Creamy Onion Salad Dressing

 This Creamy Onion Salad Dressing does have a bit of a zing to it, I admit.  I like it though, as it’s somewhat warming during the cold winter spell we’re having.  My younger son liked this gluten free dressing so much that he not only ate it on his salad last night, he drizzled it over his chicken, declaring it a winner.

The inspiration for this recipe came from Diana Rattray’s Sweet Onion Salad Dressing over at’s Southern Food section.

It’s snowing here today and the high is 23 degrees (right now it’s a toasty 18 degrees).  I will go out later this afternoon and pick more of the lovely, luscious salad (photographed above) from my cold frame.  The cold frame keeps me in greens all year round.  Forget expensive bags of organic lettuce from the health food store –shipped all the way from California to Colorado leaving a gigantic carbon footprint right on my dinner table.  I am happy to say we have delicious, fresh picked, amazing greens right in my front yard (they cost pennies to plant).

We’re living high on the hog this winter, high on the salad green hog that is.  And since I like variety I am now endlessly inspired to come up with new dressings to eat on our home grown greens.  Hooray!

Creamy Onion Salad Dressing

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  1. Place onion, vinegar, honey, mustard, and salt in a vitamix and puree on high speed for 20 seconds, until smooth
  2. Turn on vitamix and drizzle in olive oil
  3. Serve over your favorite greens --cooked or raw

In other news (book related, that is) Yellowscene, a Colorado magazine, recently came out with their “gift guide” edition for the holidays and featured The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in their locavore section for Boulder, Colorado.

On the web, one of my favorite sites, (check it out for sure, it’s full of great information!), just posted their “Superfood of the Week,” feature and this week it is almonds.  The amazing Dr. Nishant Rao, wrote this post and highlighted what he called the “realistic and elegant recipes” in my gluten free cookbook, also saying that, “using almond flour as a base for your baked goods is really your best option. Your pancreas will thank you.”  I really like that last sentence, “Your pancreas will thank you.”  Those are the kind of accessible health and nutrition tips that you will find on the wonderful wellwire.

I was lucky enough to speak with the fabulous Paige from today.  Paige has a friend Dori, who is friends with Helen, my best friend from childhood; so oddly, I feel as though I know Paige very well even though we’ve not actually met in person.  Paige wrote a lovely post called “C’mon Get Healthy,” including The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and how it will be a part of her plan for keeping fit over the holidays. The Sister Project will be giving away several copies of my book, so head on over there to win yourself one!


14 responses to “Creamy Onion Salad Dressing”

  1. I’m so glad everyone is finding out how great your cookbook it. Love the recipes!!! Congrats on all the kudos! Dressing sounds again great and a quick way to have fresh dressing. I put a Vita mix on my wish list this year. We’ll see.

  2. Hi Elana! I also want to know about the coldframe — How is it that the greens don’t freeze? I am so busy, I don’t do much gardening these days, but a coldframe just outside my door might do it! I’d love to have fresh greens in the winter. How large is yours that you have so much, how is it built, what varieties can winter over in it? Could you please post a picture??? Thanks so much!
    Leah in Crimea

  3. Yes, i want a cold frame, info on how to build one, what to plant, all the details, i have the space, just no knowledge! Please supply the info and we will all have greens all winter!
    Love your site!

  4. Congrats on all the praise for your cookbook. I have to tell you that I tried the carrot/banana muffins (from your blog) and took them to Thanksgiving dinner at my MIL’s house. They were snarfed right down, and in fact not a single piece of pie was eaten, everyone enjoyed the muffins so much!!

    I ordered the cookbook and almost had a hallelujah breakdown when I read some of the recipes–I have been too busy with holiday festivities and travel to try any of them yet, but I brought the book with me, along with some of the almond flour and will share it with my sister next week. I am sure we will have some fabulous feasts from the recipes!

    Thank you for all the recipes and encouragement you give here on your blog and in the cook book. I look forward to seeing much more from you!!

  5. Thanks Elana! I’m really looking forward to coming back home in a month so I can get back into the kitchen and making these wonderful recipes.

    We’re going to use your cookbooks as a prize giveaway via our @WellWire live twitter quizzes and use it as the first of our featured book series coming soon. I’ll let you know and congratulations on the Denver Post “Best Cookbooks 2009” award!! Well deserved.

  6. Just a helpful tip I’ve picked up. If raw onions have too much “bite” for you, try cutting them up and then soaking them in cold water for about 10 minutes. Then, just strain them and add them in to whatever you’re making. That helps to make the flavor a little milder.

  7. Your greens are beautiful. I am green with envy. *wink* And the salad dressing looks like a winner.

    I too, would like to know more about the coldframe. Is it next to the house? Do you have temps -0? And still have greens? And how are the chickens faring?

    Congrats on the cookbook reviews. And a happy pancreas!

  8. Oh this does sound yummy. Please share more about your cold frame with us! Did you build it yourself? Where did you learn about how to start one? And where do you purchase your seeds? I am looking into building one and would love some more info from someone who has one!
    Also wanted to add that everything in your last post for the GF carnival looked *amazing* and I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at the photos! Wow, lots of yumminess. I think the comments are blocked on that post because I tried to leave one and there is not comment box at the bottom of it? Maybe that’s on purpose?
    Have fun in the snow!! Kind of jealous. <3 Emily

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