Carrot French Fries

Carrot French Fries

My boys love these Paleo Carrot French Fries hot out of the oven.  I like baking them as it eliminates the messy splattering that results from the typical preparation of French fries –frying.

Speaking of messes, I feel like I’m cleaning up a lot of them these days. Writing a book this summer really threw me for a loop.  First, I wasn’t entirely planning on it.  Second, I spent just about every waking (and too many that should have been sleeping) moment(s) on the book.  Now I’m feeling worn out and tired, and oh so cranky.  I’m realizing that pushing myself this hard is not good and that getting back into balance will take more than one restful weekend –it might take a couple of months, or even longer.

What do you do to take care of yourself when you are feeling off kilter?  Let’s have a chat (in the comments section) and toss around our ideas. Right now, I’m focusing on eating a lot of protein, getting to sleep early and taking long slow walks. Do any of you have other strategies to share?  Go ahead, let’s hear ’em!

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Carrot French Fries
  1. Cut each carrot into 2-inch long sections
  2. Cut each section into thin sticks
  3. In a large bowl toss carrot sticks with olive oil and salt
  4. Spread out carrot sticks on a parchment paper baking sheet
  5. Bake at 425° for 18-22 minutes until carrots are browned

If you’re looking for other healthy vegetable recipes, Elise at Simply Recipes has one for Roasted Parsnips that looks incredible. Below is a photo of my carrot fries before the boys got their hands on ’em! I hope you enjoy these Paleo Carrot French Fries as much as we do.

Carrot French Fries

And, in terms of the book that I just wrote, Gluten-Free Cupcakes: 50 Irresistible Recipes Made with Almond and Coconut Flour, today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day! My book will not be published until April 2011, for now, to celebrate this day, you can make the gluten-free Chocolate Cupcake recipe that I have here on my website.

Update: check out my nut-free Paleo Chocolate Cupcake recipe made with only 7 ingredients!


  1. Cynthia says

    For medical reasons, I am gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and grain free. Which of your cook books will help me broaden an already restricted diet?

  2. Ivan says

    I would really love to share this wonderful recipe on my facebook page however there is no share option available.

  3. Vani says

    Love your recipes. Gives me a zest to being gluten intolerant. I guess the old fashion way to de stress. A dish of warm water , a handful of sea salt , soak your feet for 20 minutes, rinse with a clean jug of water . Works wonders.

  4. says

    I think the season we are in, combined with extreme weather conditions, have left a huge health deficit. I think you’re on the right track. I like a good massage, a spicy Bloody Mary (McClure’s is best :) and some affection, always decompresses me a bit ;)

  5. Jennifer says

    love these! they are delish!! even my husband said “they don’t taste like carrots.” I will be making these more often!!

  6. Kimberlee says

    Hi there. I’m wondering if you can give me any helpful suggestions for the “fries”. I’ve made these twice and while they are delicious, I cannot get them to get crispy at all. Any advice?

    • Rosa says

      Hi Karen,

      Perhaps you can try to make sure to pat all your raw, cut carrots dry first or use more oil. Another option is to try putting them on the top rack of your oven, or even broiling them on the top rack for the last 5 minutes.

      Good luck!

      • Rosa says

        Oops! Kimberly! Sorry. I was just talking to my friend Karen simultaneously while writing my comment and put her name in by accident. My apologies.

  7. Geralyn says

    Hi Elana,

    My husband and I love your recipes – especially these fries. I wondered, do you have any tips for cutting up the fries? Is there a tool to make it easier or faster? Just checking.

    Thanks so much.

  8. Vickie says

    When I feel “out of whack” and the house is crazy and I need somewhere to “decompress” I head out to the garden and pull weeds and putter. I follow the old “Fly Lady” gameplan and remember that I can do anything for 15 minutes. Then I go back into the battle and tackle some chore that must get done for another 15 minutes and cycle back and forth…

  9. Lynn says

    The carrot fries look wonderful…but I admit to wondering about using olive oil at such a high heat. Anyone else think about that?

  10. says

    Ohh this is a good idea, i can’t believe ive never thought of using carrots. Sweet potato fries are awesome.

    This could be a good way to get some root vegetables into my diet.

  11. kathy says

    This was SO easy and SO tasty! I think I may even like carrot fries MORE than regular potato french fries! I’m never without carrots in my fridge so these carrot fries have become a regular snack/side for me!

