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Lemon Pudding Parfait

gluten free lemon pudding parfait recipe

After making too many gluten-free angel food cakes and being left with more egg yolks than I knew what to do with, I decided to make this lemon gluten-free pudding. It’s quick, sweet and refreshing.

Lemon Pudding Parfait


  1. Place egg yolks, agave, and salt in a medium sauce pan
  2. While heating over very low flame, whip with a hand blender for 6-8 minutes, then whip in lemon juice
  3. Chill for a half an hour
  4. If pudding separates, whip with hand blender for 1-2 minutes, until fluffy again
  5. Whip cream in a separate bowl
  6. Serve in small glasses, alternating layers of pudding and whipped cream
  7. Garnish with berries

Serves 4

Enjoy this cool gluten-free lemon pudding on a warm summer’s day.

posted on July 12, 2007, 11 comments

  1. ~M

    Yumm.. I love how this is dripping over with deliciousness. Have you ever experimented with making this dairy free? I wonder whether you could use coconut milk or even condense-your-own-coconut milk, like in your chocolate pudding, which also looks amazing and is on my must try list as soon as Amazon gets more chocodrops. By the way, how do you get away with no starches here, but need to use arrowroot there? And what exactly is arrowroot?

    Thanks, Elana!

  2. Debbie Wulff

    Elana, you mentioned you used the egg yolks from too many gluten free angel food cakes. I used the search on your site to see if I could find the recipe for the angelfood cakes and could not find it.
    Are you going to post the recipe for the angelfood cake? It is something I would really like to try.
    Your recipes have made such a difference to my daughter. She can now have dessert again. Your carrot cake was a huge success.
    Thank you

  3. Debbie,

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Unfortunately, the reason I made too many angel food cakes is that they were all disasters. That is a recipe I have tried to get right for years to no avail. I will keep trying and post it if it comes out well.


  4. Sarah


    You are an extraordinarily generous person, sharing not only your simple and stunning recipes with the rest of us, but also giving glimpses into your life in general.

    I’ve been a silent admirer for months but no longer. Had to express my heartfelt appreciation.

    Thank you thank you thank you.


  5. Dear Sarah, this is such a sweet comment. I really appreciate that you have come out of silence to leave it. Your words mean a lot to me. xoxoxo

  6. Bonnie

    I can’t wait to sink my teeth into all of your delicious-sounding recipes! I have a question regarding this recipe – you mention the lemon juice in both step one and two. Do I separate the juice or should it only be in one of the steps.


  7. Melissa

    Elana, you have done it again! This is scrumptious! Everyone out there be warned though, this is VERY filling and rich. In other words don’t eat too much before your stomach catches up! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful recipes with us – I could not have gone on this journey without your help.

  8. Jennifer

    Hi Elana!

    I love your puddings and custards. I wondered how long these typically keep in the fridge. And have you ever tried freezing these? I am pregnant and I am trying to bake and cook in order to stick my freezer early on in the pregnancy in order to save myself when the baby comes this winter. Thought on what items keep well in the freezer…

    Thank you! Hugs for grain-free living!

  9. ilizzie

    This looks a lot like recipes for lemon curd- not a bad thing! I love lemon curd and this looks like a great way to make make and serve it. I’d serve it with one of your gingersnaps.

  10. Rowan

    I want to try this so much. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors but I can’t have dairy. Is there an alternative that will work?

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