzas. Thanks for your wonderful recipes… I’ll post again when I’ve made them to let you know how it went. God bless you Elana for sharing your talents with us ;)

  16. Lee says

    I used this recipe to make 12 little muffins instead of pizza dough. Off the charts in flavor! I added 2 cloves of ROASTED garlic and 1 T. of minced fresh rosemary to your recipe batter and used 1 cup unblanched almond flour and 1/2 cup blanched. In a convection oven it took 12 minutes in a preheated 350 oven. Please try these as they are killer to use as a small appetizer filled with pecan pimento cheese or just on their own. You could also double this recipe and make dinner rolls or cut biscuits. I am so psyched!

  17. LM says

    I made the pizza crust & I loved it! great alternative! btw Elana, I looove your website and all your recipes! Thank you so much! I really think I’m able to stick to my gluten free diet due to some of the alternative recipes off website. I am on a gluten free/sugar free diet. I have read your blog, and have learned to experiment w/ almond flour and xylitol to help me get through the tougher days when I’m missing some of my sweets.

  18. Mary says

    Thanks so much for posting this video and showing just how easy it can be. It always helps me to be able to see it being done and it gives me that little extra “push” I need to do it myself. Would love to see more!!

  19. Beth says

    I thought she was very clear in her instructions, but I always like to see the finished product ie the pizza crust and then the finished pizza after it has been cut.

  20. Roberta Thomas says

    I am making this pizza crust this weekend and adding some rosemary and italian herbs. Can’t wait to try it.

  21. Roberta Thomas says

    I thought the video was great! I’m making this crust this weekend. I couldn’t figure out how to get a display and print the recipes. Did I miss something?

    • says

      Dear Roberta,

      Thanks for your comment and no, you did not miss anything :-)

      The recipe for the pizza crust is in my book, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, which you can find on


  22. Isabelle Norris says

    thank you so much Elana for posting this. I CAN’T wait to try it!!
    I wanted to wait for your second book to be out to order then both at the same time but I might have to order in now LOL
    have a nice weekend

  23. Karen says

    enjoyed watching this video. somehow seeing it done is easier for me than reading about it. guess I’m just a visual person. I pretty much gave up on the idea of ever eating pizza again and never thought about doing a pizza crust with almond flour — even though I have Elana’s cookbook! Just didn’t tune into to pizza. So, now after seeing how easy it is, I’m hip to the recipe and look forward to trying.

    Love the video idea. Elana, you are so on top of it! Can’t wait to see the next one.


  24. Karen says

    Hey Elana,

    Just wondering if you’ve ever considered creating a nutflour ‘grahm cracker’. I would be interested…

    You already know I love all the other recipes….

  25. Lynn Lubben says

    Thanks, Jen. Looks great. Since I’m allergic to almonds, I wonder if I could use coconut flour?

  26. Betty says

    This was great! I, too, would have loved to see the finished product. I love the use of video. Despite me having Elana’s book, it’s been a long time since I’ve done the pizza crust. This video was a great reminder how easy it is! I thought, “why haven’t I been doing this?” Many times I think I don’t have time for rolling, or the parchment paper, etc… but this video was really helpful at showing that these recipes are adaptable and easy!!

    Keep them coming!

  27. says

    What a great video! She made it look so easy! As someone who has made huge messes rolling out dough in the past, I particularly love that she just smoothed it down with her fingers!

  28. Jessica Ward says

    Wow!! Let’s just say if Jenn had her own video blog, I would definitely subscribe!! What a great job, and I now have my own pizza in the oven-thanks for the inspiration :)

  29. clementine miserolle says

    Did you know you had international audience? “Bonjour” de Paris-France. Thank you so much for this great video. Will try it tmrw as pizza is what I miss the most as a celiac. Jen you are just so friendly on the video, can’t wait to see the next one. Thank you Elana & Jen for beeing so generous with your gluten-Free community.
    “A bientôt”
    ClemClem de Paris

  30. says

    I love it! Thank you Jen for sharing! And thank you Elana for this wonderful idea. I love your cookbook and Jen demonstrates so well the doableness of the recipes.

  31. whatnext says

    i’ve been a bit reluctant to try this recipe and have therefore been “eating” pizza for 5 years by eating only the toppings and throwing away the crust. (i’m diabetic.) this video has made me brave! here’s hoping i can reinvent the “pizza experience” with this crust. thanks. these vids are a great idea.

  32. Lisa Daniel says

    I enjoyed it very much and she did give great tips! I also feel inspred to try the pizza crust now, thank you, Elana!

  33. sami says

    What a wonderful gift for pizza lovers! Thanks for the recipes, thanks for showing us how it’s done. I need to get back on my gluten free diet and get your book!

  34. Eloise says

    Hi there,
    Have been a fan of Elana’s website for a long time now, and really liked Jen’s video of Pizza Crust and the little tips she added that you just can’t get in a recipe book normally. I too love my recipe books and prefer them to video but I’m open to new ideas too, :-)

  35. says

    I’ve made the crust before and really love it. Anyone know if it freezes well? It would be so handy to have a few in the freezer ready to go for a quick meal.

  36. Mari says

    Prefer reading recipes and tips…old habits? Home video link was unappealing to me, style and length. Elana’s invitation concept is generously accessible, yet I prefer she stick to user-tips composed in text, via a blog, thankyou. Too many cooks?

  37. Amanda Williams says

    I love this lady! She seemed so real and she did a great job of keeping my attention. I felt like I was in her kitchen with her, as a friend… :) I love this idea! I eat gluten free, therefore so does the rest of my family, however my 3 year old daughter has low blood sugar often so this was a great tip for me to not use much rice flour! THANK YOU!

  38. Norma Heckendorf says

    Great video. You have an outstanding idea to post videos of us who make your fantastic recipes. Thank you!

  39. Kim says

    It was great!! We are having a hard time with gluten free, and she made it look soooo easy… :) I know what crust we are going to try on pizza night this week!!!

  40. says

    Fun! I would do the crust just the same – I’ve completely gotten out of the habit of rolling them.

    I love her tip to add the herbs, too.

  41. Amy S. says

    You’re completely right. Jen has a great “on screen” presence and is very easy to understand. I would definitely watch more of her videos!

    I want to make pizza now!

  42. ~M says

    Awesome! I like seeing different techniques and ideas! I usually use a whisk to ground out the lumps in the flour.

    At my home, we’ve been using Lucini’s chickpea frittata mix (it’s finely ground chickpeas, to which you add extra virgin olive oil, salt, and water) and topping that with pizza toppings once it’s cooked. Yum (and also lower glycemic since it’s beans).

  43. Monique says

    This video is great, and I love Jens’ idea of adding herbs to the crust! I can’t wait to try this recipe this week!!

    • says

      I too enjoyed Jen’s voice and gentle manner. I bet she makes lots of great tasting food in that tiny kitchen! I too would have like to see Jen’t finished pizza. I will watch more of your videos, thank you Elana.
      Mary Frost
      Santa Rosa CA

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