  12. jay says

    These were amazing! Some of the comments I received were that they taasted like sweet potato french fries, personally I liked them better. So easy, so delicious, the only problem was that I didn’t make enough! This is my new favorite thing.

  13. says

    I use to like the lime tilt the best, but I am really diggin the 12% watermelon flavor in the tall can. I love tilt because it only takes one of these to slip into the night for a good time. Dont over drink guys, grab a watermelon tilt and see what I am talking about. It has no bite and is the smoothest beverage I have ever had (so far lol). Way better than Four Loco anyday. Anyhow for some reason four loco gives me the shakes anyways. Sorry to bring tilt into the conversation but I had to burst out about the new watermelon.

  14. Lacey says

    Has anyone tried freezing these? I cook for other families and someone asked about freezing some extras I made, I’m assuming it will work but just wanted to ask!
    Thanks Elana for all your hard work on creating great recipe ideas!

  15. Juliet says

    In our rushed and busy life, some times 5 min is all we can take for a break right now. What I’m learning to do is take those few min and have a REAL cup of tea in a REAL tea cup and move away from t.v. phone computer and just savour the tea , giving my mind , eyes and ears a 5 min break and then back to it. Just thinking O.K. in an half and hour I can take this break helps me carry on . And learn to be gentle with your self!

  16. says

    These carrots looks awesome! I really like carrot in salad and soup or when it is grilled. But I have never tried such a recipe. Thanks. I will try it soon.

  17. says

    Hi! I blog about allergy-friendly food over at Allergy Free Vintage Cookery, and I’m putting together a fantasy-menu post featuring birthday party foods. I’d love to include your carrot fries… just wanted to ask for permission to use your photo. I’ll definitely include a link back to your site and a big credit to you! Drop me a note when you get a chance… I’m hoping to publish the post Sunday morning. Thanks! Lisa

  18. Adrienne says

    Can’t wait to try these carrot fries! I’ve been having cravings for french fries lately. So, I took a peek here to steer myself in a healthier direction. I’m enjoying the thoughtful replies about R & R. You all inspired me to take a walk. I want to add a relaxing activities that I don’t already have in my routine. For me, that would be baths, yoga and tai chi. I also haven’t read a good book in a long time. I’m also going to bookmark this page and revisit as needed.

  19. says

    Elana, Thank you for all the super recipes!!! I can’t wait to try the carrot fries and the chocolate cupcakes.
    I did not have time to read all the posts..the ones I did read all sound good. I have one more thing for you to try….you could have adrenal fatigue with all the stress you have been through. If it progresses to adrenal exhaustion, then a cascade effect takes place and your hormones could get messed up. Try 2,000 to 5,000 mg of buffered C a day. If you do not currently take Vitamin C, build up slowly to your tolerance level as too much can cause diarrhea.
    Take care of yourself…maybe take some time off from your blog.
    Sincerely, Lois

  20. says

    Love the idea of carrot fries. Can’t wait til I get a stove with an oven that works. To replenish myself I focus on my breathing while staring into a candle flame. Works like a charm.

  21. Sandy Austin says

    Ten years ago I wrote a book so I can relate. My ‘need for balance’ now has to do with six months of dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, raw food diet, dehydrating, and food prep for long term storage.
    Stupid stupid stupid on my part.
    Strategy to make it right? I bought a dog!
    Yep…at age 69 I bought a great goldendoodle.
    He whines when I’m late for his walk. He doesn’t care that it’s now getting cold in Colorado. He objects when I spend too much time at the computer…it’s the best long term stress reducer I’ve found.
    Who knew three sons years ago was easier than figuring out what food to eat, how to fix it, how to store it and how not to resent it.
    Elana’s book and the dog have been the answer!

  22. Buddy Smith says

    If you feel worn down after writing your book and need a couple months to balance and recoup, think of how our soldiers have to do this after a year at war. They get 12 months in between having to go back for another year, so I would guess that always lays heavy on their minds and hearts.. But they not get to rest much in that 12 months off from war, they start training to go back within a few months, having war games to prepare.
    Work to change our foreign policy, and end the endless wars.

  23. Alli says

    These look delicious! Wondering what you served them with?
    Thanks for your wonderful site and delicious recipes! I look forward to each new recipe post! My long time favorite being the cashew milk. I make it almost daily for my family and me.

