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Blogher Food 2009

Gluten free friends, Diane, Elana, Jean, Seamaiden and Alison, hanging out at the Blogher Food 2009 cocktail party; where is Shirley?

Blogher Food 2009 was absolutely fantastic.  First, I had a blast speaking on a panel about Best Blogging Practices with Kalyn, Michele and Lolo.  More than that though, it was amazing to meet all of my cyber-friends in person.  Now your messages have a tangible reality to them and I see your faces as I read them, which gives me great joy.

Shirley of glutenfreeeasily.com

Here’s Shirley; she missed the group shot above as she was grabbing my book for the photo (she’s also holding one of my cookies).

I’m a bit of a Luddite and find this whole internet thing somewhat bizarre.  Yes, I know I sound like my 70 something year old parents, however,  I’m a person that is used to real life, with real friends (thank goodness you are now!), real mountains to hike and real children to grocery shop with in a real store.  These are the things that make up the fabric of my life.  And a real husband.

In any event, I digress.  I love that I was able to meet so many of you, that you are now real people to me, not just semi-anonymous senders of messages through cyber space.  It’s as if Blogher Food beamed us all down into real matter in one place –San Francisco–and I was lucky enough to be there!

Another fun part of the conference was breaking bread with my fellow gluten free bloggers.  I packed some gluten free cookies in my suitcase, as I always do when traveling, and I shared them with the other gluten freers (discretely) at the cocktail party when we were all hankering for something to munch on.
Seamaiden of bookofyum.com
Seamaiden and Seababy made it to the conference, surrounded left, right and center by the flock of gluten freers.

Towards the end of the cocktails we all gathered for a gluten free group photo then we went on over to the wonderful Blogher “afterparty” thrown by Elise, Jaden and Ree.

All in all a fabulous conference with fabulous people.  For me it is the people and connections that make the experience and last weekend was a rich one in every way!

gluten free gang blogher 2009

The gluten free gang at Blogher Food front row: Stephanie, Seamaiden, Ali, Shirley and Diane; back row: Elana, Alison, Karen and Jean; not pictured Shauna; sorely missed Karina and Kelly!


  1. ~M says

    Along the lines of some of the other comments about your lifesaver chocolate chip cookies, I would be very interested in seeing a post about preparing for a trip gf-style and what foods you take with you for trips. I’m going to Boston this weekend and taking some crudites with homemade carrot hummus (and a freezing a juice box so it stays cold until I can refrigerate) and your banana cake as muffins. I just love crudite for plane trips since they have such a high water content – but are not one of those prohibited liquids! I hope you’re doing well, Elana!

  2. says

    It was so great to meet you and the other bloggers in person. I really enjoyed your presentation and think that session had the most information out of all the sessions I attended. I had 4 times as many notes. I was very excited you brought cookies. With the great protein content it really kept me going when they didn’t have very many gluten free options to feed us.

    I’m really looking forward to next year’s conference. I just wish we had more opportunities to get all of the gluten free bloggers together in one place. It was so much fun!

    Now back to making more of the recipes in your book. My family ate everything I made and left for them and didn’t save any for me!

  3. says

    Wow, look at all the fun photos you took! It was a great conference and I am so glad I could attend. It was great to meet you and the others in person, makes the whole virtual world real.

    Thanks again for sharing your delicious and nutritious cookies to the pack of starving gluten-free bloggers! Very yummy and much appreciated.
    -Ali :)

  4. says

    Thank goodness for your cookies or we would have starved! They went quite nicely with the champagne too. Great to meet you and all the gluten-free gang. Maybe we need to start a gluten-free blogger retreat.

  5. says

    What a fabulous post – I can finally put faces with my bloggy friends. :) I was right up the road in Napa for the Build A Better Burger cook-off and thought about everyone that would be there. My husband and I spent the day in San Franciso on Thursday – lots of fun.

    I heard that everyone enjoyed themselves and that the presentations were all very valuable. I’ll have to make it there next year.

  6. Robyn Baldwin says

    I so wanted to attend this event. I only live 2 hours away from the city, but family had other plans for me. It looked like everyone had such a blast and I’m sorry I missed out. Maybe next time.

  7. says

    It was fun meeting you at last, and also a few others in the group above that I had “met” online. Overall I thought it was a great conference. I stayed in California until Tuesday so now I’m trying to get back in the swing of things at home.

  8. says

    Awww…looks like so much fun! Missed you guys too!

    Loved the “Seababy” reference! Too cute! And your classic “Blue Steel” pose. hee hee

  9. says

    Oh, you are so funny, Elana. I was feeling bummed that I wasn’t in the photo and then you gave me my very own solo photo! LOL I had forgotten you had taken that shot. You saved us all with your cookies, you know that, don’t you? Then you have more photos … us all chatting in groups behind the wonderful Seamaiden and her Seababy (love that!) and another group shot at the bottom. You are the best!

    I’ve found that the online relationships I’ve built can be stronger than some I have here at home. I often think it’s similar to being old-fashioned pen pals … we get to know each other better than casual acquaintances through writing a ittle to each other all the time. ;-)

    I hope next year all those who were absent will be there … those you’ve mentioned and others like Melissa (Gluten Free for Good). It really was an amazing time together, so I’m imagining the gluten-free blogger group getting bigger and better each year. :-)

    Thanks so much, Elana! (BTW, I’m amazed at all of you who have your act together enough to do posts already. Maybe tomorrow …)


  10. says

    It was a delight to meet each and every one of you, and thank you, Elana, for sharing the love. I promptly came home and made two more loaves of “Nutty Bread” which has become a staple in our house!

  11. says

    Oh Elana, I’m so annoyed I wasn’t at the cocktail party. (Little Bean needed her sleep, that moment!) It was utterly wonderful to finally meet you, to talk with you in the hallway.

    I’m with you — real friends in the same town are my style. But I’ve learned that the internet is simply a way for me to meet the people that are meant to be in my life, the ones who live far away.

    Like you.

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