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Easy Chocolate Pudding

easy chocolate pudding vegan dessert recipe
A quick and easy, dairy free, vegan chocolate pudding for your Valentine.

With a mere 4 ingredients (dark chocolate, coconut milk, xylitol and coconut oil) this low glycemic chocolate pudding is the perfect gluten free treat for Valentine’s Day. I’m trying to keep my recipes as delicious and simple as possible and this dessert fits that bill. I hope you all enjoy it as much as my family did.

If you find yourself averse to using xylitol (and please don’t feed it to your dogs!) then feel free to experiment with this recipe and try using alternative sweeteners. Just be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you used and how it worked out.

Easy Chocolate Pudding


  1. Place chocolate chips in a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped
  2. In a medium pot, heat coconut milk, xylitol and coconut oil to a simmer
  3. Pour coconut milk mixture into food processor
  4. Process until smooth
  5. Pour into 4 ounce mason jars and refrigerate overnight
  6. Serve

Makes 6 jars of pudding

I cannot take credit for the method in this recipe. Recently, I was going through a stack of gluten free magazines. I found a nice recipe for a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Raspberry Pie in Living Without and decided to experiment with it. The result? This Easy Chocolate Pudding recipe. Sometimes my tinkering takes me in unexpected directions. I set out to make pie and end up with pudding –that is the fun of the process.

When I was a little girl, my mom and dad used to pack canned Del Monte chocolate pudding in my lunch. I loved it. This brings back those school lunch memories without all of the sugar and processed chemicals.

Finally, I want to thank Chocolate Covered Katie for inspiring the photo in this post. Very little of what we do is original.

Happy gluten free, dairy free Valentine’s Day.

posted on February 9, 2012, 77 comments

  1. sweet road @ asweetroad.com

    I love recipes with just a few ingredients – they are easy to throw together and they are just so simple. I feel better about eating foods that have not been quite so processed, even in my own kitchen!

  2. Chocolate-Covered Katie @ chocolatecoveredkatie.com

    Awwww Elana, you are too sweet to me.

    Your photography is always absolutely amazing.

    And that chocolate pudding… with chocolate AND coconut, I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist. I might just have to try it today! :)

    • Marci F.

      I have to agree – Chocolate Covered Katie, you are an inspiration to us chocolate lovers!

      I will be anxiously awaiting other readers’ reports on using an alternative sweetener to xylitol.

  3. Joelle

    Does anyone have a good source of Xylitol? I have been leary about it because it is mostly likely derived from corn. I think I will try honey or maybe some coconut sugar for now.

  4. glutenfreeforgood @ glutenfreeforgood.com/blog

    Wherever the inspiration came from, your simple chocolate pudding recipe sounds perfect. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate and coconut. They were made for each other!

  5. Lots of chocolate pudding recipes circulating… for those like me who can’t tolerate coconut milk here is a recipe with avocados (at the end of the post): http://travelsketchwrite.com/2012/02/03/san-miguel-de-allende-saturday-organic-farmers-market/

  6. Diana

    Am I missing where the amount of xylitol is listed??

  7. sara

    I am confused by the ingredients list. 1/4 cup 1 tablespoon coconut oil. Should there be an “and” in there. And do you measure it in solid or liquid form, because there’s a difference in volume. Also, how much xylitol?

  8. frances

    how much xylitol should be used?

  9. Thank you, Elana, for using xylitol! I don’t usually get the result I want when I subsititute xylitol + water/plant milk for agave in your recipes, so I love it when I don’t have to sub at all :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  10. elana

    Hi Everyone,

    I haven’t updated anything on this post. All of the ingredients are showing up just fine in all of my browsers. Please let me know if you are having trouble in viewing this recipe. I am trying to figure out what the source of this trouble may be.

    Thank you,

    • Sandy

      Everything shows up just fine on my computer, nothing missing. I look forward to trying this recipe.

    • Anna

      Elana, I love your web site and the recipes are so creative. I really do wish you had nutritional information for your recipes. I’m trying to limit my carbohydrate intake and it would be so nice if you broke it down. Please keep up the amazing work you do.