  24. says

    Wow, I never would have thought to bake carrots like this! They look yummy! I’m new to your site. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac in January of this year so we’ve been living gluten-free for almost a year now. Someone recommended this site to me and I’m so glad because I’m always looking for new gluten-free recipes that aren’t too hard.

  25. says

    Hello, I am not a big fan of carrots but the picture looks so great that I made some of these baked carrot and I can say: It tastes awesome. Thank you for this great idea :)

  26. AmyGrace says

    I just got back from a backpacking trip to Zion National Park, for that reason. I try to spend at least one day a month feeding my spirit, even if it is not quite so involved of a trip. For me refreshing requires solitude and silence. I really have to be intentional about planning that time, because if I don’t my body will take it anyway by illness.

  27. Kristi B says

    YUM! First those meatballs (you SAVED several of my meals last week with that great idea) now these carrot fries–delicious! Can’t wait to make them again!!

  28. healthyteen says

    Oh how I love carrot chips, try serving them with mustard and chicken patties or sweet chilli sauce and asian fish cakes… DELICIOUS!

    Thanks for all the great recipes oh and see this comment which I left on your apple crisp recipe —->

    Hey Elana,
    I’m fourteen years old, and officially the youngest health freak on earth! Im always trying to find gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes… and when I found your delicious recipes I was overjoyed!!!
    I just made this apple crisp and it was DELICIOUS. Best crumble ever, im serious.
    Except I also added blueberries, flaked almonds on top and reduced the oil and syrup a little. Even my processed junk food brother loved it, and he is a tough critic, expecially when it comes to apple crumble.
    THANKYOU so much for all these recipes…
    Love from healthyteen.

  29. Maria Rasmussen says

    I was feeling kind of like this just recently…..I was exhausted from several weeks of stress. So my best friend invited me to come and visit her for a weekend. She made up the bed in her guest room with her grandmother’s handmade quilt, and she filled the room with candles. I got to sleep in and then we went out for some leisurely shopping. We watched movies together….and she cooked healthy, gf meals for me! No one ever cooks for just me! It ended up being just what I needed to recharge.

    Maybe you can’t get away for a weekend like I did, but just spending some time with a good friend might really do wonders for you. Blessings!

  30. says

    I love your blog and try many of your recipes. Thank you so much.

    When I need special TLC I like to take a bath with 2 cups epsom salts, 1 cup baking soda, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil (or rose). I don’t take a shower afterwards but wrap up in a towel or bathrobe and sleep or read a bit.

  31. Kathy Culbert says

    How about a short week-end vacation with the hubs @ a spa or someplace that caters to you only. Mud baths, massages, facials, etc. Does a body good!!!!

  32. Michelle says

    I find some of what you are doing to help. Eating lots of protein, no junk, and low sugar to be helpful. I also cut out caffeine. It was difficult, but the stress on your body from the coffee can make you feel even more depleted. I also go for massages, and listen to meditations at night. I just googled online meditations, and found a bunch of free ones to listen to. There are also several on you tube that sounds like the ocean.

  33. T K says

    The carrot fries look wonderful. We will try them soon. I have found that almost any root veggie takes on a wonderful character when baked…butternut squash is a favorite. We think it’s candy around here!

    Off kilter? needing balance. I called it restoring… it’s what I’ve been doing for the past year. I found that reading for me is very healing. I like good stories with interesting content, some gentle mystery or tension and always and I mean always it must have a happy ending. I like to work with my hands, and that sometimes means crochet or it could be sewing, but it can’t be too involved or it starts to feel like just another job to do. I love puttering around in my flowerbeds and doing some light gardening. This summer we fixed up our back porch with a string of lights, lots of candle holders and recently a candle chandelier…we found a little cafe table with two chairs at an old furniture store…we even put a rug down for just a little more comfort, since there was already a swing, all that was needed there was a cozy quilt with a few pillows. Evenings are nice and a bit cooler now, so we can sit on the porch next to the chiminea with a small little fire and all the twinkling lights and glowing candles. Such peace. Serenity.

    I realized the return of my freedom. Simple pleasures for me are the best, a walk through a local botanical garden with my daughter, a trip to the farmers market, an afternoon matinee with my husband.

    My two children are older than yours and our son is married, but family brings with it it’s own demands from which we cannot escape, but saying no to outside demands was also good for me.

    Often friends and family think they know what’s best for you. Sometimes, they do. They mean well but sometimes they don’t.
    In the past six years I cared for and lost both of my parents. I’ve been lost without them and I knew that I needed time. And not just time away or time to myself. Restorative time. I think it means different things to different people. I realized I had given all I had. Everything. I have given myself whatever I needed and I must say it has been balm for my soul.

  34. Jenni Lintz says

    Wow Elana! You have a very thoughtful fan base! I,too hope you feel balanced soon.

    The most productive action I completed after my unbalanced time was reevaluate my expectations and priorities. I would ask myself “What really needs to be done today to serve my family?” I allowed myself to sleep until I was rested, granted the kids more independence around the house with chores and not feel guilt over projects not started or finished.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery to getting back on track! Thanks for being ‘real’ and an inspiration to many of us! I am grateful for your presence on the web and your influence in my life. Take care of yourself!

  35. Amy says

    I love it when someone talks honestly and openly about the fact that being too busy (even with worthy activities) wears them out. Thank you for being honest with yourself and us. And further, thank you for recognizing the fact that it may take more than one weekend of rest to recover from months of intense activity!
    Get some restorative sleep. Soak in a bath. Continue to listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs better than I can!
    Thanks for all that you do,

  36. Elisa says

    I do a few things:

    I stay off the computer for at least one full day.
    I watch my favorite episodes of “Friends” because it gets me laughing.
    I read a book, and don’t feel guilty about it.
    I lay down on the couch, and don’t feel guilty about it.

    The biggest challenge for me is forcing myself to relax, and not feeling guilty about doing so.

    Good luck!

  37. Kelly ahti says

    I know that some might say its “just a cookbook”, but honestly your first cookbook and your site have really helped me along as a newbie to the GF world- it’s hard enough to make the transition to GF eating, but there is actually a lot of UN healthy GF food out there. Your book and site were a great guide to me in helping me to move toward a more grain-free(ish), low glycemic way of GF eating. So, you are doing a great deal to benefit the health and wellness of others, which can be draining! (I know, I am a social worker). So, you can’t help others unless you are in a good place! What works for me? Yoga, walks, naps, A MASSAGE, and treat yourself to something that gives you a pick-me-up (a new sweater?). Best wishes.

  38. Raquel of Galilee says

    Elana, thank you for sharing. As for “CLEANING MESSES” my sister and I found we were in a rut and have successfully been trying something new for the past two weeks.

    We got the idea from “fly lady” (
    She has this idea of doing something (mess cleaning) for only 15 minutes a day. Which we found to be (1) so easy and (2) quite satisfying and (3) makes a gigantic difference!

    This is what we do: We choose a 15 minute task. We trade off who decides on the task. If I emailed her the task today, she’ll email the task she chose tomorrow. We encourage each other and what can I say? It works!

    Other things? Pilates to strengthen the core of your body and give vitality, and listening to music you adore! You are right, quality sleep is so important.

  39. Mia says

    Hello Elena,

    Thanks for the great recipe!

    What nurtures and resources me are walks out in nature, restorative yoga, meditation, Acupuncture and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy sessions.

    Best wishes on your recovery process.



  40. Christianne says

    Hi Elana,

    So long ago! I know exactly how you feel (at least I think :-), I am just finally wrapping up my book as well. It feels like I’ve been in a continues time of labour, but now it is close to be born finally.
    Indeed it can take time to regain strenght again. How I will do it? I love ayurvedic oil massages, just curling up on the couch with some great cookbooks and a fire on, spend time in an infrared saunacabin (this lovely heat relaxed all the tight muscles), listen to music and just sit and relax with my love. I delete everything that is not necessary from my agenda. O, I plan a little weekend getaway with just the two of us, and love the pleasurable anticipation as much as the little trip. I hope that you will feel well in no-time, and that your 3 boys are cutting you some slack now! You deserve that! This being said, I cannot wait for your book, it looks gorgeous!
    All the best for you! xoxox Christianne

  41. Vanesza says

    I find that nature walks and hikes help to balance and energize me and clear my mind. Acupuncture and taking herbs regularly to build and balance the body really helps. These help by regulating hormones, emotions, and decreasing stress, to name a few of the benefits!
    Thanks for all the delicious and inspiring recipes!!

  42. Tayva says

    First of all – you should wear a cape, you are a super woman!!! You, and your blog inspire me greatly, thank you! If you are open to acupuncture, it is the most amazing energy re-balancing, relaxation, and stress relief I have ever known. Highly Recommend!