  11. Sara Jane

    Mmm, I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for a dairy free, gluten free, egg free recipe…and so simple.

  12. I love the photo. I didn’t have any xyletol. I think I spelled that wrong. I used a mixture of stevia and sugar and used too much I think. It’s very liquidy… not solid. Is it supposed to be? I’m not sure I did this one right…

  13. Nan C

    I wasn’t aware of the fact that xylitol is corn-based. I was going to suggest erythritol, also an alcohol sugar (don’t know its source). Erythritol doesn’t cause bloating or bowel effects. Its grains are hard to dissolve, so I make it into powder in small batches in my blender. The flavor is the most like sugar that I’ve tasted, of artificial sweeteners.

  14. Jeanne E

    Does the xylitol thicken this pudding or just sweeten? I am allergic to artificial sweeteners but can substitute sugar.

    • Ashley

      I used blonde coconut sugar, and it has a wonderful texture and taste. I would recommend either blonde or brown. The brown would give a deeper flavor I think.

      • Angelfeathers

        Ashley, how much coconut sugar did you use, please? The same 1/4 cup?

        • Angelfeathers

          Okay, I tried it with coconut sugar, using the same amount, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Hubby didn’t like it (he’s not a fan of coconut) but my 6 year old son did and it’s great to have found such a healthy, easy alternative to our normal Angel Delight. That’s always been my favourite blancmange-type pudding until now, but I think this has passed it! :-)

  15. MANDA

    i love using xylitol. it has better flavor (to me) than erythritol but is not as hard on the tummy as maltitol. eaten in normal quantities it causes me no digestive issues. i find that i do not like xylitol when baked with chocolate. (brownies, cake, etc)???? no idea why. however, i love it in a ‘no bake’ or in a baked-cold dessert such as cheesecake. it can have a ‘cooling effect’ on the tongue, so putting it in a cold dessert hides that completely. thank you for using this sweetener!!!! xylitol, erythritol and palm sugar have been my 3 lifesavers since starting this low carb journey;)))!!!!!! palm sugar is a once in a while treat for me, so having recipes that use the xylitol is perfect!!!

  16. Netty

    PERFECT! I just got Popsicle molds yesterday and was craving pudding pops but didn’t know how to make them without using a box mix… now I’m set! :) YUM!

  17. selfrunning @ inthemaking

    Love the short mason jar presentation….now where do i get some like
    these? This recipe needed for us a thickner for the ‘pudding’ effect.
    I used the cornstarch, but then later decided perhaps a vegan plant
    gelatin would have worked. Anyone have ideas out there?

  18. I recently tried CCK’s Chocolate Brownie Batter and tweaked it for my taste buds. I added chia seed, let it set up, and processed it again and added some coffee because it needed more liquid and I thought, “why not?”. Putting it in the Vitamix makes it super smooth. The coffee gave it a little extra something that was yummy.

    Point? I have been following a bit more of a Paleo diet and by introducing beans, which the ‘brownie batter’ recipe called for, I’ve found they aren’t working for my body as a substitute for other ingredients. I’m glad to have this recipe as an alternative. I’ll make it as-is and then make a separate batch and play with it by adding added chia, coffee and coconut sugar to see what the difference might be.

    I’m to bring dessert for Saturday dinner at a friend’s…I hadn’t decided what to bring…until now. Thanks Elana!

  19. Sandy

    I wonder if this would work with unsweetened chocolate squares or cocoa powder. Chocolate chips have sugar, which I would like to avoid.

  20. Mia

    Thank you Elana for a wonderful simple recipe. I just made it. It was way to sweet for my taste using 1/4 cup of xylitol. I then added another can of coconut milk, a Tbs of coconut oil, and a tsp and a half of unsweetened cacao powder. And it tastes great!

  21. Satasha

    I only wonder where that strawberry came from in February…

  22. Elana, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site, and all the great recipes. My youngest son and I are new to a grain free, dairy free diet (although I have been gluten free for years). When we first began a few weeks ago I felt completely overwhelmed and had resigned myself to meat and salad for all three meals. But what to feed a two year old? Never mind his older brother and sister, since he wants to eat everything they have. A friend told me about your site and I’ve been using it daily for recipes and inspiration for creating my own.
    Thanks so much!