  43. Tacia says

    When feelings of being overwhelmed and as if I’m being crowded in take hold I know it’s time for some space and simplicity. I carve out some alone time to rejuvenate and take a time out from electronics (including email and the phone). Having a period of time in silence or enjoying sounds of nature (out-of-doors) can recharge my mind, spirit, and body. A favorite recharger these days is cuddling my 3 month-old while he sleeps, especially if I doze along with him.

  44. says

    Going to sleep early is the number one thing for me that affects everything else in my day – how healthy I eat, my mood etc. Unfortunately it’s not always possible with young kids and deadlines.

    I rely on yoga to keep me balanced and force me to slow down.

    I also go to an acupuncturist when I get too wiped out, she helps me with natural supplements to help with adrenal fatigue and immunity weaknesses so I don’t succumb to every bug I’m exposed to.

  45. says

    I was feeling run down and unusually tired as well last month. I shared with my husband how I was feeling and he kindly stepped up and took over some of my responsibilities for a time. I cut out coffee entirely and started taking a mix of B vit. and electrolites each day along with fermented cod liver oil. I also tried to take a long hot bath with epsom salts before bed each night. I felt much better within a few weeks. I hope that you are feeling up to par soon as well! Blessings to you!

  46. says

    In a word: MINERALS. Whenever I’m run down I do 3 things:

    1. Have a GREEN DRINK (I use Green Magma which is a very high quality dried barley grass juice). Barley grass has tons of assimilable minerals. I love it plain, in water, but most people put it in juice.
    2. Take some COLLOIDAL MINERALS. I have found Buried Treasure brand to be the best and most palatable and feel an instant boost from it!
    3. YERBA MATE Tea. There is just something so life-giving and energizing about this beverage. It’s high in minerals and loaded with vitamins and although it contains some caffeine, I can have a cup before bedtime and it HELPS me sleep… and makes me HAPPY!

    Hope this helps, Elana. I know what TIRED is being a single mom and working 2-3 jobs the past 12 years!

  47. says

    I love the fries! So simple. Will definitely try them. Thank you.

    Having recovered from a nasty battle with breast cancer recently, I learned that the healing power of friends, family and nutritious food are the keys to regaining strength and putting you back on the right path. Cutting out anything that detracts from those things is key – for a while. I agree with all of the comments about yoga above too. Sounds as if you need to find a gentle restorative yoga class right now.

    Be well and rest in the knowledge that you have made a lot of people very happy with all of the effort that you have put out there.

  48. Andrea says

    I find that yoga really helps bring me back into balance. Also, long slow walks in the beautiful Colorado mountains…and getting together for coffee and dessert with my best gal pals (kid free helps too). Lots of great sleep…have you tried relaxing with essential oils? Lavender and Valerian oils are so calming.

  49. says

    I just had carrot fries (okay they weren’t in fry shape, but same idea) this morning! Yum.

    When I’m out of whack, I take long walks with my husband (he’s usually off kilter too, so it is dual therapy :), I puzzle (visual challenges stop my mind from spinning and help me relax), and I take time out to make foods that I am really craving. Cookies and such are kind of mindless cravings when I am stressed, when I need to relax, I listen to my body and make simple foods like broccoli, roasted carrots or sweet potatoes, brown rice, nut butters, etc.

  50. says

    First, have never oven-fried carrots… will definitely try this one when the carrots start coming from the garden again. (right now, sweet potato fries are taking over!) Second, luv the links to lots of other recipes in the post! Third, a great way to rejuvenate is careful control over foods, sleep and exercise. Takes some concentration and effort but it always gets me back on track in about 2 weeks… hope it helps!

  51. says

    Hi Elana,

    Kudos to you for making the push required to complete a stellar project.
    When I need recovery time (more than a weekend) making my routine fresh, or at least not so predictable helps reorient me to what I need for refreshment. I highly recommend a week of Sabbaths. Our highly complex lives prohibit going into retreat without excessive planning, so, here’s a prolonged process for recovery. Take a Sabbath from cooking one day, a Sabbath from driving another. Refrain from television or computers or telephones or making your bed or any other taxing obligation, just for a day. At the end of the week pick one day, when you have backup arranged, and only do what you want, when you want to. It’s quite revealing and restorative.

    May you recover with grace.

  52. Helen says

    I find Pilates really helps me center and feel great the rest of the day. I am a little addicted with 5 classes each week but it really helps body chemistry to work out. Hope you get refreshed soon.

  53. says

    Boosting Energy:

    I find the best and fastest way to get that extra energy is by juicing and/ or some AMAZING green smoothies. Get some of those wheat & barley grasses and alfalfa pumping through the veins and off you go!

    My personal fav for a fast kick is a powdered energy drink such as Nu-Greens or Garden of Life Perfect Food (i like the berry)
    Good Luck!

  54. Joanne says

    I take a nice relaxing hot bath with some lavender scented salts and/or sit in a dry sauna. Not only is it relaxing, but the sweating helps get rid of toxins in the body. An added benefit is how smooth your skin feels afterward!

  55. says

    I was feeling totally exhausted last week. I finished my week off on Friday early, so I came home and had an afternoon nap (felt amazing, never nap during the day). Then spent the rest of the weekend making sure I got lots of sleep (bed at 9pm), light walking in nature, deep stretch yoga, and meditation.
    Also, took a computer break for the whole weekend!!
    Just what I needed, I am feeling much more like myself today :O)

    I have never tried carrot fries before, sounds yummy!

  56. says

    I just made these, leaving them in the oven a little longer than the recipe calls for, which turned them into Shake n’ Steak style shoestring fries. Dip in some Sriracha-infused vegan mayo and you have the best snack EVER. Thank you, Elena!

  57. Nancy Morgan says

    When I was desperate for healing of mind and body, I took walks every day, without fail. I fell in love with birding which helped the whole process 10-fold because it kept me in the present…no dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. I just WAS. Even if you don’t like birds, try to notice new things that you never noticed before on your walk each day and you will forget your stress and come home feeling like you just got some R&R.

  58. jennifer wood says

    From yoga I learned that rest time is equally as important as the action time. Did you ever hear a yoga teacher say that the resting poses are as important as the pose itself? Think of muscles that actually do the building during the resting time, after the work out. I am sure you are right about needing way more than a weekend to recover – you have to put in as much rest time in as you just put into the work time. Enjoy – it feels so good! Thanks for your great recipes and as many have said – we’ll understand if they don’t come so often…

  59. Joanne says

    Playing the piano often does it for me. My Dad used to tell me he knew my mood by what I was playing on the piano and as I started ‘getting the kinks out’ the music would get softer. And the walks or a light jog definitely another cure especially this time of the year with all the bright colors. Your Rockies with the quaking aspen — soothing.

    Spending time with the grandchildren who always manage to say something witty and honest.

  60. Linda says

    Perfect timing for this discussion… I’ve been feeling over-whelmed and off kilter the past couple of weeks due to health and family issues. Hoping to try some of these suggestions to go with what I’ve been doing. I’ve found that the proverbial ‘Calgon’ bath helps some, even better if you can listen to favorite kind of music, have a glass of wine, and if you need a good cry, let it out then. It’s especially helpful close to bedtime since it helps me sleep better. I also relieve stress by clearing out closets, dressers,& shelves & donating to local charities. Hoping to do that with the pantry and freezer this week. Naps are good too but mine always seem to get interrupted by phone calls, dogs barking, or appointments to be kept in middle of the day. Plus my mind works overtime on all the things I should or could be doing so falling asleep doesn’t come easy.
    Now’s a good time to make sure you get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and get some exercise since cold and flu season is here.

    Thanks Elana for some great recipes, I’m looking forward to trying so many of them. I went shopping today and bought a small bag of Almond Flour just to get started sooner on some of your other recipes. I’m ordering more online. This week I’m going to attempt to make the Rosemary Crackers:-)

  61. says

    Hey Elana! As with the others, I too want to let you know how much we all appreciate you and your hard work. We won’t be hurt if you need some time off! What I do tends to depend on what kind of out of whack I am. A hot bath followed by tea for body aches, yoga and meditation for stress, picking an exotic recipe and making it when I haven’t been spending enough time in the kitchen (probably not the best option for now:), and my standard is just picking an activity I want to do (movie, read a book, watch a certain tv show, dinner with a friend, red wine and chocolate, etc) and “schedule” a time for it. If it’s 8 pm, then all of my other to dos for the day have to be done by then or wait for tomorrow.

  62. Nancy says

    Eating GF goes along with your adrenals. A saliva cortisol test is always a good idea. Ones can be found that you can order yourself at, under lab work.
    It is good to see if you are running to high or low on the cortisol at different times of the day and evening, and then work to correct it with supplements.
    Elana, i know you must have pushed yourself to do the cookbook. So some R & R is necessary. It can be different for everyone.