  23. This is very similar to my hot chocolate recipe. So I expect it would be fabulous and delicious.
    I wrote about your fabulous chocolate cupcake recipe that I made with coconut whip cream. It was soo good. Thanks so much.
    If you have a moment please check it out.


  24. Katie

    Hi Elana,

    thank you so much for this amazing recipe. I took it as dessert to friends dinner party tonight it was SUCH a hit. They could not believe how healthy it was as well. I tell everyone about your blog. I just love it. I hope you are well and happy and healthy so you can continue keep up the great work and keeping the world healthier and happier.

  25. Wendy

    FYI – if you ever liked tapioca pudding as a kid – add chia seeds! They soften and swell and it tasted just like chocolate tapioca pudding and it was wonderful! (actually TOO good – I could have eaten the whole batch…)

  26. Very nice – after seeing xylitol used by a few of my favorite bloggers lately (including you!) I’m looking forward to experimenting with it myself.

  27. Jessica James @ jjamesphoto.com

    This was absolutely delicious! Upon first making it I wasn’t sure it would set up but after a little time in the fridge it was perfect. Chopped up strawberries on top and enjoyed every little bite!

  28. Sarah @ The Healthy Diva @ the-healthy-diva.com

    Simple and delicious…just what we all need in this busy hectic world!

  29. kelly

    Thank you, Elana, for this delicious treat idea. I’m not sure how all the coconut in this will affect me, but, ohhhh, I’m so hoping it won’t be a big deal because I LOVE it.
    I did make a few adjustments: 1/4 c. honey instead of xylitol, 1/8 tsp. vanilla, and a few shakes of salt.
    I’m hoping it will set up to a consistency I can use as a dip for small plates of fresh fruit.

  30. Lynnette

    Thanks so much, Elana!!! I made this with a Green & Blacks organic 70% bar instead of the chips. I also used palm sugar. It set up just like chocolate pudding. I topped mine with coconut. YUM!!!!

  31. Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com @ healthymamainfo.com

    Such a great and simple vegan dessert!

  32. Marie

    An even simpler version…Yum! I made this yesterday and because I feel like out organic dark chocolate chips are plenty sweet, and I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners, I skipped adding a sweetener all together. This came out fabulously smooth, creamy and plenty sweet for us. I will definitely make it again

  33. LOVE IT! used unsweetened chocolate bar and a bit of stevia to taste. absolutely delicious! wonder if using a bit more coconut oil this could set up as a creamy icing? thank you, again!

  34. RL

    For those who might be interested in the dangers of xylitol, here’s a very in-depth blog post with great follow up discussions in the comment section. You might want to re-think using sugar alcohols.


  35. Jennifer

    Thank you Elana! I made this for Valentine’s Day today and didn’t realize it needed to set in the fridge overnight. So, I put it in the freezer for about 3 hours and it came out like a delicious coconut flavored chocolate ice cream!!! I had been wanting to find a way to make my own ice cream with coconut milk and now I have it :) By the way, didn’t have xylitol, so I used about 1/2 the amount of Truvia.

  36. adriane

    this makes AMAZING chocolate ice cream when frozen, with the right consistency and everything!

  37. Anna

    I made this with Enjoy Life! allergy free chocolate chips and a scant 1/4 cup of coconut sugar, my 10 and 14 year old boys loved it as a Valentine’s day treat. I sent homemade “pudding cups” in their lunch today! Thank you Elana for helping me make my “allergy” kids feel loved and normal.

  38. Jami

    I made this amazing recipe for Valentine’s Day. However, it never set up! My husband daughter and I happily drank it and it was so good, but I would love to make it again and eat it for pudding. Any suggestions from anyone?

  39. Donna Chernow @ mytreatlife.com

    I was just thinking about making chocolate pudding! I found myself in the pudding isle in the supermarket mesmerized by all the jello colors…:-) This will definitely be a better option….:-)

  40. Belinda

    I made it with organic demerara sugar instead and heated the chocolate and the coconut milk altogether in my thermomix. It didn’t set however, or hasn’t about 4 hrs after being in the fridge…. It also has a funny little skin of coconut fat ontop of it with a kind of crunchiness to it…. any ideas??

  41. Recently I have experimented with making a”pudding” of sorts.Just put chia seeds,unsweetened almond milk,stevia& a dash of cardamon in a jar.Shake it up& let the chia seeds thicken up in the almond milk.Kind of tastes like tapioca & is so good for you!

  42. Ellie

    I made this for my husband’s birthday last week. It turned out great and he LOVED it! He complained that I hadn’t made enough and had served in tall skinny glasses that he couldn’t lick out ;)

    It was a bit too chocolate-y for my taste (there is such a thing), and quite sweet (I’d cut down the xylitol next time for sure).

    Thanks for another great recipe!!

  43. Hi Elana
    This is the first time I’ve come across your website. I love your recipes … they really motivate me to try some new things! (I have lots of food intolerances including gluten, dairy and eggs, so baking is not easy!)

    I just wanted to share with you …

    I wanted to try your pudding, but didn’t have the ingredients, so I just mashed up a banana, added about 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut milk and 2 tablespoons of carob powder with a bit of vanilla extract. Put it in the freezer for about a half hour to firm up and it was amazing! (Next time I will leave in longer and see if I can use it as an ice cream substitute.) Very sweet even though I put no sweetener in it! I would never have thought to do this if I hadn’t seen your recipes!

    Thank you so much for your great website!

  44. Judith

    I just made your Paleo Shepherd’s Pie last night and it was yummy. Thank you for the recipe. It is so difficult to find “casserole” type recipes without dairy, grains, and tomatoes. I too shall use this as a quick lunch. I am going to freeze some to see how it keeps, it would be great to have something to pull from the freezer. Thank you again!

  45. Crysty-gardenofglutenfree @ gardenofglutenfree.com

    This looks wonderful and only 4 ingredients! I saw a raw food version of this that calls for young coconut meat, but it can be difficult to find sometimes. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Jim Denforth

    Great post, thanks for this! By the way, I once used Textuarants when I was making something similar to this and it worked awesome!

  47. Victoria

    I made mine using 2.5 ounces of unsweetened baking chocolate and 1/4 cup of Z Sweet (erythritol). I also added a 1/4 tsp of organic coffee extract. It was fabulous and tasted like chocolate mousse!

  48. Kelly

    Go to bodyecology.com . They have a great natural sweetener called lakanto that is granular and used for baking. They also have the best liquid stevia on the market !!! I have a problem with candida and these both work great for me!

  49. Ellie

    This is easy and delicious! My husband LOVES dark chocolate and I made it for his birthday almost a year ago…it’s been a hit ever since (baby showers, potlucks etc etc).
    If you have a VITAMIX there is no need to heat up the chocolate…throw everything in and leave for a few minutes until it heats up. Delicious every time!

  50. Jehna

    Thank you Victoria!! I was just telling my husband how disappointed I was that some of these recipes call for ingredients with sugar in them, because we can’t have sugar. Yay! Now I can make chocolate pudding!

  51. Kim

    I made this with baking chocolate and coconut butter instead of coconut oil. (I can never get the lid off my jar of coconut oil. Anyone else run into that?)

    After it set, the result was this absolutely delicious, totally decadent silky dark chocolate butter. It was nothing like pudding, more like buttercream. Very rich, of course, and a small portion goes a long way. It would be great to fill gougieres with, or between cake layers, or for filling strawberries.

    I will definitely make it again. Tomorrow. ;)

  52. Michele

    While many people use xylitol, a sugar alcohol, personally, I do not considered Xylitol as a safe or natural substitute for those with diabetes. It is very toxic for dogs, and I notice an immediate drop in my blood sugar when I use it and feel sick for hours and hours after ingesting it. It is sourced from many foods, but primarily birch and corn. Your readers may wish to make sure of their source if following a strict Paleo regimen or sub the sweetener.

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