  63. Karen says

    Baths with epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide to help detox, make sure I get my sleep in (always the first thing to go it seems), eat healthy, and slow down. One thing I try to remember is to schedule time with friends doing fun activities outside the normal things we do. Go somewhere that has great music, meet for tea in the sunshine (or as close to it as I can get), take a trip to the coast (an hour) for a change of scenery. I am an introvert so I tend to stay home but I am finding that some quality time well spent with a good friend is a sweet gift and recharges me. I will pass on a party with lots of people though…. Good music in the background or just watching the leaves fall on a walk. Little things. And kitty loves. Petting my cat is relaxing for me.

  64. says

    I make myself lie down for a bit, with my legs propped up on pillows or lie on the floor with my legs up against the wall. Always revives me. water drinking. really monitoring the sugar intake. I think those carrot fries would help too. Yum.

  65. Julie says

    Mmmm, The kids and I love roasted carrots.
    When I’m feeling worn down, I take the kids and our crazy border collie to the dog park just down the street from our house. I usually sip on some water kefir mixed with lemon juice (with a bit of stevia) and just enjoy watching the girls and the dog run around with the other dogs. Total entertainment.
    I find that the water kefir is very soothing to my stomach, and the children enjoy it too. You can order the water kefir culture from

  66. Jenna says

    I hope you start feeling rested soon, Elana! Getting to bed earlier, eating well and taking long slow walks (as you have already begun to incorporate) seem to be very helpful to me as well! When I am feeling overly busy and cranky, I also love to schedule in a pedicure (during slow hours at the salon so that it’s nice and quite in there!) and some quite one-on-one time with my husband as well as a good 30 minute nap once a week or so until I feel recovered. I also find it necessary to spend time reading my bible and praying to the Lord.

  67. says

    Being a mom plus having a full-time job that requires traveling = stress. I started do hot yoga lately and it has really given me some time to focus on myself. It’s such a great workout and even though I am exhausted afterward, it is also energizing.

  68. says

    I have a whole list of things to do when I need some rest. I like to spend time out in nature. In fact, I’ve been feeling like I need a nice day in the woods myself. I am hoping the weather is nice so I can do it tomorrow!

    Here are some others:
    Steal away to a movie during the day BY MYSELF!
    Get creative- paint, crafts, art journal
    Dance to some fun music
    Go on a photo safari and take some fun pictures
    Hit the bookstore and spend at least 2 hours browsing
    Call a friend and catch up
    Lie on the couch and watch HGTV all day
    Read a book

    Good luck getting your your energy back!

  69. Ali says

    I find that having a PJ day really helps me to just take things easy. I find that a hot bath with lavender bath salts and time listening to praise music really helps me to focus on what is important in my life and recenter myself. Sometimes a good cry and a back and/or foot rub helps to get out all those emotions that are just dragging me down.

    While we might miss your posts, you need to take care of you! It’s okay to not work so hard all the time. You seem to be a very busy woman between writing, creating wonderful recipes, doing signings and tours and classes, and I can only imaging how busy having two boys is–keeping up with my younger two brothers sports games and band/instrument lessons and sessions is difficult enough after a day of chasing around an energetic autistic preschooler. Take care and feel better soon. God bless.

  70. Susan says

    Do rest and relax WHENEVER you can! I never used to “let” myself sleep late on a day off, but I now give myself permission to do so whenever possible. (I also suffer from MS – primary progressive – so fatigue is a part of every day.)

    And MUSIC! Try some Hawaiian slack key guitar. (No, this is NOT Don Ho music!) One of my favorites is “Pua ‘ena – Glow Brightly” by Dennis Kamakahi. Listen to some samples online, and support the beautiful music of native Hawaiians!


  71. says

    A long walk followed by a cup of hot tea and a good book always helps me unwind and destress. Hope you’re feeling balanced again soon, Elana! I’m sure every single one of your cupcake recipes in the new book will be an absolute smash hit in my house. :)

  72. Suzette says

    My best tip I learned from my prenatal mindfulness class… for just a few minutes each day, truly live in the present. Use your senses whether indoors or out. Take note of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures. Breathe slowly, inhaling peace and self love and exhaling stress, internal and external expectations, worry, fear, frustration or anger. Sip your favorite tea or nourishing beverage. Take a walk. Smell a flower. Taste your food. Turn off technology and listen to silence. Laugh out loud. Just minutes makes a world of difference. Much love to you!

  73. says

    Yoga, sleep, curling up with some good fiction, swinging in the hammock out back, more sleep, warm bath with essential oils, acupuncture, massage, eating more protein, getting even more sleep.

  74. Kathryn Richards says

    Earlier this afternoon I watched Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. I laughed so hard – that is such a great relaxer – laughter! I also enjoy quiet time – it is best away from friends, family, and home, otherwise I get sucked into daily life again. :D

  75. Kate says

    When I’m run-down and drained, I tell myself it’s ok. Whatever the cause and cure, it begins with affirming to myself that it is ok to be where I am. In fact, it is my body telling me something and I need to listen!!

    Getting back to basics – drinking plenty of water, minimal caffeine (though I want to do the opposite!), eating extra-clean, perhaps some cleansing herbs, walking (gently if that’s all my body can do), getting sun, extra sleep, all those simple things we need to do for ourselves that we lose sight of every so often…

    Rest, relax and take care of yourself –
    Thank you for all the wonderful info you share with us!!


  76. Joan says

    What ever music floats your boat at the time and working on some sort of gentle, non-deadline creative work helps me, in a addition to what you are already doing. It can sewing something, drawing, writing a poem or music, whatever is easy and comes to hand. For you, NOT a new recipe for awhile! Also, when things are out of whack and crazy, the house work always piles up. So I try to just take care of one doable task a day, rather than get myself overwhelmed by quantity. One day, the bathroom sink. The next, the shower…

  77. Carolina says

    When I am feeling out of whack, I make sure to get lots of rest, including naps (if possible). I also benefit from doing yoga and meditation–and some cardio or other strenuos exercise helps sooth anxiety. If I am really tired, I just curl up with my kitties and husband and watch old movies. I also love to cook, and make sure to eat well–lots of raw foods, and to find ways to laugh and connect with my loved ones.

  78. says

    I can totally relate…my body is going through the same thing as yours did. And, honestly, it’s ready for a break. When I can actually take one, I’m planning on some real, honest to goodness balance in my life and in my food. I can tell I’m a little off kilter from all the cooking & tasting I’ve been doing lately.

    I do get exercise daily which helps tons. My dogs and I love the fresh air and our long morning walks. But I’m looking forward to normal – if there is such a thing. :)

    Thanks for sharing my cupcake recipe!! Can’t wait to try yours when your book comes out. And, again, congrats!

  79. Emily says

    Ah, veggie fries. I have been eating baked fries nearly every day lately to help keep my sugar cravings at bay. Butternut is my fav “fry” but I use pumpkin, delicata, kabocha, carrot, parnsip, even zucchini sometimes.

    I’m the same Elana, lots of easy to digest protein, slow walks, sleep (when I can fall asleep!), being gentle to myself (ie. patient), letting my emotions come out (instead of keeping everything in my head) but not really worrying about resolving them- just making sure to release them, using a light box in the morning, and I love dancing to loud music when no one is home, just to name a few :)

  80. says

    In my opinion, too often we deprive ourselves of alone time–I define alone time as time away from work, friends, and even family. Without the time apart to re-fill our cup, how can we pour out our talents and gifts to others? In the midst of craziness, I try to set aside time to be outside, in prayer, and simply in the “now” in order to regain the energy and focus to attack life.

  81. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and I really enjoy it! I’ll be checking it a lot because I’m going to go dairy-free for a while for my 6-year-old’s allergies.

    I’m in grad school at the moment so there’s always a lot hanging over my head, along with the usual– kids, cooking, groceries, errands, etc. I realized that something that helps me is to really be in the present. Not think about everything I _have_ to do, but instead focus on what I _am_ doing.

  82. says

    I hear you about being worn out Elana, I have spent this month traveling, something that is not part of my normal routing. I have one more trip at the end of the month but in the next two weeks my plan is to eat regular meals, take a nap in the daytime if I need to and focus on getting my household back in order, oh yeah, bubble baths too! Hope you get rested up soon!

  83. says

    Those sound like great steps to getting your body back to the rejuvenation state, but maybe adding Yoga will help. I used to under appreciate the benefits of Yoga because it’s so slow, but sometimes that and the meditation that you practice while doing it makes all the difference in your day! Awesome carrot fries recipe, btw..I can’t wait to try it!!

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